“I don’t know about this, but it will definitely not be less. Don’t worry about it.”

Yolanda Lane only knew that Chuck Cannon’s strength was amazing, but how could she know exactly how much money he had?

Definitely not less?

Lucy Parker was disappointed, so she said, at most the same as the money she took out, about 200 million!

Oh, barely.

There is no one else can, just barely let it go!

“Okay, but I want to talk about the ugly first, and tell him, if you believe me, then cooperate with me. The stones I photographed have made half of the money. If you lose, everyone will lose. If he can accept this, I can work with him once!”

Lucy Parker really felt ugly.

People like Chuck Cannon who are afraid of their heads and tails are definitely the kind of people who can’t afford to win.

If you want to cooperate, you must make it clear!!

“Okay, I’ll go over and ask,” Yolanda Lane went to Chuck Cannon.

“Oh, looking at him, is this going to be fooled?” Lucy Parker felt that Chuck Cannon’s relish at this time was about to be fooled.

Alas, how can such a person have a net worth of hundreds of millions?

There is only one explanation, and that is to reincarnate well.

“I asked, and he said there is no problem.” This is Chuck Cannon’s answer.

Yolanda Lane relayed it.

“Well, there will be no difference in time. You can go in and sit down and wait for the auction to start and call him over,” Lucy Parker didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to have any other answers.

“I called, and he said he would listen for a while and come in by himself later.”

Yolanda Lane also thought it was funny. Chuck Cannon seemed to be listening to the story, he was really learning, and he looked good.

She didn’t know that Chuck Cannon was all talented in the fighting. This kind of eye-testing gambling stone, Chuck Cannon would know if he didn’t say it, but he would learn much faster than ordinary people.

This is a question of talent for learning.

The talent is good, so what to learn, as long as Chuck Cannon wants to learn and if he learns hard, he will learn quickly.

“Leave him, let’s go in first,”

When the two of them entered the venue, Yolanda Lane asked, “Lucy Parker, Has your boyfriend came?”


“Not together anymore?” Yolanda Lane was shocked to the extreme.

Lucy Parker’s requirements for her boyfriend are very high.

Some time ago, after Yolanda Lane called Lucy Parker, she learned that Lucy Parker had a boyfriend recently.

This is very rare!!

“Yes, we are not together anymore,” Lucy Parker was expressionless.

“Why did you get separated from each other? Didn’t you say that you feel a little bit about your boyfriend?”

“It’s gone now. I hate those indecisive people, such as… the boss.” Really, Lucy Parker now looks more and more feels that Chuck Cannon is very similar to her boyfriend.

She feels he has the same character.

Therefore, now Lucy Parker herself understands why Chuck Cannon was not pleasing to the eyes at first, it turned out to be because of her ex-boyfriend!!

“Chuck Cannon?” Yolanda Lane was really speechless, Chuck Cannon was lying down with a gun.

“Right. It’s his kind of person.”

“In fact, Chuck Cannon is not indecisive….” Yolanda Lane was helpless. She felt uncomfortable when she heard her friend saying that about Chuck Cannon.

“No need to explain, I can bet on rocks, it shows that my vision is still poisonous, I can’t think people can be wrong!”

“Really mistaken.”

“Absolutely not. What’s more, following this kind of boss, there won’t be much future. Think about it for yourself.” Lucy Parker said nothing else.

Yolanda Lane was also a wise woman, she reminds her that Yolanda Lane herself will understand.

“I think it is my blessing for him to be my boss, and I am willing to follow him for the rest of my life!!” Yolanda Lane took it to the extreme.

Chuck Cannon bought her a car, gave her a house, and gave her close to 10 million. The square, construction site, and hotel were all managed by her. This kind of trust, this kind of good boss, this is absolutely about to extinct.

Lucy Parker sighed, “Yolanda Lane, you have to look more at this aspect of the world being so big.”

“Look, he treats me best,”.

“Okay, I won’t say much,” what else can Lucy Parker say?

Is her friend brainwashed by Chuck Cannon?

The kind of indecisive person will definitely disbelieve the employees. How can Yolanda Lane give full play to her abilities when she is not believed?

“Yolanda Lane, I think this stone bet is good, I am interested, it should be very exciting.” Chuck Cannon has already come over.

It is true that Chuck Cannon heard some stone betting techniques in the mouths of several old men.

It’s really a long experience.

Chuck Cannon thinks this is feasible.


Lucy Parker was already disappointed and shook her head. This is just the idea of being stunned. There is no excitement about betting on rocks, what is it?

Only win and win!!

If you win, everyone is happy. If you lose, you can’t stand it. There are so many people who committed suicide by jumping off the building. Maybe they are dead.

What kind of excitement is this?

This Chuck Cannon is not only fearful but what else? Also naive!!

“Well, the auction will start right away, you can look for excitement, but you have to spot it,” Yolanda Lane smiled staring at Chuck Cannon like a child.

“This won’t work, I’ll watch the whole process!” Lucy Parker directly refused.

Chuck Cannon didn’t have much cash and he was a novice. How could he take good things?

Chuck Cannon’s shooting is definitely a waste of money.

Chuck Cannon was stunned, “I will just look at it! It won’t cost much.”

“You only came to see, I decide you not to shoot, if you will interfere, then I won’t cooperate,” Lucy Parker said coldly.

It would be an insult to her if she were to let a stunned person or a novice interfere with her decision!

Chuck Cannon thought about it for three seconds, “Okay, that’s it.”

Chuck Cannon is really a novice, and he can also learn Lucy Parker’s vision of looking at stones. In this regard, Lucy Parker is an expert and must be humble.

“I will probably give you 200 million, that’s so much money?”

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

So simple? Lucy Parker frowned. Now, the gambling auction has begun.

The first one was a stone the size of a watermelon, with green in one corner.

Chuck Cannon looked at it for a while and felt that it was no good. It should be a bait.

Don’t shoot.

Lucy Parker had no expression at all. Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. Lucy Parker is indeed an expert in this area. This time he should be able to make a little money, and then Chuck Cannon will find a way to penetrate the industry thoroughly.

The first stone was beaten away by people for 8 million, and the second one came on.

Very small.

Lucy Parker squinted her beautiful eyes and looked at it for a while. After careful consideration, Chuck Cannon felt that this could be photographed and commented, “This can be photographed, I think.”

“Think? You know how to bet on stones? Just think? Don’t shoot!” Lucy Parker said coldly. According to her experience, this stone is definitely not green. This Chuck Cannon actually said to shoot? Sure enough, she was stunned.

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