Chapter 777 – 778: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 777: The Way of Extreme Pain

“Attacking his left leg has a fifteen percent success rate. Attacking his neck has a success rate of eighteen percent!”

Chao continued to give advice, but Niuer could no longer listen to it.

Bull Battle Technique power is powerful, but also has certain side effects, which is basically the commonality of the secret technique. For example, now that Niuer was under the Bull Battle Technique, he became tyrannical and impulsive.

He now just wanted to end the battle quickly, because the Bull Battle Method can only last for a quarter of an hour. After a quarter of an hour, he would have an hour of weakness.

Ziping Meng was so strong that he couldn’t give him a chance to react.

“Watch out, another move.” Niuer shouted. He was in the later period of the Taoist King. His punch was infinitely close to the strength of Taoist Emperor.

Ziping quickly retreated. He had no intention of taking the punch.

“His flaws are obvious. His pace was disorganized and his mood became violent.” After engaging in a few dozen moves, Ziping came to a conclusion.

If Niuer had used the Bull Battle Method, he would have needed to be more cautious. Now that he used this battle technique, his power became bigger, but he didn’t hit Ziping.

“Niuer shouldn’t have used the Bull Battle Technique.” Niuda showed a worried look. “It must be because Ziping is putting too much pressure on him.”

Kris looked at Niuer who was eagerly trying to attack Ziping on the stage and sighed slightly.

As expected, after a few hundred moves, Niuer was knocked out of the ring.

“Ziping wins.” Beidou Luo announced.

“Niuer, are you alright?” Niuda and the others hurriedly ran towards him.

“I… I lost!” Niuer was a bit demoralized, “I shouldn’t have used the Bull Battle Technique.”

“Today you were defeated by him, just fight back later.” Niuda said. “Besides, you’ve only just succeeded in practicing the Bull Battle Method, when you’ve perfected your battle method practice, he will definitely be no match for you.”

“Brother, thank you for saying so.” said Niuer. He was moved.

Kris was relieved to see that Niuer was not seriously injured.

In the next round, it was Bxiao and Wanqing Qiao’s turn to face each other. After a night’s rest, Wanqing had regained the mana she had consumed yesterday.

As soon as they got on the stage, Bixiao launched her best move.

Wanqing knew that her move was very powerful, so she didn’t face it. She could only passively defend.

“Wanqing, this is not your style of combat.” Bixiao said while increasing her force.

A million years ago, Wanqing and Bixiao had fought. At that time, Wanqing defeated Bixiao. A million years later, she was actually suppressed by Bixiao.

“She took the Embryo of Taoist Emperor and is now a half-step Taoist Emperor. Her Stage is even stronger than mine.”

Then Bixiao threw out her Time Arrow. The arrow was flying quickly. But Wanqing quickly dodged them.

“Bixiao, you still have the same strong attack as before, but what’s the use of not being able to hit someone?” Wanqing said sarcastically.

Bixiao laughed lightly. “Look behind you!”

Wanqing fiercely turned around, and the arrow that she had dodged had turned around and returned.

The arrow can turn? If not for Bixiao reminding her, she would have been shot through by the arrow.

Wanqing hurriedly used the erosion energy to wrap around the arrow. The arrow was already eroded before it reached her.

She wanted to counterattack, yet she had no more chances. Bixiao swung out another punch and came directly in front of her.

“Wanqing, you’ve lost!” Bixiao said. Her fist stopped at three centimeters from Wanqing’s front, and the wind from where the fist passed even blew her hair away.

Wanqing smiled bitterly. She had lost before she even had the chance to use her strongest move.

“Bixiao wins.” Beidou Luo announced.

Then Bixiao jumped out of the ring and ran quickly to Kris.

“Congratulations, Bixiao.” said Kris excitedly.

“I should thank you. It was your Embryo of Taoist Emperor that helped me. Otherwise I would certainly not have been able to win against her.”

Kris smiled. “It is your talent that wins her over.”

“Next is the duel between Qilin Duan and Kang Qi, who do you think will win?” Bixiao asked curiously.

Kris rubbed his chin. “I don’t know much about either of these two, but I feel that Qilin will win.”


“He’s strange. He fights completely different from his usual state, and even Chao has trouble predicting his next move. He simply doesn’t follow the usual rules.”

“There’s a good chance he will win the battle.” Kris added.

As they were chatting, Qilin and Kang Qi came on the stage.

“I’m Kang Qi from the Academy of Yanwu House.” Kang said while Qilin didn’t say a word. He pursed his lips.

“Not talking?” Kang was a little angry. “Are the disciples of Shaohua House so arrogant?”

Then he stopped talking and quickly moved his body, running towards Qilin like a ghost, and quickly swung a fist.

When he saw Kang’s fist about to hit him, Qilin moved. He leaned back slightly and easily dodged Kang’s attack.

“You can dodge my fist, but can you dodge my leg?”

Then they kicked each other’s legs as if neither of them could feel the pain.

The more they fought, the more worried Kang became. His legs had gradually gone numb, while Qilin was still increasing his strength, as if there was a force awakening in his body.

Qilin suddenly silently recited a sentence, and then he revealed a sad expression. Immediately after that, Kang also felt a wave of sorrow rise from his heart.

After discovering Kang’s flaw, Qilin kicked out it fiercely. Then Kang retreated three steps. Then he wiped the blood from his mouth.

Kang had already reached the Fulfilled period of Taoist King, infinitely close to the half-step Taoist Emperor, but he was surprisingly suppressed by Qilin in the end.

Many people present didn’t think that Qilin couldn’t beat Kang, but now Kang was actually injured.

As the aura on his body became more and more sad, his power also became stronger and stronger.

“This is not the Time Methods, yet it can resist it. What kind of method is this?”

“The way of into love” Qilin said coldly. His aura finally continued to reach its peak.

Then Qilin lightly threw a punch, but to the others it seemed that this punch was as fast as it could be.

Kang had already combined 100,000 divine powers in his fist, and this was his strongest strike. Unfortunately, his punch was still could not hurt Qilin.

The deeper Qilin’s love was, the more powerful his punch was.

He adored Wanqing to the point of madness. This punch was infused with his faith and all his love.

Kang’s fist shattered. The tremendous force shattered his mana, causing him to fly backwards.

“Qilin wins” said Beidou. He was slightly surprised. The fact that Qilin made it to the top eight was beyond his expectations. He took a glance at Qilin‘s parents from the corner of his eye.

Ziping looked at Qilin and was slightly surprised. He didn’t pay attention to Qilin before, but Qilin was beyond everyone’s expectation today.

He also did not really care Zhiyuan, Chun, and Tingfang before. Today Qilin really impressed him. He knew that from today he had another tough enemy.

Kris was in deep thought. He felt the Extreme Stage.

His Way of Extreme Pain was the seed of the Extreme Stage. As his Stage rose, the Power of the Way of Extreme Pain became more powerful.

“But Qilin’s Extreme Stage is not pure enough, so he should not have entered the Stage completely yet. Is he entering the Stage with sadness? No wonder he is indifferent to being rejected by women all the time. This kind of person is quite scary!”

Kris looked at Qilin, and then at Wanqing. If Wanqing agreed to him, maybe she would get herself killed.

“Congratulations, Qilin.” Wanqing thought about it and said it finally.

Qilin was very happy like a madman after hearing Wanqing’s congratulations. “Sister Wanqing congratulated me, did you guys hear that? She congratulated me.” He shouted.

The other people all stayed away from him. Wanqing was also embarrassed.

“Thank you, Wanqing.” Qilin said with deep emotion. “ I know you care about me.”

Wanqing was speechless. She had already guessed that he would react this way.

Right at this moment, Tingfang came on stage. His opponent was Feng Luo from Weapons House.

Looking at Tingfang, who was wearing makeup and dressed more beautiful than a woman, Feng felt that he was weird.

“Are you a man or a woman?” Feng suddenly asked.

“Oh, what do you think?” Tingfang said. His cold face darkened as he surveyed Feng.

Chapter 778: The Cross-level Battle

Tingfang Hong just liked to wear makeup and dress elegantly, but he was a man. When he was young, his parents dressed him as a girl, and over time he got used to dressing this way.

He did not speak again. Then he quickly punched towards Feng Luo.

Feng had also prepared for his attack in advance. He was preparing to defend, but he did not expect Tingfang’s attack to hit the wrong direction.

Although the attack did not hit him, he felt creepy.

Tingfang suddenly changed the form of his pupils. He used his pupil power with Shaohua House’s Time Methods to form a big formation. Then half of the ring was enveloped. This was Flowing Light Formation.

The Battle Formation can trap a cultivator in the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor. The super power of time flowed inside, constantly wearing down Feng’s power.

“This formation cannot trap me. I have long refined the power of the time into my flesh. I have possessed extreme strength to resist it.”

In the Weapons House, there are people who cultivate a different path from other people. They were inspired by the smithing of weapons, and they treated themselves as weapons to refine. Feng was one of the best.

“How do you know I don’t have any other means?” Tingfang laughed coldly.

He purposely cultivated an extremely vicious martial art called the Death Spell.

He could spit out an endless amount of death energy. Under the help of the Battle Formation, this death energy became extremely powerful, and the damage to Feng was exponentially increased.

Feng’s face changed. His physical body can be immune to many injuries, but it just so happened that the death energy was one that he was difficult to immunize.

This dense power of the time was on his hands at his disposal.

This was one of the more powerful divine abilities of Time Methods in the Weapons House. It was able to turn time into weapons.

Feng sneered and slashed at the dense death energy.

His power of the Time split directly through the death energy and impacted on the Battle Formation boundary, causing it to shake slightly.

After one blow, Feng frantically slashed it with his hands again. But escaping from this Battle Formation was still difficult for him.

“You want to escape it? That’s impossible!”Tingfang roared. He opened his eyes wide, using his pupil power to continuously reinforce the Battle Formation.

“Time Avatar.” He shouted. In the next second, four doppelgangers stepped out from his body.

The five of them surrounded Tingfang in a group. Then they worked together and suppressed Feng.

“This doesn’t count as your power!” Feng said angrily. From the beginning to the end, he hadn’t even touched the other party’s clothes, and he had been besieged by the other party with a Battle Formation until now.

But he had trouble breaking the Battle Formation in a short period of time.

“If this is not power, then tell me what do you mean by power?” Tingfang covered his mouth and laughed.

Feng gritted his teeth. He had a move that could be very powerful, which was to disintegrate his flesh body. Once his flesh body exploded and separated, the power of Time in his body could reunite into a flesh body. The only thing that was depleted was his magic power and the power of the Time.

But this could only be used once a year. He used this as a life-saving technique. Today he had to use this move.

The next second Feng’s body exploded, and the huge impact instantly shattered the formation.

The practitioner in the early stage of Taoist Emperor did not dare to resist practitioner’s self-destruction in the Fulfilled Period of Taoist King, let alone Tingfang.

Tingfang also did not expect him to blow him up.

The moment the formation shattered, he quickly retreated to the corner of the ring and put a dozen light shields on himself. But those doppelgangers of his were directly blown to pieces.

Not only was Tingfang shocked, the people watching below were also shocked.

“What …… What the hell is going on?”

“He blew himself up? Feng actually blew himself up!”

“Why did he explode himself?”

The crowd below the stage was talking. Beidou and the other masters were calm.

“He’s not dead. Chao detected that he still has extremely strong life force, and it’s coalescing at an extremely fast speed.” Bixiao transmitted his voice to Kris.

Kris nodded his head. This move of his self-explosion was very powerful. The fact that he was able to recover on his own after the explosion was even more incredible.

“Tingfang is going to lose.” Kris thought this in his mind.

As expected, the next second a figure flew out of the smoke, as fast as lightning. This huge power directly blew Tingfang out of the ring.

In this battle, Feng won.

Tingfang looked at that Feng who was breathing heavily. “What kind of move is that?”

“A secret technique. I won’t teach it to you.”

Tingfang narrowed his eyes, “I lost this time, next time I will beat you.”

Then he turned around and left.


“Liangchen, it’s your turn.” Bixiao said.

“Liangchen, be gentle, don’t hurt Guiying!” said Niuda.

“Brother, you’re wrong. You should beg Guiying not to hurt Kris.” Niuer said to Niuda.

Guiying had reached the stage of Fulfilled period of Taoist King tens of thousands of years ago. Today, perhaps she had already reached the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor.

Kris touched his nose, did not say anything, and went directly to the ring.

Looking at the sturdy Guiying, Kris said, “I am Liangchen Ye of the Penalty Academy!”

Guiying looked at Kris in a condescending manner. “You are a late stage of the Detachment stage?”

Kris nodded.

“You are really lucky to make it to the top 15. To be fair, how about I suppress my cultivation to the same Stage as you to fight you?” said Guiying.

Kris laughed. He was being belittled again.

“Thanks, but since it’s a match, it’s only fair that you have to use your full strength, isn’t it? If you knock me out of the ring with a single punch, then it’s my poor learning of the art.”

“Fine, then if you can’t take it, just let me know.” Guiying said.

Kris nodded.

“I’m coming!” Guiying rushed over quickly. Her fist shattered the air and came towards Kris’s chest.

If her punch hit Kris, his ribs would be broken.

“He previously used a scheme to make Yeqing and Nansheng lose the match, and this time he will definitely be beaten up severely by Guiying.”

“Guiying is the strongest in the War Hall. Few people can stand her punches.”

People around were discussing them, and Yeqing was also watching them battle.

Actually, she was still aggrieved to this day. She thought Kris played dirty.

She was so easily knocked out of the ring, which made her feel very humiliated.

On the other side, Nansheng Gu was also watching their duel. She hadn’t figured out until now how Kris saw through her traps. Or was he simply not interested in her?

“Liangchen, you must be careful.” Bixiao was very nervous.

Just when everyone thought Kris would be knocked away by Guiying’s punch. A shocking scene happened.

Kris’s palm blocked Guiying’s fist, so that she could not advance a bit.

With this punch, Guiying used 20% of her strength, and even if it was 20% of her strength, it was not something that a cultivator of the Detachment stage could resist.

“This is too strange.” Guiying said. “Liangchen, you’re too much of a surprise to me.”

It was simply appalling that a practitioner in the later period of Detachment stage blocked her half-step Taoist Emperor’s punch.

“You can use all your strength, just so I can learn the power of your half-step Taoist Emperor’s attack!”

“You know my true strength?” Guiying was a little surprised!

“I heard it from someone!” Kris hurriedly explained.

“Next, I will slowly increase my power, so be careful.” Guiying said.

Then she swung her fists and even used the power of her legs. Her attacks were also getting faster and faster.

She had now used forty percent of her strength, but she saw that Kris could still handle it with ease.

“Could it be that he can fight beyond the level?” As soon as this thought popped up, Guiying was startled.

Then she continued to increase the force of her attack, she wanted to see where Kris’ limit was. After a hundred moves, Guiying had already exerted 70% of her power.

“You can really fight across the stage.” Guiying said in surprise.

Kris nodded. “A pure fight cannot knock me out of the ring. It’s better for you to use your divine ability.” said he.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m very sure!” Kris smiled.

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