“Who is a fool is not certain?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Just now, Chuck Cannon specifically called and asked her mother if he would bet on rocks?

Mom’s first reaction was stunned.

Chuck Cannon knew that his mother must understand this.

During the video call, his mother asked Chuck Cannon’s lens to pull in a little, three seconds, and his mother said that he could shoot!!

His mother said so confidently, so he ignored Lucy Parker and was not listening.


His mother said, from this rough stone can be earned 100 million after photograph.

Now 80 million can be bid for photograph, who is the fool?

It’s clear at a glance.

“Hmph, if you photograph this stone, you will definitely lose!” Lucy Parker said coldly.

The big bosses on the scene were all veterans, and they feel that there is no need to shoot. Then Chuck Cannon, who is still a novice, still shoots. What does this mean?

It shows that Chuck Cannon is a fool!!

“It’s not that you have the right to lose!” Chuck Cannon laughed.

“Huh!!” Lucy Parker was dizzy!

She kindly reminded him and he still says such things!

The dog bites Lu Dongbin and doesn’t know good people!!

“Okay, this piece was photographed by customer number 20!” The auctioneer appeared mockingly.

When they were on the auction, professional people first estimated that this rough stone was 60 to 70 million at most!

This Chuck Cannon actually spent 80 million to shoot, making them an extra 10 million. What’s wrong with this?

Met a fool.

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Too lazy to be familiar with these people, this kind of person who considers himself a veteran, in the eyes of his mother, is nothing at all.

Next, there were other auction items.

Chuck Cannon still secretly gave his mother a video call, and she looked closer. His mom was commenting, of course, Chuck Cannon listened carefully.

He didn’t expect his mother to be proficient in this. He should know that when she will come back, he should let his mother teach him about this.

In fact, where Karen Lee wanted to get it, Chuck Cannon would suddenly come into contact with this gambling stone!

“Chuck, Lucy Parker next to you, in terms of gambling on rocks, it’s okay, you can find her to learn experience first,” Karen Lee said.

Looking at Lucy Parker, she still thought it was good. She was so young but she already had the eyes of a veteran.

“I know mom,”

Lucy Parker has already made a bid, but the big boss with strong financial resources also took a fancy to the stone she was fancying, and the price would be hundreds of millions in a short while.

Lucy Parker was in a hurry!

It’s all Chuck Cannon, who just spent 80 million to buy a piece of trash that was losing money, otherwise, she would had a lot of confidence!

“Two hundred million! The number one guest bid two hundred million!”

The auctioneer was yelling.

Lucy Parker sighed, if this goes on, she will go home empty-handed tonight!

“Three hundred million!!” Chuck Cannon raised the sign!

Yolanda Lane was shocked!

The guests who were still bidding looked at each other!

“What’s the situation? This stunned young guy is still shooting? It has been directly increased to 300 million? Is it a fool?”

“I doubt it’s a fool, maybe he came here to make trouble, right?”

“This rough stone is not more than 250 million dollars, so this fool still spends 300 million dollars?”

There are different opinions, and they all mock Chuck Cannon.

“Chuck Cannon, what are you doing?” Lucy Parker was extremely angry. It’s been twice, the last auction item hasn’t been on the market. You spent the money ahead of time. What about the last auction item?

“Nothing, I’m shooting in momentum.” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“I warn you, your 300 million, you do it yourself, don’t use my money!!” Lucy Parker said coldly.

What is this?

Take your own money to buy the same high-priced stone? Waiting for a loss?

“Don’t worry, I don’t need money, and I won’t use your money.” Chuck Cannon said.

“This is the best!!”

Lucy Parker was annoyed, so Chuck Cannon’s money is probably used up, then she still needs to cooperate with Chuck Cannon?

Lucy Parker was even hotter.

Who told his friend Yolanda Lane to introduce it?

It’s not good for her to stop cooperating now, she can only finish cooperating this time, and she will never cooperate anymore!

Lucy Parker felt that this was the worst cooperation in her career!

It seems that next time, you must carefully look at talents!!

Chuck Cannon’s offer of this price aroused ridicule from the big boss at the scene, and no one continued to bid any more, because it was not worth it!

Buy 300 million back, absolutely, you will definitely lose money!

I can’t compete with a fool!

The big bosses laughed mockingly, and when the meeting started, you would cry.

The last auction item appeared in the crowd’s attention!

This is a rough stone the size of a bucket.

“The starting price of this rough stone is 100 million dollars! Let’s make a bid! It’s definitely worth the money!” The auctioneer didn’t introduce anything at all, but the atmosphere on the spot had been ignited!

We all know that the things that appeared on the finale are definitely good things.

Lucy Parker sighed, absolutely unable to shoot, absolutely.


Stop shooting!

Lucy Parker was not in the mood at all, the big bosses on the scene were all eager to try, how can you compare with such big bosses!

Chuck Cannon spent 380 million just now, and he can spend up to 100 million, or 50 to 60 million, for cooperation.

What’s the use of this money?

Adding to her own less than 200 million, it would be a hell to be able to photograph the final auction item.

“Boss Lucy, won’t you bid for this?” Chuck Cannon asked.

What is Lucy Parker thinking? Fearful?

“What else is going on? This will definitely cost about 500 million, and I have less than 200 million in my hand. Do you have the remaining 300 million?” Lucy Parker couldn’t help it.

Chuck Cannon shoot the two rough stones just now, so he took out almost 380 million, and he could still have a chance to photograph the final product, but now, what chance is there?

“Two hundred million!”

“Three hundred million!”

The price is still increasing, and many big bosses were here for this rough stone. What opportunities are there?

No more.

“Lucy Parker, don’t get sad, Chuck Cannon has the money,” Yolanda Lane said.

She doesn’t know exactly how much Chuck Cannon has, but billions are definitely there.

“He has? Yolanda Lane, are you kidding me?” Lucy Parker said coldly.

“No, why would I be joking with you?”

When the two of them were talking, Chuck Cannon held up the sign!

“Five hundred million!!”

Lucy Parker was annoyed, “500 million? Do you have that much money? I am at most 200 million!”

The audience was surprised!

Turning around, Chuck Cannon was actually making a bid!

“This kid is crazy? Who knows him?”

“I do not recognize.”

“I don’t know either,”

“A hairy boy has so much money? It was 380 million just now, and now it is 500 million? Boy, do you have that much money?”

“Yeah, do you have one? Don’t mess with her mother if you don’t!”

The guests were angry.

What is it? How much does one want to shoot?

“Yes!” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

The auctioneers were all stuck. They have been a betting auctioneer for so long. How many auctions have been held, large and small? They have never seen Chuck Cannon!

“I gave out 500 million. If no one bids, then this piece is mine.” Chuck Cannon’s voice sounded!

Everyone was angry!!

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