“Humph, I want to see how much money you have! I will pay 600 million!! “

A big boss said coldly!

“I’m out too! Six hundred and thirty million!” a bald man said coldly.

“I’m also out, six hundred and fifty million!”

At the auction site, several big bosses were irritated by Chuck Cannon’s words.

Lucy Parker was annoyed, what chance is there now?

It has been directly raised to nearly 700 million, which is a sky-high price!

Now there is no more chance!

Lucy Parker was so angry that she wanted to curse!

“Tsk tsk, this kid must be scared, six hundred and fifty million dollars, he still dares to bid?”

“Definitely not! he has already spent 380 million just now, how can he still have money to shoot? It’s impossible!”

The guests all talked and expressed their opinions, thinking that Chuck Cannon must has no money to shoot.

The scene was full of big bosses. Anyone with a little knowledge knows that how can you be able to compete with such big bosses?

Yolanda Lane looked at Chuck Cannon without saying a word.

This time when Chuck Cannon came back, she also felt the change of Chuck Cannon, from the inside out, calmly!

At this moment, Chuck Cannon was calm!

However, Chuck Cannon’s expression fell in Lucy Parker’s eyes, she could only be angry!!

You don’t have that much money, so you can use it calmly?

“It’s boring to add tens of millions to tens of millions! One billion!!!” Chuck Cannon said with a sign.

The audience was in an uproar!

“Billions? I heard that right?”

“A direct increase of 350 million dollars!”

“Should this kid be a super-rich second generation?”

“Who knows this?”

The whole audience exploded because of Chuck Cannon’s sudden sentence.

Yolanda Lane was shocked, one billion?

She knew it was nothing to Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon’s expression told her that Chuck Cannon was richer than she had estimated and much richer!

Lucy Parker was shocked!

He actually bid a billion, does he have so much money?

The auctioneer’s jaw was almost astonished. Billion?

He has hosted so many auctions, and the price of one billion has not yet appeared!

This is a sky-high price!

“Okay, this customer bid one billion, is there any other customer who bid higher than this customer?” The auctioneer roared excitedly!

The few people who just arrived at the bidder were all angry!

Chuck Cannon’s words made them feel insulted!

Was actually insulted by a novice who had just come into contact with gambling?

“Hey, kid, do you have that much money?” the bald man said coldly.

With a one-time offer, close to 1.4 billion people, they are a bit reluctant, let alone Chuck Cannon, who is still a face?

“Do I have any money, what does it matter to you? If you want to shoot, you charge your price. If you don’t, then you shut up.” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“Damn, you!!” The bald man was irritated to the extreme.

There was a lot of discussion on the spot!

This strategy is looking for death, don’t you know that this bald man is powerful?

To dare to make a bald man embarrassed in public is really fatal.

Insult is Insult!

It’s not wrong to die!!

“No one has bid, auctioneer, won’t you drop the hammer?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Yes Yes!”

The auctioneer was excited to drop the hammer!

No one bids for the sky-high price of one billion!

They were all caught in anger, Chuck Cannon appeared, took three of them, and let them leave empty-handed. They were angry!

“Damn, I’ll see you die soon!”

“I took a look, and the final piece was worth more than 700 million at most, maybe even less. If he shoots it with 1 billion, he will definitely lose!”

“Sure, all fools know that this must be a big loss, he thought it would be great to take three stones, but he didn’t know that he would be so bad that he would cry!”


This ridicule sounded again!

The auctioneer drops the hammer!

This auction came to an end!!

Chuck Cannon went to the backstage to give money!

“He really has so much money?” Lucy Parker was shocked. It’s totally unimaginable!

If you have more than one billion working capital at will, the big bosses on the scene can’t compare it.

“Yes, absolutely.”

“But doesn’t he only has a square worth hundreds of millions?” Lucy Parker couldn’t understand!

She knew what Chuck Cannon has the city square, was good now, it was already done, and it must be worth more than one billion.

However, value is value. Before if it is converted into money, everything is empty talk. Under this circumstance, according to reason, Chuck Cannon’s working capital will not exceed 300 million at all, but it is almost 1.4 billion now!!

“Who told you that?” Yolanda Lane was speechless.

“You, isn’t it you?” Lucy Parker was shocked.

“I didn’t tell you this. It’s just that you only asked about the square. Chuck Cannon still has a construction site. Now the investment has exceeded 2 billion, and there is also a five-star hotel that was bought for nearly 4 billion… …” Yolanda Lane said like a few treasures.

Lucy Parker’s beautiful eyes were all stared, her head felt as if she had been hit by a fist, dizzy.


“I haven’t finished talking yet… he has also invested in movies…” Yolanda Lane said a lot, and Lucy Parker sat in a chair blankly.

So ordinary Chuck Cannon is actually richer than everyone on the scene?

This is really unimaginable!

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Lucy Parker smiled bitterly. She was embarrassed just now, and she actually made an axe in front of Chuck Cannon, who is worth more than ten billion.

“Uh, you didn’t ask either!”

“Well, I’ve missed it. He is so rich. However, the prices of the three pictures he took today are too high, and there is no money at all. It is conservatively estimated that he may lose three or four billion dollars!!”

Lucy Parker said seriously.

She heard the analysis of many big bosses at the scene, and she felt so.

Chuck Cannon shot too high, he will definitely lose!

Yolanda Lane was nervous, will lose so much?

The people at the scene were all laughing and wanted to see Chuck Cannon be a joke.

Chuck Cannon came out from behind and settled the bill.

The suspicion in Lucy Parker’s heart was completely gone. She was all cautious. She didn’t expect that Chuck Cannon was not an ordinary person. It was low-key to the extreme. Who would have thought that such a person could actually spend so much money!

“Just now, I’m sorry.” Lucy Parker lowered her head and said, she felt shameless?

“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon didn’t mind anything.

“Really, this kid must be a super-rich second generation,”

“One hundred percent, look at his stupid appearance, he is not a rich second generation, can he have so much money?”


The ridicule was still there, Chuck Cannon came over, and everyone followed. This is about to start smashing the stones.

Three rocks is worth 1.4 billion, what exactly will be offered?

They won’t be too surprised, they just want to know how much money Chuck Cannon will lose this time!

“Open this one first,” Chuck Cannon pointed to a stone.

The staff, immediately arrange a cutting machine to calcine the stone.

Chuck Cannon was full of confidence, Lucy Parker saw in her eyes, she sighed, what about money? Can’t see, these three stones are doomed to lose?

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