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Chapter 779 – 780: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 779: Fighting for Kris

“Good, then you should be careful!” said Guiying Liu. She used her strength to throw another punch. Then a tremendous force came overwhelmingly.

Kris met the fist, and the huge impact made the ring tremble.

“This punch, I want to use 80% of my strength.”

“Then I will use 80% of my strength too!” Kris laughed.

The two of them clashed their fists together at close range, and the force of this impact directly shattered the ring.

This time, the people under the ring were completely shocked. “How could he fight Guiying till now?”

Yeqing could hardly believe what she saw. She knew that her strength was too far from Guiying’s.

If Liangchen could resist Guiying’s attack, then he can definitely defeat her. She thought.

On the other side, Nansheng Gu also had mixed emotions. She could see that Guiying was fighting Kris with all her strength.

“Could it be that …… he is hiding his strength?” She was now a bit confused. “No, it’s impossible, if he’s hiding his strength, why was he seen through by these Masters?”

Bixiao was also quite shocked! “This is Liangchen’s true strength?”

Niuda rubbed his eyes and marveled. “Is that person up there who fought Zhiying really Liangchen?” Apparently he didn’t believe that Kris could resist Guiying’s attack.

“Guiying definitely didn’t use her real strength to fight Liangchen!”

“Yes, yes, she must have known that Liangchen is our buddy, so she didn’t use her full strength. She is really thoughtful.”


At this moment, Jianfei Zhan was very proud of himself. “How about Liangchen’s strength? He is very powerful, right?”

Liunian Feng was also slightly surprised.”Tell me honestly, is this disciple of yours hiding his true stage?”

“No, he really didn’t hide his strength.”

“That’s strange!” Yang Shang frowned. “He is in the later period of Detachment stage, how can he resist Guiying who has the strength of a half-step Taoist Emperor?”

“He has talent. He has amazing battle power and can fight across the level!” Jianfei said.

“Guiying has used eighty percent of her power. Even a practitioner in the late period of Taoist King would be destroyed by her. If your disciple didn’t hide his cultivation, then he must play dirty.”Bufan Zhuang said.

Hearing his words, Jianfei was unhappy. “Some people are just geniuses. They can just cross the stage to fight.”

There were indeed some geniuses in this world that could battle cross the level. When Yun Nie of the Lanting Immortal Palace was at the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor, he killed his enemies in the middle period of the Taoist Emperor.

Guangjia of the Ten Thousand Daoist Palace killed his opponent in the early stage of Taoist Emperor with his cultivation of Fulfilled period Taoist Emperor.

These people were all popular contenders for the sequence disciples.

“If I remember correctly, this disciple of yours came up from the Cave World ten years ago!” Sandao Bu said. “He can’t compete with those geniuses.” “

“You’re looking down on him? Let’s make a bet if you dare.” Jianfei snorted. “If I win, you refine a semi-immortal divine weapon for him.”

Sandao’s face changed. “Why should I bet with you?”

“If you don’t dare, then shut up.” Jianfei said discontentedly. “It’s true that he didn’t start with as good a foundation as them, but what he lacks is merely resources.”

Sandao’s face turned red. He remembered that he had just lost a semi-immortal weapon to Jianei, and he was indignant at the very moment.

“I’m on,” said he.

“It’s a deal. If I win this time, not only will you honor me as your master, but I will take back the semi-immortal divine weapon that I lost to you before.” said Sandao excitedly. He did not believe that Kris could beat Guiying.

“Good,” said Jianfei. “Come on, high-five for the oath!”

They clapped their hands three times and the oath was established.

Jianfei pretended to be indignant on the surface, but he was happy in his heart. He knew Kris’s strength too well. He was definitely a genius among geniuses.

In the ring, Kris did not yet know that his master had once again started a bet with Sandao.

Guiying’s combat was already very strong after she fused the battle technique of Time Methods. Especially the defense of her armor was extremely strong.

Kris fought her with great pleasure. At this time he had used 40% of his power. And Guiying used ninety percent of her strength.

Now Kris probably knew what level of physical strength he was at. Now the half-step Taoist Emperor no longer could defeat him.

The more Guiying fought, the more frightened she was. She had already used all her power, but Kris still fought her with ease.

“Can he beat me?” This thought came out, Guiying trembled.

If a practitioner in the later period of Detachment stage defeated a practitioner in the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor, then that practitioner would have no face to meet his master in the future.

“No, he must have used some secret method to raise his strength so much in a short time.” Guiying thought. She still didn’t admit that Kris was stronger than him.

“Liangchen, I’m going to use my full strength this time, so be careful!” Guiying said.

Kris directly increased his strength to fifty percent.


The force of the blast shook the Battle Formation from side to side.

Guiying’s power was already infinitely close to that of the Taoist Emperor, even touching the edge of the early stage of Taoist Emperor.

But even so, Kris took it with ease!

Kris didn’t even use magic power or divine ability. He just used his pure physical strength to counter her attacks.

After Guiying hit Kris with all her might, she flew straight backwards out. But when she was about to fall out of the ring, Kris took her hand, “Be careful!”

At that moment, people were instantly quiet.

“I …… I lost!” It was only when Guiying conceded defeat that the crowd reacted. Then shrieks of shock resounded throughout the scene.

“No… No way, this is not true!”

“Oh my god, he… he actually defeated Guiying!”

Hearing the conversation of the people around him, Yeqing smiled bitterly. Kris was able to defeat Guiying who was at the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor, so it was naturally easy to defeat her who was not even at the late period of Taoist King. But was this really the battle power that a practitioner at the later period of Detachment Stage should have? There was a hint of curiosity in her heart.

At the same time, Nansheng also realized something. “He really did hide his true strength!”

“He’s so strong, yet he still acts like he’s weak, how abominable!” Nansheng snorted. “You wait, one day, I want you to knell down to me.”

“Guiying is too sweet. She is actually willing to lose to Liangchen for us!” Biuda said.

“She is so kind. I swear I only like Guiying in this life!” Niuer said.

“Screw you, Guiying is mine!”

“It’s mine ……”

Bixiao looked at them arguing over Guiying and got a headache.

Apparently, Kris used his own strength to defeat Guiying.

“Even I have been fooled by him. No wonder he was so relaxed when he went on the stage. It is clear that he has a plan.” Bixiao murmured. She remembered that the two previous battles had been ended dramatically. Now it seemed that he did not want to show his strength too early. Thinking about this, she got a little angry.

“Liangchen wins.” Beidou announced. Then Kris jumped out of the ring.

“Haha, I won. Don’t you forget to give my disciple’s semi-immortal divine weapon? Remember, you must refine it within a hundred years, and as for that divine weapon of mine, you can give it to me whenever you want.” Jianfei said smugly.

Sandao felt his heart ache. “You already know the outcome, right?”

“I warned you, but you didn’t listen to me.” Jianfei snorted coldly. “Don’t forget what you promised!”

“You ……. “Sandao was angry, but there was nothing he could do. He bet with others twice, but he got nothing. And instead he lost two semi-immortal divine weapons to Jianfei. What irritated him was that he had to help them refine weapons. This was to use up all his treasures.

Liunian Feng and the others were more helpless than shocked.

“Do you mind if your disciple becomes my disciple?” Bufan Zhuang looked at Jianfei eagerly.

“I’m sorry. My disciple can only have one master in his life!” Jianfei didn’t even think about before refusing. “I know what you have in mind! My apprentice can reach the stage of half-step Taoist King soon. And he it’s not difficult for him to reach the stage of Taoist Emperor.”

“He’s going to become a Head sequence disciple in the future.” Jianfei continued.

“Your disciple is also a disciple of Shaohua House, don’t you think so?” Yang Shang looked at Beidou.

Beidou soon understood what he meant. “Jianfei, Liangchen is outstandingly talented, why not let him ……” He said.

“No, resolutely not.” Jianfei interrupted.

“Have you asked Liangchen?” said Sandao “The six great houses are originally a family. Isn’t it better for him to have a few more masters to guide him?”

“Liangchen is very talented. If he can become my disciple, it would be worth it for me to refine him a semi-immortal divine weapon.” Sandao thought.

“No, no, no.” said Jianfei.

“It’s useless for you to refuse. When the match is over, we’d better ask Liangchen’s opinion.”

“Such a good talent can’t be used by you alone.” Liunian said with a smirk

Jianfei’s face directly dropped. When Kris impressed the crowd during the battle of competing for the sequence disciple, then Jianfei can proudly say that Kris was trained by him. But because he flaunted his apprentice’s abilities too early, it led to others competing with him for his disciple. He was about to go from being Kris’ only master to one of them.

Chapter 780: A Dark Horse

“Bixiao, I win.”

Kris smiled and walked towards Bixiao.

But Bixiao’s smile faded. She was unhappy when she thought of Kris hiding his strength from her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing!” Bixiao said coldly.

But Kris quickly guessed why Bixiao was suddenly angry.

“Are you blaming me for hiding my true strength from you?”

Bixiao didn’t say anything and gave him a look.

“You can’t blame me for that, you didn’t ask me.” Kris deliberately pretended to be aggrieved. I can’t show my strength to anyone, don’t you think?”

Bixiao was silent. This was certainly true. Cultivation is a Practitioner’s secret. Even the closest relatives cannot be told. But she was still a little angry with him.

Seeing that Bixiao did not say anything, Kris stepped forward and grabbed her hand.

Bixiao’s face suddenly turned red, “What are you doing? You let go of my hand…… “

She tried hard to take her hand out of Kris’s, but Kris’s grip was so tight that she couldn’t break free for a while. “Let go of my hand, it would be bad if others see you grabbing my hand later.”

“I really didn’t mean to hide it from you.” Kris said earnestly. “I came from the Cave World with a shallow cultivation, and it is because you have been helping me that I have made progress today. I can lie to anyone, but I won’t lie to you!”

“Okay, I know. Can you let go of my hand?”

“You have forgiven me?”

Bixiao nodded. She was blushed. Even her eras turned red.

“Then, that’s fine” Kris sighed in relief and let go of his hand.

Looking at Kris eagerly explaining to her, Bixiao was suddenly happy. His explanation made Bixiao feel that Kris cared about her.

At this time, the list of those who advanced to the top eight was out.

Shaohua House: Ziping Meng, Qilin Duan

The Penalty Academy: Niuda, Bixiao, Kris.

Weapons House: Feng Luo.

The Magical Pills Academy: Xiaodong Huo.

Yanwu House: Jin Cen.

No one from War Hall advanced to the final eight. In previous years, Shaohua House had the most disciples advancing, while War Hall was second.

The Penalty Academy became the dark horse this time, with three disciples advancing to the top eight.

When it was time to draw lots, Bixiao prayed in her heart that she would never draw her fellow disciple. Fortunately, she saw that her opponent was Jin Cen from the Yanwu House.

“Thank God!” Bixiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Ziping’s opponent was Feng Luo, Niuda’s opponent was Xiaodong Huo, and Kris’ opponent was Qilin Duan.

Beidou gave permission for the inner disciples who were not competing to come and watch the match. The huge field was surrounded by people, and even disciples from other palaces came to watch the match.

The first ones on the field were Niuda and Xiaodong.

After bowing to each other, the two took up a fighting stance.

Xiaodong was lucky enough to get a chance to advance directly yesterday. He only wanted to enter the top four. As for what he ranked, he didn’t care.

He used his strongest move first. He was imitating Tingfang’s way of fighting. First, he would surround his opponent and then find a way to slowly torture him until he surrendered.

“There is a weak spot at the top left forty degrees; you will be able to break it by attacking it twice.” said Chao.

Niuda raised his fist and attacked directly.

At Chao’s suggestion, Niuda easily blasted the opponent’s big furnace.

Xiaodong also did not expect the other party to break his magic art so soon. He cast the Flames of Time, and his body armor was fully dressed.

Xiaodong used a point of his finger to endow Flames of Time Intelligence.

The Flames of Time was originally a flame between the Taoist King and Taoist Emperor levels. After it was endowed with intelligence, its doppelganger was very powerful.

“By the erosion of mysterious power, your flesh, sun soul, mana is gradually weakening, please deal with it as soon as possible.”

Chao issued an alert. Niuda did not panic, “Divine Light-changing Mirror, go.”

Using the Flames of Time to condense into a mirror, it could counter the opponent’s divine attack to some extent.

Xiaodong’s face changed as he felt threatened. He was greatly alarmed, “Wrap it around him!”

The Flames of Time pounced on Niuda

It took Xiaodong three seconds to undo the magic art Niuda had set on him.

His physical body was weak, and his cultivation had been raised by eating pills. Since this was the case, he could only release all the medicinal power he had accumulated.

At this moment, the medicinal power sealed in Xiaodong’s body was released in full. His power increased rapidly, so much so that his fleshly body also became tougher under the effect of the medicine.

He reached the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor in the blink of an eye, and his power was still increasing.

“Jianfei, your disciple impresses me. He actually forces Xiaodong to this point!” Yang Shang said as he stroked the beard on his jaw.

“My disciple hasn’t even used his power yet, and Xiaodong is using his ultimate move. He’s really useless.” Jianfei sneered. “Your magical pill Academy is good at alchemy, but the combat is too amateurish.”

Yang glared at him. “When your disciple loses, then I’ll see how you can explain your disciple’s incompetence.”

Jianfei laughed, and did not continue to argue with him over this.

At the moment, Xiaodong was like eating a great tonic pill. He was entangled by the flames of Time with his doppelganger helping him out next to him, which left Niuda in a passive defense.

“I have to hurry to end this fight. If we keep fighting like this, I won’t be able to defeat him even if we fight for a few hours.” Niuda muttered.

“Bull Battle Technique.” He called out. He cultivated the same battle technique as Niuer. It was just that he cultivated it more deeply than Niuer.

When this Bull Battle Method is first cultivated, the power it can help the practitioner to improve is relatively little, but it tends to make the practitioner of cultivating this technique lose control. However, if the practitioner cultivates this method the deeper he goes, he can control himself better.

The aura on Niuda became very appalling. Unlike Niuer, he didn’t act crazy, which meant he still had his sanity.

The wild wind spurted out from his mouth and directly blew away the Flame of Time and Xiaodong’s doppelganger.

Seeing this, the crowd on the stage sucked in cold air in unison. He actually blew out the doppelganger with one breath.

He blasted out with another punch. The air in front of him was compressed to the extreme and then exploded, and immediately the tremendous force impacted Xiaodong’s body, directly knocking him out of the ring.

It only took two moves from Niuda to knock Xiaodong out of the ring.

“Niuda won this battle!”

“Brother, you’re amazing.” Niuer said excitedly.

Kris and Bixiao also cheered for Niuda in his victory.

“Thanks. Keep it low-key.”

Niuda said while still glancing at Guiying Liu out of the corner of his eyes. He was happy to find that she was also looking at him.

Xiaodong got up from the ground with regret. He was not strong enough, so it was useless to be regretful.

The second ones on the field were Ziping and Feng Luo.

Feng had exploded himself once, so he was only half as strong as he could be. He was easily defeated by Ziping.

Although Sandao felt sorry for him, he also knew that it was inevitable that Feng would be defeated.

The third match was between Bixiao and Jin Cen.

Jin was the dark horse of the Yanwu House. He was the youngest disciple and was so quiet that few people at Yanwu House paid attention to him.

He stayed in the Scripture Pavilion twenty-eight days a month. In people’s eyes, he was either reading a book or on his way to do so.

But today he advanced to the top eight in one fell swoop. He was strong in both his divine ability and his understanding of the Time Methods

He was only at the peak of the middle period of the Taoist King, and he defeated his opponent of the fulfilled period of the Taoist King.

Even Liunian Feng was slightly stunned, wondering if he cared too little about his young disciple.

After Bixiao and Jin Cen bowed to each other, the atmosphere became tense.

“Time Arrow” Bixiao was the first to make a move.

Facing Bixiao’s attack, Jin Cen was calm. He stared at the arrow that was shot at him, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, as if everything was under his control.

Only after Bixiao fought with him in close quarters did a hint of seriousness appear on Jin’s face.

However, no matter what divine ability Bixiao used, Jin always found the right way to resist it. And he was fast to the extreme.

As soon as their fists met, they produced a huge impact, causing the Battle Formation to shake.

“Well, well, that’s good.” A trace of surprise came into Liunian Feng’s eyes. He did not expect his youngest disciple to resist Bixiao who was in the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor.

“If he can defeat Bixiao, I will definitely train him!” Liunian thought. Even if he lost, he was happy that he saw Jin’s talent.

Bixiao, however, was furious. She was stronger than Jin in both magic power and stage. If she couldn’t even beat him, then she wouldn’t have a chance to compete for the Sequence Disciple.

“Time Methods,” She shouted. “My 150,000 divine powers.”

Just as she finished, Yanwu House was shocked. To bring together 150,000 divine powers in a single punch was simply too crazy. The power of this fist definitely surpassed the strength of a practitioner in the stage of half-step Taoist Emperor.

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