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The sound of the cutting machine was harsh!

At the scene, there were no other sounds, not even breathing.

Everyone held their breath!

This was the subconscious behaviour of everyone at the scene because everyone wants to see whether the third stone photographed by Chuck Cannon can be green!

Is it losing money or making money?

Lucy Parker’s beautiful eyes were solemn and even nervous!

Have you missed it?


The powder from the stone cutting was scattered, and the green powder suddenly appeared!

The first one at the scene has their eyes widened. They couldn’t believe it!

“Oh my God, this, this is actually Emperor Green again!!”

“What does he think? This god-man!”

“I admire him so much! Does he pretend to be a novice, but he is actually a master of stone?”

“Absolutely! It’s incredible! I’ve never seen anything like this before. When you shoot three pieces, all three pieces are actually emperor green. This is a mythical record!”

They were shocked, their jaws were about to fall because it was incredible!

How much is such a large piece of Emperor Green worth? At the very least, 1.23 billion starting price!

In other words, Chuck Cannon actually made at least 1.8 billion in this auction?


Everyone at the scene must swallow!

Lucy Parker was horrified!

Unexpectedly, did you miss it again?

What’s going on?

Lucy Parker couldn’t believe the scene before her.

Is Chuck Cannon a newcomer or a master with hidden strength?

Yolanda Lane was surprised!

“Well, help me put it away!” Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, admiring his mother to the extreme in his heart.

What is it that his mother can’t?

The cutter listened to Chuck Cannon dumbfounded.

“Ah, little brother, you sell one piece to me, and that piece goes out to 1.3 billion!”

“I will give out 1.5 billion!”

Everyone knows that such a big emperor green can be bought for h.uge amount of money!

“I’m not selling it!” Chuck Cannon refused.

The big bosses at the scene felt sorry.

“Oh, regret it, it turns out that some of our old things are fools, and they have missed the sight. If I insist on calling the last one just now, it won’t be… alas!!!”

“Me too, where do I want to get it, this is Emperor Green!”

They all felt sorry!

They regret not competing with Chuck Cannon just now!

After all, this is emperor green!

“Let’s go! You can go back today!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Yolanda Lane, pulling Lucy Parker out of here!

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The scene was exploding again!

“This young man is going to become a legend here!”

They were amazed!

“Hmph, this kid is too ignorant to exaggerate, so I asked him to sell it. He didn’t sell it, three pieces of emperor green, can he eat it!” A sinister boss slowly said, his eyes were red.

“What’s wrong, Boss Guo still has ideas?” A thief-eyed boss hit it off!

“What do you mean? This kid, these three imperial greens, may be worth more than two billion, I don’t believe you are not interested!”

“Hey, of course!”

“Yes, don’t you look for someone? Do you often do such things?” Boss Guo said coldly.

“Hey, Boss Guo, you are wrong to say that, just do it occasionally, where can you do it often.”

“Stop talking nonsense, go and prepare people!”

“Okay, I have already arranged it, but ah, what kind of super-rich second-generation kid should be, if we do this rashly, will there be any problems!”

“You think too much, secretly did him, come to a corpse and extinction, who can find out? The value of two billion, at this point what if the risk is not taken? You want to eat for nothing? It is not easy to make money!” Boss Guo smiled sinisterly too.

The two hit it off immediately and asked someone to prepare.

Lucy Parker was very cautious and nervous.

Because of what?

In the auction just now, although there was an oral agreement with Chuck Cannon, there was cooperation, but from the beginning to the end, she didn’t give out any money.

What’s more, she thinks Chuck Cannon was wrong and will definitely lose money!

Unexpectedly, he actually made a profit, it is still such a big profit of hundreds of millions!!

“Don’t worry, Chuck Cannon is very contractual,” Yolanda Lane watched Lucy Parker fidgeting.

So comforted.

Lucy Parker smiled bitterly, contract spirit? But she didn’t do anything?

Will Chuck Cannon give her money for nothing?

Will Chuck Cannon be so good?

Impossible, a normal person would not do this, let alone a verbal agreement.

“Chuck, there are some things related to gambling on rocks. First, find the girl you are cooperating with. I will sort out a piece of information for you these few days, and you must study hard.” Karen Lee smiled slightly.

Chuck Cannon was interested in stone gambling. Just now, he said that he wanted to make stone gambling into an industrial chain. His mom was quite happy.

Because Chuck Cannon’s idea is good, and it is really profitable to make an industrial chain!

“Well, I see, mom, it’s dead.” Chuck Cannon wants to talk to Lucy Parker.

His mother’s evaluation of her is not bad. In other words, Lucy Parker has such a good experience in betting on rocks at her current age, which is quite rare.

Cultivate it, she will definitely be the big sister in the stone gambling world.

“Well, by the way, Chuck, fighting must never stop! You know?” Karen Lee was serious enough.

First of all, ensure that you can survive, then a business empire can be built.

“I know,”

“Don’t forget, you’re my own son, you have to live well.”

“Well, mom don’t say anything!”

When the phone hangs up, Karen Lee smiles slightly here. Does this kid dislike me too much??

After smiling, she looked serious, Gracia Stewart, you really surprised me…

Chuck Cannon came over and Lucy Parker said cautiously, “Chuck Cannon, what do you plan to do with these three stones,”

“Do you have a good way!”

“I, I can do it again. Do you want to do it? I just calculated it. The value should be around 2.2 billion. I know someone who will buy it for 2.2 billion. There should be no problem.” Lucy Parker said and at this time the words were already unconsciously polite.

This Chuck Cannon shocked her again and again tonight. This is definitely a super-rich second generation!

“I don’t want to make a move!” Chuck Cannon shook his head, his tone somewhat profound.

“Don’t want to make a move? Then you. Want to do it yourself? Do it yourself? This requires a lot of channels.” Lucy Parker does this and invests money, it’s not a normal big one!

“Yes, how much does it cost to establish an industrial chain and establish channels? Have you ever calculated it?”

“You, you want?”

“Yes, I went to talk to my mother on the phone, she supported me to do this,”

Lucy Parker couldn’t believe it, he is indeed the second generation of the super-rich, “This industry chain may need tens of billions!”

“Oh, only ten billion? That’s okay! Are you interested in doing it with me?” Chuck Cannon asked with a shrug.

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