Chapter 781 – 782: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 781: The twisted Way

Boom! Both of them were pushed back by each other’s strength. Now this time Bixiao was really shocked. Even under the help of Chao, she was still inferior to her competitor.

That was because Bixiao had kept attacking. Even she was attacking his weak part, she was still caught by her competitor.

“Bixiao is a little nervous. It’s better to defend now. With the help of Chao, she could predict the attack of her competitor in advance.

Looking above, Kris showed admiration to them, for they dared to challenge the one stronger than them, and they did well in defending.

“I hope you could understand that.”

There is a saying going that we should not utter when watching a battle. Kris knew that Bixiao was actually a little arrogant, so he would not remind her.

But at this time, Bixiao also realized, “My power is stronger than his. Why must I attack him? I may as well let him attack.

Thinking about this, a cyan light shield suddenly appeared in front of her.

Jin Cen squinted his eyes. He realized Bixiao’s plan, and he thought in his heart, “Smart woman. Knowing that it’s useless to attack, so now she planned to defend?”

“Way of the Time, accelerate a hundred times!”

At that moment, his feet seemed to be equipped with propeller, and his speed increased a hundred times.

Even the Divine Spiritual Power was hard to catch him.

But that fast speed was also the limit his body could bear.


Bixiao’s eyes suddenly went blank, and then Jin Cen disappeared in front of her. When she realized what happened, a huge power came from her back.

Without the protection of the light shield, she would have been hurt.

“Fast speed is the best martial trick!”

This was what Jin Cen thought of.

Kris smacked his lips. Smart, powerful and brainy, Jin Cen was a really horrible enemy.

“Detecting that the enemy is quickly coming at one ten thousandth of the speed of light, he is likely to attack your back and neck. Please be prepared in advance.

Chao reminded.

Bixiao was irritated. She was stronger than Jin Cen, and she also had Chao’s help. If she could not win in this way, it would be a huge shame to her.

“Time Marsh!”

Bixiao pinched her fingers and spoke that, and then the space around became twisted.

Since you begin to accelerate, then I’ll limit your speed, and make you unable to run. Bixiao thought.

Jin Cen felt soft under his feet, and he felt that he was falling into a soft marsh. He wanted to pull out his feet, but he failed.

It was indeed muddier than a real marsh.

“Time Arrow!”

“Time Rotation!”

“Time Fist!”

Bixiao fought back smartly and fiercely, leaving no chance for Jin Cen to respond.

“Way of the Time. Twenty Wandao Fist!”

Jin Cen ‘s right arm suddenly swelled, the veins all over his body became prominent, and his face became very hideous.

It must be tough for him to release that punch.

Fifteen Wandao Fist has already shocked Liunian Feng. Now Twenty Wandao Fist was indeed out of his imagination.

The Time Methods of the Yanwu House is to use the Power of Time to restrain the Wayist Magic Power, and merge together with a unique method to eliminate the drawback and enhance the power.

The further as the practice goes, the much harder it will be.

Brilliant, indeed!

Liunian Feng was rather delighted.

Actually, it was really nonsense to depreciate the Time Methods of the Yanwu House.

They would be much stronger after practicing the Magical Practiser.

He even regarded the Time Methods as the strongest one, but only few people could practice to the limit.


They released attack to each other again. And this time Bixiao was pushed back to the edge of the ring, while Jin Cen directly fell down onto the ground.

Jin Cen was talented, but his foundation was a little weak.

And so was his body.

If his body was strong enough to bear his power, maybe the result may have changed.

Looking at the Jin Cen who was in coma, Liunian helped him up in person and checked his condition. Luckily his injury was not severe, which made Liunian relieved a little.

“We surrender!”

Liunian Feng hugged Jin Cen off the ring.

Beidou Luo glanced at Liunian. He looked highly of Jin Cen, and believed Jin Cen would be a super fighter if received good training.

“Bixiao won!”

“Brother, I won!”

Bixiao was a little excited. She almost lost that battle. But luckily her competitor’s body was much weaker than her, otherwise she would have failed already.

“You’re so great,sister!”

Kris gave a thumb up.

“The next game is for you. Come on! Try to make three of us enter the finals, better to occupy the top three.”

Bixiao said.

“I’ll try my best!”

Kris smiled and then jumped on the ring.

“Liangchen Ye, from the Penalty of House!”

Qilin Duan glanced at Kris, pondered for a while and uttered, “Qilin Duan, from the Shaohua House!”

“Qilin has gone up to the ring. As long as he could defeat Kris, then he will enter the top four.”

“Don’t worry. We should trust our son!”

Tianya Duan tapped on his wife’s hand.

“Sorry to offend you!”

Kris held his hands and took a bow.

Just then, Qilin rushed forwards.

“Fist of the Great Affection!”

He used his strongest trick at the beginning, for he had felt huge threat from Kris.

“The fourth level plus ten times power!”


Qilin took three steps back, while Kris still stood at the original place, without moving a little!

Taking a deep breath, Qilin said, “You’re really strong!”

“But I have promised sister Qiao. I must go to the finals!”

And then his power kept climbing.

In a blink he had broken through the Semi-Wayist King Stage.

“The fallen petals are not merciless, for they will fertilize those in full bloom instead!”

Kris suddenly felt upset from the bottom of his heart.

Sadness, misery, pain?

Kris sneered. Poor Way of the Limit!

“Sinking into pain!”

Kris slightly pointed his finger, thus making Qilin surrounded by enormous pain.

His skin began to ache, and then the pain slowly spread into his flesh, through his bones, and finally into his important organs.

He even felt that his every hair was hauling.

Pain and sadness then flooded into his heart.

Qilin knelt on the ground, bowed his body and looked painful. He gritted his teeth and barely raised his head, “What…What is this?”

“The way of Extreme Pain!”

Kris said, “You have gone the wrong way. Once you reach the limit, she’ll die!”


Qilin stared at Kris with extreme astonishment, “You…”

“You enter the Way of Cruelty on the excuse of love, even sacrificing your wife! You’re merciless!”

Kris continued, “There’s a saying that only when you’re painful will you understand pain, and only when you fell into sadness will you know the great affection!”

“You have started the wrong way from the beginning. Your way of Way is too tiny, and it’s destined to fail.”

What Kris said was like sword stabbing his heart.

“I go the wrong way? No…Impossible!”

Qilin raised his head, staring at Kris with glaring eyes, “You’re messing up my heart!”


Kris smiled, “A punch is enough! No need to mess up your heart at all!”

“Anyway you can’t even get rid of my Way of Extreme Pain. Now you’re even unable to fight back!”

The Way of Extreme Pain had intensely enlarged his pain. Sadness was also a pain. Now Qilin felt that there were millions of ants biting his heart, and he could not fight back.

“What kind of Way is this?”

Hands on the ground, sweat kept dripping from his forehead.

“You want to learn it? Sorry, I can’t teach you.”

Kris smiled and slightly flicked his finger, and then Qilin was swept off the ring.

From the beginning of the battle to the end, Kris only released two martial tricks.

And the last martial trick he used managed to defeat Qilin.

Everyone was shocked. So the battle was over?

Qilin failed on purpose?

Tianya and his wife looked at each other with full astonishment.

Judging from their cultivation, it was not hard to find that Qilin failed just because Kris was too powerful.

Beidou gave a deep look at Kris, and he was amazed by Kris.

Jianfei Zhan now looked extremely worried, and he murmured in his heart, “Kris, could you be a little bit humble? I’ll lose you in this way.”

While astonishment was written on Yeqing Ai’s face constantly.

Nansheng Gu smiled, and became more firmed in his heart.

“Kris, you’re the best! Kris, you’re the strongest!”

Kris’s brothers screamed beneath the ring.


Kris walked off the ring, and stepped towards Bixiao.

“Which stage are you actually in?”

Bixiao was still curious, just like a cat scratching her heart.

“The Semi-Wayist King Stage. I have been practicing an achievement method which could disguise my real cultivation, and that’ why you think I’m in the Later period of the Transcendence Stage!”

“I remembered you were still in the Middle period of the Transcendence Stage the time I just knew you.”

Kris replied, “Nope. I was already in the Semi-Wayist King Stage at that time.”

Kris had no way but to cover the truth. What if he broke through the Wayist King Stage years later? How could he explain that?

Others took thousands of millions of years to break through that stage, but Kris only took several years. This would definitely shock Bixiao largely.

“Now I got it!”

Bixiao finally realized, “You do the right thing. No one will know your real power then.”

Chapter 782: Meeting Uncles

“That’s not what you said, senior sister.”

“It’s different!” Bixiao rolled her eyes and said. That’s because Kris had kept his mouth shut about anything, but now he told her his real cultivation, meaning that he put trust in her.

“It’s better for you to have your cultivation known by fewer people and I won’t mention it again.”

Kris nodded. He understood her attitude conversion by a second thought, after all, he was an ace reader of the girls’ minds honed by his experiences with his wives.

There would be four competitors who entered the semi-final, they were Ziping Meng and the other three guys from the Penalty Academy.

Something unexpected happened: This time, it was the Penalty Academy who got a good three places, considering that Shaohua House had always kept the most places in the semi-finals.

“Let’s draw the lots!”

Ziping went to pick a lot, opened it, and then a smile curved his lips.

Bixiao, on the other hand, was quite reluctant by being caught in the middle because her rival was Da Niu, her senior brother.

So, the semi-final would turn out to be, Ziping versus Kris, and Bixiao versus Da!

The first battle was between Bixiao and Da, the latter, however, threw in the towel directly, “I quit.”

It was his sister, of course, he should make a concession! Thought he.

His decision provoked an uproar in the crowd—He could be ranked second and awarded with two Time Methods as long as he won the battle, but now this idiot just gave up the game?! He should have had a try regardless of their friendship!


“I won’t walk all over my dear little sister.” He waved his hand dismissively.

The girl stood mute and felt great gratitude to him. The disciples of the Penalty Academy, though few, had always been on far more intimate terms with each other than those in other Houses.

“The winner is, Bixiao!” Beidou Luo announced.

Comments came with the announcement. Someone said the victory was Bixiao’s windfall while others thought that Da was exactly a fool, but the latter just fixed his eyes on Guiying Liu.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! You see? She’s just beaming at me! That’s a smile for ME!” Da, excited, clenched on his chest and almost got out of breath.

His brothers looked quite upset—that was also their dream girl!

“Good day, Brother Ye.”

“Good day, Brother Meng.”

The two made a bow with their hands unfolded in front of them.

“Don’t get each other hurt too grievously, ok?”

“Good.” Kris smiled.

The two men just stood there, but the serious atmosphere began to creep over the ring.

Though without making a move, their air collided together and crashed the ring directly.


The protective shield over the ring shook abruptly.

“It’s the air! They are duking out with each other by the air!”

“Wow, Brother Meng is really amazing! He could hit the battle formation by mere air!”

“Liangchen Ye is not bad, can’t believe that he could stand against Brother Meng’s attack for such a long time.”

As the air was abuzz with the crowd’s discussion, Bixiao had her heart in her throat.

It was known that Ziping was strong, but nobody actually knew that how strong he was.

Rumor has it that he could even fight against a Taoist Emperor, but no one could tell the truth of the grapevine that spread over the streets.

There is no smoke without fire. It might be reflective of the reality of his strength.

Ziping, on the other side, was turning more and more serious. The man was just a practitioner of Detachment Stage, but now he had been qualified to run against him, if he had access to the Taoist King Stage, he feared that no one could be his rival even including himself.

What an unfathomable man indeed. Luckily he had chosen him as his partner instead.

“I quit. I can tell that you’re more powerful than me.” Kris stopped, smiled at him friendly, and then jumped down the ring.

The crowd was in total shock!

What…what’s this? They haven’t even begun the fight! He just threw in the towel in that sucking way?

“I told you, Brother Meng goes one better.”

“For god’s sake, can’t believe that he could over maneuver his rival by mere momentum! Bravo!”

Ziping scowled at others’ cheers and admiration, but soon he figured out Kris’s intention.

He resumed his smiling face and shook his head and said, “He really keeps his words.”

He knew that the victory was due to the man’s promise to get him a place of the Rank.

Beidou frowned but still announced the result, “The winner is, Ziping Meng!”

The finals should have been the most intense of the whole competition, but now there had been two men giving up before the fight, what’s the point of this battle?

Then came the final battle to determine the first and the third between Da and Kris.

Kris gave up the battle again!

Though the Time Methods might play an important role in other competitors’ practice, it’s not the same case for Kris as his Qingdi Creation Technique was far mighty than the complete Time Methods.

Therefore, even if he could win the battle and get other Time methods, they were just icing on the cake for him.

It was more useful for the others.

Kris didn’t play the holy mother or something, he just didn’t see any necessity to duck it out with his brothers for a meaningless reward.

“No, no, I should be the one to give up the battle. As your senior brother, I can’t let you down.”

Da was going to turn around to explain the whole thing to Beidou but was stopped by Kris, “Listen, Da, I’m just a novel who came to the Penalty Academy for mere three years, my best is yet to come, but now, the Time Methods are more useful for you!”

“Liangchen…” Da was deeply moved, he just held his hands and was unable to say anything.

Kris patted his hand for encouragement, and then he walked over to Bixiao and said, “Cheer up!”

Bixiao went up to the ring and stood opposite Ziping, the latter, however, looked at Beidou and said, “I concede defeat.”

Hence, the competition ended in startling results along with waves of exclamations from the crowd, Bixiao won first place and then was Ziping and Da.

A supposedly exciting competition came to its dramatic end, which was also a fresh experience for everyone.

“OK, then I shall announce the result of the battle, the final winner is, Bixiao!”

The Shaohua House’s reputation was thus saved. Beidou was kind of clear of Ziping’s intention to give up the first place, he didn’t want to expose his real strength to the public.

What came next was the most expected awards ceremony.

Except for the Time Methods, the winner was rewarded with a set of supreme Taoist-king-level treasures that could be used for attack or defense. Besides, she also got some magical pills.

The other guys also got their awards.

The competition finally dropped on the third day with a somewhat shocking result.

“What a stroke of luck for Bixiao!”


“Brother Meng’s really a tender guy.”

Everyone left the ring in concession.

Bixiao shoved all rewards to Kris except the Time Methods because if they were found to share the Time Methods secretly, they would be sent into exile as an ordinary or even be killed directly as the rules of Shaohua Palace provided.

She didn’t dare to take this chance, not that she was unwilling to do so, but because she was afraid that Kris would be also be punished.

“What’s the stuff for, senior sister?” Kris was dumbfounded.

“Just take it.”

“I appreciate your goodness, but, no, thank you.” Kris refused. A rich like him had had everything he wanted. Besides, these were her pays for her toil and moil, how could he take it into his own pocket?

“Oh save your craps and just take it.” Bixiao insisted on shoving them into his hand, she had got too many resources from Kris in these two years.

All she got from these two years was far more than all she got in the past ten million years.

“Well…fine.” Kris was rendered speechless and could only accept her goodness.

“Here you are, Liangchen.” Thinking that he had taken advantage of his brother, Da also gave out all his magic weapons and resources to Kris.

“What’s that for?”

“I understand your intention, Liangchen,” Said Da, “Since I’ve taken your goodness, you should take mine.”

Was there anything else more precious than the Time Methods? Of course not!

If it were not the rule, he would have shared the Time Methods with him.

“Okay then, I will take it.” Since Da said so, he could not continue to refuse his request, it was a disgrace to him.

“That’s right!” Said Da with laughs.

At this moment, Jianfei Zhan shouted to them, “Come over here, Liangchen!”

“Master’s calling you, Liangchen.” Niu Niu said.

“I shall leave now, see you guys later.” Kris farewelled them and left.

Looking at his figure, Da could not help but admire, “He’s really a good lad.”

“Master.” Kris bowed down with his hands unfolded before his chest.

“Alright, come to meet your masters…your uncles.” Said Jianfei.

Kris nodded and followed him.

After a few whiles, they went to a quiet courtyard where was full of spiritual energy—even more than that of his own courtyard!

They entered a room in which some people were waiting for him.

It was Beidou Luo and other seniors.

“Good day, Taoist Master, Master Zhuang, Master Bu……”

Kris saluted to everyone on the spot.

“Don’t be so distant, you can call us uncles.” Said Beidou kindly.

“Yes, Senior Uncle.”

“Sit down, please.” Said Beidou, “Do you know why we ask you to come over here?”

“Sorry, I don’t know.”

“Well, let’s just get it straightly. You can fight with others with a higher level, right?”

All six people fixed their eyes on Kris.

He had known that it was their intention to call him over.

Something like poor and strength could not be hidden.

If he wanted to make a name for himself in Shaohua House, he must prove himself rather than conceal his real strength.

Besides, as the projector business was taking on a growing trend, others might also want to get a slice of the cake.

If he could find a more reliable backer, the business could then run smoother and last longer.

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