Lucy Parker was stunned!

Only ten billion? My goodness!

What a tyrant is this person to say such a thing?

“Are you interested?!” Chuck Cannon asked.

“I…” Lucy Parker hesitated, she couldn’t speak clearly.

She thought that in Chuck Cannon’s house, there were at most tens of billions.

So just now, he spent more than 1 billion photographing three stones so fiercely.

But what is it now?

Even if Chuck Cannon what he said would spend tens of billions of dollars, can he be so calm and gentle?

In an instant, Lucy Parker felt the gap between herself and Chuck Cannon.

“I, I don’t have that much money, for me, now the working capital, I can spend up to 200 million.” Lucy Parker’s voice became quiet.

“It doesn’t matter, the money doesn’t need to be paid out, as long as you are interested, just come and I will invest. Come and help me do it! Shares, I will give you five percent! See, how it is!!” Chuck Cannon laughed.

This stock?

Five percent is 500 million!

Lucy Parker was stunned again.

“You…you…. are you serious?” Lucy Parker felt that she had misheard, how could she meet such a good person?

That’s no wonder, Yolanda Lane said she would work with Chuck Cannon for the rest of her life.

Chuck Cannon, the boss, is really good!

“Of course it’s true. A specific plan has been prepared these days, tens of billions, and I will hit the account tomorrow,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Tomorrow? Are you not afraid that I will run away with the money?” Lucy Parker didn’t know what to say, she was stunned by Chuck Cannon’s words.

“You’re a smart woman, I can give 10 billion, which means that there is no shortage of this 10 billion…” Chuck Cannon was halfway through.

Lucy Parker understood, “Understood!”

She really understands, how can someone who can put out 10 billion to do business worry about running away?

Can’t run?

Fate to take money, but fate to spend.

“Well, I will prepare a plan these days, and I will study it together,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Then, Yolanda Lane won’t handle this matter?” Lucy Parker asked subconsciously.

In terms of plans, Yolanda Lane has absolutely no problems.

“Yolanda Lane now manages a plaza, a hotel, a construction site, and a pharmaceutical factory to deal with. I have other things for her to do. She is busier than that, so I am responsible for betting on the stone!” Chuck Cannon Shrug.

Yolanda Lane’s abilities are more than that. Chuck Cannon wants to expand his strength in a short time!

Lucy Parker looked at Yolanda Lane enviously, and she was absolutely lucky to follow a boss like Chuck Cannon.

Yolanda Lane felt that it was okay. She could manage more things. Chuck Cannon was thinking, should she find a helper for Yolanda Lane, or find another person?

After all, one’s own business empire needs too many talents.

“Then I know,” Lucy Parker understood.

“Okay, these three stones will be handed over after the industrial chain is completed.”

“Okay, Chuck… Mr Cannon!” Lucy Parker lowered her head.

It’s hard to tell, but she is now an employee of Chuck Cannon.

“Don’t call me that, Chuck Cannon, just call me Chuck Cannon,” Chuck Cannon has no habit of this.


“All right, everyone is hungry, let’s find a place to eat.” Chuck Cannon was still very happy today.

Earned hundreds of millions.

The commercial landscape was also rapidly expanding.

Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker had no opinion.

Yolanda Lane drove.

Chuck Cannon laughed and said, “Lucy Parker, don’t be so cautious, just feel free. Everyone is friends, there is no need to be like this.”

Where can Lucy Parker let go?

This is the super-rich second generation who is worth hundreds of billions!

The 200 million in her hands is like a poor person in the eyes of others, and it’s not at the same level.

Can she be informal?

Lucy Parker lowered her head, Chuck Cannon didn’t say much, anyway, she was not too familiar, she couldn’t let it go!


Suddenly, Yolanda Lane stepped on the brakes!

Lucy Parker didn’t fasten her seat belt and suddenly leaned forward under the sudden brake.

However, Chuck Cannon reached out and supported her.

Lucy Parker blushed into an apple.

Because Chuck Cannon accidentally ran into her.

She doesn’t lose her temper easily. Chuck Cannon didn’t mean it, but he was kind.

“Lucy Parker, are you okay?”

“It’s okay,” Lucy Parker blushed and shook her head. For a moment, she was already restrained to the extreme.

“Yolanda Lane, what’s the matter?” Chuck Cannon asked with a shrug.

He has good physical fitness, even if she brakes suddenly, he will react when he holds it with his hands.

“You have a bulldozer.” Yolanda Lane suddenly wondered, why is there a bulldozer on the road!

What’s happening here!

Chuck Cannon saw his eyes and sneered, “Yolanda Lane, sit behind and let me drive, I’ll drive!”

“Okay!” When Yolanda Lane heard Chuck Cannon’s serious voice, she didn’t understand what happened.

The two changed positions.

“Is anyone jealous!” Lucy Parker also has experience in this area.

Chuck Cannon’s performance just now was amazing, more than 2 billion, surely it is normal to cause others to red eyes?

“En, but it’s okay, I promise you two will be safe!” Chuck Cannon stepped on the gas pedal, booming.

After the violent engine roar, the car rushed out like flying.

What if there is an excavator in front of it? There is grass next to it, so you can still live.

Lucy Parker, Yolanda Lane can fasten the belt. They have never encountered this kind of situation!

Thrilling and nervousness were their mood at the moment.

“Really, this kid is good at car skills? Chase him!” On a Land Rover, a man with glasses sneered and was in disdain.

A rich second-generation, a little car skills, is it abnormal?

Well, since you want to play, then just have fun!


Seven Land Rover rushed out, they were like crazy beasts, roaring and chasing after!

“Hit, give me his tire!!” The man in glasses laughed grimly!

He was excited about this task because after it was done, he would get a reward of eight million!


His men were shooting, and the bullet hit the tire, rumbling, the tire punctured!


The car shook violently and almost overturned!


Seven Land Rover surrounded the car, and the big guys in the car laughed at it. It’s simple!

This millions of money are easy to make!

“Brothers, come down to me, Boss Guo told us to let us do a little bit cleaning!” The man in glasses smiled slightly.

Everyone in the car got off, more than twenty people!

Look at me!

“Ah, so many people! There are so many of them!” Lucy Parker’s face turned pale, and Yolanda Lane’s face was not very good, but she was still calm, “Chuck Cannon, let’s give them the stone.”

Life is still much more important.

“If they want to grab my things, it’s not that simple! You two wait for me in the car!” Chuck Cannon opened the door and went out.

“Don’t go out! Chuck Cannon, you will be dead!” Yolanda Lane was shocked. With so many people outside, Chuck Cannon can still live?

“It’s okay, I forgot to tell you, I can fight now.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

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