Chuck Cannon said he can fight

Yolanda Lane, Lucy Parker were speechless

No matter how much you can fight, one person will hit seven or eight people to the sky. Now there are dozens of people outside, so many people, how can you fight?

The simplest one, two fists are hard to beat four hands

Isn’t this a Valkyrie?

“Chuck Cannon, don’t try to be aggressive. Give them the stone. Life is important. If you have no life, how can you build your business empire” Yolanda Lane pulled Chuck Cannon.

Allowing Chuck Cannon to go out in this way undoubtedly caused Chuck Cannon to die.

She could never turn a blind eye to this.

“Don’t worry,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Don’t worry, young and vigorous, in the face of great strength, it is also vulnerable,” Yolanda Lane emphasized.

“You think so.”

“Yes, Chuck Cannon, give them the stone, life is most important” Lucy Parker also spoke.

Today she met a boss like Chuck Cannon. She hadn’t had time to be happy, and she didn’t want to see Chuck Cannon being beaten to death by the crowd.

It does not worth it

How could Chuck Cannon, a super-rich second generation, who has a better life can die here?

“Haha, these three are still discussing, the other two are still big beauties, they are all top-notch bodies”

“Boss, that’s so beautiful, I like it”

“Yes, you like to come first for the boss? Do you understand the rules?”

The people around were all allocated. The man in glasses looked at Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker with fiery eyes.

He has seen too many women, but Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker still make their eyeshine.

So, beautiful!!

“Unexpectedly, in addition to making money today, I will meet two big beauties, hahaha, brothers, if I eat meat, everyone will definitely have soup to drink haha”

The man with glasses laughed in excitement. Today’s business is not a loss.

Even if they don’t give a few million, Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker are enough for them as two best beauties.

“Brothers, give it to me”

Man with glasses can’t wait.

His other brothers were so excited when they heard that there was soup to drink, and their eyes lighted up.

Lucy Parker’s face was pale, she was panicked by the look of this pervert, so many people, this is not to be tortured to die here.

Yolanda Lane’s face was not good anymore.

“So, this group of people will not let us go if we give the stone” Chuck Cannon already knew.

It’s that men like beautiful women, not to mention when they meet Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker.

“Chuck Cannon, let’s run” Yolanda Lane forced herself to calm down.

“Don’t run away, just wait for a while.” Chuck Cannon stepped forward

“Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon you will die, there are too many people,” Lucy Parker couldn’t help speaking in fear.

She hadn’t encountered such a situation before. If she died, she would have passed through gritted teeth, but it would be unacceptable for Lucy Parker to be insulted to death by so many men.

Yolanda Lane didn’t answer. For some reason, Chuck Cannon’s calm appearance just now gave her a sense of security in such a dangerous situation.

She couldn’t understand it herself.

Where does this sense of security come from

“Trust Chuck Cannon,” Yolanda Lane said.

What they can do now is to trust Chuck Cannon.

Because they have no power to bind chickens.

Lucy Parker smiled bitterly, and didn’t believe Chuck Cannon, so what else can she do?

Alas, she didn’t expect that she, who had a good future would die here.

“Yolanda Lane, I don’t want to be insulted to death, so wait a minute, you kill me, no, the two of us solve each other at the same time, and we would be clean before death” Lucy Parker was bitter to the extreme.

“En.” Yolanda Lane agreed. She is intact until now. How can she be insulted by these people?

“Don’t blame Chuck Cannon, he will try his best”

“I don’t blame him, I only blame myself for bad life” Lucy Parker sighed, worried.


Yolanda Lane said nothing.

“I asked, who asked you to come here,” Chuck Cannon asked with a shrug.

“A dead person, there is a need to know” the man with glasses grinned. “Solve him for me, let’s eat meat and drink alcohol”


They were so excited

“Okay, won’t you tell me, then I will ask you later, hello, are you really going to fight right? I can give you a chance, now leave obediently, I will leave you for your life. How about this deal?”.

Chuck Cannon asked everyone at the scene.

But in exchange, everyone laughed.

“Hahaha, shame on the pen”

“Is this a new way of begging for mercy and want to let us go? How wicked people can say such things”?

They ridicule.

“Well, you guys want to die, then I have no objections, then, let’s start with you” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold

“Haha, you still want to kill me starting from me”

However, he hasn’t finished speaking yet


A fist somehow got close to him.

He was stunned and caught this incredible speed. For a second, this fist hit his chest.


Broken bone!!


He flew out, just like garbage


The man lay on his back and twitched, “You, you”.

With blood in his mouth and slurred speech, he left with an unwilling voice.

For a moment, there was no sound here.

No more


No more, because of Chuck Cannon’s punch.

Yolanda Lane, Lucy Parker were stunned. They couldn’t believe the scene they saw just now. It was too fast. How did Chuck Cannon appear in front of this person and hit him with a punch?

How did it appear?


“Chuck Cannon, he is so amazing.” Lucy Parker was completely unable to control herself. This is even more exciting than the movie.

“I don’t know, he is really good at hitting” Yolanda Lane got a shocking reaction.

At this moment, Chuck Cannon’s sculpture-like body was imprinted in her mind.

“It’s you, what happened?” The glasses man was shocked.

What is the concept of flying a person with one punch and killing another person?

Too scary

Everyone was in shock



“No, don’t hit me, don’t hit, ah”

Boom, Boom. Boom.

Chuck Cannon moves in the crowd. Every step he moves, a person must vomit blood and fly out. How can they stand it? Chuck Cannon is such a force.

To know, Chuck Cannon brought a special ring of tens of kilograms

The power of a punch is hundreds of catties.

People can’t hold it.

In less than a minute, all people lying on the ground were basically motionless. Only a few were moaning and dying. They regretted that they had a chance to live just now, but they were still laughing when they didn’t catch it.

Regret now, it’s too late.

“You are left. I think you should tell me who asked you to come.” Chuck Cannon moved his wrist, revealing his white teeth.

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