Chapter 783 – 784: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 783: To The Sea Of Books


Kris Chen nodded.

People looked at each other, but Jianfei Zhan sighed to himself.

What a good disciple! But he could not been his own disciple since today.

“Would you like to learn from all of us?” Beidou Luo asked.


Kris glanced at them and then turned to Jianfei, who looked a bit helpless!

“Uncle master, isn’t that okay?”

“There’s nothing okay or not. It depends on whether you like it or not.”

“As long as you agree, we will pass the complete time methods to you.” Bufan Zhuang said.


Complete time methods?

Kris was totally confused and looked at Jianfei, “Master, this…”

“It’s best for you to agree with your uncle master. You deserve focused cultivation with your qualifications.”

Although Jianfei was reluctant, he also understood that this was the best and most beneficial way for Kris.

After thinking for a while, Kris still shook his head. “Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t want to accept it!”


Beidou asked “Don’t you want to learn the complete time methods and more resources?”

“If I say I don’t want to, it’s not true.”

Kris said being neither humble nor pushy, “But this will make my mind shaking, so I don’t want to!”

After they heard so, Beidou showed a trace of appreciation in his eyes, with Bufan and others showing the same expressions.

If Kris agreed with them, they would be happy.

But after he refused, they appreciated him more.

In the face of interests, he could also follow his own heart, which was particularly valuable to the practitioner.

“Child, how can you be so pedantic?”

Jianfei felt very relieved in his mind, but since Kris acted unexpectedly, he could not delay his future any more.

If the six academies made great efforts to cultivate Kris, maybe in a hundred years, he would become the king of Tao. By that time, he could even probably win the emperor of Tao.

“Master, I have made up my mind!” Kris bowed to the ground.

“You… Ah…” Jianfei didn’t know what to say.

Beidou took a look at them and said to Kris, “You go first.”

“Yes, uncle master!” Kris nodded and turned to leave.

As soon as Kris left, Sandao scolded, “You old doggie, you are really lucky. You can have such an excellent disciple. If I were you, I will laugh to wake up in my dreams.”

“Damn it, why can’t I have such an apprentice?”

Shangyang also stroked his short chin beard, “He’s really good, my taste!”

Liunian Feng said, “If we don’t cultivate such disciple, then there will be no suitable ones.”

Jianfei grinned and said with a smile, “I’m wise enough to find the real pearl. You can’t learn this ability.”

Beidou said, “Do you have any opinions?”


“Neither do I!”


“Since you don’t have any opinion, that’s it. We don’t accept him as apprentice, but every academy should support certain resources.”


“It’s lucky for you, you fool!”

Jianfei understood clearly so he thanked people around him.

His apprentice was really bringing him proud today.

He had two of the top three, coupled with the fourth. Although they didn’t get reward, but they got the complete time methods and the support from other five academies.

Such an award was more awesome than the first prize!

As soon as Kris got back to his academy, Jianfei sent someone to invite him there!

Kris ran over again. “Master!”


Jianfei nodded, “I’m very satisfied with your performance today!”

“It’s all because of your excellent teaching.”

Hearing this, Jianfei even felt blushed.

From the beginning to the end, he only gave Kris an ax and nothing else. Even time methods Kris learnt was taught by Bixiao.

“Excellent. You are neither arrogant nor impatient. That’s good.”

Jianfei was in a good mood. “Your uncle masters think highly of you, but you have to remember, don’t be proud.”

“Yes, I will follow these instructions.”

“Close your eyes. I have something good for you.”

Kris obediently closed his eyes according to his words.

The next second, a lot of things appeared in his mind.

It was time methods, the complete time methods!

It was worthy of the achievement methods of the eternity. It was really powerful!

Of course, it was still not as good as Qingdi creation technique, even with a big gap.

“Master, this is…”

“That’s what your uncle masters want. You don’t need to worship them as your teachers, but in the future, they will provide you with some resources of their academies to focus on cultivating you.”

“Although you don’t have master apprentice relationship with them, you need to respect them without any slightest neglect!”

“Yes, master.”

Kris was still very surprised. He didn’t expect that he got what the first one didn’t get!

It was the destiny.

“After 1997, there was the rank war. You should practice it well. The resources will be sent to your residence. If you have any problems, you can ask me. For other time methods, you can your uncle masters.”


“You go first.”

Kris nodded and turned to leave.

To be honest, the complete time methods didn’t play a very important role for Kris now. He needed too many classics, so he was ready to go to the sea of books next.

The emperor of Tao couldn’t get in there. Kris was now half king of Tao, so he could just go in there.

At night, Kris received other resources from the ungoverned zones.

In addition, the power of Spark had spread to Yansheng Sect and Taoist Palace.

There were tens of thousands of kings of Tao and hundreds of emperors of Tao.

The middle-level combat power had gradually grown up.

A complete power chain had been formed around the power of the projector.

In the next 90 years, the influence of Kris should be able to spread to more than half of the Eternity!

The next day, Bixiao came to him and asked, “Younger martial brother, have you got up? Didn’t you say you’d like to go to the sea of books together with me?”

Kris turned around, got up from the bed and pushed the door, seeing Bixiao in green standing outside his room.

“Elder martial sister, don’t you plan to practice time methods in the sect?”

“It’s better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. I still like the feeling of travelling.”

Bixiao was not an idle student, so she couldn’t learn thing inside the sect.

“All right, let’s go.”

“Go and tell the master.” Bixiao said.

Kris nodded Not only that, but he also planned to visit and ask Ziping Meng to take care of Run Qian when Kris was not in the sect.

Two hours later, they went down the mountain straight to the sea of books.

The sea of books was located in the south of Lanting Immortal Palace. According to their situation, it might take them a month there.

Kris was not in a hurry. He had been in the Eternal for so long, but he had not yet enjoyed this world.

Bixiao also felt happy and comfortable. Once they found a beautiful place, they would stay for three or five days, where they just enjoyed the view and practiced by the way.

Their feelings to each other also increased on the way. Although they both knew, but no one pointed out it clearly.

In fact, this kind of feeling was the best. Once it was talked clearly, their romantic relationships might not come to a happy ending.

Bixiao knew that she was not the kind of idle person. If they really became a couple, it wouldn’t take long before Kris couldn’t stand her!

“Younger martial brother, the boundary of Taoist Palace is over there.”

Taoist Palace was one of the most important powers to attack Shuhai Sect in the past. It gained many benefits in that war, directly from the top 500 to the top 200!

With the rapid development in recent years, the disciples of Taoist Palace had gained good reputation.

The city walls were continuous, seemingly connecting heaven and earth, which was millions of times larger than Wuwei City!

Earth immortal city! What a good name.

After passing this city and flying 800 million miles further, they would arrive at the relics of the sea of books.

Instead of hurrying, they strolled slowly in the earth immortal city.

The king of Tao was everywhere, and the emperor of Tao was even not as good as the dog. It was worthy of top 200 Taoist Palace. Its average strength was really strong.

“Have you heard about it? It’s said that there will be a big chance this time in the sea of books.”

“Oh? What’s the big chance? “

“People in Eight-Diagram Palace predict that the forbidden area of the sea of books will open to outsiders this time, and the book spirits in it will take the opportunity to escape. Those book spirits have a complete inheritance. If someone can get it, it will bring huge benefits!”


“Ha-ha, I’ll go first, believe it or not!”

“Wait for me. I’m coming right now…”

Kris and Bixiao looked at each other. Since they entered the earth immortal city, almost all the people here were discussing this matter.

“I guess there will be a big event in the sea of books this time. There is no fire without wind. People in the Eight-Diagram Palace can’t be wrong.”

Bixiao said, “Let’s go! Quickly!”

Kris nodded and they flew to the site of Shuhai Sect.

After flying for several hours, a huge sinkhole appeared in front of them.

The edge of sinkhole was crowded full of people, at least millions.

With a close look, a rainbow appeared over that sinkhole. With a closer look, it was not a rainbow. It was all kinds of classics making up the sea of books!

Kris took a breath. There were so many books, more than a trillion!

Chapter 784: Coming on the Stage

No wonder the Shuhai Sect was attacked by people that year.

“It’s strange that the entrances disappeared.” Bixiao pointed to the front and said, “There were so many entrances here, but why they all disappeared?”

“Could it have something to do with this incident?” Kris Chen speculated.

I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s weird this time. Junior, stay close to me.” Bixiao said.

“OK.” Kris nodded and said.

Then Kris looked at the people around. People who came here have different levels of cultivation. Chao estimated that most of the people here are in the late period of Taoist King Stage and Half-stage Taoist King.

“What’s said in the Eight-Diagram Palace is true. The Shuhai Sect really changed a lot.”

“That’s right. For 80 million years, it is hard to imagine how much Book Spirit has been nurtured inside.”

“When the restraint is gone, I must be the first one to go in.”

Their eyes were filled with greed.

Chao is good at sound monitoring. As long as people who are within a radius of 100,000 meters have no Barrier, Chao can monitor their sound. Even if people have Barrier, Chao can understand what they are talking through their lips. And then Chao’s central system will select the information.

In the end, Kris got four valid messages.

Firstly, the Book Spirit of Shuhai Sect erupts once in ten million years.

Secondly, when the Book Spirit erupts, it’s very dangerous inside as all hidden arrays are activated. It will definitely be a narrow escape to go in.

Thirdly, there are a lot of Taoist Kings, Taoist Emperors, Immortal Achievement Methods, and even the Eternity inside.

Fourthly, the Book Spirit of different colors has different strength. The white ones are the weakest and they have the least achievement methods. The red ones are the strongest and you should try every means to escape when you encounter them, because they will grab your flesh.

With these four valuable pieces of information, Kris knew what to do.

Of course, the more the achievement methods, the better. And if you want to get achievement methods of higher level, you need to go deeper.

Just then the earth shook and a giant mammoth stepped out of it.

The crowd all looked up.

On the back of the mammoth, there is a small attic.

“Oh my god, who is he? Why he is so showy?”

“Shut up! Do you want to get killed?”

The latter speaker hurriedly covered the mouth of the former speaker and said, “This is the mount of the disciple of Grand Elephant Palace.”

“What? Grand Elephant Palace?”

“Bro, thank you for saving my life.”

Cold sweat broke out on the former speaker’s forehead and he bowed and thanked the latter speaker.

“Haojie Tuoba, I didn’t expect you would arrive here before me.”

Just then, there was a sound of eagle cry in the sky, which sounds like the clash of gold and stone. Then a great white-headed eagle swooped down from the sky, wings outstretched for a hundred meters.

There is also a small attic behind the white-headed eagle.

“Get out of the way. It’s coming down!”

“Get out of the way…”

The crowd all got out of the way.

“Junior, let’s go over there!” Bixiao said.

Bixiao took Kris’s hand and walked away.

“Senior, they are being too arrogant.” Kris said.

Bixiao sighed and said, “The one sitting on the white elephant is from Grand Elephant Palace and the one sitting on the white-headed eagle is from Tunshi Immortal Sect. These two sects are among the top 200 sects. Ordinary people cannot afford to offend them, and they even not dare to offend them.”

“I see.” Kris said.

Kris took a look at the eagle standing next to the mammoth and said in his heart, “This is the cruelty of reality.”

Lanting Immortal Palace is one of the 3000 Taoist Palaces, which have varying strength.

But compared with these two sects, Lanting Immortal Palace, which ranks behind 2500, lags far behind.

This can be seen from the manner of the trip mode of the disciples of these two sects.

Inside the attic, Haojie said while drinking, “Tianyou Gai, why do you always like to follow me?”

Beside Haojie sat two hot girls.

“Bullshit!” Tianyou said, “I can go wherever I want. As you can come to the Shuhai Sect, me either.”

“You want to fight with me?” Haojie asked.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Tianyou said.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense. As the two strong momentums collided in the air, people around had oppressing sensation.

“How strong the two momentums are! I think I am dwarfed by them two.”

“Are they two the disciples of the sects among the top 200? They are so powerful and I have the least intention of fight with them.”

As everyone exclaimed, a huge crane flew from the side. Wreathed with fog, there’s a woman on the back of the crane.

Dressed in a green robe, the woman’s charms are irresistible. She also gave people a sense of sacredness that could only be seen from distance and not be flirted with.

As soon as the woman arrived, the strong momentums disappeared.

“Fairy Li is here!”

“Fairy Li, can I have the honor to drink with you?” Tianyou said.

Bingning Li looked up and said, “Thank you for your invitation, Tianyou. Practitioners do not drink.”

“What a pity!” Tianyou said.

“Fairy Li, can you go together later?” Haojie walked out of the attic and said.

Haojie looked at Bingning with a deep desire in his eyes.

“I’m used to being a loner. Thank you for your kindness, Haojie.” Bingning said.

With a cold facial expression, Bingning kept a good distance from everyone.

After hearing what Bingning said, Haojie was not annoyed. Bingning is coldly indifferent to other people and that’s what makes her so popular.

There are numerous beautiful fairies in the Moon Palace, but Bingning is the most popular one.

“Senior, is she…” Kris said.

“She is Bingning Li from the Moon Palace. She is born with Wanyou Divine Vessel and she has superb power. As a practitioner in the Later period of Taoist King stage, she defeated men of the Early stage of Taoist Emperor and fought to a stand off with men in the Middle period of Taoist Emperor. She is really the God’s favored one.” Bixiao said with envy in her eyes.

The difference between people is really big.

“She’s terrific!”

It seems that the God’s favored one is really powerful.

“Junior Li, why didn’t you tell me you would come here too?”

Just then, a sound as sweet as the flowing water of March came.

Then nine flood dragons came drawing the chariot.

The one who’s on the chariot is a quaint young girl. She’s barefoot with bells on her feet. She looks very young, but she called Bingning “junior”.

“Is she Fuling?”

“She is fairy Fuling of Immortal Taoist Sect.”

“I heard that fairy Fuling reached the Taoist King stage ten thousand years ago. What’s she doing here today?”

The crowd were filled with doubts.

As soon as the chariot drawn by the nine flood dragons stopped, fairy Fuling leapt to the crane. “Junior Li, why you came to my place without telling me?” Fuling said.

Bingning nodded slightly and said, “I am afraid that I will disturb you if you are practicing alone.”

Fuling giggled and the bells on her hands and feet tinkled. “Everyone knows that I like lively life and hate quiet, so I never practice alone.” Fuling said.

Without knowing what to say, Bingning kept silent.

Seeing Bingning keep silent, Fuling looked aside and said, “You two ugly people even didn’t tell me about it before you came to my place?”

Haojie looked surly, but he daren’t say anything. As Fuling is quirky, she always gives Haojie a hard time whenever they meet.

Fuling also gives Tianyou a hard time whenever they meet.

“Hey, Gouxiong Tuoba, Fangzi Gai, I’m asking you two questions.” Fuling said.

Haojie gritted his teeth out of anger. “I am Haojie Tuoba, not Gouxiong Tuoba.” Haojie said in his heart.

“Your name is Fangzi Gai, and all your family members are called Fangzi Gai.” Tianyou said in his heart.

“Are you playing dead?” Fuling said.

Fuling then shook the bells on her hands and invisible sound waves spread everywhere.

Fairy Bixiao cast primal spirit and it blocked the attack of the sound waves.

Some people, unable to protect themselves, either laughed or cried, while others squatted on the ground, grabbing dirt and stuffing it into their mouths.

Bingning put a protective cover all over her body, and the crane was also protected.

Haojie and Tianyou were so afraid of fairy Fuling that they only cared about themselves, but forgot their mounts.

So the mammoth went berserk and ran around. With a sharp cry, the white-headed eagle, flied to the sky with Tianyou on its back.

The eagle’s wings fluttered, and the dust rose as a fierce hurricane swept around.

Many people were swept away.

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s what happens when you play dead.” Fuling giggled and said.

“What a naughty girl!” Kris said.

Without saying a word, Bixiao backed away with Kris.

When they came to a relatively safe place, Bixiao said, “Stay away from them. I think there will be more people to come by later.”

“Just come. The more, the better.” Kris said.

“As the Book Spirit erupts once in ten million years, there must be many God’s favored ones.” Kris said in his heart.

There is no pleasure in defeating ordinary people. There is pleasure in defeating God’s favored ones.

Only when you fight with God’s favored ones can you understand your own shortcomings

Sure enough, after a while, people came in succession.

“Little King of Knife, also known as Knife Addict, from Changhen Knife Sect!”

“Knife Addict started his practice with knife and he is known addicted to knife. As a practitioner in the Later period of Taoist King stage, he once cut a practitioner in the Early period of Taoist Emperor to death. He has no defeats so far.” Bixiao said.

“Jiange Mu, also known as Little King of Sword, from Tender Sword Sect!”

“Though the name Tender Sword Sect sounds funny, it’s a really strong sect among the top 200 sects. Where Knife Addict is, where Jiange is, because Knife Addict won by a narrow margin in a fight with Jiange three hundred thousand years ago.” Bixiao said.

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