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Outside the villa, in a Land Rover!


Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker were waiting for Chuck Cannon.

“How would he deal with Boss Guo and them?” Lucy Parker felt incredible!

When Chuck Cannon came here, he was murderous!

“I don’t know, we don’t need to know.” This is Yolanda Lane’s answer.

No matter what Chuck Cannon will do, Yolanda Lane decided a long time ago, she would work with Chuck Cannon all her life.

Lucy Parker was stunned. She understood why Chuck Cannon trusted Yolanda Lane so much.

Because Yolanda Lane trusted him, and in turn, Chuck Cannon trusted her too!

This is a delicate relationship.

Lucy Parker envy, when will she and Chuck Cannon form such a delicate relationship between boss and employees?

“Come out, Chuck Cannon is out!”

Yolanda Lane was completely relieved. In fact, in her heart, she couldn’t help but worry about what would happen to Chuck Cannon.

Her own explanation, she felt reasonable, that she did not want to lose a good boss!!

“Master, what’s your order!” The man with glasses lowered his head and asked.

He had already experienced death just now.

“Card number!”

“Ah? Master, I…” The man with glasses was stunned, he was a dog of Chuck Cannon, and there was no need to give money!!

“The card number is done, and I will not treat you badly! I will give you the money to let you cultivate talents for me. Now many industries need standard security. You can find these people for me! The more you do.”

“Yes! Don’t worry, you will be satisfied!”

“Card number!”

The man in glasses said, he thought that Chuck Cannon would give the money, at most thousands of dollars, but after when he received a message, he was stunned, “50 million?”

“Yes, these fifty million are your start-up capital. I need a lot of people who can fight, you can help me find it! Rest of the money, you use it for yourself!”

“Yes, don’t worry! Thank you, master!!” The man in glasses was ecstatic. Although he became a dog, he followed a good master!

“Okay, you go!” Chuck Cannon was also tired and wanted to take the two of them to eat supper and sleep.

“Yes, Master!” The man with glasses left!!

Chuck Cannon drove the car and took Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker away!

He went to find a place for supper.

He didn’t bother to let Yolanda Lane go home and drove directly to his mother’s hotel.

Arranged a room for them!

“This is of Chuck Cannon?” Lucy Parker was shocked!

A five-star hotel, this one is too luxurious! A row of Rolls-Royce cars, this pick-up, this hotel, can’t get off even for four or five billion.

“Chuck Cannon’s mother.” Yolanda Lane only recently learned about this.

But it’s normal. Chuck Cannon is the second generation of super-rich. There must be a rich mom!

Lucy Parker took a breath, why?

Very simple!

As soon as she entered this hotel, she knew that the management mode of this hotel is absolutely world-class!

What does this mean?

It means that there is definitely more than one five-star hotel like this, several possible, dozens of them are possible!!

Too rich!

Lucy Parker has been stunned!!

They went to the room separately, Lucy Parker lay on the bed. She had stayed in too many five-star hotels, but none of them could give her this sense of satisfaction and enjoyment!

She had a dream, this is a beautiful dream!

As a woman, in the largest hotel in the world, she wears a wedding dress and swears an oath with a man in front of family and friends!

She saw this man!

She was shocked, it was Chuck Cannon?

Lucy Parker woke up, completely at a loss, this kind of dream? Lucy Parker slapped herself, what did she think?

However, she thought about it, her face was red, so rich, a woman would like it!

She is also a woman!!

Chuck Cannon casually found a room to sleep.

The next day, Lucy Parker got up early and started planning, and Yolanda Lane was going to the pharmaceutical factory too.

Both of them were busy, Lucy Parker can’t be anxious here, but as long as there is a clue, the industrial chain can be established soon.

Yolanda Lane can’t be rushed here either, just methodical!

Chuck Cannon was missing an assistant now!

Therefore, he was willing to find someone like Yolanda Lane to help him again!

However, how come Yolanda Lane is Chuck Cannon’s first choice!

Finding this kind of person is more difficult than finding a project, after all, talent is the most rare!

Chuck Cannon has asked Yolanda Lane to buy a car by herself. Yolanda Lane was busy and says she has no time.

Chuck Cannon had a phone number from a 4s store before, so he called and sent one to transfer money!

When Yolanda Lane saw the new car, her beautiful eyes were red, as if there were sparkling sparkles.

“Master, there is already news about Kristen!” Betty Bernard came over to find Chuck Cannon that day.

“Where is she?” Chuck Cannon asked, unable to wait.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t describe Kristen, and the two had already had a relationship.

Miss her?

After Chuck Cannon returned to China, he definitely thought.

“In Beihai City!”

“What is she doing in Beihai City?” Chuck Cannon didn’t understand. Isn’t she going to invest in this place? Why is the place transferred?

“Kristen’s business investment failed. She encountered a big problem, so she went to Beihai City.” This was found by Betty Bernard.

“I see,” Chuck Cannon was going to find Kristen here.

You can also see if she has any investment projects there.

“Sister Bernard, I will drive to Beihai City!”

“Okay, master, be careful on the road!”

Chuck Cannon has already gone to the underground parking lot to drive, so he can drive anyone.

When Chuck Cannon came out of the hotel and headed towards Beihai City, he saw a person on the side of the road!

Queenie Carson!

This Queenie Carson, who had something to do in Yvette Jordan’s house, was Chuck Cannon’s bloom.

Zelda Maine is unforgettable, and Queenie Carson is equally unforgettable!

Chuck Cannon stopped to the side of the road. “Queenie!”

Chuck Cannon gave her a house, and also gave her more than one million, and she was fine.

Although she has to raise a younger sister by herself.

Queenie Carson was shocked and turned to surprise, “Chuck Cannon! Are you back?”


Queenie Carson dropped out of school after Chuck Cannon dropped out, absent-minded, how can she continue to study?

With the help of Zelda Maine, she has already started a business.

Not bad.

She was an entrepreneur!!

“Well, get in the car!”

Queenie Carson got into the car and became cautious as if returning to that night.

The atmosphere is changing.

“Chuck Cannon, how are you doing?”

“Well, okay, how about you?”

Chuck Cannon was deeply moved. To this woman, Chuck Cannon was as unforgettable as to Zelda Maine. He asked her for the most precious thing but didn’t give her anything. Chuck Cannon was ashamed of him.

“I’m fine!” Queenie Carson said. She suddenly felt that Chuck Cannon had changed too much. He was no longer the stern big boy, and he was no longer the big boy who could happen to her.

Queenie Carson sighed, “Then you are busy…”

“Wait, I’ll take you home.” Chuck Cannon said, he was not in a hurry to drive to Kristen, so he couldn’t let Queenie Carson leave.

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