Chapter 785 – 786: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 785: Pretending to Be Fragile

“From then on, Jiange Mu swore that he must win Knife Addict someday.” Bixiao said.

“Here comes Xiaotian Long from Nine-Dragon Palace. He is a dragonman in the Half Tao Stage. It’s said that when he was still a human, he killed the enemies in the early stage of Dao Emperor. Someone said that if he becomes a dragonman, he can kill people in the Middle period of Dao Emperor.” Bixiao said.

With Bixiao’s explanation, Kris Chen had a better understanding of the God’s favored ones. Kris knew that each of them is so powerful that they can kill enemies with higher level than them.

“Junior, when we go in there, we must try our best not to fight with others. But if fight is unavoidable, we must fight with the maximum strength. If we can’t defeat the enemies, we run for our lives.” Bixiao said.

“OK, senior.” Kris nodded and said, with a smile on his face.

As Bixiao is an experienced fighter, she is brave.

There were more and more God’s favored ones and strange mounts. Ordinary people could only fall back over and over again.

But this time Kris didn’t want to fall back anymore.

“Senior, we don’t have to fall back anymore.” Kris took Bixiao’s hand and shook his head, saying, “To retreat to the edge is to give up our opportunity to others. We are here to seek opportunity, not to give up opportunity.”

Kris never buries his head in the sand. Though the God’s favored ones are powerful, Kris is not sure to be weaker than them.

“Junior, but…” Bixiao said.

“Don’t worry, senior. I will handle everything.” Kris said.

Kris knew Bixiao’s concerns. But practice is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back, so they couldn’t just fall back over and over again.

As Kris practiced Invincible Techniques, he must be invincible.

The reason why Kris compromised with Ziping Meng is that he promised to do so and he didn’t want to show too much of his strength.

But that doesn’t mean Kris would exercise forbearance to everyone.

Bixiao knew what’s in Kris’s mind and she said, “Junior, I will always be your side.”

After hearing what Bixiao said, Kris smiled but said nothing.

Just then, there was an overbearing voice coming from the sky. “Everyone in front of me get out of my way. I, the prince, am coming.”

Then a huge white tiger came through the forest, knocking down countless trees along the way.

In the head of the white tiger, standing a noble man in bright yellow dress.

“He is Yu Qin, the 13th prince of Wanguo Sect.”

“I didn’t expect he would come here!”

“Oh, with so many God’s favored ones here, we can’t get anything.”

The crowd complained constantly. Once the God’s favored ones fight, they can’t get anything.

“You two, get out of the way!”

People shouted at Kris and Bixiao.

Yu is unscrupulous and he kills without batting an eye. The crowd thought Kris and Bixiao were courting their death by standing Yu’s his way.

Bixiao had sweaty palms out of nervousness and she was ready to fight.

The God’s favored ones all looked at Kris and Bixiao coldly, as if they two are not people, but ants.

The God’s favored ones wondered in their hearts if they two were dull out of scare.

“Won’t you get out of the way?” Yu asked.

Yu then sneered and said, “Tiger, go and eat them two.”


With a loud roar, the white tiger made a leap over a kilometer. Its huge body is like a hill.

“They are bound to die.”

“Oh, it’s a pity that such a beautiful woman will be eaten by a tiger.”

There came the voices of the crowd and Bixiao was ready to employ Time Methods.

Just then, Bixiao heard a cold voice, “Piss off!”

It’s not a loud but clear voice, followed by a loud bang in the sky.


The huge white tiger was kicked fly. Yu turned a somersault and stood firm in the sky.

By the time Yu came to his senses, his tiger’s head had been smashed to dust.

Looking down from the sky, Yu’s very angry.

“How dare you do that!” Yu shouted.

Then Yu slapped down his huge palm.

Without any facial expression, Kris shook his fingers and horrible lights burst out.


The lights went through Yu’s palm easily.

Yu was forced to stop his magic art. There was a hole about the size of little finger in his trembling right palm.

“Who are you?” Yu asked.

Yu has never seen Kris. Yu knows all the God’s favored ones of the top 200 sects.

“Is he a new God’s favored one?” Yu wondered.

“It’s none of your business. This place is mine.” Kris said.

As Kris spoke, he turned around.

Bixiao kept her eyes on Kris. “He is Yu of Wanguo Sect, a God’s favored one, but now Kris deters him easily. Is Kris…” Bixiao thought.

At the thought of that, Bixiao breathed quickly. “Kris must be the real God’s favored one.” Bixiao thought.

“Who is he? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“Which sect is him from?”

“He is a low key person.”

“He’s just pretending to be fragile.”

They thought that Kris and Bixiao are sure to die, but in the blinking of an eye, Kris turned the tables easily.

Not only the bystanders, but also the God’s favored ones, were amazed.

Yu’s strength is not low at all.

“Boy, you are courting your death!” Yu said.

Yu was very angry because Kris killed his mount and hurt his palm. He had never been so humiliated.

“Divine Sky-breaking boxing!”

“The third gear, with 20 times strength.”

Kris threw a punch.


Yu’s fist and Kris’s punch were equally matched.

Yu looked dignified, because he realized that Kris must be strong as they were evenly matched.

Yu just used 70% of his strength, but Kris also looked as if he didn’t use all his strength.

The shockwave swayed the crowd and forced them to fall back.

Comparisons are odious. Even the aftermath of the battle is more than they could bear.

“The Book Spirit is about to erupt. If you still want to fight with me, I will endure it gladly.” Kris said.

Yu looked volatile. “If I fight with him here, the opportunity will be taken by others. There are plenty of chances for me to revenge on him after I go in.” Yu thought.

“I will get even with you for that.” Yu said.

After saying that, Yu stepped aside.

Just then, there was a huge suction around the Shuhai site, which seemed to take people into it.

“The site is about to open. Get ready to go in!”

Cried someone in the crowd.

“Senior, stay close to me.” Kris took a look at Bixiao and said.

“OK.” Bixiao nodded and said.

Bixiao came with Kris because she thought Kris is inexperienced, but she’s the one being taken care of.

She is nothing in front of all the God’s favored ones, but she thought she could catch up with them if she practices other Time Methods. She didn’t long to be able to kill Dao Emperor, but just to be more powerful.


Just then, one vortex after another appeared in the void.

“Rush in!”


One figure after another rushed into the vortexes.

“Senior, let’s go.” Kris said.

Kris and Bixiao rushed into a vortex quickly.

Yu wanted to revenged on Kris at that moment, but he didn’t do that when he thought of his aim of coming there.

He had to get there as fast as he can.

The surrounding environment in the vortex’s totally different from the outside. There were debris, raging flames and endless wailing.

The wailing sounded as if it were a long way away, but it also sounded as if it were ringing in people’s ears, which made people got gooseflesh.

“Junior, we are in the periphery.” Bixiao said.

As it’s not the first Bixiao went in, she has experience.

Bixiao was overjoyed at the sight of bright lights flying around in the sky. “Those lights are Book Spirit. Go and catch them.” Bixiao said.

As soon as Kris heard what Bixiao said, he took out Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve.

Catching all the visible lights, there must be at least a hundred thousand lights in the Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve.

When those who went in later saw this, they couldn’t help but complained. “Fuck, he is so mean. He didn’t leave any for us.”

“The more we go deeper, the more things we get.”


Just then there came a scream. A gruesome ghost came flying out of the side and pierced the Practitioner’s body, ripping out his heart.

“All the intruders will die!”

The ghost said with a harsh voice as he chewed the heart.

“He is the ghost in Shuhai Sect who was wronged and driven to death. Be careful! Make sure the shields are activated at all times.” Bixiao said.

Kris then took out a defensive treasure and covered them two in it. “The ghost can’t hurt us now.” Kris said.

“Let’s go further inside. It’s even bigger than Lanting Immortal Palace.” Bixiao said.

Eighty million years ago, here is where the ninth largest sect located. Shuhai Sect is so powerful that Lanting Immortal Palace is no match for it.

“Besides ghosts, there are evil Book Spirit who absorbed the strength of others and became very strong. It’s said there are also immortal Book Spirit, which knows immortal achievement methods, or even the Eternity.”

“Senior, stay close to me.” Kris said.

As Kris is a master of Battle Formation, it’s not difficult for him to go in although there were many Battle Formations.

After staying at the periphery for 45 minutes, all Kris and Bixiao got was Book Spirit of Detachment Stage and some of Taoist King stage.

“Senior, we can’t get other things by staying at the periphery. Let’s go deeper into it.” Kris said.

Chapter 786: Book Spirit of Emperor of Tao

The forbidden area was large inside and had its own space.

After a while, they came to a loft called Guanshan Building.

Along the way, the houses either collapsed or were set on fire. Only this loft was intact.

“Elder martial sister, did you come here last time?”


Bixiao shook her head. “Shuhai Sect is not static in its interior. It is changing anytime and anywhere. Some people have analyzed that Shuhai sect is a giant eight diagrams array that is constantly changing.”

“Do you want to go in?”

Before Kris Chen nodded, Bixiao said, “No, it’s too dangerous.”

Chen thought, “I have a way.”

He picked up a piece of gravel from the ground and cast Throwing Beans into Soldiers. The stone instantly turned into a strong man with gray and black skin, “Your Majesty!”

“Open the door!”


The strong men didn’t have much intelligence, who only obeyed Kris’s order.

“Your Majesty, I can’t push it open!”

“Smash it!”

“Bang! Bang!”

The strong man hammered dozens of times in a row, and the gate didn’t move!

“Get out of the way, let me do it!”

As Kris said so, the strong man immediately went to one side. Kris punched Guanshan Building across the air, and the dust on the door all fell down.

“Thirty times the force in sixth gear!”

Kris suddenly punched, and the door of Guanshan Building was broken.

The next second, countless ghosts flew out from inside!

Well, since so many ghosts hided in it, no wonder it was so hard to open the door.

No, the cultivation of these ghosts was too poor, who were in the detachment stage at most. How could they block so many fists?

There was no sign of the barrier or battle formation on the door.


When Kris looked up, he felt that the windows were like eyes, and the door was like a huge mouth.

“Back up!”

Kris pulled Bixiao back quickly.

Then Guanshan Building became a giant ghost, whose belly was full of fat intestines with eyes on his stomach.

But he missed two front teeth in his mouth.

“What the hell is this?”

Bixiao widened her eyes. It was the first time that she met this kind of ghost.

“I don’t know. It should be a ghost, who just wants to lure us in.”

This ghost seemed very powerful. It took Kris so much effort to only knock out its two front teeth.

“Why don’t you come and play in my stomach? It’s fun!”

The voice of this fat ghost was sharp and annoying, and his small eyes were full of cunning and ferocity, which was seemingly full of indescribable confusion.

When Kris turned around, Bixiao’s eyes were slightly dull.

“Elder martial sister, wake up!”

After Kris shouted, Bixiao woke up.

“Younger martial brother, I just…”

“Close your six senses immediately, and let Chao pay attention to the surroundings.”

Kris interrupted her to let her close her six senses. It would not be a big problem, as Chao was here.

“Chao, is that ghost moving now?”

“Not yet. Please send me the scanned topographic map.”

“Elder martial sister, follow me.”

The host computer of Kris could be associated with the sub computer.

Bixiao didn’t expect that she could still hear the voice of Kris after closing the six senses, so she firmly grasped Kris’s hand.

Chao and Bixiao were linked in consciousness, so even if Bixiao closed her six senses, she could also see the situation outside.

As for the grip, it was her subconscious actions.

Kris didn’t think so much about it, and just let Bixiao hold his hand.

“It seems to be unable to leave that place!”

After observing for a while, Kris said through their connected consciousness, “Elder martial sister, do you know the Ground Binding Specter?”

“I know!”

Bixiao replied, “The Ground Binding Specter is a very powerful specter. But the only restriction is that it can’t leave the place where it dies. In this case, this smelly guy should be a Ground Binding Specter.”

“If we kill such a powerful Ground Binding Specter, we can take its Ground Binding Spirit which was the first class treasure of divine spiritual power!”

“This Ground Binding is at least the early stage of Dao emperor. Can we kill it?”

“How do you know if we don’t even try?”

I was afraid it was very difficult to attack it directly. Just now, Kris spent so many efforts knocking out its two front teeth.

It must have reached the middle period or even the later period.

But there were also easy way to deal with him.

To put it bluntly, the Ground Binding Specter was a kind of specter. As long as it was the specter, it must be afraid of thunder.

Also Buddhist had some first-class methods to deal with specters.

It was a pity that Buddha Kris was not here. If he were here, he would be surely pleased to deal with such a specter.

However, even if Buddha Kris was not there, Kris would also know all his means.

The thunder was too loud and easy to hurt the Ground Binding Specter.

At this point, Kris drew some beliefs, which accumulated in the vast world inside his body.

However, Kris didn’t want beliefs, because they were just as poisonous as incense.

Only Buddha Kris enjoyed it.

Soon, an eight-treasure glazed pagoda appeared in Kris’s hand, which was shaped by the power of pure beliefs.


Eight-treasure glazed pagoda soon covered the Ground Binding Specter.

Within a minute, the eight-treasure glazed pagoda returned to Kris.

The huge specter had disappeared, and the place where he was standing showed its true face.


It was a broken building broken in the middle, with a dry corpse laying there.

Although the body had shrunk, it could be seen that the deceased was a fat man.

After eight million years, his corpse had not turned into powder, which meant the cultivation of this person absolutely reached the emperor of Tao!

In the glazed pagoda, a pure Ground Binding specter was quietly hanging.

“Elder martial sister, it’s OK.”

After unlocking the seal, Bixiao looked at the eight-treasure glazed pagoda in Kris’s hand, “younger martial brother, you are awesome.”



Such a pagoda cost Kris hundreds of millions of people’s beliefs, which were though only a drop of water in the ocean.

“Here you are, elder martial sister.”

“To me?”

Bixiao was confused, “younger martial brother, this is you…”

“I can’t use it now. It’s very good for you to have the Ground Binding Specter of the emperor of Tao.”

Of course, Kris was lying, but he had many pieces of Zhongmiao Door. Besides, Sun Soul had been moistening, so he did not need the Ground Binding Specter.

Bixiao immediately became soft-hearted, because it was more precious than the embryo od Taoist emperor!

“Then I’ll take it.”

Kris smiled and directly sent the specter into Bixiao’s mouth.

A sense of coolness spread all over Bixiao’s body, which was extremely comfortable.

“Thank you, younger martial brother.”

The figure of Kris was reflected in Bixiao’s eyes quite clearly at this moment.

“Let’s go.”

Two people continued to move forward, and they never let go each other’s hands since they held together.

When they left Guanshan Building, they went much more slowly. The more they went forward, the more powerful the book spirit they met.

They could often see a head flying in the air speaking strange languages.

These were actually book spirits that had not yet been transformed into human figures.

“It’s mine. Go die!”

“Boom! Boom!”

Within a hundred miles, there were hundreds of people fighting for nothing else but the book spirits.

Not only could they use these book spirits, but they could also resell them, which was definitely a beneficial business.

In the earth immortal city, the higher the cultivation of book spirit, the higher the price of it.

Book spirit of emperor of Tao could even sell at a price of billions of high-level principle stones.

Kris had collected more than ten million book spirits of King of Tao.

It was too much, or even endless.

“Look there, younger martial brother. It seems that there are many people gathered there!”

Bixiao pointed to the front left, where a noisy voice came.

“Let’s go and have a look!”

They slowed down and walked over there.

It was a courtyard, half of which collapsed, revealing the real situation inside.

The front was full of weak views, no less than millions.

Numerous heads were in the middle, with a complete one in the last. Why it was called a complete head, because it still had a neck!

In front of them stood an old man with only upper body. He was wearing a master’s suit and had a long white beard on his chin.

But looking down, it was empty and that man didn’t have foot.

If they met such a strange scene at night, it would certainly frighten many people to death.

“Elder book spirits are teaching the younger ones. What a thing to meet.”

With a wave of his sleeve, Kris exerted Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve.

And even the old man was enveloped.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me… I’m just a mediocre teacher.” The old man cried out.

So many of his kind was in this boundless space.

Kris was interested. It was the first time they had seen such a Book Spirit since they had went forward for such a long time.

“Forbidden! The Great Tao!”

Limiting the movement of the old book spirit, Kris said, “what level of book spirit are you?”

“Report… This little brother, I am the book spirit of emperor of Tao in later period.”

“Later period”? So weak? “

The old book Spirit gave a wry smile, “High cultivation doesn’t mean strong combat ability. Except for those book spirits of fighting class, we kind, with high stage though, are not good at combating”

“You are honest!” Bixiao couldn’t help saying.

“Of course, because I don’t want die!”

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