“Queenie, I will send you home.” Chuck Cannon said softly.

Chuck Cannon had different feelings towards Queenie Carson. What he couldn’t tell was that he didn’t want to see her lost.

She is the kind of quiet, well-behaved girl, very early!

“En, thank you.” Queenie Carson agreed.

She was moved in her heart, but she knew that the gap with Chuck Cannon was too big, and she did not dare to hope.

Because she knew that even if she worked hard all his life, she would not be able to catch up with Chuck Cannon.

Therefore, during the period of Chuck Cannon’s departure, she had wanted to open her mind but she didn’t expect it.

Chuck Cannon was a super-rich second generation, and what is she herself? Poor students, two people are not in the same world, what else can you expect?

Silence all the way.

Chuck Cannon drove, and Queenie Carson lowered her head, thinking back to the time when the two of them were in school.

So the time passed quickly.

After a while, the car drove downstairs in the community!!

Queenie Carson was in a trance!

This place was bought by Yvette Jordan before, and later bought by Chuck Cannon, and then given to Queenie Carson, Chuck Cannon sighed!

“Queenie, I’ll take you upstairs.”

Chuck Cannon wanted to see if Queenie Carson was living well or not. She was a frugal girl and she was definitely not willing to spend money. Chuck Cannon thought that she should have not moved anything that was paid to her by others at that time.

Chuck Cannon loves her very much.

“En.” Queenie Carson became taciturn.

Chuck Cannon sent Queenie Carson upstairs. Queenie Carson opened the door. Everything inside was familiar and unchanged. It was the same as when Yvette Jordan lived back then, clean.

She was a girl who loves to clean up.

“Chuck Cannon, come in for a glass of water!” Queenie Carson whispered.

Chuck Cannon came in.

Queenie Carson poured water over, “Chuck Cannon, drink water!”

Chuck Cannon drank the water, “Is there anything you need? Money?”

“No, it’s good enough for me, not at all.” Queenie Carson shook her head, Chuck Cannon’s goodness, she felt it.

She didn’t blame it at all but regretted that the gap between herself and Chuck Cannon was too great.


Chuck Cannon put down the cup and hugged her, Queenie Carson trembled.

“Be good, if you have anything, you must call me, you know?” Chuck Cannon was afraid that Queenie Carson would not say anything.

“Ok, I will.”

Boom, boom, boom!!

“Hey, Queenie Carson, open the door, I’m so handsome, don’t you like me? Who do you like? Open the door!!” There was a voice outside.

Queenie Carson was shocked.

This person, after seeing Queenie Carson a few days ago, he fell in love with her. He insisted on chasing Queenie Carson and knocked on the door every day!

“Queenie, when I was not here today, do you not plan to tell me when you meet such a person?” Chuck Cannon was angry again and sighed again.

No way, Queenie Carson was such a girl who will silently suffer.

Chuck Cannon has no other choice.

“I’m sorry… he…”

Queenie Carson bit her lip in a panic and didn’t know how to answer Chuck Cannon’s questions.

“Remember, if you have such a thing, you must tell me, understood?” Chuck Cannon felt sorry for her.


She was too sensible.


“Wait for a minute,” Chuck Cannon let go.

“Chuck Cannon, what are you going to do? The others are tall and magnificent,” Chuck Cannon had already walked out before she finished her words.

“Who is it? Why is it at my girlfriend’s house? What the hell did he do to my girlfriend?… Boom! Ah, ah!”


Outside the door was an angry and screaming voice.

It took ten seconds to solve it, and there was no sound.

In less than a minute, Chuck Cannon opened the door and walked in.

Queenie Carson was shocked, “Chuck Cannon, what did you do??”

“Trust me, he will never be able to interrupt.” Chuck Cannon felt distressed.

The kind of slumping at the door, thinking that a tall man can bully others, as everyone knows, Chuck Cannon was too lazy to fight him, punching him in the head, this is at least a concussion.

You can become a fool.

Chuck Cannon knocked him out and dragged him away.

Call Betty Bernard to let someone come over to deal with it. You can throw him to the Philippines.

Queenie Carson was moved, “Thank you!”

After waiting for a minute, Queenie Carson felt what was moved and what was a sense of security.

Apart from Chuck Cannon, no one has given her this feeling.

Her heart is traditional, and her most precious thing is given to Chuck Cannon, and then she will always guard Chuck Cannon.

No matter what the result is, she will do it.

It’s okay to be single until she gets old, it’s nothing, there is a short memory, enough for her to spend her life,

Besides sighing, what else does Chuck Cannon have?

After spending half an hour at Queenie Carson’s house, the two did nothing.

She can’t help it!

Queenie Carson cherishes time very much.

Having not seen each other for so long, the only thing she wanted to do was to hear about Chuck Cannon.

When the two talked, Chuck Cannon told Queenie Carson about what happened to him in the United States. Queenie Carson couldn’t help crying several times.

Because Chuck Cannon said it was too thrilling! She can realize the danger at that time!

At the end, Queenie Carson reluctantly allowed Chuck Cannon to go, Chuck Cannon left and before leaving he told her that she must call when something happens!

Queenie Carson cried for a long time in the house, her eyes were swollen, and she stopped crying until her sister was about to come back.

It was a mistake to meet Chuck Cannon and one that Queenie Carson did not regret…

Chuck Cannon sighed out.

He was also reluctant to give up. What should he do with Queenie Carson?


Chuck Cannon didn’t think much about it. To go to the city where Kristen was, it was still a bit far to drive. There was no way. Kristen encountered difficulties. At this time, he didn’t know what she was doing.

Chuck Cannon was worried about her because up to now, the women Chuck Cannon has really had a relationship with are three people, Queenie Carson, Kristen, and Alice…

These three women have their own merits, Chuck Cannon will never forget!

Unconsciously, when he arrived in the city where Kristen was located, Chuck Cannon went directly to her according to the clue provided by Betty Bernard.

Arriving downstairs in a company, Chuck Cannon knew from Betty Bernard’s introduction that this building belongs to Kristen. However, at the moment when Chuck Cannon arrived, the building had changed its name.

Obviously, Kristen just sold her building. Hey, Kristen’s business has encountered such a big difficulty?

Why not ask yourself for help?

Perhaps Kristen didn’t want Chuck Cannon to see that she looked embarrassed after her failure!!

Chuck Cannon went to Kristen’s house, her company was gone, should there be one at home?

However, when he got home, Chuck Cannon knocked on the door and changed his position, and the house was sold.

How much did Kristen lose?

Will it be devastated?

Chuck Cannon really couldn’t wait to find her. Chuck Cannon listened to Betty Bernard and thought that Kristen was not losing too much. He didn’t expect that the company was sold and the house was sold. How much would it become a debt?

Where should she be working to pay off her debts?

Chuck Cannon became worried and called Kristen.

However, the phone number was also over…

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