Why is Kristen’s phone number saying does not exist?

Chuck Cannon was worried that he was surprised. Kristen must have been hit too hard recently, so she cancelled her phone numbers.


Why bother?

Chuck Cannon was speechless!

He called Betty Bernard and asked her to find out where Kristen was.

“Master, wait a minute!!”

The phone was hung up, less than ten minutes later, Betty Bernard’s call came, “Master, I have already sent the address, Kristen is in her hometown, not far from Master…”


Chuck Cannon rest assured that Betty Bernard always works at a high speed.

Chuck Cannon looked at the address and went to the place where Kristen was!

“Kristen, what do you want?” A middle-aged woman who still had the charm, roared at Kristen!

“Mom, I didn’t think about it, I want to be alone!” Kristen sighed.

“How long do you want to be alone? When you started doing business, I didn’t agree for you to do it. What kind of business does a girl’s family? At that time, I honestly found you a good family to marry, and now my children would have been seven or eight if you had accepted. Years old, it turns out that my thoughts at the time were not wrong at all. It’s okay now, the business has lost, and the money earned over the years is gone, and you still owe 300 million!” Joanna Shields is really bitter.

She was worried.

“I will pay it back slowly, and it will be over! I have my own plan!” Kristen was busy with her own work, she has taken up a new job and was doing design.

She was doing three jobs at the same time, and she will definitely pay back the money.

This was the bottom line she insisted on keeping in business for so long!

If a person has no integrity, she has no conscience. She will not do such a thing. Even if she loses more money, no matter how hard she is now, she will find a way to pay back the money!!

“What’s the plan? Don’t toss, a woman needs to toss? I have already thought about it, and the Fred Whitman who grew up with you, he is willing to help pay off all the money from the department and give another 10 million. Bridegroom, marry him!”

“Mom! Don’t mess up with me, okay! You’re very annoying!!” Kristen was annoyed and wanted to lose her temper, but couldn’t tell his mother.

“What annoys you? You’re annoyed? Don’t dare, Fred Whitman is coming over, and you will go to dinner with him later,” Joanna Shields ordered.

She has accepted the gift money.

So, for this meal today, Kristen must go!!

“Mom, leave me alone? I already have a boyfriend. Is it appropriate for me to get up and meet other people?”

“What about your boyfriend? Where was he when the company owed money? Where was he when you sold the house? Where is he when you still owe so much money? I didn’t see anyone, what kind of boyfriend is this? I only see it now. Fred Whitman is doing his work, and wanna help you with it! He is the boyfriend for you, know?” Joanna Shields was annoyed!

Kristen h as always said that she has a boyfriend, but what about this so-called boyfriend?

When your own woman was in the most difficult, he hid and became a tortoise?

What would such a boyfriend do? see?

“Mom, don’t talk about it, he is in the United States, and he is very busy!!” Kristen got annoyed and got a headache.

She really took her mother and had nothing to do. She always liked to make her own way.

Chuck Cannon has gone to the U.S., there must be something important to do. How can she call him for her own affairs and let him return to the U.S.?

This was absolutely impossible.

Kristen felt that she could never be a burden to a man!!

Therefore, no matter how much she loses, she also chooses to accept it silently.

This is my own mistake, you must bear the consequences yourself!!

“Busy? Kristen, don’t lie to yourself, okay? No matter how busy he is, now you have encountered such a big thing, and he hasn’t said a word until now, and he hasn’t even made a phone call. What is this?”

“He is busy!”

“Kristen, shut up! He’s the president? What’s he busy like? Didn’t he get busy until something happened? Kristen, he did it on purpose. That kind of person can’t be called a man at all!!” Joanna Shields was angry.

What kind of man is this?


“Mom, don’t say anything! Please!” Kristen couldn’t help it.

She wants to go out from home, she will never eat this meal.

“Don’t beg me, keep saying, I have a boyfriend. Okay, tell me, what’s his name?”

“It’s Chuck Cannon, twenty years old!”

“Kristen!” Joanna Shields was deeply disappointed, “This person is not a boyfriend at all, I don’t know yet? A man who is younger than a woman, you don’t like it at all, how is it possible now to accept so many young people? Lying to me!”

“Mom, I didn’t. I used to be a woman who didn’t like young, but now, I like it because of him!” Kristen said boldly.

Yes, she was particularly annoying at that time, but after Chuck Cannon saved her a few times, she changed her perception.

Like it, does not need age constraints, the feeling is the most important thing.

“Thinking I would believe it? Don’t lie to me, it’s my daughter. Don’t I know what I’m thinking? Kristen, can’t you think about me? I’ve raised you up to now. I am going to be fifty years old. Do you think I can resist the debts of hundreds of millions?” Joanna Shields said, her eyes were red, and she kept tearing.

“Mom.?” Kristen sighed, feeling sad and guilty, “I didn’t let you fight with me!”

She absolutely didn’t mean it, she already had a plan, and Kristen had this strength, she believed she could definitely make a comeback.

“It’s my daughter. Am I so tired looking at someone? Will I have the heart? Don’t say it. Marrying Fred Whitman is the best way!!”

“Mom, I won’t listen!”

“Then let the so-called boyfriend come out. Stand up! What’s wrong? Why you stopped talking? Now in front of me. Call him, hurry up?” Joanna Shields said more and more angrily.

“He’s busy! Alas!”

“What is he up to? His own woman is going to be crushed, then also he will be a turtle? Huh, what kind of woman is he looking for? Not a man! I think he is a poor ghost. When you were rich, he will please. Now that you have no money, he just slipped away…Fred Whitman has come to pick you up. Go and change clothes!” Joanna Shields walked out.

“I won’t change, I still have to work!” Kristen was furious, her character was meant to be strong, and she would never compromise when she was forced to do so!!

“Okay, I don’t want to, right? Then without Fred Whitman’s help, the two of us will definitely carry hundreds of millions of debts. At that time, even if you work to die, you would not be able to finish it. I might as well as die then…” she said With a face full of grief and anger!!

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