Chapter 787 – 788: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 787: The Half-eternity

“It’s easy to live, just be honest and obedient. The first question, why are you here, don’t you know anyone comes in?” said Kris Chen, smiling

The intelligence of book spirit should be high, so it was impossible to not perceive people coming.

“I… I was forced to be so.”

The old Book Spirit said, “My intelligence was born 30 million years ago. At that time I was just detachment stage, but I was confused. Although I was conscious, I didn’t have a complete body.”

“All the new-born book spirits will follow a sound prompt to where we should go.”

“What sound?”

“I don’t know, but they all say it’s the will of the world creator.”

Kris and Bixiao looked at each other. Was that the elder Taishang of Shuhai Sect?

“That voice told me that I should study well. The more I learn, the stronger I will be.”

“Although my fellows disappear every day, new ones join us every day as well, which seems an endless process.”

“Slowly, I learned a lot of achievement methods from 10000 or even 20000 books. Then I got a head, and then my neck, chest, and limbs… About 10 million years ago, that voice told me that I was qualified to be a teacher.”

“So I was arranged in this place and taught for 10 million years!”

“You can improve your cultivation simply from learning?”

Kris squinted, “So how do you practice?”

There were countless Book Spirits, so it could not be as simple as pure spirit supply.

“Learning is our way of practice.”

“I didn’t cheat you, really! The more we studied, the more we would get his reward,” said the book spirit.

His reward?

Kris got the point in its words.

Who was he?

A living person?

Or the will of the elder Taishang 80 million years ago?

“Can you communicate with him now?”

“No… I can’t. Only he can communicate us, but we can’t communicate with him.”

“Including the places, we can only stay in the places where he arranged for us. If we leave the arranged place, he will punish us severely!”

“Are there many Book Spirits in the same situation as you?”

“A lot… Quite a lot!”

“Take us there.”

“No, I can’t leave here, or I’ll die

Kris sneered, “You have already left your place. Why didn’t you die?”

“Do not lie to me! Do you think I dare not kill you? I have 10000 ways to torture you. Do you want to try them? “

“I… I didn’t…”

“Then I will give you a last chance, and you’d better tell me everything you know.”

“I, I really don’t lie. It doesn’t work even if you kill me…”

“But I can take you to other schools, where some people are very grumpy and good at fighting. Are you sure you want to go there?”

“If you want to live, just lead the road. Or I will send you to the way of death!”

Book spirit was also a special life in nature, so they had their own joy, anger and other feelings.

“Okay, okay. I will take you. Don’t kill me!”

“But I’ll say first, if something goes wrong, don’t blame me.”

Kris stared at the book spirit, who was too afraid to speak any more.

They followed the book spirit and came to another school, which was bigger than the book spirit’s, but the teacher was a vicious middle-aged man.

“He was called the Tianxiongsha spirit, who was very powerful. You… You guys go there and I won’t go with you.”

“Elder martial sister, you watch him. I’ll go and see.”

Bixiao nodded and watched Kris walk by.

One third of the book spirits in this school was detachment stage, one third was the Tao king, and one third was the Tao emperor.

Well, with the help of the old book spirit, it was easier for Kris to collect book spirits.

“Forbiddance of the Great Tao, and Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve!”


The huge school was temporarily imprisoned, and in addition to Tianxiongsha Spirit, the rest of Book Spirits were restricted.

Sudden changes had also made these Book Spirits flustered.

“Who dare to break into our school?”

After a loud shout, a strong momentum came out of Tianxiongsha Spirit with a strong sense of oppression.

“40 times the force in sixth gear!”

Kris hit it with a punch.

Tianxiongsha Spirit didn’t compromise, and it ran the Taoist method to kill Kris.

Kris thought it would be a tough fight.

Unexpectedly, with only one punch, Kris had killed Tianxiongsha Spirit of half-step immortality.

“It’s impossible. Only Tao kings can come in who can’t be so powerful!”

Bixiao sneered, “My younger martial brother is far more than a Tao kin.”

Kris could defeat Qinyu within one shot, so at least he was the Tao emperor in the early stage.

Her younger martial brother was a great pride.

After collecting Book Spirits in schools, Kris came over with a smile, “I understand that these book spirits have no matching strength for their stage at all!”

Their situation was contrary to Kris, whose power was far more than his stage.

In a sense, the half-step stage represented the original achievement methods of that book spirit.

Of course, it still had some combating power, around Dao emperor of the early stage.

It was no wonder the Tao emperor was not allowed to come in.

He now suspected somebody was plotting something in it.

“Didn’t you expect that I could survive?”

Kris squinted at the old book spirit. “I remember you book spirits know how to grab other people’s bodies. Why don’t you do so?”

“I… I…”

“From now on, if you tell any single lie, I will kill you. After all, the next book spirit is better!”

“No, I will tell you the truth!”

It was really scared. “You can see that we have incompatible stage, and we are not good at fighting. In addition, there are restrictions that people over Tao emperors cannot go inside. I am not good at fighting, so I have only one mission which is to teach these new book spirits. “

“What is the core of this area?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been there, and 30 million years ago I woke up in this area.”

Kris stared at him for a while, “Take me to the next school!”

“Yes, you come with me.”

It dared not play tricks this time. After seeing the death of Tianxiongsha Spirit, it now knew that it was as simple as killing chickens for Kris to kill itself.

Under its lead, Kris harvested one school after another until the whole area was cleared.

“And what else?”

“Yes, but I dare not go there, the immortal area. They are very fierce!”

The old book spirit showed his embarrassment to prove that it seemed to be really dangerous.

“Just lead us there. If I can’t win it, you are allowed to run away.”

The immortal achievement methods area was exactly where Kris wanted to go.

The more inward, the stronger the fighting power of book spirits that Kris met, who could feel free to test his real strength.

“This is the immortal Scripture with strong fighting power, which is equivalent to Tao emperor of later period.”

Tao emperor of later period?

“Younger martial brother, forget about it. It’s too dangerous.”

“Come on, it’s a pity to quit now.”

These book spirits were strong fighters, but still far weaker from the practitioners.

Both the sense and the means of fighting were too weak.

“Be careful then.” Bixiao said, biting her lips.

She couldn’t help Kris here at all. Instead, Kris had to help and take care of her.

Kris nodded and strode into the yard.

A quarter of an hour later, Kris came out with sweat on his forehead

“Their fighting power is really much better than previous schools.”

“Go, let’s go on.”

The old book spirit swallowed his saliva. The man was so terrible, who could even win immortal scriptures.

“Here is the Immortal Emperor’s Scripture!”

“Immortal Divine Spell, Immortal Magic Skill…”

Three hours later, Kris pushed half of them down and gained millions of immortal classics of Taoism.

Thanks to the Zhongmiao door, Kris’s body strength had not declined, but the renovation of his body cells accelerated instead.

As for Sun Soul, Kris had used all his body strength so far.

The two fragments gave Sun Soul huge improvement, but it was also very limited.

If he could get a whole piece, it would be better.

It would be wonderful if his soul, cultivation and body could break through the Tao king together.

At this time, some people fought in the front, “Tianyou Gai, This half-eternity book spirit belongs to me!”

“Fart, it is clear that I came first!”

Tianyou cursed “Tuoba Haojie, Poria Fairy was right you are a thorough coward!”

“What are you saying?”

Haojie looked unhappy. “Grand Elephant Suppress the Heaven!”

“Swallow Mountains and Rivers!”

The two fought with each other fiercely. They were also the rare excellent practitioners in a thousand years, so they exerted endless fighting methods.

“Younger martial brother, shall we go another way?”

“Don’t worry. Let’s have a look first!”

Kris smiled, “Two quarrel and a third profits by it. The achievement methods of the half-eternity, good things!”

Chapter 788: The Weapon Hearts

So far, Kris Chen had only one Qingdi Creation Technique, which was achievement methods of the Immortal Level.

There was also Time Methods, which were the Eternity-level achievement methods.

If Kris wanted to complete his foundation, it would definitely take him a lot of effort to find achievement methods of this level.

The Immortal Level had been precious already, the Eternity level was even the teaching method of a certain sect.

Although Shaohua Palace was just one of the Lanting Immortal Palaces. Take it out alone. It was definitely a super-grade sect.

Taoist Master and five major courtyard masters must be immortal combat power.

Anyway, the more high-level achievement methods, the better.

“Chao, scan the battle between the two and collect it in the battle library.”

“Yes, master!”

Tuoba Haojie and Tianyou Gai were very strong, no disciples of Shaohua Palace could match them yet.

They were Tianjiao(God’s favored ones), invincible among their peers.

“Grand Elephant Change!”

Behind Tuoba Haojie appeared an idol of Tuotian, which was also the legendary beast that supported the Taoist realm.

“Swallow the World!”

When they two fought back and forth, they all became angry.

After watching for a quarter of an hour, Kris got impatient, “Senior sister, you guys stay here and guard, I’ll go and come back!”

“Brother, be careful.”

Bixiao’s beautiful eyes were full of worry.

“Take it easy.”

Kris patted her on her hands and walked into the yard quietly.

Thanks to the function of the Zhongmiao Door to disguise his breath, Kris was able to sneak in unnoticed.

After entering the courtyard, Kris laid the forbidden seal, so that the outside world could not see the situation in the garden.

“Wanxiang Tianyin, magic power of sonic wave?”

Without delay, Kris directly fired up and subdued them in a short time.

The Eternity level was not very good. Compared with other book spirits, in addition to the more complete body, the combat effectiveness was really in a mess!

Just like this, did they want to grab the flesh?

He didn’t think about how powerful he was, and not everyone was as strong as he was.

“The achievement methods of the semi-eternity level, ten thousand immortals, one million Taoist emperors, ten thousand Taoist kings…”

Kris was very satisfied. He sent them directly into the Inner Universe, suppressed it with the power of the world, and they were trained by Yuan Kris.

“Senior sister, they’re here, let’s go!”

Kris left with Bixiao and the old Book Spirit.

On the other side, Tuoba Haojie and Tianyou were fighting neck and neck, and both sides understood that if they continued to fight like this, it would simply be a lose-lose situation.

“Stop, stop!”

Tianyou retreated, and said to Tuoba Haojie: “If we go on like this, no one would be able to tell the outcome for three days and three nights!”

“How about this, we join forces to attack, and we both have half of the benefits! That semi-eternity level achievement methods, let’s just make a copy.”

Tuoba Haojie hummed, “Then do as you say.”

In fact, he did not want to fight here to the death.

After stopping fighting, they two entered the yard together.

“There is a Barrier here!”

“No wonder it’s a Book Spirit of the Eternity level, it even has a Barrier.”

“Look at me, I will break it with a punch.”

Tuoba Haojie smiled proudly and broke the barrier with a punch.

A crowd of Book Spirit’s stunned expressions had appeared in his mind, yet they two entered the courtyard to find it empty!

“No… How is this possible? We clearly saw it just now, there was …….”

Speaking of this, Tuoba Haojie seemed to think of something and looked at Tianyou with anger, “It’s you, it must be you!”

“Why me?”

Tianyou looked not very good,too.

“No wonder you have proposed to stop just now, you must have used incarnation to take all these book spirits away.”


Tianyou immediately scolded, “Are you blind? If I use incarnation, can’t you see it?”

“I’ve been fighting with you all the time, and I even suspect it’s you!”

“Fucking, it was beyond my expectation that Book Spirit could even set up Barrier, it turned out that you did it, and you were playing tricks on me.”

The more he talked, the more irritated he became, and his aura burst out, and they two fought together in the next second.

“Tianyou, you bastard, I will kill you!”

“Haojie, you bastard, I even wanted to share with you just now.”

The fighting between the two gradually escalated and even spread to other areas. Many people followed and were affected by the aftermath of the fighting.

“Run away, they are becoming crazy.”

“Damn, you guys are fighting, but what’s the matter with the innocent?”

The crowd fled while cursing, the way they came was empty, and they didn’t get any benefit at all.

After eating the meat and chewing the bones, they didn’t even leave the soup.

And the culprit who caused the two to fight again was now under the guidance of Book Spirit, and they have occupied lecture halls one after another.

“Yes, it’s so fucking great!”

There were so many achievement methods, all of which were advanced achievement methods, which was simply unimaginable.

No wonder the Shuhai Sect was going to be overthrown.

Bixiao was also much happier that Kris had gained so much.

“Let’s go, why don’t you go?”

“I… That’s all I know, I don’t know where the others are.”

“Don’t be angry. Although we have a certain range of activities, the range is not too large.”

Old Book Spirit was a little scared and said, “Please don’t kill me, I really didn’t lie to you.”


Bixiao looked at Kris.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

Kris waved his hand and put the old Book Spirit away.

The old Book Spirit contributed to such a great gain. When others were still trying their luck, he already had a guide.

But… were others fools? Why didn’t they grab a Book Spirit to ask?

“How about catching a Book Spirit of the Immortal Level and ask?”

Bixiao said.

Kris nodded and grabbed a Book Spirit of the Immortal Level who was a book spirit in the Middle period of the Immortal Level, and he had thighs already, but below the knee was empty.

“Spare me, spare me…”

The Book Spirit of the Immortal Level was so frightened that he knelt on the ground quickly. Although he had no knees, he did make a kneeling motion.

“A Book Spirit told me everything just now.”

Kris said: “It is very simple to save your life. Take me to other areas.”

“I, we can only be in this area, we can’t go to other areas.”

The Book Spirit of the Immortal Level said: “This is the teaching area. We can only do activities in this area.”

Kris and Bixiao looked at each other, and it seemed that Book Spirit was not lying.

“Tell us something we don’t know.”

Looking at Kris’s cold eyes, he said, “I…I am very familiar with the Soldier Spirit in the Weapon District, and I can take you there.”

“Soldier Spirit? Isn’t it a Demon Spirit?”

“No… It’s not a Demon Spirit, it’ a Soldier Spirit!”

The Book Spirit of the Immortal Level said: “They were born with the abundance of thousands of fierce warriors, and they are stronger than the Demon Spirit.”

“Brother, we can’t go there!”

Bixiao said: “Demon Spirit can operate the magic weapon. This Soldier Spirit is stronger than Demon Spirit, and its combat power is definitely stronger than Book Spirit. He simply does not have good intentions!”

Hearing that, Book Spirit’s face changed, and he was to blame for his words. Why should he explain?

Kris took a look and was aware in his mind, “It seems that there is no need for you to be alive.”

Saying that Kris was about to kill him, the Book Spirit of the Immortal Level was scared, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I know the weakness of the Soldier Spirit!”

“Although they are powerful, they are simple-minded and easy to cajole.”

“I can make them surrender their Weapon Hearts, and as long as you master the Weapon Hearts, you will be able to control them.”

“Hand over your original body!”

Kris said.

The Book Spirit of the Immortal Level groaned in his heart, but he still surrendered his original body.

“Immortal Green Lotus Sutra.”

Kris took over the original body of the Book Spirit, without the body as a carrier, he was like a rootless weed, and he did not dare to do something bad.

“Lead the way.”


They two followed behind the Book Spirit, and in a short time they came to a place full of evil spirits.

Here, even Kris felt a strong pressure.

“Please wait here, I will call them over by casting a spell!”

Kris nodded, and Book Spirit clenched his both hands and cast a spell. Not long after, a few strong men walked out from inside.

At a closer look, their skins all showed the color of gold and iron.

“No wonder it is called soldier spirits, with the weapon as the body and the spirit as the soul!”

Taoist Emperor’s weapon, semi-immortal spirit weapon, and immortal spirit weapon!

Bixiao widened her eyes, treasure, great treasure!

“These two are my masters, follow my masters and take you out!”

The Book Spirit said, “You don’t want to stay in this place for a thousand years, do you?”

“Why do we need to go out!”

“What’s the benefit of going out?”

“Also, why should we follow your master?

Each of the three soldier spirits asked a question.

“Of course, come out with me, there are many beautiful soldier spirit sisters outside, my master can introduce them to you!”

The Book Spirit said.


“I want three soldier spirit sisters!”

“Then let’s regard your masters as our masters!”

At the same time, Kris and Bixiao were puzzled when they knelt on the ground. Not only that, three white light from the forehead of the three Soldier Spirits flew out.

At this time, Book Spirit said: “Masters, these are the weapon hearts, you can refine them!”

Kris looked at Bixiao, but Bi Xiao didn’t accept them, “Oh, that’s all for you!”

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