“Chuck Cannon, what are you talking about? Are you at my door?” Kristen was stunned.

Why would Chuck Cannon be at her own door and when did she tell Chuck Cannon about her hometown?


How did he know?

Joanna Shields and Fred Whitman were also astonished as they looked at the door.

“Huh, it’s at the door, is it possible?” Fred Whitman smiled.

Joanna Shields frowned, her daughter’s boyfriend is outside the door at this time?

Are you kidding me?

Isn’t he “superman”? Will be here?

How did this kind of liar chase his daughter?

Joanna Shields was really annoyed, his daughter was too unbelievable!


“Yes, I’m at your door, coming soon.”

“Chuck Cannon, are you kidding?” Kristen’s beautiful face was full of seriousness!

She understood that Chuck Cannon’s mother is so powerful, it must not be difficult to send someone to find her place!

But, when did Chuck Cannon return to China?

Why is it so sudden!

Did you find yourself in an accident and came back on purpose?

Women just like crazy thinking and Kristen is the same at this moment, no matter how strong a woman is.

“Of course not, come out for a while, I am a little confused.”

“Okay! I’ll come out!” Kristen ran out in surprise.

Joanna Shields was annoyed, “Kristen, do you believe him? How could he be outside? He is playing with you!”

Fred Whitman was still here, and Kristen actually went to pick up other men. Where did Fred Whitman put it?

She received a gift of 10 million from Fred!!

“Mom, I believe him, he said he is at the door, it must be better to go at the door!” Kristen was unwavering!

Since the two had a relationship, Kristen believed in Chuck Cannon!

Believe unconditionally!!

Chuck Cannon said that so he must be at the door!!

Kristen ran to the door and opened the door!

Joanna Shields was really annoyed to the extreme, “Fred, don’t mind, Kristen is like this, she will give up on that man! Don’t worry! I support you anyway!”

“Auntie, you just have to say that,” Fred Whitman smiled.

Although Kristen said that he would not listen to Joanna Shields’s words, but if Joanna Shields was forced to die, Kristen would definitely listen!

So what else do you have to worry about?

No more!

“I said earlier! He just tricked you on purpose, my daughter!!” Joanna Shields went out angrily, Kristen was disappointed that he did not see Chuck Cannon, and there was not even a foreigner at the door.

Fred Whitman laughed more, come on!

The more disappointed Kristen is, the happier he is!!

“Mom, Chuck Cannon will not lie to me, if he said he will be at the door, you wait!” Kristen explained.

Even if she didn’t see Chuck Cannon at this time, she was still willing to believe in Chuck Cannon!

The reason why Chuck Cannon has not appeared is because the gate of the community is too complicated and there were too many buildings. Chuck Cannon came here for the first time, and it was too normal to get lost. He should have lost his way in the community.

“Kristen, are you going to piss me off? What about the person you are talking about? Where is he?”

“He is……”

“I want to see people! What about others?” Joanna Shields was annoyed!

Kristen couldn’t answer, because she didn’t see Chuck Cannon either.

“Why do you choose rubbish? Give up a good man like Fred? Look at him. When you are in trouble, he doesn’t appear, disappears, disappears when you are in trouble. When you are now carrying a huge debt, he is still playing with you. What is it? Kristen, tell me, what is this?” Joanna Shields really hates iron and steel!!

What is the magic he has done on my daughter?

Trusts him so much?

“Mom, listen to me, he is nearby, I’ll go out and look for it!”

“No! You can’t find it if you go! Why waste time?” Joanna Shields scolded!

“I’m going!” Kristen stepped out the door firmly.

Ran outside.

Suddenly, a person appeared, and Kristen was overjoyed, “Chuck Cannon, here, here!”

Tears came out of her eyes. It was a long time because she hadn’t seen Chuck Cannon!

Another reason is that Chuck Cannon really returned from “America”!

After coming back, he actually came to find her!

Kristen was moved, but she was lost again. How to say, she was bankrupt, and the gap with Chuck Cannon was getting bigger and bigger. How could she be with him?

What status?

Chuck Cannon smiled and said, “Kristen…you are so hard to find here, I just turned around and I was a little confused!”

“Really?” Kristen said and was moved. She suddenly discovered that Chuck Cannon’s aura had changed.

What baptism has it gone through?

What did Chuck Cannon meet in the U.S.?

In such a moment, too many questions appeared in Kristen’s mind.

“Yeah! This is auntie? Hello, auntie!” Chuck Cannon saw that she looked like Kristen, so he greeted Joanna Shields.

Of course, it was obvious at a glance that they were mother and daughter.

“I’m not good!!” Joanna Shields refused!

What is this? What is this Chuck Cannon? So young?

At first glance, Joanna Shields denied Chuck Cannon. It must be a poor ratio without money!

This kind of temperament is simply incomparable to Fred Whitman!

There is too much difference. Fred Whitman has the temperament of a young master. This Chuck Cannon, like a construction site, has so dark skin!

For what?

When Fred Whitman saw Chuck Cannon, he smiled. Why?

Chuck Cannon’s image is not satisfactory! How can this kind of person compare with yourself?

“Um, auntie is uncomfortable!” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Very uncomfortable, after seeing you!”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Kristen was really annoyed. Now that Chuck Cannon has come, isn’t it enough?

“I don’t like him, let him go! What’s the future for someone who can’t find the road?” Joanna Shields was extremely angry!

Too poor!


“Auntie, this is Kristen’s boyfriend, what are you dissatisfied with, just say it!”

Kristen was surprised, what did Chuck Cannon say?

Is she his girlfriend?

Is this real?

“I am not satisfied with everything! Aren’t you in the U.S.? What are you doing in the U.S.?” Joanna Shields doubted, she didn’t believe in people like Chuck Cannon when he went abroad. He must have gone to China to found a place to hide. Then said later that he went abroad.

“I was busy a lot, opened a casino in the U.S., and plan to do other things,”

“Casino?” Joanna Shields was angry.

“Yes, In U.S. it is now one of the biggest casinos.”

Kristen was shocked, and Chuck Cannon went to the U.S. Is this was to do business? Actually, opened America’s largest casino?

“Are you laughing?” Joanna Shields was annoyed.

“Oh, casino, then you are quite rich!” Fred Whitman laughed out. He could tell that Chuck Cannon is just coercion. How much would it cost to open a casino in the U.S.? It’s not hundreds of millions of dollars, so it won’t come down at all!

He kept saying, one of the biggest casinos in Guo!

Such shameless words came out when opens his mouth!

“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon shrugged, and Fred Whitman smiled, okay?

One hundred percent, this Chuck Cannon is just an act of coercion, and he wants to dismantle him!

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