Chapter 789 – 790: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 789: Making A Killing

“OK, I will refine it.” Kris Chen said.

Kris didn’t say no but refined the hearts of weapons.

At that moment, he had direct control of the life and death of the three divine soldiers.

“It’s so unreal.” Kris thought in his heart.

At first Kris thought the Book Spirit was going to call for help, but it turned out that the Soldier Spirits are really stupid.

“You are at my service from now on,” Kris said.

“Yes, master!”

At that moment, the three divine soldiers looked at Kris in a completely different way.

Just as magic weapons, Soldier Spirit also works for his master wholeheartedly once he acknowledges his master.

“From now on, you are the eldest soldier, you are the second elder soldier and you are the third elder soldier.” Kris said.

“Thank you, master, for giving us names.”

At that moment, the eldest soldier, who is a Soldier Spirit in the immortal level, said, “Master, we have other brothers and I would like them to serve you.”

“Is there such a good thing?” Kris thought.

Kris, of course, did not say no.

“OK. Then let all your brothers come here.” Kris said.

“It’s difficult for them all to come here.” The eldest soldier said honestly, “Some of them are too lazy to move, some are fierce and have no contact with anyone. We can only call those who are familiar with us to come here.”

“That’s OK.” Kris said.

After the three soldiers left, Kris turned to looked at the Book Spirit and said, “Why are they so trusting?”

“I don’t know.” The Book Spirit scratched its head and said, “They are born like that. Probably it’s because they are influenced by the fierce and evil air. But if they are robbed by force, they will go, and they will go in a mob.”

“I see.” Kris said.

Kris didn’t expect the reason to be so frivolous.

Soon, the three soldiers came with a group of Soldier Spirits.

There are soldiers of Taoist King level, Taoist Emperor level, Immortal level, and even the Half-eternity level.

“Oh my god, we really make a killing.” Bixiao thought.

Covering her mouth, Bixiao thought, “These divine soldiers will make people craze if they are let out.”

“He is my master. Give him your heart of weapon and he will take us leave here.”

“I want to leave…”

“Yeah, I can leave here…”

As the Soldier Spirits said, they handled over their heart of weapon.

Kris got at least several thousand hearts of weapon.

“Senior, refine them with me.” Kris said.

“Me? I can’t do that. These are all yours. I don’t want to refine them.” Bixiao said.

Kris took Bixiao’s hand and said, “Senior, why you regard me as an outsider?”

“I…” Bixiao said.

Bixiao was nervous and happy. “I will refine them. But I don’t want so many weapons. I can’t use so many weapons. Just give me a few.” Bixiao said.

“I need 20 Soldier Spirits of immortal level.” Kris said.

As soon as Kris said that, 20 big men of immortal level stood out.

“Senior, these 20 men are yours. I can rest assured with them protecting you.” Kris said.

“OK.” Bixiao said.

Bixiao is not a pretentious person.

It took Kris half an hour to refine all the Soldier Spirits. There are 300 divine soldiers of Half-eternity level, 100 divine soldiers of Eternity level, 300 divine soldiers of Taoist King level, and 700 divine soldiers of Taoist Emperor level.

These Soldier Spirits are powerful, but they merely have single function.

They only have fierce and evil air.

“How many other people like you are here?” Kris asked.

“There are many more, but some of them are asleep. Those guys are fierce and strong.” The eldest soldier said.

“Can strangers approach them?” Kris asked.

“No. Once there is a stranger, the attention of all the Soldier Spirits will be attracted and they will kill the stranger.” The eldest soldier said.

“Do you know how you come into being?” Kris asked.

“Matter, man is born of their mother, and we are also born of our mother.” The third elder soldier said.


Kris was so shocked.

Can weapons give birth to children?

Bixiao was also shocked.

When weapons become fertile? Is it real?

“Tell me what’s that mean.” Kris said.

The eldest soldier scratched his head and said, “We don’t know, but we know we are born of our mother.”

“Why are you mother?” Kris asked.

“She’s sleeping” All the Soldier Spirits said together.

After hearing that, Kris was more curious. “Shuhai Sect is really amazing. Everything here is strange. There are Soldier Spirit and Book Spirit. It seems that there is a big secret here.” Kris thought.

Kris then thought of the voice of the old Book Spirit and wondered if those Soldier Spirits have the same mother.

Endowing Spirit can do that, but it can’t do that when it comes to such a large number and such high Stages.

“Can you take me to meet you mother?” Kris looked at them eagerly and said.

“Master, you can’t see her.”

“We can’t see her too.”

“No one knows where my mother is.”

All the Soldier Spirits lowered their head.

“Well, forget it. There will be other chances.” Kris waved his hands and said, “Except for Weapons House, do you have any brothers in other places? Let them to go with me.”

“I have a good relationship with people in Magical Pill House, but they are shrewd. They often treat me to give my fierce and evil air to them to refine pills.”

“I know Battle Formation Spirits in Battle Formation House. They are really shrewd and they cheat me every day.”

“I have a brother who is a Ghost Spirit of Law Enforcement House. They don’t dare to cheat me…”

“Magical Pill Spirit? Battle Formation Spirit? Ghost Spirit? Interesting! That’s really interesting!” Kris thought.

“Can you let them leave with me, just as you do?” Kris asked.


“The Battle Formation Spirit in Battle Formation House is stupid. They will come out as long as I tell them there is a new Battle Formation.”

“Magical Pill Spirit is also stupid. Master, do you have any medicine with you. They will come with me as long as I have medicine.”

“I can’t let Ghost Spirit leave with you. They can’t leave at will, because they will die if they walk away from where they are.”

“How can those stupid Soldier Spirits say others are stupid? The pot calls the kettle black.” Kris thought.

Kris has nothing but medicine, resources and achievement methods.

“I have many Battle Formations and medicine.” Kris said.

After handing out the Battle Formations and medicine to Soldier Spirits, Kris said, “Just go to ask your brothers to come here. I will wait for you here.”

Soldier Spirits left as soon as they got what Kris handed out to them.

Soon, the Soldier Spirits came back with a group of people behind them.

The first thing that caught Kris’s eye is a group of fat men of different colors. “Master, they are from Magical Pill House.”

Then Kris saw a group of young people with cool face. “Master, they are from Battle Formation House.”

“I am Huntian Pill in Taoist King level!”

“I am Xuanyuan Pill in Taoist Emperor level!”

“I am Yanghun Pill in Immortal level!”


“I am Due Battle Formation in Taoist King level!”

“I am Liangyibagua Battle Formation in Taoist Emperor level!”

Magical Pill Spirits exuded a strong fragrance of medicine and fluctuation came from Battle Formation Spirits. Some of them are good at defense, some are good at attack, and others are good at defense and attack.

Kris smiled and thought, “I really male a killing!”

As Kris had Magical Pill Spirits, he could have as many pills as he likes as long as he has raw materials.

Kris doesn’t need to take care of Battle Formation as he had Battle Formation Spirits. He just needs to give all the Battle Formations he has to them to study.

“Is there a kind of Refine Spirit who can refine weapons?” Kris asked.


After getting that answer, Kris thought, “That sounds reasonable. Though there are many resources in Shuhai Sect, they will all gone if there is a kind of Refine Spirit.”

Taking all the Spirits, Kris went further with the Immortal Book Spirit.

Kris got the fourth elder soldier and the fifth elder soldier, two Soldier Spirits in Half-eternity level. Kris asked them two to unleash attack force and found their power is as strong as those who are in the Fulfilled period of Taoist Emperor.

As there’s world limit, no power beyond Taoist Emperor level is allowed to appear.

Kris’s opportunistic, because with them to guide him, he would not be lost, and he would not be in danger.

After walking for half an hour, Kris took more Book Spirits along the way, some of them have achievement methods in Eternity level.

Kris Chen actually wondered why the will did that.

What’s the point of doing that?

However, what’s unknown to Kris is that he’s lucky to have people to lead the way. Others have no way to go this far.

Even if others have people to lead the way, they would encounter countless dangers.

Soon, the fourth elder soldier and the fifth elder soldier stopped. “Master, here’s the dividing line. Please take us away, or we will be killed once we cross the dividing line.”

After hearing that, Kris nodded and took Book Spirits and Soldier Spirits into Inner Universe.

“This should be the real interior area.”

Looking at the wall, Kris could feel the surging air of destruction above it.

This’s a wall made by murderous, fierce, evil and angry air.

“Senior, have you ever been in here?” Kris asked.

“No.” Bixiao shook her head and said.

This is her third visit to Shuhai Sect, and she had gone as far as the outer edge near the middle layer once.

Getting into the interior area is extremely difficult. What’s terrible is not to get killed by the Spirits, but to get the flesh grabbed by them.

“Has anyone been there before?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know.” Bixiao said with a wry smile on her face, “They won’t tell you even if they went there before.”

Kris touched his nose and picked up a few pieces of gravel from the ground, saying, “Throwing Beans into Soldiers.”

Then several strong men appeared in front of Kris. “Divide yourself into two teams. One goes to west and the other goes to the east. Look for where the entrance is.” Kris said.

“Yes, master.” The strong men said.

“Why you bothered to ask them to do that? Why don’t we just walk through it?” Bixiao said.

Kris didn’t say a word. He picked up a rubble and threw it away. In a flash, it was crushed to dust by an invisible force!

Chapter 790: Search Around

“Luckily, we are careful enough!”

Bixiao breathed in relief.

“I don’t know if there is anything valuable inside.”

Shuhai Sect Ruins was a blessed place for Kris Chen.

Soon, several stone soldiers came back, “there is an exit thirty miles ahead!”

“Sis, let’s go!”

The two came to the exit, “you first.”

One stone soldier strode in and then walked out.


Kris said, “sis, let’s go.”

Once they walked inside, Kris threw Beans into Soldiers. This time, there were hundreds more stone soldiers, and with them in front, they were much safer.

Bixiao then realized that Kris was far more careful than her.

The inner circle was more well-built than the outer and middle circles.

“Sis, let’s find a place to have some rest and those soldiers can help us poke around.”

Kris then took out hundreds more small things that could receive messages and placed them on the stone soldiers.


Saying that, hundreds of stone soldiers headed towards different directions.

The inner circle was so big that it might be dangerous everywhere, and Kris didn’t dare to release his Divine Spiritual Power whenever he liked.

The stone soldiers were just tools, so they were the best for exploration.

The super-power chip could receive all the messages and then integrate the most useful information.

“Sis, do you feel tired?”

Kris found a relatively secret place and laid Barrier around. He then took out the table and stools and delicious meal, “let’s eat something first and wait for them.”

Bixiao was surprised to see all the things he took out. It was completely not an exploration but a holiday.

“Kris, I don’t think it’s good to do this here.”

“Don’t be. We can do nothing expect for waiting.”

Kris smiled, “hurry up. This was cooked by Chef Qian.”

Although Bixiao’ s Stage was Bigu, she still had longing for delicious food.

No one actually could resist these delicacies.

Now Run Qian and others were eating something great, so naturally, the ingredients were top ones and the ones for Kris were even the best.


Bixiao got surprised when she took a bite of it.

Her stomach felt warm and comfortable.

Kris poured a cup of spirit juice for her, and Bixiao just enjoyed it all.

By the time Bixiao finished, the super chips had also sorted out the useful information.

Half of the stone soldiers were lost and the one walking the farthest was out of thousands of miles, which had marked more than thousands of treasures.

However, there were also tens of thousands of traps. A complete topographic map appeared in Kris’ s brain.

Kris directly sent the picture to Bixiao.

“Kris, this is…the map within a thousand miles?”

“That’s right!”

Kris once again picked up a handful of debris from the ground and blew gently, adding a few hundred more stone soldiers.

As he did before, stone soldiers helped them explore the way.

“Sis, are you full?” “Yes.”

Bixiao was a little embarrassed, for most of the food was eaten by her.

“Let’s go.”

Kris took Bixiao’ s hand and walked forward. Bixiao didn’t say anything, but let Kris take her with blushed face.

With the map provided by the super power chip, Kris easily avoided those dangerous places.

“Sis, how does this feel?”

“Great!” Bixiao said with the treasure in her hand.

“That’s right. Let’s try to move as much as we can and then we don’t have to come back.”

Kris wanted something, planning to get all the treasures in Shuhai Sect at once.

But these treasures were not very precious. But actually, every sect has a treasure trove.

Shanhaizong was surely the same.

If they could enter the treasure trove, that would be awesome.

Kris hoped stone soldiers could bring some good news.

Along the way, stone soldiers were constantly being killed by ghosts and monster souls.

Kris directly took out tens of thousands of advanced Principle stones, which directly created tens of thousands of stone soldiers.

With extraordinary mana and the advanced Principle stone as the core, Kris didn’t lose much mana.

The mana he lost was gained by swallowing tens of billion Principle stones. Kris had nothing else but resources.

He could do anything as he wanted.

With tens of thousands more stone soldiers, the search area was further expanded, and even some weaker monsters were killed.

Wherever there were monsters guarding, the treasure was definitely worth a lot.

Kris once again challenged his power, taking out a hundred thousand advanced Principle stones and creating countless stone soldiers again.

“A group of ten. Kill the weak ones together when you run into them.”

“Yes, Lord.”

If it were just ordinary people, they would definitely not be able to do so as Kris, because they did not have his mana, so this was something that Kris could do.

Stone soldiers moved forward bit by bit, and the two were busy moving back and forth through the dense buildings.

Bixiao never thought that one day she could get so many treasures.

If not for Kris, she would not have the chance to enter the inner circle.

Time passed, and Bixiao calmed down little by little, from exhilaration to calmness.

Some ordinary treasures couldn’t arouse her interest.

What she got today was more than her past years’ practice.

“Wait, there is something ahead.”

Kris received the information which said that there were someone fighting ahead.

He gave orders to the stone soldiers to hide themselves and watch the battle.

Soon, he received the images.

“It’s Bingning Li!”

Kris recognized her right away. In fact, it was really hard not to recognize such a cold and beautiful woman.

“They also entered the inner circle as well.”

“Kris, she seems to have run into big trouble.”

Bixiao received the same message from Kris, “what a strong Earth-bounded Ghost, and those with black aura emanating from their bodies, they are corpse demons, right?”

The corpse demons, half corpse and half demon, were extremely strong and invincible.

The weapon’s strikes caused no harm to them.

“Leave her alone. Llet the stone soldiers go around them and we continue to search.”

Kris didn’t care about her at all. It’s really none of his business.

Bixiao nodded, for she didn’t want to save her too.

After living for millions of years, if she didn’t do so, she shouldn’t be a Practitioner.

They were not ruthless, but the world.

The story of the farmer and the snake was seen everyday during their practice.

“Wanyou Cold Ice!”

Bingning possessed Wanyou Divine Vessel, so she had strong power in Cold Ice, which could give her some strong amplification.

However, the Earth-bounded Ghost had no form, so Bingning couldn’t cause much harm to him.

The corpse demon couldn’t hurt Bingning, but there were too many of them, which were difficult to conquer.

Ka, ka. The space around was frozen.

The earth-bound grudge roared and the sound wave spread, which crushed the ice.

The frozen corpse demons once again regained its power and were able to move.

“Extreme Cold.” Bingning’ s voice was cold and clear, even the space seemed to be frozen and shattered.

“Seal!” At this moment, the Earth-bound Ghost was frozen, as well as the corpse demons.

These shitty things were very difficult to deal with and there were no better ways to deal with them.

Too many people died here, so for tens of millions of years, this place was the nest of ghosts, and it was impossible to overwhelm the grievances.

“Who’s there?”

Bingning shouted appeared in front of the stone soldiers the next moment.

“Throwing Beans into Soldiers?”

She didn’t expect that her every move had been spied on.

“Seal!” Then the stone soldiers were frozen.

“The person who created you must be around here.”

What a sensitive six senses. Kris didn’t expect her to find him.

Kris was a little surprised, but he was now thousands of miles away from her, so she couldn’t find him.

Even if she did, Kris wouldn’t be afraid of her.

From her battle with the Earth-bound Ghost, Kris knew she didn’t have better ways to deal with those ghosts and monsters.

But maybe she was too kind.

Anyway, Kris did not believe a Tianjiao would be so kind-hearted.

“Kris, what if she comes for us?”

“We’re gonna beat it. We have the sword.”

Pun intended. But fortunately, Bixiao did not know what he meant.

“Bixiao, eat this Earth-bound pill.”

“No, you should eat it.”

“Please, eat it.”

In the end, Bixiao had no choice but eat it.

This was the third one she took, and it was very effective; her Sun Soul had always been her weakness.

Now with the pure pill, she could make up for it.

The Middle Period of Taoist King, the Later Period and soon it would be the Fulfilled Period.

Feeling the power from Bixiao, Kris rubbed his chin, “I need to prepare some more pills, so when it comes to Taoist Emperor, the Sun Soul can be advanced together.”

“By the way, sis, before that, you’d better improve your physical condition as well, so that the soul, principle and the body can be advanced all together, so that you can be better at combating!”

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