“I said you are pretty good, how much did your casino cost?” Fred Whitman asked with a smile.

“My casino is quite big. The decoration is about 100 million US dollars. The house was found by my mother, and it was built before by my mother. There must be more than 100 million US dollars. Then, the floor, my casino’s The floors are all paved with gold…” Chuck Cannon said like a few treasures.

“You! Don’t say this!” How could Joanna Shields listen?

The renovation cost hundreds of millions of dollars?

What does this look like?

Also, paved the floor with gold?

What a brain-disabled person to be able to boast such a cowhide?

Kristen was stunned. According to what Chuck Cannon said, this casino is at least one billion U.S. dollars.

Chuck Cannon actually opened such a big one in foreign?

How long will it take to return to the original?

“Auntie, let him go on and read it, it’s very interesting.” Fred Whitman was really laughing.

Still, investing so much?

Is it possible!

Joanna Shields’s disgust was now to the extreme!

“Then since your casino is so big, how much water is flowing every day?”

“This, there must be hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“Haha! Hundreds of millions of dollars? Do you dare to say it!” Fred Whitman sneered.

“Is there anything I dare not say? On the first day, I opened the business, I won 10 billion dollars myself!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Kristen was in shock!

Won so much on the first day?

My goodness!

Ten billion dollars!

This is more before she went bankrupt, and he made so much in one day?

“Haha, I really laughed at me, what kind of casino can make you win so much money in one day? U.S. dollars? Or children playing fake coins!” Fred Whitman laughed.

His ridicule has reached the point of hideousness.

Win 10 billion a day?

What is this concept?

Don’t talk about the world, but in the whole universe he is number one, right?

This kid doesn’t know how to brag?

Too unprofessional.

“U.S. dollars, not coins!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “You haven’t reached the point where I am. It’s normal for you not to believe it!”

“Haha! So what’s your point? You really make people laugh when you talk, let me tell you, my family’s money, you can’t think of how much!!”

“Several tens of billions?” Chuck Cannon asked.

What a big tone!!

Joanna Shields really can’t listen anymore, so calmly saying tens of billions?

What kind of shame is this?

“Yes, tens of billions! This is real money!” Fred Whitman stepped down. This was a condescending look with sarcasm, “You, don’t pretend to be in front of me! I will really slap you in the face, you even have a chance to fight back. You have nothing.”

“Well, only tens of billions? That’s not enough even for the money that I won that day!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Is it??”

Fred Whitman grinned and said, “Then your casino business is really good. Since you are so rich, then I want to play with you, dare you?”

This is a playful look.

“What are you playing?” Chuck Cannon shrugged and asked indifferently.

What is he afraid of?

You can play as much as you like!

“You promise or not!”


“Okay, come with me! Auntie, Kristen. You both come here too!!” Fred Whitman snapped his fingers, and the car from a distance came over.

A Rolls Royce.

“Get in the car, this kind of car, you probably haven’t done it!!” Fred Whitman smiled.

“I drove!” Chuck Cannon drove a car over.

“Oh, what car!”

“Hey, it’s at the gate of the community.”

“More than 300,000 Benz? Are you driving here?” Fred Whitman smiled.

“Yes, it’s not bad.” Anyway, they are all in the underground parking lot of his mother, and they are all in their own homes. Of course, Chuck Cannon can drove out at will.

There is nothing too particular about it.

“You haven’t driven a good car or a luxury car. Of course, you think it’s good, Auntie, Kristen, you can get in the car!” Fred Whitman invited.

Today, he decided to slap Chuck Cannon in the face so that Kristen gave up on Chuck Cannon.

It’s very simple, just remove his lies.

Joanna Shields stared at Chuck Cannon impatiently!

She got in the car.

Kristen didn’t say a word and got into Chuck Cannon’s car!

Joanna Shields was annoyed, what a dead girl!!

“Fred, don’t mind! Kristen is like that?” Joanna Shields worried that Fred Whitman would be angry.

What would Fred Whitman be angry about? Kristen will soon be disappointed with Chuck Cannon!

Then she will fall into his arms!

“Auntie, how can I be angry!” Fred Whitman closed the car door and snapped his fingers!

His driver drove!

“Fred, how are you going to play with him?”

“Auntie, it’s easy to play! This kind of clown, I will expose him to Kristen, and let Kristen see his true face under disguise, I think Kristen will change her mind.”

“Then I can rest assured, I just heard him bragging, I really want to give him a slap to get him out! A casino wins 10 billion a day? Why doesn’t he say to win 100 billion!”

“Hehe, don’t be angry, Auntie, it’s not worth it. I listen to him as a joke.”

“It’s really uncomfortable to listen to him. Anyway, he has refreshed my perception of shame.” Joanna Shields felt really hard to say, how did his daughter get deceived by him?

The discerning people are all fake when they hear Chuck Cannon’s words!

My daughter actually believed it firmly. This is crazy.

“Hehe! Auntie, you’ll watch it later, I’m going to slap him in the face, he would have nowhere to hide!” Fred Whitman said grimly.

This place, but his family is the richest!

Chuck Cannon dare to compare with himself, this is looking for death!

“Well, demolish him, let him go!”

“Auntie, don’t worry!”

In Fred Whitman’s eyes, Chuck Cannon was rubbish. It is an honour for Chuck Cannon to let Chuck Cannon play with him!

Chuck Cannon drove along.

Anyway, what Fred Whitman was playing with, he would just accompany him.

“Chuck Cannon, what did you meet in foreign? Today you are different from what you were before.”

“This is a long story. I’ll say it tonight.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Where did you say it at night? In the car?” Kristen’s voice became smaller unconsciously.

Chuck Cannon was stunned, and smiled with a knowing smile, “Whatever you want!”

“I don’t, whatever you say,” Kristen said, actually flirting with Chuck Cannon?

After Chuck Cannon smiled, his face became serious, “Kristen, I’m sorry, I was not by your side when such a big thing happened to you!”


Most people can’t bear this kind of blow, but people like Kristen can bear it. If they are replaced by others, they don’t know what decadence is like.

“Don’t say that, I’m already very happy that you can come back to find me,” Kristen said, yes, she was moved more than that.

“Well, when I come back, I will help you make a comeback!”

“No, I’ll do it myself, don’t interfere!” Kristen couldn’t hear this. If Chuck Cannon helped her, then what is the difference between herself and the burden?

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