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Chapter 79 – 80: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 79: Seducing him actively (1)

Kerry was relieved when he saw her open her eyes, then he put her arm down. She’s got bruises on her arms from Kerry’s pinching.

Venus frowned and said weakly, “What are you doing?”

She finally knew why she felt pain in her dream. “He pinched my arm, causing me great pain. But why did he do this?” She thought.

“I’ve made you good and mad, haven’t I?” Kerry narrowed his eyes and said deliberately, “I did this on purpose.”

Venus didn’t want to talk to him and tried to close her eyes again, but feeling the sharp pain again.

Kerry had to pinch her arm to prevent her from passing out again.

“Why are you pinching me again?” Venus stared at him with open eyes and said.

“You’re not allowed to close your eyes!” Kerry looked at her and said coldly.

Venus thought she’d go crazy sooner or later herself even if he didn’t torture her to death.

Venus froze, only then noticed that there was someone standing in the room. The man was Dr. Han.

“Venus, don’t blame Kerry. He’s just a little mean sometimes.” Dr. Han said, and then he suddenly noticed Kerry’s cold stare, which made him subconsciously afraid.

Dr. Han was silent and muttered, “He just threatened me to put a gun to my head if I couldn’t get her to wake up. Now that she finally wakes up, he’s being so mean to her. I really don’t understand what he’s doing.”

But Dr. Han didn’t dare to say that out loud, he could only whine about it inside.

Then he said to Venus, “You were in a very dangerous situation just now. The tetanus caused the wound to become infected and brought on a high fever, and you’re weak. If Kerry doesn’t do this, you could……..”

Dr. Han didn’t finish his sentence and Venus had guessed what he was going to say. She’d just seen her mom and dad when she was unconscious, and it seemed like it was her hallucination, or maybe she almost couldn’t wake up.

She suddenly thought herself better off dead. She would be better off dead than to live in such pain. If she died, she would not have to endure the pain of betrayal and humiliation.

Venus looked calm, as if she was disappointed to have woken up.

“Doctor Han, thank you.” She said coldly.

“You are the most frequently injured patient I’ve ever encountered. Although it’s good to see you, I truly hope this is the last time we’ll see each other.” Dr. Han waved his hand and said meaningfully,

As soon as the he said this, Kerry immediately looked at him and gave him a warning look.

Dr. Han shrugged, but out of his professional ethics as a doctor, he looked serious and said, “Mr. Ye, I’m serious. I can’t promise that I can save her every time. I’ve finished what I have to say, so I’ll leave first.”

Then Dr. Han left the room.

“I’m tired, you can leave now.” Venus said to Kerry. With only the two of them left in the room, Venus really didn’t have the strength to take any more of his torture.

Kerry looked at her pale face and said nothing, leaving quietly.

Then Venus closed her eyes, tears falling from the corners of her eyes.

“Brother, I don’t even have someone I can trust now. What am I supposed to do?” Venus talked to herself.


Kerry hadn’t been in her presence since that day and Xingyou Qiao hadn’t bothered her.

Life was quiet for Venus. Even the maid was treating her better than before. When she ate, Mrs. Qin always brought the food to her room and only left after she ate.

On this day, Mrs Qin was still standing on the side, watching her eat and occasionally serving her soup and dishes.

Venus slowly put down her chopsticks, said softly, “Mrs. Qin, you don’t need to serve me when I eat.”

She was uncomfortable with someone staring at her while she ate.

Mrs. Qin wore an unnatural smile and said truthfully, “Mr. Ye ordered me to do that. I don’t dare to disobey it.”

Upon hearing that she mentioned Kerry, Venus lost her appetite for the meal. She lay down on the bed and said indifferently, “I don’t want to eat. You just take them all away.”

When Mrs. Qin heard this, she was tense and said, “You are very weak now. Please eat more.”

Venus sat up abruptly, and asked indifferently, “Is this also his order?”

Mrs. Qin didn’t dare lie, so she just nodded.

Venus was furious. She felt she was like a bird herself that lost freedom, locked in a cage by Kerry. Every day someone took turns watching her, which was working her last nerve.

Venus tried to restrain his anger. She took a deep breath, and said, “You get him here. I want to talk to him personally.”

Mrs. Qin furrowed and she said carefully, “Mr. Ye is at the office now.”

“When is he coming back?” Venus asked.

“He’ll be back in the evening after work. Please wait patiently.” said Mrs. Qin.

“When he gets off work in the evening, you tell him I have something for him.” said Venus.

“Yes, Miss.” Mrs. Qin answered.

Chapter 79: Seducing him actively (2)

After Mrs. Qin left, Venus was bored. Her right hand was injured, so she can’t draw the sketches for now. She picked up her cell phone and entered a chat application, where the first thing she saw was the latest message from Xinyou Qiao.

“The happiest thing is to have lunch with the man I love every day.”Xinyou posted.

She had also posted two pictures of food. In one of the pictures, there were several steaks on a plate with knives and forks neatly arranged, and in the other, a bottle of red wine and two tall glasses.

As soon as the message was posted, many replies appeared below. Some were from their college classmates expressing their envy of her, and others asked if her boyfriend was rich.

Venus recalled that Xinyou Qiao had said that it was Kerry who had lunch with her every day. Now she understood that Xinyou Qiao and Kerry had already had an affair.

Venus felt like she was a fool herself before. At that time she was even worried that they didn’t get along well.

Maybe Venus was very disappointed in Xinyou Qiao, so she looked at Xinyou’s profile photo, hesitated and finally deleted Xinyou from her contacts.

“Xinyou Qiao, you’re not my friend from now on.” Venus swore.

Then Venus rubbed her eyes and lay down on the bed, and soon fell asleep.

After work, Kerry Ye returned to the villa and Xinyou also came back with him. The two of them went to the dining table and sat down, and Mrs. Qin started to order people to serve food.

“Did Venus eat today?” Kerry picked up his chopsticks and asked Mrs. Qin coldly,

Xinyou, who was on the side, was jealous when she heard that. She was filled with anger. She really couldn’t understand what Kerry was thinking. He hadn’t been visiting Venus for the past few days, so Xinyou thought he didn’t care about Venus at all. But he asked Mrs. Qin every day if Venus ate something.

“Does he still care about Venus? How does he really feel about Venus” Xinyou thought.

Mrs. Qin didn’t dare to lie. She sighed gently and said, “Miss Mu doesn’t want me to serve her, she says she’ll be uncomfortable.”

“She’s so troublesome.” Kerry snorted and said indifferently.

Mrs. Qin suddenly remembered something, and then said, “Miss Mu said that she wanted to talk to you.”

Xinyou was curious, “What does Venus want to talk with Kerry?”

Kerry picked up a handkerchief to wipe his hands, and said, “Did she really say that?”

“Yes.” said Mrs. Qin.

Thinking briefly, Kerry stood up and went straight up the stairs to the second floor.

When she saw Kerry go upstairs to Venus, Xinyou clutched her hands tightly.

“Venus even dares to approach Kerry. It seems that she wants me to give her more lessons.” She thought.

She put down her chopsticks and quickly went upstairs as well. Until Venus’s door was open, she pressed her ear against the door and eavesdropped on their talk inside.

“You wanted to see me for something?” Kerry asked faintly.

Venus sat up from the bed and put the pillow under her waist and said, “Please don’t let Mrs. Qin watch me for dinner again. I’m uncomfortable.”

When she finished, Kerry walked toward her slowly, looking at her and said indifferently, “This has nothing to do with me.”

Venus was a little angry. “Why is this man always so overbearing? Hasn’t he ever learned to respect others?” She thought.

Then Venus took a deep breath, tried to calm herself, and said, “Mr. Ye, this has been a violation of my freedom.”

“What did you call me?” Kerry asked. He was a little annoyed.

Venus looked stunned, and then remembered that she had called him Mr. Ye. She thought it was appropriate, or at least the title fitted their current relationship.

He had never taken her as his wife and she had never taken him as her husband.

“I think I’m right in calling you that.” Venus answered with a calm look.

Kerry was unhappy when she called him like that. He said coldly, “You are not allowed to call me that. You know you are my wife.”

“You’ve never thought of me as your wife, nor would I ever think of you as my husband, and that’s an apt description of our relationship.” Venus replied.

Kerry furrowed, and then he walked closer to her, lifted her chin with his hand, and said coolly, “You are right. You are indeed unworthy of the title of my wife; you are merely my bedfellow.”

Venus had expected him to say that, but she didn’t retorted. She just looked at him with a blank expression. Now she didn’t care whether he humiliated her or not.

She suddenly realized that it was not tit-for-tat retaliation that could preserve her dignity, but indifference to him.

She took him for a vicious dog. She was angry that it had bitten her, but she would not bite the dog again.

Suddenly, Kerry kissed her on the lips so rudely that she couldn’t breathe.

When his punishing kisses affected her breathing and her chest ached from lack of oxygen, Venus reaffirmed her thoughts.

“He’s just a bastard who has no respect for others.”

Chapter 79: Seducing him actively (3)

Venus stretched out her arms and pushed hard against him, but she was completely pressed against the bed. He ripped her clothes roughly. Venus was furious.

Just as Venus felt like she was going to suffocate, his lips finally left hers. She was finally able to take a big gulp of fresh air. Just then, Kerry had taken off his jacket.

“Kerry, what do you want?” Venus tightly covered her chest with her hands and said fearfully.

“What else can man and woman do in bed?” said Kerry with a sneer.

“You stay away from me, I don’t want…..” Venus said loudly.

“How can he be so shameless? After he had slept with Xingyou Qiao, he can also have a sex with me as if nothing happened.” Venus thought hatefully.

“Do you have the right to refuse? Venus.” Kerry said coldly as he tore her clothes off.

At this moment, there was suddenly a sharp knock on the door. Then Xinyou Qiao’s voice came through the door, “Venus, are you asleep? I can’t sleep, can you talk with me?”

The two people on the bed froze. Hearing the knocking still continuing, Kerry slowly climbed up from the bed, fastened the button and went to the door and opened it.

Xinyou pretended not to know that Kerry was inside and said shyly, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were in there.”

Kerry looked calm and said indifferently, “I’m going back to my room. You guys just have a chat.”

Looking at his upright figure, Xinyou didn’t enter Venus’ room but closed the door and followed him.

When Venus heard the door being closed, she knew that Xinyou did it on purpose. Venus also knew that she came to the door at this time on purpose, but she helped Venus to get rid of Kerry indirectly, which was also a good thing for Venus.

After Kerry returned to his room, he saw Xinyou standing in the doorway when he was just about to close the door. He furrowed slightly and said, “Aren’t you looking for Venus?”

Xinyou reached out her hands and pushed the door open, then grabbed him around the waist and said sweetly, “Kerry, can I stay here tonight?”

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” Kerry froze and said seriously.

But she hugged him tighter, her shoulders trembling slightly, and said, “Do you like me? You think I’m not a good girl? Think I don’t…..”

Before she could finish her sentence, Kerry kissed her on the lips, causing her to become physically intoxicated.

Then she was picked up by him and placed on the soft bed. There was a romantic atmosphere. Her face became increasingly red. She silently enjoyed his caresses.

Kerry looked at her shy face, smelling her fragrant rose scent. Then he kissed her again, and there was a sound in his ear that she let out, but he suddenly stiffened, and his burning sexual desire vanished in an instant.

“Why does her sound remain me of Venus?” Kerry thought.

Seeing him suddenly stop, Xingyou panicked inside. She stretched out her arms and hugged his neck, saying shyly, “Kerry, don’t stop, I want……”

Chapter 80: Push Her Downstairs (1)

There is no way an average man could resist this temptation, but Kerry is not one of the average men. Her seductive sound only served to ruin his desires. He was doubting again whether she was truly the girl he met that night.

He remembered that girl was shy and innocent, and how could she change from a girl who was so pure to someone who is so open and who asks for sex on her own initiative within such a short period of time. He also remembered that girl made it very clear that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, so why does Xinyou wants him so much now? He realized there is something wrong.

“What is it? Kerry?” Xinyou asked sorrowfully.

Kerry looked away, and got up slowly and said in a flat voice: “I have something to deal with. I’ll be in the study. You can sleep now.”

A wave of sadness swept over her. She refrained her emotions and nodded slightly.

Kerry heaved a sigh. He took his coat and walked out.

When Kerry was gone, Xinyou clenched her fists tightly and knocked them fiercely on her bed. She then covered her face and comforted herself by saying: “It’s okay. He doesn’t want you now, and it’s not a big deal. Because he is yours sooner or later.”

She regained her composure. And she felt better when she remembered what Kerry said to Venus: “You are only a sex partner of mine!” She thought to herself: “Venus! I’ll never let you win!”


It was a beautiful morning with glorious sunshine. Venus, who had been staying indoors for quite a few days, decided to go for a walk outside. But the moment she walked to the stairs, Xinyou opened the door and appeared in front of her.

“What a coincidence. Are you going downstairs?” Xinyou smiled brilliantly and asked in a sarcastic tone.

Venus ignored her. She was about to go downstairs but her wounded hand was suddenly grabbed by Xinyou, and a sharp pain shoot up her arm.

“How do you feel when you see I walked out of Kerry’ s room?” Xinyou said wickedly.

Xinyou was pretty sure Kerry was touched by her last night, but he checked himself at the last moment. She swallowed her pride and asked him to love her, but he left her alone in the bedroom and didn’t go back the whole night. She couldn’t understand why would he do that. Doesn’t he hate Venus? And she knew perfectly what would become of them if there was no Venus.

An evil smile flickered across Xinyou’s face. She grabbed Venus’s hand even tighter, and said in a sharp voice: “Venus, what would it take for you to get divorced with Kerry.”

Venus’s face contorted in pain. The gauze was soaked by blood. She withdrew her hand in a flash and said flatly, while staring at the blood stains on the floor: “ You can ask him to get divorced with me.”

Xinyou delivered a slap across Venus’s face. Her eyes reflected her wickedness. “You know I can not! Venus! Why do you have to do this to me!”

Venus’s face was burning, but she felt her heart was pierced. She clutched at her chest, and her face was stony. She said in a cold voice: “I don’t want to compete with you. Don’t push me.”

Xinyou smiled again and walked slowly towards Venus. She then leaned towards Venus and whispered to her: “Venus, you will never win against me. Maybe we can do an experiment.”

Venus was confused.

Then Xinyou got hold of Venus’s left hand gently and pressed her hand against her chest.

“Let go of me!” Venus didn’t know what was Xinyou trying to do. She withdrew her hand and pushed her slightly.

The next thing she knew Xinyou was screaming for help hysterically. Xinyou then moved backwards rapidly and lost her balance and rolled down the stairs and lost her consciousness.


Kerry shouted from above, then he rushed downstairs. When he passed Venus, he glared at her murderously, and said in an icy voice: “You vicious woman! If Xinyou is hurt, I’ll destroy you.”

Chapter 80: Push Her Downstairs (2)

Venus froze. Kerry rushed downstairs and held Xinyou, who was in a coma, and shouted: “John! Hurry! We need to go to the hospital!”

They helped Xinyou onto the car. Venus remembered something suddenly, and she went downstairs and grabbed the door of the car, and said in a shivering voice: “Take me with you!”

Kerry glared at her balefully, and said gravely: “Go away!!”

“No. I must go with you!” Her voice was shivering but her eyes reflected her determination. “Didn’t you want to take revenge on me? What if I escape?”

Kerry then looked at her with undisguised contempt. He said grimly: “Then hurry up! Stop wasting our time!”

Venus got onto the car in an instant. Her wounded hand was still dripping blood but she didn’t mind at all.

The car zoomed off. Venus was filled with regret when she saw Xinyou, who was lying in Kerry’ s arms in a state of coma.

“What have I done? How could I push her downstairs!!!” The moment Xinyou rolled down the stairs flashed through her mind. And Venus was overwhelmed by remorse. She couldn’t forgive herself if Xinyou got badly injured.

Venus bit her lips tightly. She thought to herself: “Xinyou, you must be good. If you recover, I’m willing to give you anything, even my life! If you recover, I’ll get divorced with Kerry and stay far far away from you.”

They soon arrived at the hospital. Venus stood in front of the operating room helplessly, and she feels self-loathing. Her hand was bleeding all the time and she was already feeling dizzy, but she bit her lips to keep herself awake. “How can you fall asleep when Xinyou is going through an operation!”

All of a sudden, she received a slap from Kerry. It was so violent that she was sent moving backwards and her back hit the wall violently.

Kerry glared at her, and his hands grabbed her shoulders and he roared: “Venus! What are you doing! You want to kill her? You vicious woman!”

Venus’s eyes were moist. She said in a hoarse voice: “I didn’t mean to do it. It was an accident.”

“Accident?”Kerry grabbed her shoulders even tighter. “What difference does it make? You are not the one who is injured!”

Kerry’ s words pierced her heart, which was already broken. She shook her head nonstop, and she said in great agony: “I know I was wrong….I’m willing to do anything as long as she can wake up.”

Kerry said: “Don’t forget about what you said. If she dies, you will die with her!”

“I know…I know…”

At that time, the door to the operating room was opened. A female doctor walked out and asked: “Who is the patient’s family?”

Kerry released Venus and said anxiously: “I am. How is she?”

The doctor looked him grimly and asked: “What’s your relationship with her?”

Kerry thought for a moment and said: “I’m her boyfriend.”

Venus didn’t feel anything wrong about what he said. She was only concerned with Xinyou’ s health condition. As long as she wakes up, she can do anything for her.

“Is your blood type AB?”

Kerry shook his head and said: “No. My blood type is A.”

“Here is the thing. We need a donor for AB blood because it is currently in shortage. So I want to know whether her family member is here!”

Venus remembered her blood type is exactly AB. She rushed to the doctor and said excitedly: “Me! I have the blood she needs!”

The doctor asked: “What’s your relationship with her?”

“I’m her best friend. We have the same blood! Please trust me!” Venus said anxiously. She then pointed at Kerry and said: “He is her boyfriend and he can prove it for me!”

The doctor didn’t ask anything and took her to the operating room.

Kerry got mixed feelings. He looked after her skinny body as she walked away, and sunk into deep thoughts.

Chapter 80: Push Her Downstairs (3)

When he saw Xinyou being pushed downstairs by Venus, he wanted to strangle her. He couldn’t believe Venus is such a murderous woman that she even pushed her best friend downstairs.

He then remembered that Venus also said that he was Xinyou’s boyfriend. He was confused. He didn’t know whether Venus said it seriously or it was just a slip of the tongue.

All these thoughts gave him a server headache, and he garbed his hair nervously and said to himself: “Xinyou is still having an operation. Why am I thinking about what Venus has said!”

Xinyou, you must be good!

Venus opened her eyes. She felt tired. All her strength was drained from her body. She looked around and found she was lying on a bed.

“Why am I here? Wasn’t I donating blood? How is Xinyou?” She had many questions.

She then supported her body with her arm and tried to get up, but a nurse stopped her and said firmly: “You can’t get off the bed now!”


Before Venus could say anything, the nurse interrupted and said: “Your right hand was bleeding, and you just donated lots of blood. What’s more, the back of your head was injured. You must take a good rest now, or you will surly get ill!” The nurse made her lie down. Then she said pitifully: “How can you not take care of yourself! Where did you get all these injuries?”

Venus said bitterly: “Maybe it is my punishment.” She thought she was getting what she deserves for pushing Xinyou downstairs.

The nurse frowned. “What do you mean?” She asked.

Venus shook her head. Then something flashed through her mind and she asked nervously: “How is the patient who had surgery this morning?”

The nurse thought about it and answered: “You mean Mrs Qiao? She is awake now, and her boyfriend is taking care of her. Her boyfriend is so handsome.”

Venus nodded and said nothing.

The nurse put Venus on a drip and walked away with a tray.

When the nurse was gone, Venus removed the drip, and blood squirted out of the hole on her hand. She didn’t mind. She only wanted to apologize to Xinyou at that moment.

After surgery, Xinyou was moved to a VIP ward. Venus opened the door, but she was then stopped by what she saw.

Xinyou was sitting on a bed, and her head, being wrapped in a bondage, was resting on Kerry’ s shoulder. She looked so happy, because Kerry was feeding her carefully.

Venus knew it was not a good time. She looked down, feeling disappointed, and was about to get out, but Xinyou noticed her, and displeasure flickered in her eyes, but she soon concealed it by putting a giant smile on her face. She said gently: “Venus, where are you going? Come in!”

Venus felt awkward. She said flatly: “I’ll be here later. You can enjoy your food first.”

“Did you eat? Kerry bought so much, and I can’t eat all of them.” Xinyou patted on her bed, motioning Venus to sit beside her.

Venus felt sorrowful. She thought Xinyou would heap insults on her for what had happened, but instead, Xinyou was still so nice to her.

“What are you waiting for? You want us to move you here by force?” Kerry shouted impatiently.

Venus then walked into the ward, and she felt even worse because she couldn’t find a flicker of anger in Xinyou’s eyes. She said: “I’m terribly sorry,Xinyou. You can do anything to me! You can even hit me if that makes you feel better.”

Xinyou looked shocked. She smiled warmly and said: “Venus, you should forget about what happened. It was an accident. I was too careless.”

Kerry snorted. He said: “Xinyou, you are always too kind, and that’s why you are always the one who gets hurt.”

Xinyou covered Kerry’ s mouth with her hand and said: “I know. I’ll take care of myself in the future. I’m sorry I made you worry.”

Kerry stroked her nose gently and heaved a sigh. He said: “You are such a silly girl.”

Venus’s heart was filled with bitterness when she saw them being so happy together. But her eyes didn’t betray her emotions. She said flatly: “You can keep talking. I’ll go back now.”

“Wait a second.” Kerry said.

Venus turned around and met Kerry’s glare, and asked: “What’s the matter?”

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