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Chapter 79 – 80: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 79: I’m giving you a wayout

Downstairs Martin group, Colin Ward and Gerd Ward were standing in the hall.

Barr Martin kept violating his bottom line.

Last time Barr Martin drugged Doris Lee, fortunately Colin Ward arrived in time. Otherwise, he couldn’t imagine what would happen next!

This time, Barr Martin went straight for the jugular. If he could stand it, he wasn’t a man!

Fortunately, after the last time, Colin Ward had Gerd Ward install a tiny gps tracker on Doris Lee’s phone so he could keep track of Doris Lee’s whereabouts. If something happened to her, he’d be there first.

Shortly after installing the tracker, Barr Martin went back to work.

Colin Ward stood motionless in the hall. It was not like he couldn’t just break in with Gerd Ward. But this was the headquarters of the Martin Group, which had more security than the Light Steel Martin Group.

Gerd Ward was very powerful, but if there were hundreds of people on the other side, while Gerd Ward was alone…

That was why Colin Ward waited in the hall.

After a long wait, the receptionist finally got a call and said to Colin Ward and Gerd Ward, “Sir, the chairman is waiting for you in the conference room on the eighth floor.”

Colin Ward led Gerd Ward up.

Just out of the elevator, they saw the black-clad bodyguards from the elevator to the door of the conference room! People who didn’t know anything about it may think they were gangsters!

Colin Ward had no good temper when he got to the conference room door, so he kicked the door open.


The door opened, and everyone in the conference room glared at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward didn’t care about it, walked in slowly, glanced over and saw that there were seven or eight people here. Other than the three Martin family members, and a few he didn’t know, the rest were supposedly directors of the Martin Group.

Everyone was upset that Colin Ward kicked the door in, and Martin Barr slammed the table and stood up, “Colin Ward! Have you no fucking manners? How can you kick the door in here?”

Colin Ward stared coldly at Barr Martin.

Barr Martin took a small, involuntary step backward at Colin Ward’s gaze, then bragged, “What are you staring at? Am I wrong?”

Colin Ward scowled, “Cut the crap and give me my wife!”

“What your wife?” Barr Martin said angrily, “Your wife is not here!”

Colin Ward’s eyes grew darker.

Barr Martin didn’t see the change in his expression and was annoyed by his timidity just now. So he took a step forward, pointed to Colin Ward and laughed, “Colin Ward, you let your wife cheat on you, didn’t you?”

“You are here to catch her cheating? Ha Ha… Colin Ward, you ended up like this!”

“But I am really happy for your wife. She finally got over you, you son of a bitch!”

With this, Colin Ward’s eyes became even more gloomy.

He didn’t come here today to make a scene, and he didn’t want to involve the Martin Group. But Martin Barr didn’t appreciate him and talked shit about his wife!

How could he put up with that?

Colin Ward squinted and took a few steps forward.

Barr Martin backed away, “What are you… what are you doing?”

He wasn’t afraid of Colin Ward, but Gerd Ward behind him. He had seen what Gerd Ward could do!

Colin Ward was about to speak when Alan Martin interrupted him.

“Young man, do you have any idea where you are?” Alan Martin said majestically.

Colin Ward stopped and looked at the resemblance of Barr Martin to Alan Martin, “Martin group.”

Alan Martin saw Colin Ward as he should have been, and snorted, “Now that you know, what do you want to do? I advise you to calm down. This is not the place for you to make fun of.”

“I know you work here, but that’s no reason for you to run amok at the Martin Group! Besides, you’re just an employee of the Group. In fact, if you did, do you think the Group would fight us for you?”

Colin Ward said with indifference, “Who said that?”

Alan Martin was furious, “Don’t get cocky! Do you really think the group is going to fight over money for an employee? You’re still too young. In this society, profit is everything. I’m sure the Marquis Group isn’t that stupid.”

Colin Ward snorted, “You’re right. Profit comes first, but are you sure the Marquis Group really wants your profits? Are you too self-righteous?”

“You!” Barr Martin pointed angrily at Colin Ward, “You don’t know shit! What do you think you know?”

Colin Ward scowled again, “Give me my wife now.”

Barr Martin sarcastically said, “I said your wife is not here. If you’re going to catch her, go fuck yourself, not here!”

Colin Ward sneered, glanced at Alan Martin, and said with disdain, “You are really a father and son! You say the same thing.”

Alan Martin stared at him, “You are going to get yourself killed! This is no place for you to mess around.”

Colin Ward shook his head lightly, “No, you are the ones who want to die. I’m giving you a wayout.”

“Ha ha…” Barr Martin laughed, “Colin Ward, are you out of your mind? Give us a way out? Ha ha…”

The rest of the room laughed. Who’s Colin Ward? Giving life to the Martin Group? What a joke!

Chapter 80: Isn’t Colin Ward the chairman?

But then Colin Ward’s words blindsided him and everyone else.

“Barr Martin, is your company going out of business?” Said Colin Ward slowly.

“How do you know? Did you do this?” Martin Barr asked, thinking about it and shaking his head. “No! That’s impossible! You can’t do it!”

“Who did you hear it from?”

Barr Martin’s question was the same as everyone else’s. People didn’t believe Colin Ward did it. They just thought he must had heard something.

But on second thought, this kind of thing was not known to anyone but the parties involved. Well, if Colin Ward knew about it, it only meant…

Alan Martin asked in a hushed voice, “Come on, who is the guy behind you? The Marquis group?”

Everyone reacted immediately. Yes! There was someone else behind Colin Ward! But was Marquis group going against the Martin group? It didn’t make any sense.

Colin Ward looked at Alan Martin, didn’t say if it was the Marquis group, but asked, “Do you know why?”

With this, Alan Martin looked serious, and Barr Martin dared not interrupt.

The Marquis Group was the number one in Tianbei City, which no other company could match. And the Martin Group was second only to the Marquis Group. So it was only Marquis group that was qualified to deal with Martin group.

But for the Marquis group, dealing with the Martin Group would hurt them, just as it would have suffered huge losses of its own.

Alan Martin looked deep into Colin Ward’s eyes and said, “Please elaborate.”

Colin Ward suddenly reached out and pointed to Barr Martin. “It’s all because of him!”

Everyone instantly looked in the direction he was pointing.

Barr Martin turned pale and shook his head, “No way! You’re shitting me! I have nothing to do with the Marquis group!”

“You’re shitting me because I told you your wife gave you a cuckold! Besides, how can Marquis Group go after the Martin Group because of me?”

Everyone kept nodding. He had a point.

“Barr Martin is the third son of our group. But to be honest, he really has nothing to do with the chairman of Marquis group.”

“No! That’s not possible!”


Alan Martin nodded. And he didn’t really believe that Barr Martin could mess with the Marquis Group.

Colin Ward sneered, “So tell me, why is the Marquis Group only attacking his company, not the Martin Group’s other properties?”


Everyone was speechless.

Because it was the truth. Indeed, only companies and chains owned by Barr Martin were targeted by the Marquis Group.

Colin Ward looked at Alan Martin, “For offending the Marquis Group chairman and ignoring the warnings over and over again.”

“Chairman Martin, the playboy who almost ruined the Martin group, shouldn’t you slap him around a little bit?”

Alan Martin’s hands trembled.

Colin Ward said, “What? You can’t do it?”

Alan Martin gritted his teeth. To be honest, he wanted to. His son deserved a beating for nearly ruining Martin Group!

But to have him beat his own son in front of so many people, wouldn’t that be dishonoring him? What’s more, he just listened to an employee of Marquis group!

Barr Martin said anxiously, “Dad! He’s full of shit! I don’t even know the Marquis Group chairman! And I sure as hell ain’t gonna offend him! It’s Colin Ward talking nonsense here!”

“Besides, he’s just a general manager. Any decision should be made by the president or the board of directors.”

Alan Martin paused. He thought Colin Ward was just an employee, but he was also a general manager. But even so, a general manager didn’t have this qualification!

At the same time, John Martin was thinking.

If Barr Martin really did piss off the Marquis Group chairman, he wouldn’t have to worry about Barr Martin having a place in the Martin Group, which he could have easily acquired.

The trouble was that if Barr Martin didn’t change his mind, and the Marquis group got angry and went after the entire Martin Group, it was not going to pay off.

“You can’t, as a general manager, decide something like this between two groups, unless you bring in your Marquis Group chairman.”

Alan Martin responded, and said coldly to Colin Ward, “The Marquis Group and my son have a personal vendetta that shouldn’t come from the general manager of your company, and that doesn’t end well for everyone. Besides, it’s not clear whether Marquis Group wants to take on the Martin Group or not, you’re in no position to say so!”

Barr Martin chimed in, “Yes! You’re trying to blackmail us and break up the Martin Group and the Marquis Group! You are so insidious.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Colin Ward was just saying that, and there was no proof, so his story didn’t stand up. Who would believe that?

John Martin took out his phone and said, “If we want to know if he’s telling the truth, just make a call. I happen to know a director at the Marquis Group, and I’m calling him right now to confirm.”

With this, the crowd cheered up.

Colin Ward raised his eyebrows slightly, thought of Adam Moore, and then asked, “Are you sure you want to call?”

“Ha ha… Colin Ward, are you scared?” Barr Martin was instantly elated.

Colin Ward shook his head. “Well, call him.”

Barr Martin continued, “Colin Ward! Let’s wait and see. You will not leave this building today unless you give us an explanation!”

Colin Ward was calm though.

John Martin had already dialed the telephone, and to humiliate Colin Ward, he turned on the speaker.

All eyes turned to him, intent.

But the conversation that followed came as a complete shock.

“Hello, Adam Moore, this is John Martin.”

“John Martin! How dare you call me!” Adam Moore said angrily.

“What’s the matter?”

“Damn it, you almost got me killed!”

“Adam Moore, what do you mean by that? When did I screw you?”

“Don’t you fucking play dumb. You told me to fire someone, and it turned out to be the fucking chairman of our company. You asked me to fire my chairman? Are you out of your mind?”

John Martin was stunned, “No, the guy I told you to fire was Colin Ward, General Manager of your company. What’s he got to do with the chairman?”

“Damn it, isn’t Colin Ward the chairman?”



John Martin was a little annoyed about Adam Moore hanging up his phone. “Why hang up? You don’t Know How many Colin Ward you have in your company, and you’re still…”

Before he finished his sentence, John Martin was devastated.

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