Chuck Cannon was helpless! He knew that Kristen would refuse.

Force her to take help? Chuck Cannon can’t do it.

“Well, what you do, I will support you.” Chuck Cannon’s face was serious.

Kristen wants to be a strong woman, so let her do it well, this is her dignity as a woman!

Chuck Cannon couldn’t bear to deprive her.

“Thank you!” Kristen’s heart was also moved.

“Thank me for what? But when I am going to play with Fred Whitman, don’t stop me,” Chuck Cannon’s eyes chilled.

“No.” Kristen laughed cunningly. She also wanted to know, what exactly does Fred Whitman want to play with Chuck Cannon?

But the essence is definitely related to money.

“By the way, you really won so much money on the first day when the casino opened?” Kristen couldn’t help it, she wanted to know.

“Well, I’ll talk to you well,”

“Okay.” Kristen cleaned her ears and listened respectfully.

Chuck Cannon said it all, Kristen was shocked, she didn’t know that Chuck Cannon could actually play dice and won so much money!

It’s incredible!

“Here, about the matter over there, I will say tonight.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Tonight? All right.” Kristen blushed.

They got out of the car, Fred Whitman, Joanna Shields was already waiting at the door, their faces were impatient!!

“Oh, wanna play with this?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

He thought, what Fred Whitman was going to do, it was all about shopping!

“Yes, shopping! The diamonds inside are very big, the most expensive one is more than 10 million. Can you afford it? How many can you buy?” Fred Whitman grinned.

Drive a car of more than 300,000, and want to buy more than 10 million masonry and tens of millions of diamond necklaces?

Dream about it!

“Let’s go in and take a look first.” Chuck Cannon didn’t care much and shrugged.

Joanna Shields despised Chuck Cannon, he’s here now, still pretending?

Can you afford diamonds worth more than ten million?

Kristen didn’t say anything, and the four of them entered.

“Master Fred!!” The manager of the jewellery shop smiled and even came over to welcome him in person!

Fred Whitman is a frequent visitor to their jewellery store. As the store manager, she must welcome him!

“Well, I came to see a good diamond necklace, you can take the best out! Remember, it should be the most expensive!”

“Young Master Fred, don’t worry!” The store manager went to take it in surprise thinking today it’s big business again.

As for Chuck Cannon who walked in behind, as the store manager, she didn’t even glance at it.

Fred Whitman was enough, and other cats and dogs, she doesn’t bother to receive them in person!

“Master Fred, this is the most expensive diamond in our shop. This is a diamond necklace. There are 108 diamonds, worth 38 million! This chain of necklaces are all handmade and inlaid with three hundred and one. Eighteen diamonds are worth 50 million!! And this is the best jade among the jade! Master Fred, how shiny is this jade bracelet? This is worth 8 million!!” The store manager introduced with all his strength.

“Is this imperial green?”

Chuck Cannon asked casually.

The shop manager looked at Chuck Cannon contemptuously, “This gentleman, do you know what jade is? The imperial green you said is a very rare one. Our boss has been making jewellery for decades, and he hasn’t got a piece of imperial green in a year. The value is amazing! Can you afford it?”

Looking at Chuck Cannon’s outfit, she thought he definitely can’t afford it!

Actually, still have the face to ask the emperor green?

What an ignorant layman.

“I don’t need to consume. I have three pieces of emperor green, worth more than two billion. If I want a bracelet, I can make it for myself.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

It seems that three pieces of emperor green, all made, should be able to sell more!

“This gentleman, are you kidding? Three pieces of imperial green? Do you know the value of imperial green? Obviously, you don’t know!” the store manager said contemptuously.

Three imperial greens?

This will cause violent looting!

This is the big jeweller who has the ability to stock three pieces of emperor green! Don’t even think about other people’s dreams!

Fred Whitman smiled grimly, this bragging is addictive, right?

Just now you brag about the biggest casino, but now you brag about three pieces of emperor green?

Joanna Shields still couldn’t listen, it was too uncomfortable.

Kristen’s beautiful eyes were moving, three pieces of emperor green?

Chuck Cannon is still playing rock betting now?

“I know,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

He already knew it.

“You really know, you won’t say anything. There are three pieces of emperor green. To be honest, if you are heard by others, people will laugh at you, so pay attention to it!!” The manager didn’t want to talk to Chuck Cannon. Looks at him like wasting time.

Today’s biggest customer is Fred Whitman i.e. Master Fred!

How can they waste time on people who don’t even matter?

“Chuck Cannon, which one will you buy?” Fred Whitman asked with a sneer.

The worst is the 8 million worth at starting price, this shameless pen definitely can’t afford it!

“Me? I don’t like it. This is what emerald, I have emperor green. I definitely don’t want it. I also have a very big diamond. There is no need to take it,” Chuck Cannon still remembered. Yvette gave him a big diamond.

Does this kind of diamond look better than that? Higher value?

“So you mean not to buy it?” Fred Whitman smiled.

The store manager couldn’t listen anymore. He said Emperor Green for a while, and Big Diamond for a while. This person is shameless enough.

“No need to buy it.”

Chuck Cannon still said this.

“What are you talking about? What about your big diamond? Take it out!” Fred Whitman pressed harder.

Joanna Shields laughed sarcastically, there was a fart!

“I don’t take it with me everywhere.” Chuck Cannon really didn’t take it. Three pieces of imperial green. In the mother hotel, the big diamond was also in the luggage of the hotel. Chuck Cannon must have not brought it out!

Besides, what do you bring out for?

“Can you change an excuse?” Fred Whitman ridiculed, “Just say you can buy it or not!”

“Not buying!”

Joanna Shields became impatient, “If you won’t buy it, what are you doing? A waste of time!”

“I want to buy other,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Other? What can you buy?” Joanna Shields wanted to slap Chuck Cannon, too shameless.

“Still considering.” Chuck Cannon said.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Joanna Shields didn’t want to listen.

“Wrap it up, wrap up all three!” Fred Whitman smiled. He snapped his fingers and took out a card. The store manager was overjoyed, he bought them all?

It’s almost 100 million, this is a really big business!

“Wait a minute, Master Fred, I’ll wrap it up for you!” The store manager personally packed.

After a while, it’s all right.

Fred Whitman took the packaged box and said, “Chuck Cannon, right? You have no money at all!!”

Certainly not!

What I said just now is so good, when I actually buy it, there are excuses everywhere.

Joanna Shields hummed impatiently, “Let’s go! What else to look at?”

“I haven’t bought anything yet!” Chuck Cannon said suddenly.

“Oh, what are you buying? I have already bought the most expensive one. If you buy something worth tens of thousands of dollars, don’t buy it.” Fred Whitman waited to give the necklace to Kristen!

“Are you sure you bought the most expensive one?” Chuck Cannon smiled mysteriously.

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