Chapter 791 – 792: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 791: The Gathering of Geniuses

What was love? Bixiao had no aware of the notion, however, she felt good of been cared and was very shy.

“My physical body is not that strong, only at the Late Period of transcendence.” Bixiao was a bit embarrassed. Although Kris was younger than her, he helped her a lot.

Kris rubbed his chin and thought that Bixiao was indeed too weak now. She couldn’t be ranked as a genius. Besides, she was only better than those intermediate practitioners in terms of combat power.

He had to help her, how could his senior be so weak?

“Senior, I have a way to help you improve your physical body, do you want to try?”

“What is it?”

“I’ll show you.”

Kris flexed his fingers and passed the Smelting Art to Bixiao, it was now very mature after years of refining. Besides, it was the skill for the disciples of Gengu No.1 Sect.

With this skill, even an idiot could become a genius. Talent meant nothing here.

Then Bixiao closed her eyes and absorbed the skill.

At this moment, a voice was heard, “Are you the ones that spy on me?”

Then Kris quickly turned back and found Bingning Li, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Obviously, he knew this woman, but he didn’t how she avoid the scan of Chao.

“So you don’t admit your actions?”

Bingning grew sullen and asked, “Are these stone soldiers sent by you?”

“So what?” Kris narrowed his eyes, “How can you say that? This place belongs to no one, I can go as I want, it’s none of your business.”

He wouldn’t flatter her for she was not his wife.

“Besides, it’s you who spy on us now.” Kris stepped forward and protected Bixiao.

“I know you, you are the Practitioner who defeated Yu Qin in a second.”

Then Bingning became nervous, he must be powerful for he could defeat Yu so easily.

Although she knew Yu didn’t use all his strength, she should still be careful.

“You should have sent a lot of stone soldiers to poke around, right? It’s indeed a good idea!” Bingning nodded, and then thousands of incarnations made of crystals appeared behind her.

“The same strategy? Shit!”

“You can’t be like this, I’ve already cleared all the threats here, how can take advantage of us?”

“There’s no owner here. You can’t say that too.”

“I also hit woman!”

Kris really disliked such fairies who were really arrogant. If wasn’t for she looked pretty, he would definitely beat her.

Hearing this, Bingning became nervous, it turned out that he was a grumpy person. She’d better find the treasure first.

“I won’t let you go if you dare to spy on me again.” After saying this, Bingning left casually.

Why did she leave?

Kris frowned and thought in his heart, “Well, she won’t interrupt senior then.”

After a while, Bixiao opened her eyes in excitement, “Kris, the skill is really valuable.”

“Well, it’s just a result of my study.” Kris waved his hand and tell her the truth.

His study?

Then this was definitely his personal treasure and was much more valuable than the Time Methods.

No wonder Kris could defeat the Taoist King at the Detachment Stage, it was all because of the Smelling Art.

It was too powerful!

If she could cultivate this skill, then she could definitely be a genius.

“But, Kris, it’s really valuable! I can’t take it.” Then she continued, “Do you know how great effects it will bring once been spread out?”

However, Kris just smiled and said, “I trust you.”

These words suddenly moved Bixiao.

“I promise, if I dare to tell others, then I will definitely be punished.”

“You don’t need to be that polite.”

Kris pretended to be unhappy.

Seeing this, Bixiao spat out her tongue and said nothing more but held Kris’s hands tightly.

“We have to prepare more resources, since you are more talented than normal people, the consumption must be huge.”

Kris was an experienced man, the resources he had used were millions or even trillions more than others.

“By the way, did someone come over just now?” Bixiao asked.


Kris told her all the things frankly, “She must has something urgent to do or she wouldn’t left in a hurry. Besides, she didn’t have the slightest bit of lingering even if I told her this place is safe now.”

“You mean the place she wants to go is better than here?”

“That’s right!”

Kris nodded, “So, I’ve asked Chao to monitor her.”

He wanted to use the sun soul perception method, but since she could come near him so easily, she might has other ways to perceive it.

The detection function of Super power chip was very powerful, now people didn’t use the radar but the super particle detection method.

He should use this, then she couldn’t find them.

It seems that he was still a bit careless.

Well, just let her go first and we started to take the treasures now.

Kris sent out all his incarnations and so did Bixiao.

Half an hour later, all the treasures in a thousand miles had fallen into their pockets.

At this moment, Chao told him that Bingning was standing in front of a lofty pagoda.

Beside her were Haojie Tuoba, Tianyou Gai, Poria Fairy, Knife Addict, Jiange Mu, Xiaotian Long and Yu Qin.

There were also quite a few that Kris didn’t know, but it seemed that they were all genius, or they wouldn’t stand together.

“Senior, there must be a big secret, we can’t be left behind.”

Then Kris pulled Bixiao and quickly headed towards there, they met no danger on the whole way.

In a short time, they arrived at the pagoda.

This pagoda was about ten thousand feet high and had ten thousand layers.

Although, people kept attacking it, it still stood there firmly.

“How stupid you are! This is the Wandao pagoda of Shuhai Sect, it has bred so many masters, of course you can’t destroy it.” Haojie snorted.

“What did you say?”

Shengtian Zhao looked at Tuohuohaojie.

“I said you’re stupid!” Haojie didn’t afraid of him at all and continued, “What if you trigger the tricks in the pagoda? How can we open it?”

Hearing this, people all echoed him.

“Anyone who attack the pagoda will be my enemy!” Bochan Fang said.

“Right, just wait here quietly, if anyone dares to destroy the pagoda, then I’ll definitely give him a lesson! The competition will start once the pagoda opens.” Tiankui Dong said loudly, he was also a genius who looked strong.

Bingning was standing behind and watched them.

However, Poria Fairy didn’t think so, she urged people to enter the pagoda and said, “He just wants to keep us outside.”

Although no one dared to fight, they looked indifferent.

It was not the time to fight. The competition would start later.

Poria Fairy jumped for a while and said, “You guys are really boring.”

Knife Addict held his sword and stood quietly. Jiange Mu was wiping his sword, however, his sword looked old and rusted.

“Hey, how about playing with me?” Poria Fairy scampered over.

Jiange smiled gently, “I’m polishing the sword.”

“Knife Addict, what about you?”

However, Knife Addict just took a glance of her, Poria Fairy was scared and said, “Well, don’t look at me like that! You definitely can’t find a wife in the future.”

Then she walked to Haojie and Tianyou, “You have to play with me!”

Hearing this, both Haojie and Tianyou felt embarrassed, how could she force them? Thus, they simply ignored her.

“Well, I’ll definitely give yo a lesson.” Poria Fairy said angrily.

Chapter 792: Wandao Tower is open

Everyone was waiting for Wandao Tower to open.

People had consumed a lot of strength on the way here. Now they were all recovering in the dark to accumulate their strength and then rush in.

Once they enter it, a big war will be inevitable.

There were dozens of Tianjiao(God’s favored ones) here, they were all cultivated by Palaces of the Great Tao.

Their moves were one hundred times better than ordinary Practitioners.

At this moment, Kris Chen came up holding Bixiao’s hand.

“Oh, how busy you are!”

Kris Chen said softly.

“It’s you!”

Yu Qin’s face darkened. He thought that he would definitely kill him in Wandao Tower when it open latter!

Kris Chen ignored him directly and went to the front.

Bingning Li looked at him and then looked back. His face was expressionless and no one knew what was going on in his heart.

Others looked serious, disdainful and curious.

“Hey, which Palace do you serve?”

Poria Fairy went over curiously. “You seem to be very powerful since you defeated Qin with just one move.”

Yu Qin looked embarrassed. Wasn’t it hitting him in his face?

And the nickname Qin was too insulting!

“Poria, just wait and see. I will let you know my strength sooner or later.”

Although Poria Fairy was stubborn, she was at least a first-class beauty. If he was sure enough, he would had took actions earlier.

“Gengu No.1 Sect!”

Kris Chen said indifferently.

Gengu No.1 Sect?

Poria Fairy was dumbfounded, “How dare you!”

Bingning Li also thought in his heart, but there was no Gengu No.1 Sect among the three thousand Taoist Palaces in the Eternal Domain.

Either it was a small sect, or he was a man of other domains.

She directly ruled out the first possibility, how could a small sect cultivated such a Tianjiao at this level?

So, he belonged to other domains?

Bixiao was not stupid. She knew that Kris Chen didn’t want to reveal his true identity.

Indeed, Lanting Immortal Palace ranked 2,000 when it beaten the Heavenly Palace, but it didn’t developed well in recent years, and the younger generation failed to keep up with it all the time.

Now it had dropped to around 2,500, and all these Tianjiao ranked the top 200 were from big sects.

Once you start the feud, troubles come endlessly.

“What’s your name?”

Poria Fairy stood arms akimbo.

“We don’t seem to know each other, do we?”

Kris Chen glanced at her. “Besides, shouldn’t you introduce yourself before you ask others?”

“Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this! “

Poria Fairy’s face suddenly darkened. She looked around and admired Kris Chen in her mind.

“You really don’t afraid of death, how dare you provoked Poria Witch.”

“You are such a good man. Now Poria Witch will never pick a fight with us again!”

Tuoba Haojie and Tianyou Gai all looked relaxed.

“I don’t care who you are!”

Kris Chen said softly, “You don’t think that everyone in the world should give ground for you, do you? I’ll never do this for you! “

Bixiao was a bit nervous. Poria Fairy was very famous. She was not only stubborn, but also bore grudges a lot.

Rumor had it that she killed a little Tianjiao for saying she was stingy!

Bixiao did not know whether it was true or not, but it won’t be any falsehood since everyone said it like this.

Poria Fairy stared at Kris Chen for a while and said, “Do you know what will happen if you offend me?”

“So, do you know what will happen if you offend me?”

Kris Chen asked back.

“Is the woman next to you your lover? What a beautiful face she has, but a little pattern is missing… How about I carve a little turtle on her face? And then I will carve a little tortoise on your face. The turtle matches the tortoise forever! “

Bixiao clenched her hands. Poria Fairy was as brutal as the rumor said, and she was not far from the heretical sect.

Kris Chen narrowed his eyes. Sure enough, Tianjiao were all the same be it man or woman.

“I also think there’s something missing from your face, why don’t I carve ‘ugly’ on your face? I think it fits you very well! “

Kris Chen looked down. “Your chests are flat and your waist looks like a bucket. Your buttocks are flat and your legs are so thick with bells on your feet. Don’t you think they are strangling your feet?”

After hearing this, Poria Fairy became furious as her lung was to blow up.

Bingning Li frowned. How could this man be Tianjiao with all those vulgar words in his mouth?

Tuoba Haojie and Tianyou Gai looked at each other. This guy was really not afraid of death since he dared to judge Poria Fairy like this. You should know that what she cared most about was her own figure.

Once, a daredevil laughed at Poria Fairy for her flat chest, and his fate was worse than death when she heard it.

Yu Qin also sneered. Well, just let them start a dogfight.

“My younger brother!”

Bixiao was a little nervous. She didn’t expect that Kris Chen suddenly said those words.

“Good, good, very good!”

Poria Fairy laughed instead of getting furious.

Anyone could see that it was a sign of Poria’s extreme anger.

A roar came at this moment, “Wandao Tower is open!”


People all rushed in the next second.

“Wait and see. I’ll teach you a lesson later!”

Poria knew what she was doing today, so she left a word, turned into a flash and rushed in.

“Sister, let’s go, too!”

The two entered the tower together.

The outside was already big, but the inside was bigger.

“Jiezi Space, full of Lingqi(aura).”

“There are many achievement methods of immortal, and many achievement methods of the Eternity!”

“They are mine, they are all mine!”

People all fought against each other in an instant.

“Sister, do it!”

Kris Chen cast his Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve, and collected a large number of achievement methods!

“Fool, no matter how good the thing at the first layer is, can it be better than the thing above it?”

Yu Qin sneered. He found the stairs quickly and climbed up.


He felt a little pressure as soon as he set foot on the first staircase!

This was the Gravity Traction Array!

You Qin sneered quickly and ran upstairs.

Then Tuoba Haojie and Tianyou Gai also followed him rapidly, “You bastard have no martial ethics!”

Filing Fairy, Bingning li, Daochi and Jiange Mu also went upstairs.

“Sister, let’s go!”

The two quickly went upstairs.

There were tens of thousands of floors, and the higher one got the more good things he would have. Since not many people came in, there was no need to argue.

“Brother, don’t you think it’s too strange here?”

Bixiao said: “We came in without any danger, it is unreasonable!”

Kris Chen nodded. That was true. “We should be careful!”

“It seems that these achievement methods have not yet been transformed into Book Spirit. Did all the Book Spirits went out from here?”

Kris Chen thought to himself.

“Let’s go, sister, upstairs!”

The third floor, the fourth floor, the fifth floor … The higher they got, the greater the gravity. Kris Chen came to the tenth floor and the gravity here had reached ten times!

This reminded him of the stairs he climbed in Purple Fire Sect, that was when his body made great progress.

“This is a test for others, but it is a good place for me to practice.”

One can absorb power faster and complete cell transformation in possessing of Zhongmiao Door under gravity!

No one was a fool. They’d rather occupy one floor alone than compete with others on the same floor. Soon, Kris Chen came to the 100 th floor.

He looked down and saw more and more people were rushing in, and the number of people entered Wandao Tower also exceeded four figures.

Kris Chen didn’t dare to be careless and used the super power chip to monitor other floors directly to prevent accidents.

Monitoring from top to bottom should never exceed 100 floors within a limit, right?

That was enough!

The higher one got, the more strange things appeared.

“Ground Binding Specter, there are lots of Ground Binding Specter!”

Said Bixiao, pointing at the one hundred and first floor. Ground Binding Specter were everywhere if you look around!

Kris Chen’s hair stood on end, and sure enough …… Wandao Tower was the center.

All monsters came out of here.

Kris Chen took out his Seven-treasure Glazed Tower and captured these Ground Binding Specters one by one standing outside.


They roared in unison, but they never hurt Kris Chen since he was shrouded in the light of faith!

Kris Chen captured tens of thousands of Ground Binding Specters. He gave Bixiao half of them and continued to take her up.

“My younger brother, you gave me too many of them…”

Thousands of Ground Binding Specters were enough for Bixiao to cultivate immortality, and the worst was pure Ground Binding Specters in Tao Dynasty.

Kris Chen smiled but said nothing because he smelled a familiar scent.

This familiar scent was exactly Zhongmiao Door!

Zhongmiao Door in his body once again reminded him.

“Brother, look, Soldier Spirit, so many Soldier Spirits!”

“Pill Spirits, why are there so many Pill Spirits …”

“Corpse Demons, a lot of Corpse Demons …”

More and more weirdness made Kris Chen wonder whether the life of these creatures were given by Zhongmiao Door?

For example, the two pieces of nourishing sun souls were the purest power of soul!

Coupled with the endless energy sending by Zhongmiao Door, it was possible to create these lives indefinitely.

“Sister, let’s continue to go up, all the good things must be upstairs.”

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