“Shut up! Pretend to be on my head?” Joanna Shields scolded!!

“I didn’t pretend! There is no need to pretend to you!” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Not yet? Okay, how long will it take for the owner of this shop to come over!!” Joanna Shields sneered, she was furious!

“Not far here!”

Chuck Cannon’s phone rang, he answered and nodded. “I see.”

Hang up the phone!

“Auntie, soon! He happened to be nearby just now!” Chuck Cannon said. Betty Bernard found the boss’s phone number and contacted it. It’s that simple.

Joanna Shields didn’t want to go any further!

“Are you still pretending? The security guard, blast him out!!” The manager scolded angrily!

Several security guards were here!

They also heard and saw what Chuck Cannon did just now, really a clown!!

Fred Whitman didn’t bother to look, how boring he was, wasting so much time with a beam jumping clown.

“Who wants to see me?”

Suddenly, a man strode in from outside!

Forty or fifty years old, wearing sportswear, especially casual, look like a rich person?

“Boss!!” The store manager immediately changed her face and ran over with a smile, “Boss, why are you here?”

Fred Whitman was taken aback, did he really call the shop owner to come over?

He understands, what kind of harassing call is this!

The jewellery shop owner, come over so angry to get angry?

Needless to say, it must be so!

Kristen calmly fell into shock…

Joanna Shields was expressionless. Her view was the same as that of Fred Whitman. The boss appeared because he happened to be here. He received a call and came to shop to inquire!

That’s good.

If this boss comes over, he can slap Chuck Cannon in the face.

“I received a call, who is Chuck Cannon?” the boss asked.

“He.” The store manager pointed a finger at Chuck Cannon contemptuously. “Boss, this man is neurotic, and he said he wants to buy your store. Are you sick?”

The boss glanced at Chuck Cannon and walked over, “You want to buy my store?”

“Yes! I want to buy it!”

The store manager rolled his eyes, still pretending!

“Why would I sell it to you?”

“Because I have money!”

“Rich? How rich are you?” The boss laughed and appeared sarcastically.

Fred Whitman ridicules more, rich?

What an ignorant person!

“Your store, I just estimated it, even with the goods, it’s about 700 million!” This is what Chuck Cannon paid attention to.

“Yes, it’s so much, but what does it have to do with you? I won’t sell it to you at all! So, there is no need to talk about it next. You leave here when I am in a good mood.”

“Look, if the boss blasted him away, wouldn’t he feel embarrassed? Alas!!!”

Speak to him, really!

Kristen watched. She was curious. She knew this boss and was famous for not giving face. How could Chuck Cannon buy a store from such a person?

“A few of you can’t go up yet?” The store manager lowered his voice and ordered several security guards.

Several security guards passed by, and the boss came this time. They had to perform well in front of the boss.

Chuck Cannon still looked indifferently, “You play jewellery. A few days ago, you hadn’t heard that three pieces of emperor green appeared?”

The boss frowned, “Yes, three pieces of emperor green appeared. As my friend said, it appeared in an auction and was bought by a young man…”

Even if he did not participate in the auction for such a big event, as the owner of a jewellery store, he knew it immediately afterwards!

Because it is so rare, it can be said that the chance of three pieces of emperor green at one time detonated their jewellery circle.

After he heard the news, he really wanted to meet this person. Why did he look so vicious? He has been making jewellery for so many years, and he has never met such a person.

“Am I not young?” Chuck Cannon asked suddenly.

The boss was astonished and questioned to the extreme, “Are you saying you bought it?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“Do you think I would believe it?” Of course, the boss didn’t believe it, so why?

Let yourself believe in one sentence?

How can a person with a vicious vision be as plain as Chuck Cannon?

“Believe it or not! I…” Chuck Cannon didn’t finish speaking, and the boss received a call, “Hey, Snakehead, why don’t you answer the door phone? I have something to do with you recently! What? You are nearby, okay, come here!”

The phone hung up, and the boss glanced at Chuck Cannon, “You go! A waste of my time!”

He walked to the door, the employees in the store laughed, the manager despised, Fred Whitman and Joanna Shields were all laughing!

This is a kind of sarcasm, to Chuck Cannon alone!!

Look, after talking for so long, the boss can’t help you at all!

The store manager stared contemptuously, “I said you blush, don’t you blush? Didn’t you say to buy our boss’s shop? Why don’t you buy it?”

“Your boss doesn’t like him, how can he buy it?” Fred Whitman smiled.

Chuck Cannon looked at the two of them, and the store manager ordered and several security guards want to blast Chuck Cannon out.

At this time, someone came outside. After the boss saw it, he was suddenly surprised, “Snakehead, what’s the matter with you? Li Tian is gone, why are you doing this?”

“Stop talking, I encountered something, and I followed someone again,” said Snakehead.

“You followed someone? You aren’t making a joke with me? Didn’t you do it alone? Did you bring dozens of brothers to do it alone? Don’t joke with me anymore, are you free these days? I want you Help me collect debts…”

“No time, I really followed someone.”

“Who?” The boss is interested, but he rarely sees the expression of a Snakehead, it is really the expression of encountering a new brother.

“You should have heard that three pieces of emperor green appeared in the auction over there.”

“Of course, I do, what? You mean, you followed the young man who took three pieces of emperor green?” The boss was suspicious for a moment.

“Yes, I followed him!”

“Why? Not like you!”

“He, I tell you, if you meet him, don’t go against him, he is the scariest person I have ever seen!” The Snakehead turned pale involuntarily, “I tell you, my dozens of brothers, You know?”

“Yes, of course, I know, which of your brothers helped me collect debts last time.” The boss said the brothers of Snakehead are good and ruthless!

“Those of my brothers were all killed by him, more than 20 people, less than a minute!!” The Snakehead turned pale in terror!

“Ah?!!!” The boss was shocked, “Are you kidding?”

“No!” Snakehead shook his head. What is he kidding?

The boss felt unbelievable, the expression of the Snakehead is still scary, is this true?

“No? Will there be such a horrible person? Killed all your brothers and shot three pieces of emperor green?… By the way, what does that person look like?” The boss didn’t even look inside the store. He had already been taken. Snakehead’s words were shocking.

But suddenly, the look of the Snakehead was shocked, “Master, master, why are you here?”

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