Chapter 793 – 794: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 793: Thief, Stop

“Thief, stop.”

At this moment, Kris Chen sensed something and the wind behind swept forward.

With the help of the super power chip, Kris easily dodged the attack.

“Crazy bitch, are you insane? Just get out of here. Don’t get in the way.”

While saying that, Kris climbed up quicker.

“Today I will definitely kick your ass.”

Poria Witch cared most about her figure, but Kris humiliated her when there were many people here. She lost all her pride.

“How dare you say that? You’re fucking crazy.”


With the bell ringing, the sound waves began to mess with Kris’s head.

However, she didn’t make it.

Four hundred and eighty million ideas formed a Battle Formation, which could well protect Krirs.

He even had the time to take care of Bixiao.

“Poria Witch, I’m coming.”

Just then, Qinyu attacked from above.

“Boom!” He directly blocked Kris’s way.

Also, Kris was caught up by Poria Witch.


Long whip swept across and Kris’s two fingers turned into a sword.

He hadn’t used Sword Move for a long time.

With a wave, hundreds of millions of Sword Energy condensed, rushing out at a faster speed than light.

Long whip was directly defeated by Sword Energy, making Poria Witch know she was going to lose, so she used the shield to protect herself.

“Don’t pester me, or else, you’ll die.”

Kris looked vicious, “sis, let’s go!”

“Do you think you can run away instead of explaining something about destroying my magic weapons?”

Poria Witch turned cold, and dashed forward.

Without saying anything, Kris released his Sword Energy again.

It was powerful, so she had no choice but to dodge.

Kris didn’t want to stay any longer, for he wanted to go to the top of the tower to see if there is a Zhongmiao Door.

Two hundred floors, three hundred floors, four hundred floors…In the blink of an eye, he reached the seven hundredth floor.

The gravity here has reached seven hundred times.

In fact, the higher cultivation, the more pressure.

“Kris, slow down, the pressure has increased too much all of a sudden. I’m a bit uncomfortable.”

Bixiao gasped. Though she was a half Dao Emperor, her physical condition was not so good, which was just Later period.

Seven hundred times was indeed a bit strenuous.

“Sis, have some rest. I’ll deal with this stinky bitch.”

Kris took out his Chaos Spirit Sword and directly fought with Poria Witch.

“Thief, I’ll kick your ass.”

“Bitch, you’re so ugly. And how dare you come out? If I were you, I would have stayed inside and never went out.”

Kris deliberately provoked her, “fatty bitch, closer eyes, big nose, chicken neck…”

Poria was also indeed angry, as Kris wished.

“It’s over. You fucking asshole.” She gasped in anger.

“The Great Tao seals and Sink into Pain!”

Two superstrings blocked the stairs, “I’m done.”

What’s the point of fighting with a woman? The Zhongmiao Door was the top priority.

“Sis, how do you feel now?”

“I’ve got better. Let’s go.”

Bixiao used her mana to protect her and took out the Spirit Weapon to reduce the pressure on her.

“Let’s keep going!”

Super power chip found out that there were already several people up there—Yu Qin, Bingning Li, Doachi, Jiange Mu…

Kris absolutely couldn’t allow them to get there before him.

“Open it, open the gad damn Barrier.”

Poria was out of control, for she actually couldn’t break through the seal. What the hell was that?

“You guys just came in time, Gai Fgnzi, Gouxiong, little loach!”

Xiaotian Long was not happy. Little loach?

“Poria Witch, what’s going on?” Tianyou Gai came forward.

“That son of a bitch set up a Barrier here, and I can’t break it. You help me. Can you open it?”

Poria was a little embarrassed. It’s a shame for her to not be able to break the Barrier.

The three looked at each other and worked together.

One, two, three…It was not until the tenth strike that the two Barriers were completely shattered.

“Bastard, we’ll see.” And she climbed up in a quick speed.

By the time she reached the 800th floor, she had to slow down.

Tianyou and the others behind her, also slowed down.

Just then, Jinkui Dong caught up from behind, “you guys are too slow.”

Lianti Sect Practitioner was physically strong, and gravity was an advantage for him.

Eight hundred times was not a big deal.

Meanwhile, Kris took Bixiao up to the 1,000th floor.

“Is it okay?” “I’m fine.”

Bixiao nodded, “Kris, if I can’t hold on anymore in a while, you keep going and don’t do anything for me.”

“I won’t leave you behind.”

Kris smiled. His voice was not loud, but very firm.

Bixiao felt warm inside, holding Kris’s hand tighter.

After another half an hour, the two arrived at the three thousandth floor.

The pressure here was already terrifying to the extreme.

The three thousand times pressure make it difficult for Bixiao to breathe, but Kris still looked relaxed.

His body was more powerful than the body refining practicer, even the cells, each of which has great worlds.

The energy he stored was also terrifying to the extreme.

This allowed him to easily attack without damaging his body.

“I… I can’t go any further. I can’t.”

Bixiao had not yet cultivated the Smelting Art, so her mana was limited, and it was difficult to resist this strong pressure.

Her physical body was only at the Later Period of Transcendence, and her Stage was half Dao Emperor, so Kris was a little surprised that she was able to go this far.

“Sis, I’m going to put you into my magic weapons. Take a good rest in there.”

“OK!” Bixiao understood that she would only slow him down.

After putting Bixiao into the Sword World, he adjusted the time, so it would be the same as the outside.

After Kris understood the Time Principle, it had been years since Kris used the Sword World.

However, he was an old fashion, so he practiced Sword World many times. Now it has been refined by Kris into a Secondary Universe.

Without Bixiao by his side, Kris could move faster.

Three thousand times the pressure was nothing to him.

The treasures along the way were not of any interest to Kris, for only Zhongmiao Door was his goal.

Boom! Kris used more energy and went up several dozen floors in the blink of an eye.

Fifteen minutes later, Kris arrived at the 4,500th floor.

Here, Kris caught up with Yu Qin.

Yu Qin was sheltered by Dragon Qi at this moment, and obviously he was struggling.

He slowed down.

Seeing Kris here, Yu Qin was shocked, “You…Why are you so fast?”

Kris did not say anything, and directly punched at him.

This scumbag! Sneak attack?

“Fuck off.”

Yu Qin shouted angrily and punched too.

“Boom!” However, what he did not expect was that Kris was so strong that his one punch shattered his right arm, and the huge inertia even shattered his chest, and even his heart shattered in an instant.

“Poof!” Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Yu Qin was almost over.

“We’ll see.”

Just as Kris was about to throw a second punch, a golden light flashed across Yu Qin’s body, who just disappeared.

“Loser runs away? What a quick move.”

Kris sneered and directly rushed up.

Yu Qin was just nobody.

Getting to the 4,000th floor from the 4,500th floor, Yu Qin fell to the ground, blood keeping coming out of his mouth.

He took out the life-preserving divine pill given by his old ancestor and swallowed it. Then Kris’ s overbearing power was expelled from his body, and his heavily injured body gradually recovered.

“Fuck, why is he so strong.”

He was a Tianjiao, which was rare to see in Wanguo Sect.

One punch almost killed him and how could he stand it?

“Huh, why are you sitting here, spitting out blood?”

Just at this moment, a familiar voice sounded from behind.

Yu Qin turned around, only to see Poria Witch.

She was followed by three other people, Tianyou, Tuohu Haojie, and Xiaotian!

He hurriedly healed his wound and stood up, for he couldn’t let others see his weakness at this time. He had already used the pill to save his life. If there was one more time, he would really be seriously injured.

“The Earth-bound ghosts inside are too strong, much stronger than the below. I didn’t notice, so they attacked me in a group.”

Yu Qin lied, but the ghosts this level was indeed frighteningly strong.


Poria Witch asked again, “have you seen that son of a bitch of Gengu No.1 Sect?”

“I saw him. I did,”

Yu Qin said, “he was saying that he would conquer you, so that he could have you to be his mistress. He also added that he would let you serve him every day, to let you deliver a hundred children…”

These was all his own thoughts, but now in order to disgust Kris, he had to say this.

“What? Is this true?” Poria Witch got so furious that she didn’t doubt his words because she believed someone like Kris could really say something like that.

Chapter 794: Pressure Increased

Kris Chen didn’t know that this Yu Qin applied Yan poison secretly.

However, even if he knew, it didn’t matter. Anyway, he and Poria Witch were focusing on fighting.

He needed to teach the bitch a lesson.

In a short time, Kris arrived at the six thousandth floor.

Kris actually did not feel too much pressure at this floor and his strong physical body at this moment helped a lot.

Zhongmiao Door kept releasing energy, which Kris absorbed faster.

Along the way, the fragments in his body vibrated greatly, and there must be fragments of the Door.

If he could fully get the power of the Door, he would be too lucky.

Kris continued to go up, 6,500 levels, 7,500 levels, 8,500 levels…

The speed of absorption was more than a hundred times faster than usual.

If it were not for the Door, he would like to set up a Time Barrier to practice himself.

But he couldn’t, for there were some restrains and he couldn’t beyond Dao Emperor. If he did, he would be hanged.

When he came to the 9,000th floor, Kris saw two men—one was Daochi and the other was Jiange Mu.

The two were walking upwards one after the other.

But they were not moving fast and there was sweat falling from the forehead.

Nine thousand times the pressure couldn’t be withstood by normal people. It was already incredible for the two to come so far.

It is the pride of Tianjiao.

Seeing Kris walking idly, Jiange got shocked.

This was the nine-thousandth floor, the pressure of which could easily crush a person. If not for their solid foundation, they couldn’t come here.

At this moment, with the sword cultivator and unyielding will, he managed to reach here.

But Kris, surprisingly, calm and easy, looked like a walk in the garden.

Daochi was also surprised.

Kris looked at the two, smiling, and walked straight to them.

Daochi felt a vast blade intent from Kris. Jiange, at the same time, felt an incomparably strong sword intent.

Kris had an infinite universe to support himself, and both his blade intent and sword intent were numerous. And he didn’t want to count them.

Since Yuan Kris had perfected the Tao of Heaven with the Superstring Array, Kris had mastered the universe to the extreme and his use of the Great Tao had also been improved.

“What a good opponent!” Daochi exclaimed.

“Can we have a battle?” He liked to be straightforward.

Kris paused and did not turn back, “when you catch up with me.”

After saying that, he left without looking back.

Daochi had never cared too much about anything, but now, he got excited because of Kris’ s words.

That was the look that a hunter would have when he spotted his prey.

At this moment, it was as if he had turned into an invulnerable long blade, and all the pressure seemed to be split by him with a single slash.

Daochi moved faster, so as Jiange.

At first, they were able to keep up with Kris, but at the back, the pressure soared and the speed had to slow down.

Nine thousand two hundred floors, nine thousand three hundred floors, Kris was already out of sight.

At this time, Kris had already arrived at the 9,800th floor.

Coming to this floor, Kris began to feel some pressure, and he could feel that after the nine thousand eight hundred layers, the pressure of each layer no longer doubled, but multiplied.

He came to the nine-thousand eight-hundredth floor.

Boom! Kris trembled.

“I knew it, this wouldn’t be so easy.”

The pressure of this floor was steeply increased by a hundred times, not giving him a chance to react at all.

If Daochi and the others stepped onto this floor, they would have been crushed down, or even been killed.

The person who designed this tower had no good intentions and he simply did not want others to go up.

There were still 199 layers left. So, what the pressure would be like up there?

The pressure got higher by hundred times, which meant it increased by more than 20,000 times. With the previous 9,800 times, it was nearly 30,000 times.

Even if one was the top one of Tianjiao, it would be hard for him to get there.

Kris also wanted to know how strong he was. His foundation was good and his Heaven Replenishment Technique helped a lot, making the Taoist base perfect. His physical condition was far stronger than those body refining practicers.

Nine thousand eight hundred and two layers!

Even though Kris had prepared himself, he still trembled because of the surge of pressure.

It was not a hundred times, but more than a hundred times.

What the hell? Was this normal? Who knew what the pressure would be on the top?

Taking a deep breath, Kris shook his body and quickly adapted to the pressure.

Soon, Kris kept moving.

Nine thousand eight hundred and three, nine thousand eight hundred and ten…Nine thousand eight hundred and fifty…

At this time, the super power chip monitored that Daochi and Jiange reached the nine thousand eight hundredth floor, and Kris mourned for the two people inside. As long as they went up one more floor, they could feel the cruelty of the Wandao Tower.

At this time, the situation downstairs Kris saw clearly.

Although Daochi did not say a word, his face was pale. All the way up, he was holding the Pu blade, and at this moment, he had to use it to support himself.

Jiange gasped for air, with his back slightly bent. He was naturally unwilling to accept all these. From the beginning to the end, he only saw Daochi.

Seeing that the back of Daochi was still straight, he gritted his teeth. To resist the terrifying pressure, he had to straighten his back again.

He kept moving, seeing it as a confrontation match and he could not lose.

At the very least, he could not fall down before Daochi.

Daochi could feel the breath left by Kris, and the breath was left at least half an hour ago. Did he reach this floor half an hour ago?

What a strong man.

But the stronger Kris was, the more eager he wanted to fight with him. There was nothing more exciting than defeating an opponent that he admired.

Looking up, Daochi kept moving.

At the 9,800th floor, he was already struggling, but he had to go up in order to catch up with and fight against Kris.

From the moment he said those words, the fight began. If he couldn’t catch up, it meant he was the loser.

He thought that Kris must not have reached the top yet, because he could vaguely sense where Kris was, not too far away from him.

Daochi walked up step by step, but when he reached the 9,800th floor, Puff!

He was instantly crushed to the ground by the huge pressure.

It made him loose the hand that held the blade. He was no longer a Blade master without a blade.

“He fell down. He can’t hold on anymore. My chance has come!”

Jiange was overjoyed. As long as he reached this level, he could defeat Daochi.

Ever since that time when he lost to him, he had treated him as his lifelong enemy.

Thinking of this, he cheered himself up and reached the platform in several steps.

It was also this moment that the mountainous weight pressed down on Jiange.

Jiange fell to his knees, and he could even hear the sound of his kneecap cracking.

The pain only made him gasp.

The pressure of this floor was over hundred times.

At the 9,800th floor, it was already very difficult for him to move, and the steep increase was naturally even more difficult.

Without caution, of course, he would be crushed to the ground.

Daochi gritted his teeth and stood up from the ground. At that moment, it was as if he was carrying ancient god Mountain.

Picking up his blade, he moved upward step by step.

Even if he had to climb, he had to catch up with Kris.

Jiange hammered the floor with his fist, taking out a handful of magical pills and stuffing them into his mouth.

He needed to repair the damaged knees.

“Get up, get up for me.”

Jiange staggered up from the ground, with his back bent down with pressure. This time he could no longer make his back straight.

“Unyielding Sword.”

Jiange got serious and the unyielding will exploded from his body, so he recovered a lot and he moved a little faster.

However, within ten seconds, he was defeated by the pressure again when he ascended to the next floor.

At this moment, Jiange’ s knee directly shattered.

“This was too much.” Jiange was helpless.

Daochi could no longer stand up straight. If it was not for the blade, he would already fall to the ground.

Kris watched for a while and withdrew his gaze.

They couldn’t last long.

He was now at the 9,855th floor, the pressure of which was at least 20,000 times.

Even Kris needed to be serious.

Although there was pressure, he could still hold up.

Nine thousand eight hundred and sixty, nine thousand eight hundred and seventy, nine thousand nine hundred…

When Kris stepped on the 9,900th floor, the pressure directly broke through 30,000 times.

Kris almost used 70% strength. Here, absorbing the energy of Zhongmiao Door was about five hundred times than the outside world.

Kris directly set up a Time Barrier, letting the super power chip detect. Half an hour equaled to several years inside Time Barrier.

At this time, one percent of the cells inside him had broken through the Dao Emperor. This was really fast.

He was greedy and stayed directly for two hours. Then his five percent of his cells broke through the Dao Emperor.

In this way, Kris’s physical body was enhanced again. Although he did not completely break through the Dao Emperor, his strength was still strengthened.

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