Wuxi fell into shock!!

A slap from the owner of the jewelry store was enough to shock him!

At this time, she even said that she was an ant in front of Zhang CE??

Of course, I’m furious!

“What’s your name, Ke?”

When was Wuxi so publicly beaten?

“Ignorance, it seems that you are really ignorant. What do you think is the little money you sealed your home? In the eyes of young master Zhang, nothing counts, you know? Master Zhang is going to buy my jewelry store. What’s the matter? Do you want Mr. Zhang to buy your family The boss said with a smile.

Feng Wuxi was shocked, his mouth was shaking, “what do you say? He’s buying your jewelry store? Or all? Where did he get so much money? “

He knows that the value of the boss is similar to that of his own family. If Zhang CE can buy the boss’s jewelry store, it means that he can also buy their family!

How is that possible??

“Ignorance! Yes, your family doesn’t make jewelry. You don’t know. A few days ago, Master Zhang spent more than 1 billion yuan to photograph three pieces of Imperial Green, worth more than 2 billion yuan… ” The boss says, still have inconceivable.

This is how to see so accurate ah!

The eyes are too poisonous.

“What?” Wuxi completely shocked!!

“Besides, you don’t know, do you know boss Guo? He died under master Zhang… “


I’m scared! Sit down on the ground!

He heard about it. He heard that two bosses died overnight. Their wealth is almost the same as that of their own!

They all died under Zhang CE?

Then seal your own home

Fear made him white.

“Do you still think Master Zhang has no money?” The boss asked.

Feng Wuxi was sweating and shook his head violently. “No, I don’t think so!”

Xiang Erlan is stunned. Why?

What does Feng Wuxi hear? How do you think Zhang CE’s eyes are scared??

“Zhang, Master Zhang!”

Feng Wuxi got up and called to Zhang CE.


In the jewelry store, there was an uproar!

Wuxi is a big local tyrant. He has a lot of money. Now he is so respectful to Zhang CE??

To you blue chin all want to startle down!

“Why? Do you? Can he really buy this jewelry store? Is Is he really stronger than Wuxi? “

Murong Qing is not surprised. She is looking at Zhang CE.

Among them, Xiang Erlan was stunned, and the manager of the jewelry store was already stunned!!

When her boss suddenly changed his face to be so polite to Zhang CE, the store manager was surprised. Now, she thought that the rich man Feng Shaoye called Zhang CE Shaoye, and she was sweating

What else does she want to do?

I dare not think about it!

“Who asked you to call me that?” Zhang CE’s face is expressionless. How dare this man be interested in Murong Qing?

Zhang CE can’t stand it!!

“Master Zhang, I’m wrong. I don’t dare any more. Can you spare me this time? My dog’s eyes are low, I have eyes and don’t know Taishan. Please forgive me once! Master Zhang

As soon as he thought about the panic in Wuxi, he thought that the two bosses who had the same strength as his own family died in the hands of Zhang CE, which meant that Zhang CE was just as easy to kill their family!

Can he not panic??

“Don’t you want to compete with me? It’s not over yet! ” Zhang CE shrugged.

“No, I lost. I gave up!” How dare you continue to seal Wuxi?

“It’s not like you. You were arrogant just now. Before I said anything, you gave up. I just got up!”

“No, I give up!” My legs trembled and I was shocked to the extreme!

Zhang CE’s aura oppressed him, and he could hardly breathe! It’s all painful!

At this time, he completely believed. If Zhang CE is not the super rich second generation, how can he have such an atmosphere?

You know, my father’s aura is not as good as Zhang CE!!

“Lost? Just lose? “

“Master Zhang, please punish me as long as you don’t kill me!” He pleaded and trembled.

“Xiao Feng, what are you doing? You are also a rich second generation. Even if he is rich, you don’t have to be like this! ” To you blue deeply disappointed.

She is particularly optimistic about fengwuxi. She thinks that fengwuxi, the second generation of rich people with a sense of responsibility, can surely bring happiness to her daughter Murong Qing. But what is fengwuxi like now?

Soft bone without backbone!

Are the same rich people, the same rich second generation, even so humble to Zhang CE?

Is the bone so soft??

“Do you know her? Shut up!! Yes, murongqing has a boyfriend like master Zhang. Why don’t you tell me? ” At the moment, I want to slap you in the face!You know, Zhang CE is so powerful that he can even kill the boss who has the same strength as his family. If you give him a hundred courage, he dare not!

All to you blue!

Let oneself kick to the steel plate this time!

To you blue fall into shock, her body is angry to tremble, “seal Wuxi, you scold me?”?? I am your elder

“Elder? You are a pit pen

You are so angry with you

“Master Zhang, please spare me this time! I will do whatever you ask me to do, as long as you spare me. “

“OK, you kneel in front of this jewelry store for three days, and I’ll let you go!” Zhang CE said.

In the jewelry store, there is no one to speak, they are all looking at each other!

Because of what?

Kneeling for three days? Are these legs broken??

What’s more, kneel down, it’s about a man’s dignity. Wuxi is also a rich second generation. Will it bear such a big insult?

It’s pushing a man to the extreme!

A dog can jump over a wall when it is anxious, not to mention a big man?

But next. They were stunned!!

Feng Wuxi cried with joy, “thank you, Master Zhang. I’ll kneel down. I’ll kneel right away!”


Feng Wuxi ran to the door of the jewelry store, he knelt down!

Will soon be angry dizzy to you blue gape!

She did not expect from the beginning to the end, in his home high spirited Feng Wuxi, said to tear down Zhang CE, he actually at the moment, kneel down!

Because of Zhang CE’s words!

People passing by the jewelry store were also surprised and came to watch!

They were surprised. What happened?

“What’s the matter? Why does the young man kneel down? “

“Ah? This is Wuxi. He, how can he kneel down to a strange young man? “

“It’s incredible. I think this strange young man is much better than Feng Wuxi. Or will he kneel down

When they talked, they looked at Zhang CE.

“Who is this man?”

“I don’t know, but it must be the super rich second generation…”

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