Chapter 795 – 796: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 795: Drawing Turtles

If wasn’t for someone chased up, Kris wanted to stay a bit longer.

Meanwhile, Knife Addict and Jiange Mu climbed to the 9,880th floor.

That was right, they climbed up without using any magic.

They were really powerful for they had endured two thousand times more pressure.

Some people were even hovering around the 6,000th floor, obviously, the gap was huge.

But what made Kris feel weird was that he didn’t find Bingning, she should arrived here for she started earlier.

Could it be that she had already reached the top?

Thinking like this, Kris sped up.

It would be a big loss if the Zhongmiao Door was taken away by Bingning.

Finally, Kris found her on the 9,950th floor. She was sitting on the ground and looked tired.

At this moment, Kris suddenly slapped his head, he forgot to let the super power chip to monitor Knife Addict and Jiange.

Bingning looked so different now with sweats all over her body, she didn’t look like a fairy any more.

The pressure here had reached 40,000 times! Even Kris used eighty percent of his strength! How did she get here?

She must have used the magic power. Only stages were banned here.

“What a coincidence!”

Kris smiled and walked over, he looked so casual and relaxed.

Seeing this, Bingning felt a bit nervous. She was weary now and couldn’t raise her hand, since she had a quarrel with Josh, she was afraid that he would do something bad.

The magic power given by her master could only protect her body, the pressure was too heavy now.

Thus, Bingning pursed her lips and acted very indifferent.

However, Kris looked so relaxed, she couldn’t sense any trace of pressure.

“What do you want to do?”

“It seems that you want me to do something.”

Kris smiled and walked over.

“Stay away from me!”

Bingning felt regretful, she would be more powerful if she was on the lower floor. But now, she had no chance to hit back at all.

“Is this your home? Why should I listen to you?”

Kris knew that she had used up all her strength to fight against the pressure.

“Get out of here!” Bingning shouted.

Kris sneered, “You are really ridiculous. Why should I listen to you? Your appearance is not your weapon okay? Besides, there are many women who are prettier than you, you are just a bit stronger. How dare you to be so arrogant?”

Kris wouldn’t flatter her since she was not his wife. Both she and Poria Fairy meant the same to him.

“You ……”


Kris walked over and said, “If I’m right, you are very weak now, don’t try to scare me.”

“If it wasn’t for your appearance, I wouldn’t even look at you.”

Bingning was a genius who had gotten used to people’s praise. How could Kris mock her like that?

Although she was angry, she acted calm, but just at this moment, Kris stopped and said, “I can’t walk there, you must have a trick!”

Thus, he rubbed his chin and smiled, “Forbiddance of the Great Tao.”

Bingning was shocked by his sudden behavior, she was completely controlled now and couldn’t move at all.

It was over! She was trembling with fear.

It turned out that Kris actually wanted her body, he wanted her to surrender, if power and strength were thrones of a man, then beauty was the jewel set on the throne.

Seeing that Kris walked closer, Bingning was very scared.


Kris squatted down and pinched Bingning’s face, which was very soft.

“What a pretty face, what if I draw a few mating turtles on your face?”

Kris smiled badly, “Do you agree?”

Hearing this, Bingning was very furious and she wanted to kill him. If that was the case, then it was a great humiliation to her.

“Wait, I think I can do something else.” Kris stroked his chin.

Bingning was agitated, why didn’t she kill him outside? She felt regretful. If that was the case, there was no chance for him to do such things.

Feeling Kris’s hands, Bingning couldn’t suppress her anger.

“Well, the little turtles look cute.” Kris proudly looked at his masterpiece.

“Take a look of yourself!”

Then Kris gave her the mirror, after seeing her face, Bingning cried. How could she be bullied like this?

“Well, you don’t need to be so moved.”

Then Kris put away the mirror, and took out the projector and shot some photos.

Now the projector was very popular, although it hadn’t spread to Bingning’s hometown, she also had one. She usually took it as a recreation after cultivation.

“What is he doing?”

After taking pictures from various angles, Kris smiled playfully, “What will happen if I send these pictures to the Practitioner circle?”

Practitioner circle was like Weibo, which shared information and lives of practitioners.

“Besides, I have to add some words, then your suitors must be very sad. This must be a big news to them.”

“No!” Bingning shouted in her heart, if this was the case, then she would be very embarrassed and become the laughing stock of the entire Ice Palace.

Thinking like this, she cried even harder.

Then Kris smiled, “Well, you are also an ordinary woman who know the feeling of fear and sadness, so why do pretend to be indifferent? Not everyone will flatter you, you have to know this.”

While saying this, Kris inserted her little thumb into her nostril and then took pictures again. In the next few minutes, he kept changing her gestures.

Bingning really wanted to kill Kris, it was the first time she had such thoughts.

“I’ll definitely kill you.”

Bingning stopped crying and just stared at Kris.

“You must want to kill me right?’

Kris cupped her chin and raised the projector, “I have you on the ropes now, if you dare to do anything, then everyone will see your pictures.”

Actually, he didn’t want to threaten her, it was so simple for him. Besides, these were funny pictures and exposed no secrets.

Kris knew women like Binging were all very arrogant.

Bingning was really furious, Kris was such a jerk, how could he do that?

“I know you must be cursing me in your heart right now, but you have to be kind, since you’re a fairy and I’m just a normal person, it is easy for you to kill me. I’m just protecting myself.”

Kris laughed and then stood up and said, “The Forbbidance will be erased half an hour later. You’d better not go to such dangerous places, or maybe you’ll meet other despicable man.”

“Such tricks are fine, if someone wants to do something bad, then you have no chance to escape, that is not a joke.”

After saying this, Kris continued to go up.

Looking at Kris’s back, Bingning gradually calmed down.

At this moment, she even felt that Kris was a good man, he just took some pictures and didn’t spread them out. Besides, he could so something worse, but he didn’t.

Thinking like this, she thought she was very grumpy.

However, after a while, she was shocked by what she had thought!

“How can I speak for him!”

Chapter 796: Transcend the Taoist Emperor

After teasing Bingning, Kris was in a good mood and continued climbing.

The higher the floor, the heavier the pressure.

After he reached nine thousand nine hundred and fifty floors, the pressure surged again.

“Damn it, now a thousand times more pressure is placed in each floor! I have to reach the top as soon as I can.”

Then he climbed to nine thousand nine hundred and seventy layer, he endured more than 60,000 times the pressure now, he couldn’t even straight his back.

With the monitor if the super power chip, Kris had no other concerns.

He found a corner and set up a Barrier, and then started to cultivate, he wouldn’t act like Bingning.

Under such great pressure, Kris’s speed to absorb energy was increased eight hundred times!

Besides, with the help of Time Barrier, hundreds of cells had been elevated into the Taoist Emperor Stage in every second, the great worlds had also improved to the Secondary Universe.

Two hours later, one-fifth of the cells in Kris’s body were elevated to Taoist Emperor.

It would take two to three years to achieve this in the outside world.

Besides, Kris also absorbed all the Ground Binding Spirits and his sun soul started elevating. Normal people could finish the transformation with two Ground Binding Spirits, however, Kris needed thousands more.

Those Ground Binding Spirits Kris absorbed were at the Middle Stage of Taoist King, thus it was enough to point out Kris’s strength.

Under the effect of Zhongmiao Door, one fiftieth of sun soul spirit had exceeded Taoist King.

The single universe inside Kris had contained more than two thousand and five hundred trillion star fields, nearly all of them had reached the Taoist Emperor!

Then Kris decided to elevate his magic power first, so he put all the resources took from the Shuhai Sect into the Five Elements Universe.

At this moment, Kris’s body was like a smelter that functioned very fast. Then the universe exploded, and the auras became riot and countless opportunities descended.

Two thousand five hundred and ten trillion, two thousand five hundred and thirty trillion, two thousand six hundred million billion!


The next moment, the first grade Universe was elevated to the second grade. Meanwhile, he decided to divide all his universes into nine levels, thus he didn’t need to name them.

To get a second level Universe, then one’s inner universe must contained seven thousand trillion star fields at least. It was almost endless.

With more universes, the pressures even increased.

The Tower was really a dangerous place, since Kris had reached the Taoist Emperor, so did the gravity. Fortunately, he could still endure that and continued climbing.

Nine thousand nine hundred and eighty floors, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety floors!

At this moment, the same feeling appeared in Kris’s heart. He intended to let his physical body reached the Taoist Emperor at this floor!

90,000 times more pressure again sped up the process. He should have captured more Ground Binding Spirits so that he could be easier now.

By the time his soul, body and magic power all reached the Taoist Level, he would definitely be stronger, especially with the help of the Heaven Replenishment Technique.

However, he couldn’t be greedy or something bad would happen.

Kris thought he doesn’t handle the Zhongmiao Door very well, the speed of the Door also improved a lot under such great pressure.

Could the speed of absorption be increased if I inscribed some formation patterns on it?

Then Kris started practicing with this in mind.

One hour, two hours, three hours. Finally, six hours had past, and the sixty trillion cells in Kris’s body had completely transcended Taoist Emperor.

Now he had endless power!

Ninety thousand times pressure meant nothing to him now. Thus, he climbed again, there were only ten floors left, he could even see the top.

When he stepped on the 10,000th floor, the pressure around him reached 120,000 times! Besides, he could feel the aura of Zhongmiao Door.

Just as he was looking around, he noticed a man, which really shocked him. After checking by the super power chip, he found it was a dead man.

How could it be possible?

He looked healthy and sat there calmly as if he had fallen asleep.

What shocked Kris most was that he sensed the aura of immortality.

It was real and not the one described in the book.

Was he Master Taishang? The one who took away Shuhai Sect?

Kris didn’t dare to imagine how powerful he was since he had reached the Eternity. He could easily kill him with only one finger.

The Zhongmiao Door might hide on his body.

Could he just pass through? It was ridiculous.

Kris suspected that it was the will of this master that manipulated the Book Spirit.

Maybe he wasn’t dead either.

But since he arrived here, how could he retreat?

It was impossible for him to go over. What could he do?

After thinking for a while, Kris opened the sixth gear and used the strength of 129.6 million universe. This was his killing skill.

Boom! He could even kill a Taoist Emperor at Late Period.

Just as the punch arrived, it suddenly disappeared.

Kris narrowed his eyes and knew it was a trick!

“Come out! I know you’re alive.” Kris continued, “It is you who manipulate those Book Spirit, Soldier Spirit and Ground Binding Specter.”

The the corpse opened his eyes and started exposing his aura.

The next moment, Kris’s body trembled, and the Mud Pill Palace started to shake.

God! Kris quickly closed the Mud Pill Palace and changed his sun soul into a Superstring Scared Array.

He saw a soul, more specifically, a remnant soul!

“Eighty million years have past, I finally meet a person.”

The voice was full of excitement, “There are countless so-called geniuses climbing over the years, but they all died in the last two hundred layers, you are the only one who come here.”

Seeing Kris’ action, he smiled, “Just give up, you can’t defeat me. I’ll absorb your strength.”

“I thought it was weird at first, but now since you’ve appeared, everything makes sense.”

Kris said, “The original purpose of creating these Book Spirits and soldier spirits is to attract more people to come in, right? Besides, you asked the Book Spirits to grab the flesh and set this trick.”

“What’s more, you released those specters so that they could be stronger and then be absorbed by you.”

“If I’m right, you was seriously injured and then cured by the Zhongmiao Door.”

“The only reason that people started to attack you was because the Zhongmiao Door.”

At the beginning, Kris thought it was weird. Yu Qin and Bingning were all powerful people, why did they stop fighting? They wanted to save strength to break the Tower.

Moreover, they just ignored those treasures in the Tower and directly climbed more, obviously, what they wanted is the Zhongmiao Door.

Now Kris knew it was just a big trick.

“You’re smart, but smart people often don’t live long!”


Kris laughed, “If I’m right, Zhongmiao Door can endow spirit to a dead thing, since you are still here, it means that you only have to take others’ lives to live.”

“Others’ bodies won’t suit you. And why do you think I don’t have a trump card?”

“You are really bold, there’s no chance for you to be alive. “

If the man was really a soul in the half-eternity stage, of course, he had no other chances. However, he just wanted to take a body to extent his life. Besides, he locked the cultivation at the Taoist Emperor Stage, it meant that a Taoist Emperor could defeat him.

Then Kris released the Sun Soul Divine to wrap his remnant soul and opened the God Refining Array.

“My sun soul is just a bit weak for me, but not you.” Then Kris used all his cells and made a big smelter. Now he was even as powerful as an Eternity!

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