Who would have thought that there are tens of billions of Fred Whitman, Young Master Fred in the house, who would kneel down in front of everyone?

No one thought of it!!

There was a lot of discussions, looking at Chuck Cannon’s gaze, it was rich and changeable, envy, jealous, and worship… too much.

“This kid really knows current affairs!” The owner of the jewellery store sighed!

He also didn’t expect that Fred Whitman, who was usually hot-tempered, would kneel after being said a few words by Chuck Cannon.

This was even more representative. Chuck Cannon’s strength is beyond imagination!

“Anyone who doesn’t know the current affairs can do it? If my master gets angry, let alone others, it is my master alone, and all the members of the Whitman family can disappear overnight!” The Snakehead still has a lingering fear!

When Chuck Cannon told him to kill the two giant bosses, he would never forget the look in his eyes.

The owner of the jewellery store was shivering, but fortunately, he knew the current affairs, otherwise…

The owner of the jewellery shop was scared because he himself was inferior to Chuck Cannon just now!!

Chuck Cannon really wants to be angry, and his fate can be imagined!!

“Be obedient, three days, kneel for three days!” Chuck Cannon shrugged!

“Master Chuck, don’t worry, I will definitely kneel for three days!” Fred Whitman’s tears flowed out, what is kneeling?

He can survive, so happy!!

Everyone was shocked again!

“Master Chuck, then I will go back and prepare for the handover!” The boss said politely.


It’s better to get it done quickly!!

“Listen, from today, I am no longer your boss. From today, from this second, Master Chuck will be your boss!!” the boss said.

The employees of the jewellery store, the manager of them, were already stunned!

Their boss has announced it himself, so it’s decided!!

“Katie, you will follow Master Chuck from today!”

The store manager looked dull, “Boss, me, I just…”

“What did you do just now?” The boss was suddenly serious!!

“Hmm, I just…” the store manager said in tears.

Even Fred Whitman knelt in a panic. As a small shop manager, in front of Chuck Cannon, she was afraid that she counts nothing, right?


The boss raised his hand in anger and slapped the store manager!

“Are you a shameless pen? How many times have I told you, don’t look down on people, you just don’t listen, can Master Chuck be yours? I’m just an ant, are you or anyone here a thing in his eyes? !” The boss said coldly!

The shop manager was so scared that she sat on the floor, what is it?

Your own bosses are all ants, so what are you?

Panic, regret, all of a sudden, she was about to faint!!

She actually offended a person whom she couldn’t afford to offend!

“Boss, save me!” The store manager knelt and begged.

“I can’t save you! Tell Young Master Chuck yourself!”

Where can he dare to save?

The store manager shed tears and violent fear, urging her to climb to Chuck Cannon’s feet, “Chuck… Master Chuck, I don’t know mountains, can you spare me?”

Chuck Cannon was condescending, “I just said, let you pack your things, did you forget?”

“I will accept it, I will accept it immediately, but Master Chuck… I am afraid.” The store manager panicked and Fred Whitman had to kneel for three days. How long would she have to kneel?

She couldn’t even think about it!

“Please, I have my parents to raise, don’t kill me, I can be a cow or a horse for you!” The store manager cried to death.

“I don’t want you, you pack your things and go! I don’t need an employee like you in my shop!” Chuck Cannon was indifferent.

The store manager trembled and dared not leave. She was afraid to leave. Chuck Cannon would find someone to assassinate her.

“Really, let’s get her out of here, security guard, are you crazy? Don’t you blast her out for Master Chuck?”

Several security guards came to their senses at this time, they were busy seeing blasting outcry and pleadings of store manager!

“Get out! You should have been so to Master Chuck just now!”

The store manager was blasted out, and the outside of the store was all her pleading.

“Then, Master Chuck, I will leave first,”

“Okay, go!”

The boss leaves.

“What are you doing in a daze? Just do what you should do. By the way, starting from today, you will be the store manager!” Chuck Cannon pointed to an 18-year-old intern and said.

This intern has just entered the industry, but he has standard service etiquette!

Chuck Cannon has taken a fancy to her, she can be cultivated!

The intern was stunned, the other employees were stunned, and immediately changed their faces, all envy!

“Me? Young Master Chuck, are you kidding?” The intern was at a loss.

She only did this for a few days, but she studied management in college.

“No, you can do it?”

“Yes, don’t worry, Master, I will definitely live up to your expectations!” The intern cried with joy. For her, this is a pie in the sky.

She cried and became a store manager, which meant that her salary would increase, so she could earn money. Her parents would not have to work so hard on construction sites and farm fields for her own studies.

She can still give her parents money every month.

Chuck Cannon satisfied!

She started to work with employees, and the other employees felt that Chuck Cannon was so bold that he actually asked an intern to be the manager of the store. This average boss would not dare to do so!!

“Master, I am here…” Snakehead hurriedly came to explain.

“Okay, you be busy with you, I won’t interfere with you.” Since Chuck Cannon accepted him, of course, he wouldn’t care too much about him.

“Yes, Master! You are busy!” Snakehead left respectfully.

“Chuck Cannon…” Kristen came over. She knew Chuck Cannon would surprise her today. Just now, she was really surprised!

At this moment, Fred Whitman was still kneeling at the door…

“Well, how about these shops…”

“Thank you, this is what you bought. This is your business investment and part of your business. How can I want it?” Kristen firmly refused. This time Chuck Cannon came back and changed too much.

Buying here is definitely a business strategy. She does not believe that Chuck Cannon will buy more than a hundred stores because of a dispute of spirit.

“Then I will buy his house and give it to you??” Chuck Cannon fingered Fred Whitman who was still kneeling at the door!

For a moment, Fred Whitman was sweating and trembling all over.

“Forget it, I don’t want anything from you,” Kristen still firmly refused.

Fred Whitman felt weak, did he walk on the edge of the cliff just now?

Chuck Cannon was helpless, “Okay!”

“Let’s go back first. By the way, let’s go and eat first, haven’t you eaten yet?”

Chuck Cannon came from a long distance and naturally did not eat, he agreed.

“Well, mom… what are you doing while? Let’s go to dinner!” Kristen found that Joanna Shields was still shocked.

“Daughter, daughter…who is he?” Joanna Shields muttered to herself.

“Chuck Cannon!! He’s my…boyfriend.” Kristen bravely took Chuck Cannon’s hand and said.

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