Joanna Shields was suddenly bitter and suddenly recovered from the shock. She didn’t know how to express it. For the first time, she faltered in front of a person, “Chuck Cannon, I just. I thought”

She suddenly thought of a question. If she was not Kristen’s mother, would she have to kneel for three days like Fred Whitman?

Scared Joanna Shields!

“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

She is Kristen’s mother, and Chuck Cannon will definitely not deal with her.

“Chuck Cannon…” Kristen thanked Chuck Cannon.

“It’s okay, let’s go and eat!”

Joanna Shields suddenly felt complicated!

She has missed it, this Chuck Cannon, she doesn’t know that he is too much stronger than Fred Whitman, who has no bones and is still kneeling now!!

The three of them went to dinner, Fred Whitman lowered his head, looking at Kristen with no face.

The person he likes leaves with other people, he has no other way except that he can do nothing!

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, and he felt it was quite interesting!

Otherwise, Chuck Cannon would have just asked Snakehead to take someone to Fred’s house to visit him. For Fred Whitman’s obedient sake as he knelt for three days and Chuck Cannon would let him go.

But, if he doesn’t kneel enough, Chuck Cannon will naturally deal with him!

Look at him!

His life is in his own hands!!

“Master Fred, he is gone, you can get up again, he will not know…” someone onlookers said.

Why doesn’t Fred Whitman want to stand up and leave?

His legs were numb.

But he dare not!

“You all go away, I will kneel for three days!” Fred Whitman endured the pain.

No way, it’s better than death to waste a pair of legs?

He knows how to choose!!

“Kneel for three days? Master Fred, who is he?” The onlookers were shocked!

“A person I can’t afford…” Fred Whitman said regretfully.

Everyone was stunned!!

It’s finished.

Chuck Cannon followed them home, mainly because Chuck Cannon still wanted to help Kristen. Kristen owes so much money now, when will she pay it back?

Having had a relationship with Kristen, Chuck Cannon didn’t want her to work so hard.

“Chuck Cannon and Kristen will live in this room today.”

Joanna Shields still can’t let go, though, she just had a meal with Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon is approachable and has a good affinity.

But as long as she thinks of Chuck Cannon’s second-generation super-rich status, she was still afraid, afraid that if Chuck Cannon breaks up with Kristen that day, will she settle old accounts with her!

Kristen was a little embarrassed.

Although, she has been with Chuck Cannon twice,…

“Aunt Joanna.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

Joanna Shields went back to her room wisely, she didn’t dare to look at Chuck Cannon more, because Chuck Cannon’s invisible aura was really too strong.

“Kristen, come in!” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Kristen came in shyly.

Thinking of her bravery when she was together for the first time, Kristen took a breath and rushed towards Chuck Cannon.

“Kristen, I will lend you money to pay the debt,” Chuck Cannon put his arms around Kristen.

This woman was too strong.

Recalling when the two people first met, Chuck Cannon would laugh out loud.

Kristen wanted to refuse, but couldn’t refuse Chuck Cannon’s gentle tone, “Well, I will just borrow it but I will definitely pay it back!”

Kristen made a promise!

She was not joking, she will definitely pay it back!

What Chuck Cannon said was just a statement. What money does he want Kristen to pay back? Kristen is her own woman.

“Why don’t you pay the interest now?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Chuck Cannon, it’s bad, but I like it…” Kristen blushed.

Lucy Parker is in shock at this moment, what is she doing right now?

She hadn’t recovered herself, she was actually taking over a jewellery store owner, more than one hundred branches!!

When she received Chuck Cannon’s call, she couldn’t believe it!

It was so fast, actually bought more than 100 stores?

This speed was really fast. The boss went back to prepare the next day. After Chuck Cannon asked Betty Bernard to estimate, she credited the boss’s account with 10% higher of the market price.

Suddenly received so much money, the boss must have transferred it directly without saying anything!

It was busy in the afternoon, and Lucy Parker finally took over. “Chuck Cannon, how did you buy it?”

She was so curious!

Chuck Cannon bought things so casually. In two days, he spent more than 100 billion to buy more than 100 stores!

Chuck Cannon didn’t go into details either. To put it simply, Lucy Parker was even more shocked!!

Sure enough, the super-rich second generation is so simple to do things! More than 100 billion, simple!

The rich world is so casual, will it be boring?

“The industry chain is going to speed up. I will let someone manage and deal with the store here!” Chuck Cannon said.

There was no problem with sales here. Now that the source of goods is done, it shouldn’t take long to occupy China’s jewellery market.

“Yes, I will work hard! Chuck Cannon, give me a chance!”

Lucy Parker worked hard, she also wanted to be like Yolanda Lane, and she was deeply trusted by Chuck Cannon!!

“Opportunity, I’ll give it! I can’t help it.” Chuck Cannon appreciates the employees who rushed in.

Lucy Parker had such a look at the moment.

“I will!”

Lucy Parker was pleasantly surprised! She would never let Chuck Cannon down!

Yolanda Lane Pharmaceutical Factory was rushing to refurbish. Yolanda Lane’s efficiency was so fast that Chuck Cannon was satisfied. He believed that within a few days, the pharmaceutical factory’s production line will come out, and it will be a simple matter to make money.

Develop your strength quickly!

“Master Lee, Master bought one hundred jewellery store. As a jadeite store, the industry chain for gambling stones is also being established in an orderly manner. There is also a pharmaceutical factory…” Betty Bernard was reporting to Karen Lee.

Karen Lee was pleased that Chuck Cannon did not disappoint her when she came to China, and the progress was great!

She also has to be fast, she recently discovered that Stewart’s movements were great!!

This shows that Gracia Stewart can’t bear it anymore. This is a dangerous signal.

“Let Chuck be careful! Let him, let him do it. Any investment will do! To be the richest person, the investment must be varied.”

“I know,”

Karen Lee was talking to Logan here, Logan hasn’t returned to China yet, she was still waiting.

“Logan, I think you can return to China,” Karen Lee said.

The situation was urgent.

“En,” Logan couldn’t wait anymore, she was eager to see Chuck Cannon.

Logan went to clean up, Karen Lee paused for a few seconds, “Logan…”

“Aunt Karen say.” Logan had never seen Karen Lee look so solemn.

Like an enemy!!

“Stewart has always been a hidden family. What’s more, this time it is controlled by the person having unlimited potential I.e. Gracia Stewart. It is even more difficult to tell. So… I want to tell Chuck if one day I die, tell Chuck and let him continue his own business.” Karen Lee was calm to the extreme.

To deal with Stewart, They must hold a mortal heart!!

Will Karen Lee die?

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