Chapter 797 – 798: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 797: The Death of Wuya Dao

Kris believed that he could defeat the man.

“It’s impossible, how could you be so strong?”

The remnant soul of Master Taishang crashed up frantically.

Of course, Kris had prepared for it.

Four hundred and eighty million Sun Soul Divine plus sixty trillion cells had created a Superstring Scared Array. He tried to kill the soul.

Actually, he was weak now, but there was still a faint light that protected him from being hurt.

Kris speculated that it should be Zhongmiao Door.

Although it was a treasure, there must be someone who exercise its power.

In the Cave World, although Mind Master had the fragments, he was also failed.

Only by inheriting the achievement methods of Zhongmiao Door could one actually handle this treasure.

Then countless attacks fell on the remnant soul.

Kris used all his strength to kill the master.

Soon, the Remnant Soul came out of the faint light and was quickly destroyed by Kris’s attacks.

Thus, Kris absorbed all the remnant energy. After a while, Kris regained his real body and grabbed a large Jade.

It turned out that this remnant soul was Wuya Dao, the master of Shuhai Sect.

Eighty million years ago, he inadvertently obtained the fragment of Zhongmiao Door in a forbidden site, besides, Master of Great Tao and the leader of Eternity Sect were his partners. These two forces were all ranked in the top ten.

The one who discovered the fragment was actually the leader of Eternity Sect named Eternity Master.

Wuya cooperated with Jun Cheng who was the leader of Great Tao and killed Eternity Master. Then, he fought against Jun and took the treasure to his Sect.

After returning to the clan, Jun spread the news out and then people all came to kill Wuya. Thus, he could only defeat them before absorbing the strength of Zhongmiao Door.

Finally, he sacrificed himself to protect Shuhai Sect, this was why he recovered for eighty million years.

90% of his body origin was ruined.

Kris absorbed most of Wuya’s memories, but some were lost.

However, Kris though it was fine for there were at least trillions of books left.

Wuya was really a crazy man, he even wanted to compile ten thousand Taoist Books. Unfortunately, he died before finishing it.

Well, the methods included in it were much more powerful than the methods at the Eternity Level. Once it was completed, it would be the Eternity.

Unfortunately, he was defeated by Kris.

He did attract a genius, but the man was out of his expectation.

“Just as I guessed, this is the last half.”

Then Kris summoned the two pieces left the Mud Pill Palace and put them together. They integrated perfectly!

Kris was very happy, it was the second Zhongmiao Door he collected.

Then he quickly placed it into the Mud Pill Palace and set up the Barrier to refine it.

All the living beings of Shuhai Sect were endowed by this fragment.

Wuya had already knew the ways to use Zhongmiao Door, which helped Kris a lot. He simply erased his brand and added a new one.

Spirit Scripture of Heaven and Earth!

This was also an achievement method of Zhongmiao Door. Now Kris had two such methods.

How powerful he could be if he collected nine?

Kris was stimulated by this. He believed sooner or later, he would get them all.

After withdrawing the Barrier, Kris felt the power was nourishing his Sun Soul.

Great, with such pure power, he didn’t need to find other treasure.

How many Principle stones could this save?

“It’s time to leave here.”

Without the Zhongmiao Door, the Shuhai Sect would be quickly destroyed. At that time, all the Specters would disappear.

Wuya was a ruthless man, once he grabbed the treasure, he would destroy the Sect. In this way, those who monitored him 80 million years ago would stop their surveillance.

After thinking for a while, Kris walked over to the corpse and took out the key to the treasury and then left.

While leaving, he saw Knife Addict and Jiange Mu lying on the 9870th floor.

They were actually very strong, at least stronger than others.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t climb more under such circumstances.

“I… I…” Knife Addict raised his head difficultly with his eyes full of wariness.

However, Kris shook his head, “You didn’t catch up with me, I’m not interested in fighting with you.” After saying this, he left.

This was the first time that Knife Addict had heard such words other practitioners.

He was a genius and defeated many people.

But now, Kris had no interest in him.

He was stunned and lied there, not knowing what he was thinking!

Arriving at the 9,800th floor, Kris recognized many people but not Bingning. It seemed that she had already left.

So Kris just walked by for he didn’t know them well.

Just at this moment, Poria Fairy shouted, “Bastard, I’ll definitely kill you today!”

Hearing this, Kris frowned and blocked her attack and said, “Are you crazy?”

Poria Fairy was very furious, how could he asked her to deliver baby for him? He even asked her to birth over one hundred children. Was she a pig?

No, she shouldn’t compare herself as a pig. It was all his fault.

“Poria Fairy, let me help you!”

Yu suddenly attacked Kris from aside, and was again stopped by Kris easily.

So he wanted to fight again?

Kris said nothing and just gave him a punch, then he was knocked away. People only felt the move of air.

How could he be defeated by merely a punch?

It was the second time.

Thus Yu didn’t dare to linger and quickly left. If Kris attacked more, then he would die.

“You are such a coward ……” Poria Fairy stomped with anger.

“Poria Fairy, right? Don’t go crazy again! This is a warning.” After saying this, Kris left.

“You ……”

Then Tianyou and Haojie quickly stopped her and said, “Calm down, since he can defeat Yu with mere a punch, he must be very powerful. You can’t defeat him.”

“Hold back, we can give him a lesson after we leave here.”

Hearing this, Poria Fairy calmed down, this was the land of Immortal Taoist Sect, he couldn’t leave here.

“Which floor have you climbed to?” Someone asked.

“Well, a little more than you!” Kris replied.

Hearing this, Jinkui frowned, “Then have you seen Knife Addict and Jiange?”

“They are up there!” Then Kris left.

“What an arrogant man!” Tiansheng Zhao said.

“If you can beat up Yu with one punch, you can also be so arrogant.”

Jinkui hated such shrewd people. Obviously, he didn’t dare to say in front of Kris.

Since Kris walked from the upper floor, he must be strong, even he couldn’t achieve that.

“I’ll leave first.”

Since Jinkui couldn’t climb more, it was better to give up.

Sun Soul was his shortcoming, he’d better find some Spirit Binding Specters to elevate himself.

Once Jinkui left, the others looked at each other. Then Shengtian gritted his teeth and said, “Knife Addict and Jiange Mu must be up there, I’ll catch up with them.”

However, just as he stepped more, he quickly fell on the stairs and looked embarrassed.

Chapter 798: One Hand Defeated All

Coming to an unattractive short mountain, Kris Chen took out the key of the treasure trove, broke the Barrier and walked in.

The trove was divided into eight areas, broom area, weapons area, magical pills area…The longer he walked, the more treasures there were.

Kris Chen was shocked by the astonishing variety of treasures.

Originally, Shuhai Sect had six treasure vaults, and the remaining five had been plundered by those 80 million years ago.

However, the last one was the back way that Wuya Dao left for him, and the things inside were naturally the best and the most precious.

The treasures inside are enough to bring him back to the top.

“Tianxin Crystal, good.” “Shining Thunder, good.”

“Here are so many Principle Stones, no… they are Principle Crystals, more precious than Stones.”

Transcendence to Taoist King had been using Principle Stones to grow Principle. After reaching Taoist Emperor, it was necessary to use Crystals to further grow Principle.

There were twelve levels of Principle and Kris was now only at the fifth level, but the Principle bases he had been too many, so even if he was at the fifth level, he was stronger than those at the seventh and the eighth.

Anyway, Kris’s Principle was only at middle class level.

There were trillions of Principle Crystals here, enough for Kris to practice for a long time.

This was exactly what he wanted.

Kris swept away all the treasures, and the treasures were enough for Kris to cultivate for more than a hundred years.

There were also a large number of treasured collections that were hidden here by the old bastard.

The eighth-ranked super Sect’s treasures in the Eternal Domain were all here.

Kris was so happy.

After getting all the treasures, Kris directly left the ruins of Shuhai Sect.

The Book Spirits, Soldier Spirits, the Earth-bounded ghosts and Corpse Demons were all parts of the Array, the core of which was the Zhongmiao Door.

Without the constant supply of Zhongmiao Door, it would collapse within a few hundred years.

After coming out, Kris was ready to run away.

“Stop!” At this moment, a bunch of people blocked his way, and Poria Witch was the leader.

“Power fluctuations detected in the air and traps have been set around you—your left front, right, above, behind…”

There were some things that Kris couldn’t detect, but the super power chip could.

Mana, magic or science were all essentially the same thing.

Inside Kris, there were quite a few universes that created extremely domineering scientific flow.

It was even more domineering than Literary Energy.

“Aren’t you rampant? I won’t let you run away.”

Behind Poria Witch, there were two lackeys—one was Tianyou Gai, and the other was Tuoba Haojie.

This so-called Tianjiao was actually no different from ordinary people.

Kris felt ashamed of them, or maybe that’s the aim of the practice circle.

Among these people, the weakest was the Half-step Dao King, and the strongest was Dao Emperor.

“No wonder you’re the Immoral Taoist Sect. You’re a bunch of people, but I’m the only one. Don’t you think you’re bullying me?”

Kris snorted, for they were definitely not his opponents, especially after his mana and physical body both broke through the Taoist King.

“Badass, cut the crap. Kneel down and beg for mercy right now. Maybe we can let you go.”

“Even a three-year-old child wouldn’t believe your words.”

Kris laughed disdainfully, “Poria Witch, you still didn’t remember what I’ve said to you before. I said, that was the last time and the third time I definitely won’t let you go.”

Poria Witch got furious. Till now, he still dared to threaten her.

“Give me…”

Before she could finish her words, Kris began to attack.

A big hand came with an unbeatable and unstoppable force. “Get down!”

The power of sixty trillion cells, plus fifty times the force, could make them know how strong he was.


Hundreds of people, with no resistance, were pressed down by Kris.

These scums were nothing to Kris.

Kris did not check who died or who didn’t. He didn’t even give a shit about it.

Poria Witch directly froze.

His single one palm defeated hundreds of people, this…

Just then, Kris pinched her neck. Without any mercy, his Great Tao sealed her, not giving her the chance to use her trump card.

He did all this very skillfully.

“I told you before, do not mess with me.”

Kris originally wanted to directly kill Poria Witch, but then he thought this woman was a Tianjiao of the Immortal Taoist Sect, so her elders must have some ways to save her.

If the elders knew this, they wouldn’t let Kris go.

Dao Emperor was fine, but if it’s an Immortal, he would lose.

Then he also had no idea how strong the Immoral was.

Kris then decided to let Poria Witch go, but he took away Tianyou and Tuoba Haojie, the two of whom were irrelevant.

No wonder they were Tiaojiao. After such a heavy blow, they were only lightly injured.

A set of Barrier sealed the two.

Kris took out the boundary-defining compass to get his location, and appeared a million billion miles away in the next second.

However, it also consumed a lot, almost one thousandth of his mana.

Anyway, his mana was ten million times or even a hundred million times more than that of a normal person.

Immortal Taoist Sect was one of the top two hundred Sects, with a vast territory of more than 10,000,000 trillion and Kris stuffed trillions of Principle Stones into his Inner Universe, regardless of whether they were primary or advanced ones.

After making a hundred leaps in a row, Kris finally left the territory of the Immortal Taoist Sect completely, and it only took him 45 minutes.

The boundary-defining compass must continue to be improved, for it was very important to him.

He split into hundreds of avatars, heading in all directions, and hid his aura with the Cover-up. He needed to hurry up.

He did not intend to go to the Sect for a short time, and after thinking about it, he went directly to the free land.

There, Demon Kris have laid a solid foundation and the power has spread to the Yansheng Sect and Taoist Palace. The small Sects had all been colonized, the middle-class Sects were almost the half, but the first-class Sects hadn’t.

But the details of the ten Sects had been clearly mapped out, and as Kris thought, the ten ones belonged to three major Sects, and the strongest one was the immortal.

Kris now didn’t have the confidence to challenge the Immortal, so he let Demon Kris got inside little by little and he had reached the Closing Door.

Demon Kris laughed and looked at the resources left by Kris, “It’s time to break through the Taoist King. Let’s take turns!”

Kris had long shared the information. Now they had the Stage perception, the resources, so they could break through.

Inside the Closing Door—

Now the first priority was to let sun soul break through Taoist King.

Zhongmiao Door was very mysterious. Kris followed Wuya Dao’s method to draw the energy continuously, feeling he had just finished a spa, very comfortable.

With the Heavenly Emperor’s Spiritual Scripture to stimulate the Zhongmiao Door, energy was constantly coming out. Besides, many ideas had broken through Dao King, so now it became even easier to break through.

Having achievements methods, Kris didn’t have any bottleneck. If he did, that’s the endless resources restricted him.

Inside Time Barrier, thirty years had passed and Kris all ideas broke through the Tao King.

His soul, body and mana had reached Dao King and Kris now felt that he could fight with Immortal Practitioner.

The nine immortal heavens were— Zongdong Realm, Epoch Realm, Changjing Realm, Saturn Realm, Jupiter Realm, Mars Realm, Sun Realm, Venus Realm, Mercury Realm and Moon Realm.

Zongdong Realm was the Practitioner of the First Heaven.

To explain it, there were some detailed explanations in Wuya’ s memory. It was said that there were nine heavens above the three thousand Realm, and the first one was Zongdong. There were no moon or stars, and the air there had no shape, and this was called black strong wind.

In the blink of an eye, it could blow over a thousand miles away, swift and strong, which could drive the three enclosures and twenty-eight stars, as well as Saturn Realm, Jupiter Realm, Mars Realm, Sun Realm, Venus Realm, Mercury Realm and Moon Realm, which rotated from east to west, a day around the earth.

Outside of them was the air of chaos, empty and boundless.

Having crossed one heaven, one could have immortal Qi and achieved an immortal body, extremely powerful.

After the cultivation was strengthened, Kris brought up the three people who were sealed.

All of them could speak and Poria Witch cursed once she got released, “Bastard, you bastard. I will kill you. My master will definitely find you and kill you…No, killing you is too easy. I want to refine you into a puppet, take out your soul and seal it inside, so that you will be my servant forever and ever.”

Tianyou and Tuoba Haojie also glared at Kris fiercely, “let us go, or I will kick your ass.”

“I am the Tianjiao of Grant Elephant Sect. If I disappear, the Sect will definitely send someone to look for me.”

“If you mess with us, you will definitely die. Let us go and maybe we can let you go.”

Looking at the three, Kris snickered, “you are the ones who were defeated by my one palm, so how dare you call yourself Tianjiao?”

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