Karen Lee was not sure about it!

She will definitely die because this is the process of birth, old age, sickness and death.

But how to die, will you die under Stewart, or under Hudson!

For the first time, Karen Lee hesitated!!

Gracia Stewart’s growth was so great that it was almost the same as Karen Lee back then. Karen Lee knows how terrifying this is!

In addition, the extremely clever Heidi Hudson’s eye-catching and moody moods are all huge crises.

Whether it can be resolved, Karen Lee, who has always had a good sixth sense, was also uncertain this time.

She only needs to make sure of one thing now, that Chuck Cannon is her only son, and she wants to make sure that Chuck Cannon die of old age, not being killed.

“Aunt Karen?”

Logan was shocked!!

She knows that Karen Lee has always been a confident, not underestimated person but hesitated this time?

Logan also understands that the strength of the hidden family is unimaginable!!

Because a secret family that has been developed for thousands of years and passed on for dozens of generations, and Karen Lee, who has developed for more than 20 years, how big is the gap?

Everyone can see it!

If Karen Lee’s family had also passed on for thousands of years, and also for dozens of generations, then what’s the secret of the family?

It’s just that time waits for no one.

Where does Karen Lee have so much time to grow up?

“Well, I know what I am doing, you go back to China first!” Karen Lee seemed calm.

Logan was silent for three seconds. She was powerless and went to pack up and leave.

She knew that listening to Karen Lee’s words at this moment was the best.

Logan knew that Karen Lee was trying to buy Chuck Cannon more development time. Gracia Stewart and Heidi Hudson were all aimed at Chuck Cannon!

After Logan left, Karen Lee calmed down. She called Betty Bernard, “Betty Bernard, go to my room in my night hotel and take out the box under my bed! Give Chuck what’s inside!”

“Master Lee?” Betty Bernard didn’t know that Karen Lee had still put something under the bed.

“I had a hunch that something was about to happen, so I ask Chuck to see where I learned to fight…” Karen Lee said.

“Can Young Master bear it?”

“If he can’t bear it, he has to bear it! From the beginning to the end, Heidi Hudson’s Hudson, but there was no real powerful person! If Hudson’s strongest person appears, this…”

Last time she fought against Heidi Hudson’s bodyguard. That man is not Karen Lee’s opponent, but as the world’s first real family, there must be hidden masters who have not appeared!

This kind of master, what kind of strength Karen Lee has never encountered before, she was not sure!

It’s really time to turn your face!

If these people come to Karen Lee, what is there to fear for Karen Lee?

At that time, Karen Lee might be excited to be honest, because she hadn’t used her real strength for many years.

But what if they go to Chuck Cannon?

How can Chuck Cannon resist?

Don’t think Heidi Hudson treats Chuck Cannon very well now, but a woman like Heidi Hudson has too much desire to control. Once Chuck Cannon reaches the limit of her tolerance, the next thing he faces will be that of Hudson, the world’s first family. Mad revenge!!

How long it will take Heidi Hudson to polish her patience, Karen Lee was also uncertain!

But Karen Lee doesn’t need to think too much to know that it’s fast!

“I understand, I will give the things to the young master!” Betty Bernard will get it right away.

“Tell Chuck that I went in for 15 days and came out. I hope that he being my son can have the same time as me. The specific time is determined by Chuck, but the faster the better!” Karen Lee expected.

In addition to her own talent, Karen Lee’s strength to this day is also an important reason for her continuous learning.

Chuck Cannon went to school to study before, but that was just the basics!

Now where Karen Lee asked Chuck Cannon to go, that was the real devil training!

It’s not difficult to get out!!

As long as you come out, you will be a super master fighting master!

Real-world fighter, Chuck Cannon will definitely be ranked as soon as he comes out!

At that time, Karen Lee will be completely relieved of Chuck Cannon!!

“Chuck, there are some things I can’t help you, you still have to do it yourself, don’t let me down, mom always believes in you! If you can earn a few people inside, then…” Karen Lee’s eyes were full of expectation and gratification…

“Master Lee asked me to give you this,” Betty Bernard found what Karen Lee said, which was a piece of the jade pendant.

There are two words “fight” on it!

Chuck Cannon was surprised, “What is this?”

“This is similar to the school the young master went to last time, but it is much better than the school last time. Master Lee also stayed there for a few days!” Betty Bernard didn’t know much.

Chuck Cannon suddenly realized that this is almost the same as the current Institute of Advanced Studies.

Chuck Cannon now has the basics of fighting, and if he goes to school for further studies, it can indeed increase Chuck Cannon’s fighting strength at this time!

“It turns out that my mother has also been in,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Where?”

“Master, you arrange the time, after you make sure, I will take the master in!” Betty Bernard said.

She knew that Chuck Cannon had his own plan recently.

This has to wait until Chuck Cannon’s mind is free from distracting thoughts to progress more quickly.

Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds, “Well, I see.”

Just go there in a few days, and come back from further studies, then his strength would not be too much worse than his mother, right?

Chuck Cannon was also looking forward to it!

Among the people Chuck Cannon was now in contact with, his mother’s fighting strength was absolutely number one!

Stewart’s strongest bodyguard was not his mother’s opponent!!

However, just as she said when she first met Heidi Hudson, if the bodyguards of Hudson came out of the rankings, my mother would not even be able to make the top 100, how much water does this sentence have?

Chuck Cannon was not clear at this stage.

But Chuck Cannon knows that since Hudson is the first family, there must be too many Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon masters among them. How many people can his mother rank in?

Can I go in?

Chuck Cannon didn’t know all this.

Only knowing things, no matter how powerful other people are improving your own strength is the kingly way!!

Therefore, Chuck Cannon will definitely go to the place where her mother suddenly let herself go!

“The young master, you determine the time yourself. Just tell me when you go!” Betty Bernard left.

Chuck Cannon put away the jade pendant, this place, ordinary people definitely can’t enter, this must be introduced by someone, is this in that ravine again?

After all, last time, but in the forest!!

When Chuck Cannon thought about this, Yolanda Lane suddenly called, and Chuck Cannon was shocked to answer.

“Chuck Cannon, where are you?”

“Kristen’s house,” Chuck Cannon was with Kristen last night, only Kristen did his own thing in the morning.

“It’s not good, something happened!!” Yolanda Lane said.

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