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Chapter 799 – 800: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 799: Another Trap

Tianyou and Tuoba Haojie fell silent. They respected Kris Chen more. If the thing that Kris beat Yu Qin with one punch frightened them, then to defeat them with one palm was even more.

A Tianjiao like him definitely practiced in one of those first 100 Sects.

There were several levels of Tianjiao, once in 10,000 years, once in 100,000 years, and matchless Tianyou once in a million years.

It was said that there was heavenly Tianjiao beyond matchless Tianjiao, who was destined to be remembered for years.

Living in the same era with such one was a sadness.

For example, Tianyou and Tuoba Haojie were once-in-a-million years Tianjiao. Poria Witch was soft and weak, but she was also once-in-a-100,000 years one.

Kris was able to defeat them with one palm, so he was definitely a once-in-a-million years one.

This kind of Tianjiao definitely belonged to one of the top 100 super Sects.

“I’ll give you three a chance to live.” Kris said, “give me your soul source and recognize me as your master, or die.”

“You are daydreaming. We’d rather choose to die…”

Before Tuoba Haojie could finish his words, a sharp blade with a cold flash had pierced his neck. But at such a Stage, bleeding wouldn’t case death.

But the pain was real and he could feel the sound of the sharp blade cutting his flesh.

Poof! Blood splattered and the aorta was cut.

“Whoo-hoo!” That was the trachea.

However, the wound recovered at the same time.

Tuoba Haojie were filled with fear.

“Your body is quite strong. Do you think what will happen if I cut your d**k?”

“Actually, it’s quite good to be a woman. Trust me, I can definitely make it.”

Hearing this, he was terrified. If the man didn’t have his d**k, then he was no longer a man. What’s the point of living?

“I give you my soul. Please…”

He knew it clearly that it was his bad luck to be caught. For so long, the Immortal Taoist Sect hadn’t found him, so Kris must use something to block the induction.

Unless they were killed, so that they would use their trump card. But Kris’s words made Tuoba Haojie completely lose hope, “I know what you are thinking. Do not worry. I will not kill you, and will not let you be fatally wounded. You all are Tianjiao, so you must have the ways to save you lives, just like Yu Qin.”

“If you give me your souls, you can suffer less. If not, I have 10,000 means to t*****e you.”

“For example, ask my elders to block the induction. Do you think they will help me or not?”

Surely, they would.

Tuoba Haojie cried, “pull out the blade first, I’ll give it to you…”

“Tuoba Haojie, you are really a p***y. I won’t give in even if I die.” Tianyou was glaring at him.

However, unable to resist Kris’ s t*****e, he handed over his soul source respectfully.

Having gotten two Tianjiao as servants, Kris was in a good mood and began to deal with Poria Witch.

At this time, she looked calm, compared to the two.

How many fools among those Tianjiaos?

Relying on her background and her status, she did everything as she wished. She even said something bad about Tuoba haojie and Tianyou.

But her reliance at this moment had been completely useless.

She was a woman, a beautiful woman and if she could no longer realize her situation, her ending would be miserable.

Especially for someone like Kris, rampant and stubborn, didn’t care if she was a woman or not.

To him, there were only two kinds of people. One was his own men and the other was the enemy.

“Don’t touch me. I’ll give it to you.”

Poria Witch then gave him her soul source.

Kris was very surprised, “seriously?”

Poria Witch didn’t say anything, for it was useless to say anything now.

Kris laughed, “Whosoever understands the time is a great man. You are much smarter than the two guys.”

After refining the soul source, Kris directly controlled her life. And there no trump card was useful.

Getting released, Poria Witch looked very complicated.

“What will happen if I don’t hand it over?” She asked.

“You are a woman and a beautiful woman. What do you think a man would do to a beautiful woman who has no resistance?” Kris deliberately said so.

“Hmph, you really a badass. Yu Qin is right. You are just a f*****g pervert.”

Kris frowned. Did this have anything to do with Yu Qin?

“Do you two know what’s going on?”

Tuoba Haojie completely saw Kris as his master, “master, here is the thing…”

“Oh, I see.”

Kris looked at Poria Witch with a weird smile, “you just believe what he said? Why do you believe so much that Yu Qin has the courage to stand in front of me? And does he have the guts to eavesdrop?”

Poria Witch flushed. Indeed, she was too angry at that time. Now after listening to Kris’s words, she knew she had been taken advantage of.

“I… I…”

“Okay, it’s all the past, unless you’re really willing to deliver a hundred children for me.”

Although Poria Witch was nice, Kris was not interested in his servants. He already had his own plan.

“Listen up, you three, I have a task for you.”

Taking a look at the three, “you three should all be at a relatively high level in your respective Sects, but it’s not far from enough. I can help you get more power.”

What he thought was simple. Whether it was the Immortal Taoist Sect, the Grand Elephant Palace, or Tunshi Immortal Sect, they were all relatively high-ranking sects.

The three would be his pawns in the three major Sects.

Kris has a plan in his head. If he could control the young generations, he could control the whole world. Then he made use of them, so that he would be the strongest hand behind the scene, which was more efficient than fight by all himself.

Besides, with the help of the products, such as projector and mirrors, Kris could be protected and gain more benefits.

Kris didn’t like to show off and what he enjoyed was to control everything behind the scene.

After setting up the task, Kris blew them out.

When they came to the outside world, the three of them had an unreal feeling, but after looking at the resources in their hands and the soul source they had handed over, they realized that they had really become someone else’s servants.

But Kris also gave them the opportunity to improve their strength—a simplified version of the Smelting Art.

The full version of had to be gained by themselves. Theoretically, it was infinite, but the simplified version had a limit.

Even so, the three got completely crazy.

Tianyou thought that if his strength could increase a hundred times, he would definitely be a once-in-a-million years Tianjiao, and even be able to reach the threshold of the matchless Tianjiao.

Poria Witch had a better foundation than they did. If she succeeded in cultivation, she would be a matchless one.

Receiving the cultivation method and a large number of resources, they didn’t feel it was that worse to be his servants.

The three looked at each other and left the ungoverned zones.

Kris gave them a year to practice. After a year, he would recatch them. As long as they were famous Tianjiao, they would be captured.

“Bro, we have come out?”

Bixiao came out from the Sword World. Kris deliberately slowed down the time, so there, she only spent two days.

“Well, the Wandao Tower was too difficult to climb, so I just gave up.”

Kris lied, for he didn’t want her to know everything.

“However, I got a lot of treasures.”

Kris took out a storing ring, which contained tens of thousands of pure Earth-bound ghosts as well as a variety of cultivation resources.

These were simply a drop in the bucket to what Kris had got.

“Kris, I can’t take it.”

Bixiao shook her head. Kris had already given her so many things, so how could she be insatiable?

“Do you think we’re not close enough?”

Kris pretended to be unhappy, “then I see.”

Hearing this, Bixiao trembled. There seemed to be a gap that could not be seen and touched, yet it was real between the two.

Fearing that Kris would distance her in the future, Bixiao felt it was unbearable.

“Kris, no, I… I didn’t mean that!” “Fine, fine, I accept it.”

“That’s right.”

Kris smiled at Bixiao. Bixiao now had the complete version of the Smelting Art, but if she relied on herself, she could not have so many resources.

Only when she was strong enough could she create more room and opportunities for herself to make profits.

Bixiao took the storing ring and took a glance at it, but she was stunned by the resources stored inside, “Kris, this is too much, right?”

“Too much?”

Kris shook his head and laughed, “it’s not. When you officially cultivate, you will understand how much these resources really are.”

Chapter 800: Fighting on the Life-death Ring

Bixiao also went to the next room to cultivate alone. She knew that only by improving her strength could she help Kris.

Unknowingly, she cared more and more about Kris.

Kris also began to cultivate. He estimated that it would take him several hundred thousand years to make up for his Taoist Base, which would cost him a lot of resources.

He had already prepared the vast amount of resources needed for cultivation. He was the only one who had cultivated twice in such a cycle.

Three months had passed outside, and Kris had completed his cultivation inside the Time Barrier. The perfect Taoist Base directly increased Kris’s power by thirty percent.

Sometimes, he even wondered if he could directly raise his stage to Taoist Emperor. But the difference in stage between the Immortal and Taoist Emperor was too much, which was hard to cross.

He had to give up on this idea and continued to cultivate and solidify his Stage.

Bixiao was also cultivating at this time. This time she might need a few decades to improve her strength, which was much slower than Kris in terms of cultivation speed.

The two pieces of the Gate of Wonder nourished Kris’ soul and physical body. Even if he didn’t deliberately cultivate, his cultivation was still improving. The only thing that worried Kris was his mana. So he decided to start with mana first and tried to the reach the stage of stage period of Taoist King.

After he put trillions of principle stones and hundreds of billions of principle energy into his Yin-yang and Five-element Universe, he began to concentrate on his cultivation.

Yuan Kris also began to concentrate on his cultivation. He help Kris give the Inner Universe’s limit to rise to the Transcendence stage. Over time countless cultivators of his Inner Universe reached the Transcendence stage. So they thus formed a Great Tao to give Kris’ Tao a great increase.

Kris needed their Great Tao and they needed Kris’s supply of resources. This was a virtuous circle.

Yuan Kris was the fastest of all Kris’ incarnations to reach the stage of Taoist King. Not long after his breakthrough, he shared the Stage with a group of Kris’ incarnations, and then thousands of Kris’s incarnations also reached the stage of Taoist King.

Kris cultivated quickly, but the higher the level of cultivation, the harder it was to push through.

Fortunately, with the help of the super power chip, the deduction of everyone was accelerated.

But it would take millions of epochs to achieve their expected results. According to the outside time flow rate, this would take at least ten years.


After returning to the sect, Haojie Tuoba and Tiangyou Gai spent a lot of effort practicing Smelting Art. They were genius cultivators. Now they had increased their strength fifty times in one fell swoop, and it was permanent.

Explosive power flowed through the body, and with it came great self-confidence.

Feeling like he had nowhere to use all his strength, Haojie swaggered to the door of Yingwu Tuoba’s house. Yingwu Tuoba was his cousin, half-step Taoist Emperor.

However, he had bullied Haojie since he was a child. He was now the one who has the highest reputation in the Qingxiang Hall and was the most expected to succeed the position of Branch Leader.

The Xiangshen Sect doesn’t have many rules. It only requires its disciples not to betray their masters. The people of their sect did not sympathize with the weak, and only the strong could make them worship.

“Yingwu, get out here!” shouted he outside.

Many people heard his shouting and gathered around.

“It’s Haojie Tuoba, he’s challenging Brother Yingwu again.”

“He can’t defeat Brother Yingwu.” A female disciple said. “Guess how many moves Brother Yingwu will be able to solve him this time?”

“Maybe a hundred moves.”

“One hundred moves? You think too highly of Haojie. Yingwu has practiced the Elephant Battle Technique. He will be able to finish him with at most fifty strokes at most!”

“Elephant Battle Technique? That’s a Taoist Emperor level battle technique, and Brother Yingwu has actually practiced it.”

The crowd murmured, their eyes filled with envy.

But Haojie did not expect that the Branch Leader would teach this technique to Yingwu. Did the Branch Leader really intend to train him to become the successor? He thought.

But now he was going to prove in front of everyone that he was better than Yingwu Tuoba. He wanted to be the Branch Leader of Qingxiang Hall.

“Yingwu, don’t you dare to come out?” he shouted again.

Just then, the door was opened. A man who looked similar to Haojie came out from inside. When he saw Haojie, the man’s eyes showed contempt. He was Yingwu Tuoba.

“So it’s you who is shouting, the trash.” said he. “Go back, you couldn’t win me before, and now you have no chance to defeat me as well. I’m not interested in weak people. In case I beat you to death, your father will definitely hate me.” Yingwu said with a cold smile.

“Let’s fight on the life-death ring. If I am killed by you, it is also I deserve it!” Haojie coldly said, “But this time, I will be able to defeat you.”

Hearing his words, the crowd burst into laughter.

“Did you hear that? He said he’s going to defeat Brother Yingwu.”

“Yeah.”The man laughed out loud. “I am wondering how many times he has challenged Brother Yingwu. It must be at least eight hundred times.”

It could be said that Yingwu earned his fame depending on Haojie, as Haojie lost to Yingwu time and time again.

Many people were even calculating when Yingwu would reach a thousand consecutive victories.

“Did you hurt your brain while cultivating?” Yingwu said sarcastically. “Go away. I don’t want to talk to you.”

He had just returned from Qingxiang Hall, and the Branch Leader told him that once he reached the stage of the Taoist Emperor, he would be the next successor to the Qingxiang Hall.

“You don’t have the guts to fight with me, right? I think you should be called the Coward. That’s the name that suits you.” Haojie said.

What, was he crazy? How dare he mock Brother Yingwu? Many people were shocked.

Yingwu frowned. “You want to anger me? That won’t do you any good, you should understand!”

“Fight with me one last time. If I lose, then I’ll willingly die.” said Haojie.

He thought if he lived in the shadow of Yingwu for the rest of his life, he could not have great achievements after all.

Actually, it wasn’t that Huojie wasn’t afraid of death, but that he was overwhelmed by his burgeoning strength. He was confident that he could definitely defeat Yingwu.

Some people in the crowd hurriedly ran to call Huojie’s father.

“Fine, then I accept your challenge.” Yingwu smiled coldly. He was also a little impatient with Huojie appearing in front of him like a clown all the time.

He was still one step away from being able to reach the stage of Taoist Emperor. It was just right that before he succeeded as the Branch Leader, he could show his strength to everyone again to intimidate others.

“Go to the life-death ring!” said Haojie. He looked at Yingwu indifferently and turned to leave.

Once they dueled on the life-death Ring, the Leader of the Xiangshen Sect could not interfere with them. This was the rule of the Xiangshen Sect. No one dared to violate it.

Renjie Tuoba, Haojie’s father, hurried over. His two servants in front of him kept asking the people in front to make way for him. Renjie status was very high, so the people had to make way for him.

Before Haojie could get on the ring, his father pulled him back.

“What are you doing? Do you lose your mind?” said Renjie angrily. As long as he could let his son survive, he no longer cared about his image.

He had a son in his old age and he loved him very much. If Haojie was killed, then he couldn’t live either.

“Father, I have decided. Please do not stop me.” Haojie said. “There must be an ultimate duel between Yingwu and me.”

“Shut up, you and he are brothers. Why do you two have the fight to death?” Haojie’s father asked.

Before Haojie challenged Yingwu, he was hurt a little after he lost. But now they were actually going to fight on the Life -death Ring. Haojie’s father quite didn’t understand why his son had to do this.

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