Those who work on the construction site were all hard workers, and they make hard money.

Three died at once, then it means that the pillars of the three families are gone. No wonder, Yolanda Lane has not encountered such a thing, of course, it is not easy to deal with.

Chuck Cannon called Betty Bernard.

“Hey, Sister Bernard, three people died on my construction site. Please help me check the families of these three people!”

“Yes, Master, I’ll check it out! Master wait a minute!”

The phone hung up and Chuck Cannon squeezed into the crowd.

It is not the first time that Chuck Cannon has seen a dead person, but it is the first time such an accident has occurred.

Chuck Cannon has mixed flavours, this kind of thing must be conscientious.

As Song Tianhao’s contractor for the construction site, Chuck Cannon will also pay as much as he pays, although it does not matter to Chuck Cannon.

“Husband, it’s too late for these three people to die, right? Can’t you be careful?” Ma Fang was annoyed.

The dead will lose money!

Seven hundred thousand one?

“If you die, it doesn’t matter! Well, Wang, you and the three of them are fellow villagers. If you ask their family to pick them up, I will give them 300,000 yuan each!” Song Tianhao said.

Ma Fang was stunned, but his husband was so good, what would she pay for 700,000 yuan, not his own family, just 300,000 would be enough!

“What? Only three hundred thousand, are you too dark?”

“One life, at least seven hundred thousand!”

“We have followed you for a while, how can you be so blackhearted?”

On the construction site, people were usually fellow villagers. When they hear the boss say this, they were all anxious. Who is the old one?

Suddenly died, the pillars of the family are gone, what should the young and old at home do?

Three hundred thousand is enough for what?

“What are you arguing? If you don’t wear a seat belt, you can blame me if you want to die? My mother has lost 900,000 in vain. Who can I talk to reason?” Song Tianhao was angry.

“Hey, the boss can’t say that, but you asked us to rush to work, you still said, as long as the speed increases and the quality increases, don’t care about the others?”

“Are you crazy? I’m telling you to die now, are you going?? Use your brains, the seat belt is not fastened, they are looking for death on their own, I gave them 300,000, and they have done their best! Who is she? Say, just get out of me!”

Song Tianhao scolded angrily!!

“Will you not come like this?” Yolanda Lane’s eyes chilled.

How can life be so cheap? The compensation should be no less.

This is a normal procedure, how can it be so much less?

“Manager Yolanda, I am also unlucky. They don’t wear seat belts themselves. What does it matter to me? I am also a victim!” Song Tianhao knew that to Yolanda Lane, he could not offend, so, he was polite!!

“Anyway, you are not doing this right!” Yolanda Lane has suffered and knows the hardships of working on a construction site.

When people die, the normal loss of money is so much less, this is the last dignity.

“I don’t think it’s anything, just do this, let them know, go somewhere else, don’t bother me!”

“Hey, how do you talk?”

“When you asked us to come to this construction site at the beginning, but you got a ticket and said that something happened, 700,000 per person! Now that something has happened, you don’t count your words?”

Song Tianhao’s words, a thousand layers of waves hit!

Aroused indignation among workers on the construction site!!

“What doesn’t count? I will pay 300,000 yuan. If you want it, you be obedient, and if you don’t, you can get out!” Song Tianhao was confident. His dad is a bit strong. This kind of thing is easy.

“You are so black-hearted!”

“My three fellows are worthless to die!”

They are helpless, what another way can they do?

Song Tianhao was very proud, and he wanted to be fierce.

Yolanda Lane was angry. This person was so outrageous that he has found such an irresponsible construction company!

“Husband, you are great, there are millions left, I want to buy a necklace for the money saved!!” Ma Fang said with joy.

“No problem!” Song Tianhao shrugged.

How good is it to buy a necklace for your wife? Why pay these people?

“Song Tianhao, you are so dark!” Chuck Cannon squeezed in from the crowd.

“What’s the matter with you? Chuck Cannon, this place is not yours?” Song Tianhao was annoyed.

“Chuck Cannon, are you sick? Who told you to talk at this time? Shut up, you!!” Ma Fang was furious.

“Three hundred thousand is too little, two million each!” Chuck Cannon said!

“Hey, who is this person? On our construction site?”

“I haven’t seen it, but he is right!”

Chuck Cannon’s words have their support!!

“Do you really dare to say, two million? Believe it or not, I can spend money to kill you. People like you. Just give a person fifty thousand and they can stab you to death! Be interesting, get fucked!!” Song Tianhao said angrily.

“Go away!” Ma Fang pushed Chuck Cannon to leave.

Chuck Cannon is a master of fighting, how could it be pushed by a woman who doesn’t know how to fight?

“Two million, one point can’t be less!”

“Do you or she think you are? You are a poor person, and you are forced to get ahead of others, right? Old Wang, who asked you to allow him to come to work on my construction site?” Song Tianhao snorted coldly.

Chuck Cannon appeared on the site he contracted, so he must be a worker on his own site!!

Ma Fang ridiculed more and more. He was already a worker at her husband’s construction site.

The dumb guy! Still, learning from others?

Do you have this strength?

No self-knowing junk stuff!

“He didn’t belong to our construction site!” Old Wang looked at Chuck Cannon again, shaking his head and didn’t know him, and the other workers also shook his head and said he didn’t know him.

A worker at a construction site, who bows his head all day and doesn’t see him, how can he not know him?

Chuck Cannon’s face was too raw.

“Oh, no, are you or her still talking? Fuck! No one of you stayed here! Pharaoh, let someone blow him away!” Song Tianhao was furious!

Pharaoh didn’t move. He was particularly dissatisfied with Song Tianhao’s handling of this. How could he still be obedient?

“I am here, no one can let me go!” Chuck Cannon approached step by step!

Own construction site, own project, who can let Chuck Cannon go?

“Haha, no one can let you go? Are you kidding me? What are you?” Song Tianhao laughed.

A poor boy who dropped out of school had the face to say such things.

He has eye-opening!

Ma Fang scorned and despised, “Chuck Cannon, why didn’t I see that you can pretend like this before? Why don’t you blush when you say such pretends?”

“Hurry up, this is the construction site I contracted. There is no place for you to stand on! Get out!” Song Tianhao came over to evade Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon stands still, how can he promote it? Song Tianhao was annoyed, this horrible pen really came from the construction site, and he couldn’t push it.

“This is the construction site you contracted, but you don’t know, you contracted my construction site?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

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