“Hahaha! Are you really kidding! The construction site I contracted is yours?” Song Tianhao said and the first expression that appeared on his face naturally was mocking!!

He knew roughly how big the investment in this construction site was. The land alone was worth more than 100 million yuan, let alone the investment in this construction site.

Without a net worth of 3 billion, this kind of place can be taken down?

Such a rich person would be Chuck Cannon who dropped out of school and came to the construction site?

Chuck Cannon looks like hanging silk, it is difficult to take out tens of thousands, will he be the boss of this construction site?

“Chuck Cannon, I didn’t expect you to be so vain! You can speak such shameless words?” Ma Fang was contemptuous and disappointed.

In this meeting, she had changed so much to Chuck Cannon, and she felt a little good about him in her heart, because Chuck Cannon had a good figure and her strong arms gave her a hormonal feeling.

After all, women are also lustful.

Chuck Cannon has figure, but he is much better than Song Tianhao. She was moved by this. How can she say that she has been with Song Tianhao for too long and is aesthetically tired?

But this kind of favour was wiped out by Chuck Cannon’s shameless remark just now.

It is a shameless typical!!

“Yes, it’s mine!” Chuck Cannon stepped forward!

“Go away, you!” Song Tianhao scolded angrily, wasting time!

“Chuck Cannon, you are too shameless! Go away!” Ma Fang couldn’t stand it!

“You don’t believe it? That’s okay, I will terminate the contract with you!” Chuck Cannon said.

Song Tianhao has no bottom line. What good construction sites can such a person make?

It is best to cancel the contract as soon as possible.

It is no problem to find other construction teams.

“Haha! You still pretend to look good! Still, cancelling the contract with me? Why don’t you go to heaven?” Song Tianhao laughed.

“Chuck Cannon! You came!” At this time, Yolanda Lane came out of the crowd.

Song Tianhao frowned. Yolanda Lane was the manager of this project. He knew that because Yolanda Lane had been negotiating with him, Yolanda Lane actually knew Chuck Cannon?

Even Ma Fang was shocked.

“Well, terminate the contract with him, and find another construction team.”

“En, I’m sorry, I…” How did Yolanda Lane think that Song Tianhao was such a person, even this kind of money is less, really inhuman!

“Don’t blame yourself, you don’t know.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Manager Yolanda, is he really the boss of this place?” Song Tianhao was sceptical.

Yolanda Lane’s performance told him that Yolanda Lane and Chuck Cannon knew each other, and the relationship was pretty good, right? If Chuck Cannon is really the boss of this place, why would Yolanda Lane, the manager, call Chuck Cannon directly by his name?

Shouldn’t you call the boss?

“Of course, I work under him.”

Song Tianhao stared at Chuck Cannon immediately, still full of suspicion, “Ma Fang, didn’t you say that this guy is a poor man?”

“Yes, he is a poor pen, husband, you are not in the same class with him, you don’t know, he, he was so poor when he was studying, I never saw him wear good clothes, nor did he buy snacks. However, how could such a poor person be the boss of this place? It is impossible at all!” Ma Fang said disdainfully.

When he was studying, he was so poor and obviously not the rich second generation. How long did he drop out of school? So much money? That’s even more impossible!!

So, Chuck Cannon just pretended to say it deliberately.

Song Tianhao was silent for three seconds and nodded, “Well, I don’t think so, but this Yolanda Lane treats him…”

Yolanda Lane doesn’t need to help Chuck Cannon for no reason, right?

“It must be the two of them knowing each other.” Ma Fang analyzed.

“That’s right!” The doubt in Song Tianhao’s heart suddenly disappeared, there is no need to doubt!

“Chuck Cannon, don’t pretend, it’s boring! Get out of here!” Song Tianhao smiled.

“It’s you who should get off. Song Tianhao, I will terminate the contract with you!” Yolanda Lane said coldly.

Song Tianhao was astonished and exasperated, “Yolanda Lane, dare you!! You figured it out clearly, Chuck Cannon’s hanging silk is just your friend. You need to talk to me like this for him? Let your boss know, you’re ready to pack your things and get out!”

“That’s right, it’s not big or small, I think you are silly, the contract is signed, and you can terminate the contract when you say you cancel it? How old are you? With a pig nose in green onion, what kind of elephant are you pretending to be!” Ma Fang cursed.

It’s so angry!

“Yolanda Lane, forget it, don’t need to terminate the contract, what about the company that acquired him?” Chuck Cannon shrugged and changed his mind.

Your own business empire is being built. It must be a professional construction team. In fact, you can also take this opportunity to start building.

“I looked at his dad’s company. The strength is good, and the project is done well. So when I left, I chose to cooperate with them. If it is acquired, I think it is possible,” Yolanda Lane analyzed.

“Haha, are you going to buy my dad’s company? Are you overly pretentious? My dad’s company has a market value of over one billion, you…”

“Only one billion, what are you proud of here? No experience!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Song Tianhao was angry!

What is a billion?

Do you have it?

“Sister Bernard, are you free? Yes? Well, now I am going to buy a company for me. I don’t know the name. The boss’s son of this company is Song Tianhao. Well, I’m waiting for you.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Betty Bernard is also an expert in negotiation. The boss of this kind of company is not enough for Betty Bernard. It happens that Betty Bernard is nearby and can go there quickly, according to Betty Bernard’s speed.

Song Tianhao, Ma Fang looked at each other!

“Is he really the boss here?”

“I think it’s possible, you can see that he has a good appearance when calling, if he is not a big boss, there would really be no such aura!”

The workers’ onlookers whispered.

“Hey, Chuck Cannon, are you still on the phone? When you put up your pen, you look pretty! It made me almost believe it.”

Song Tianhao laughed. “Are you going to buy my dad’s company? Are you rich?”

“Yes, just wait,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Yolanda Lane if you ask someone to get six million in cash, we also have to pay here. After all, it’s not easy for them.”

“Well, you don’t need to tell me, I also have this plan.” Yolanda Lane immediately did it.

“Wow, this big boss is really good, much better than Song Tianhao!”

“If he really bought Song Tianhao’s father’s company, I’ll follow him!!”

“Me too. Only with a good boss can you be guaranteed!”

The workers became excited.

Song Tianhao was annoyed and ate something inside and out.

“Chuck Cannon, why haven’t you bought my dad’s company? Don’t you know where my dad’s company is? I’ll tell you, do you want it?”

“Husband, as far as he looks like hanging silk, he may be rich? Just pretend to be!” Ma Fang disdain.

Song Tianhao laughed, too, so that he was scared just now. He wanted to talk, and suddenly his cell phone rang. He saw that it was his father’s phone.

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