Chapter 801 – 802: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 801: Knocking Him Away With One Punch

Just at that moment, Xiongzhu Tuoba also came over. He was Yingwu Tuoba’s father. He looked at Yingwu in the ring and shouted. “Come down, do you know what you are doing?”

“Father, Haojie insists on dueling with me on the life-death ring. It isn’t me forcing him to do so. Everyone can testify for me. He also mocked me for being a coward if I didn’t accept his challenge.”

Just as he finished his words, the crowd echoed.

“Yes, that’s what happened.”

“All of us were present at that time. It was Haojie who provoked Yingwu.”

Xiongzhu Tuohu frowned. “Come down quickly, we are a family. If you really kill Haojie, how will your third uncle and I get along in the future?”

He looked as if he was protecting Haojie, but he determined that Haojie must lose. In fact, this was not defending Haojie, but belittling him.

“Father, it’s not that I won’t come down, but if I do, he will definitely continue to mock me. Others will judge me in the future.” said Yignwu.

Xiongzhu thought for a moment, and then looked at Haojie again. “Haojie, can you apologize to Yingwu? Then you two can avoid a duel.”

“What do you think?” Xiongzhu asked his brother.

Renjie Tuoba nodded, “Yes, brother, you’re right.”

“Haojie, now apologize to Yingwu quickly.” Renjie ordered. Even if he was very reluctant, he had to let his son do so in order to save his son.

People looked at Haojie mockingly. He knew that if he gave up the duel, he would be nothing but a laughingstock forever. Even though he was a one-in-a-million talent, he still lived in the shadow of Yingwu. He could not live like this for the rest of his life.

“Father, I have made up my mind.” Haojie looked at his father and said firmly. “I have lost to him many times, but this time I will definitely win him!”

Suddenly he was full of confidence.

“You… you thankless child.” Renjie’s hands were trembling with anger. “You have absolutely no idea what you are doing.”

“Father, do you hear that? It’s not that I don’t want to come down, but he insists on dueling with me.” Yingwu said helplessly.

“Sorry, brother, since your son is so obstinate, I can do nothing. “ Xiongwu said to Renjie. He deliberately pretended that there was no way to stop them from dueling.

“Today you must apologize to Yingwu.” Renjie growled. He pulled his son’s hand and tried to force him to bow down.

But at that moment, Haojie broke away from his father’s hand and got into the ring with a quick leap.

The people present were in an uproar.

“You… get down.” Renjie shouted.

The life-death ring has a rule that no one can go into the ring to interfere with the duel.

At this moment, even Renjie did not dare to go on the stage to stop his son.

“Your son is too obstinate. I will ask Yingwu not to hurt him.” Xiongzhu said.

Renjie smiled bitterly, “Thanks then, brother.”

Xiongwu nodded his head. Then he turned to his son.”Yingwu, you must not hurt his life.”

“Father, if he swears that he won’t bother me again, I may not hurt him.” Yingwu said.

“Renjie, your son ……”

“I will definitely ground him and won’t let him go out in ten thousand years.” Renjie gritted his teeth and said.

“Yingwu, do you hear your third uncle’s words?” Xiongzhu said with a smile.

“Good, since Uncle has said so, then I naturally have to give him face.”

He smiled and looked at Haojie. “If you are not my uncle’s son, I will beat you to death.”

Haojie did not care what he said. “Cut the crap!” He shouted.

Yingwu narrowed his eyes, and his half-step Taoist Emperor’s aura exploded.

He once killed a practitioner of the early stage of Taoist Emperor with his own half-step Taoist Emperor stage. His strength was even comparable to that of a practitioner in the middle period of Taoist Emperor.

He did not want to waste too much time on the fight with Haojie. So he intended to make his deadly move in order to end the fight quickly.

“I’ll let you see my new battle technique, the Elephant Technique. It is a semi-immortal battle technique that you’ve never seen.”

As he spoke, a huge green elephant shadow rose from his back, and then he waved his fist and ran towards Haojie.

Haojie focused his attention.

“Good timing!” He roared. “Thousand Kicks”

Haojie used twenty percent of his strength to resist Yingwu’s Elephant Technique.

The huge shockwave spread around and was blocked by the protective shield of the life-death ring, but the ring began to crumble because of the leakage of power.

Yingwu turned pale. Although he had only used 80% of his power, this was definitely not something that Haojie could resist. But now, Haojie did easily resist his attack.

This couldn’t be! Yingwu simply did not believe that Haojie had such strength.

The crowd was shocked.

“Yingwu definitely didn’t use all his strength, otherwise it would have been impossible for Haojie to resist his attack.”

Even Xiongzhu and Renjie thought that Yingwu deliberately lost to Haojie in the first round of the duel.

“How….How did you block my fist?” said Yingwu through clenched teeth.

“Ha,ha, if I can’t block your punch, how can I have the confidence to defeat you.” Haojie said confidently.

He hadn’t even exerted half of his strength, but then Yingwu was a little frightened. If he used his full strength, he was confident that he was definitely the strongest in Qingxiang Hall.

Then he increased his power again.

Yingwu only felt an irresistible force impacting over. The green elephant shadow behind him appeared dense cracks.

“What secret technique did you use? Are you crazy?” Yingwu asked in shock. He thought that Haojie used some kind of secret technique to briefly explode with great power.

“Elephant Technique,” Yingwu bellowed. This time, he used his full power.

Haojie stomped his right foot on the ground and directly shattered the ring.

His punch directly shattered the shadow of the green elephant and hurt Yingwu’s arm. The tremendous force directly caused Yingwu to lose his mind. He fell outside the ring, unconscious.

People were shocked again. They were all silent.

“Oh, my god! He… he actually defeated Brother Yingwu!”

Someone in the crowd shouted out, then following an uproar.

“No, how’s this possible!”

“Brother Yingwu must have lost to him on purpose.”

Everyone thought it was Yingwu who deliberately lost to Haojie.

Renjie frowned. If they said that Yingwu had shown mercy to Haojie, he definitely believed it, but he definitely did not believe that Yingwu would deliberately lose to Haojie with such a miserable ending.

Haojie held his head high, his eyes full of relief. He was finally relieved. “From today onwards, Yingwu, you will forever be trampled under my feet!”

Then he raised his head and roared, venting his tens of thousands of years of anger. He felt that he was not far from the stage of Taoist Emperor.

“Yingwu didn’t try to hurt you, but you actually injure him badly!” Xiongzhu said to Haojie angrily.

Then he checked Yingwu’s injuries and found that both his sun soul and his physical body were seriously injured.

“Uncle, so many people are watching our duel, you can’t pervert the fact,” Haojie said.

“Whether he showed me mercy or not, you know better than I do. It is impossible that I will always lose to him. I’ve been improving my strength. It’s just that this time, I’ve improved more.”

“Bullshit. I must teach you a lesson today.”

Xiongzhu exploded his half-step immortal power, but Haojie was fearless. He met the attack of Xiongzhu. In an instant, his fist took on Xiongzhu.

But soon, Haojie was knocked out of the ring. He was now only at the fulfilled period of Taoist King, which was still too far from the strength of Xiongzhu who was at the half-step of immortality.

Chapter 802: The Reversal of Two Ends

Even if Tuoba Haoji was a Tianjiao whom can only be seen in ten thousands years and he practiced Smelting Art.

He can only compete with him unless he breaks through Half Taoist King or Taoist King.

Or the threshold was raised to the tenth level, he won’t lose within a hundred moves even if he can’t defeat him.

At this critical juncture.

Tuoba Renjie moved.

He held Tuoba Xiongzhu’s hands to stop him from putting his hands down. “Big brother, you’ve gone too far!”

To speak bluntly, you were his uncle, so you were bullying the weak by being strong for hitting your nephew.

In addition, Life and Death Stage had stated that whoever dares to retaliate afterwards will be severely punished regardless of life and death.

Tuoba Xiongzhu’s face darkened. He glanced at everyone and said, “Good, very good, I’ll remember what happened today.”

After saying that, he left angrily holding unconscious Tuoba Yingwu in his arms.


Tuoba Haojie wiped the blood around his mouth.

“Come with me!”

Tuoba Renjie said that and left directly.

The father and son left in the eyes of astonishment.

Soon, everyone in Green Elephant Hall knew that Tuoba Haojie wounded Tuoba Yingwu with a punch.

It aroused heated discussion among people.

Some said that Tuoba Yingwu was too arrogant, he stretched the rules so Tuoba Haojie took advantage of it.

Some others also said that Tuoba Haojie got a lucky chance so his strength was greatly improved, which helped him defeated Tuoba Yingwu.

The Branch Leader of Green Elephant Hall also heard about it.

Qingyun Pan frowned. His default heir to the Branch Leader was defeated and seriously injured on the Life and Death Stage?

The most important thing was that the man who wounded him was also a disciple of Green Elephant Hall, and he was familiar with him.

Tuoba Haojie?

Qingyun Pan thought for a while, he stood up and walked away.

The other side.

Tuoba Renjie asked: “Had Tuoba Yingwu stretched the rules?”

“Father, am I such an unbearable son in your heart?”

Tuoba Haojie said, “That Tuoba Yingwu didn’t stretch the rules at all. He had done his best in the second stroke. If it wasn’t my lucky chance I got recently, I would definitely die.”

Tuoba Renjie nodded. He knew his son’s disposition.

Even though he had lost for hundreds of times, he still refused to admit defeat, and even though he was ridiculed and laughed at, he still stayed true to his original self. He would never lie about such things.

“But your Stage has not improved.”

“Father, I got this lucky chance accidentally, and it can permanently enhance my strength by 100 times. Since I am not clever enough, it have only increased by 50 times at present!”

He said what he had thought of in advance.

He can never hide it. Lucky chance was also a part of strength.


It can improve the strength by 100 times permanently?

Tuoba Renjie was stunned for a moment and he took a gasp immediately. What did one hundred times of strength meant, it meant a rare Tianjiao whom can only be seen in millions of years!

Great fighting capacity.

“What you said is true?”

“Of course it’s true!”

Tuoba Haojie said: “Once I integrate it completely, I can even fight with Tuoba Xiongzhu for hundreds of strokes!”

“That’s your uncle.”

Tuoba Renjie frowned.

“The moment when he tried to kill me today, he was no longer my uncle.”

Tuoba Haojie sneered constantly, he knew well how many dirty things this so-called uncle had done over these years.

Tuoba Renjie sighed, but he felt more happy in his heart.

Tuoba Xiongzhu was Half-step Immortality, one who competed directly with Half-step Immortality with Taoist King’s Fulfilled period was absolutely a Tanjiao only be seen in one million years.

Grand Elephant Palace had no more than ten such a Tianjiao.

Everyone was a candidate for Sovereign Lord, the mainstay of future sects.

At this moment, he thought a lot, maybe his son in the future can be……

At this point, there was movement outside the door. Tuoba Renjie changed his facial expression and quickly went out. “Branch Leader!”

“No need to be polite.”

Qingyun Pan waved his hand. “Is Haojie there?”

“Branch Leader!”

Qingyun Pan looked at Tuoba Haojie and said something that surprised the father and son. “Come, now attack me with your strongest stroke.”

“Branch Leader …..”

Tuoba Renjia was astonished.

“Don’t worry, I just want to see what he got.”

Qingyun Pan looked at Tuoba Haojie. “Do you know that Tuoba Yingwu is my default candidate for Branch Leader? Now you have discredited him with one punch. Do you have some respect for me?”

Tuoba Haojie looked serious. The Branch Leader was a supreme existence of Immortal Second Heaven, and his stupid uncle can never be comparable to such an existence.

“Branch Leader, our life and death should be decided by God once we step on the Life and Death Stage, do you plan to retaliate against me?”

Said Tuoba Haojie.

“Oh, you are quite talkative.”

Qingyun Pan smiled. “If I want to get back at you, why do I have to come in person? I can run you over with one finger directly.”

Tuoba Haojie was astonished, “That’s true.”

Tuoba Renjie’s eyes turned and he roughly guessed what the Branch Leader meant. He became worried instead of being happy. “Haojie, do what the Branch Leader told you to do.”

Tuoba Haojie was no fool. “Branch Leader, please forgive me if I offend you!”

Ten Thousands Figures Divine Fist!

Fifty times of strength suddenly broke out.

Qingyun Pan easily resolved the attack which can defeat Tuoba Yingwu.

Qingyun Pan felt confident about this stroke in his heart.

It was infinitely approaching the attack of the Taoist Emperor’s Fulfilled period.

“Is this your strongest attack?”


Tuoba Haojie knew that if he wanted to get ahead, he should possess amazing strength.

“Give me another three months, and I can improve my strength by 50%!”

Qingyun Pan nodded and asked nothing. He bent his finger and a streak of light fell on Tuoba Haojie’s forehead. “Practice hard.”

After saying that,Qingyun Pan strode away.

Tuoba Renjie asked as soon as he left, “Is everything all right?”

“I’m fine!”

Tuoba Haojie laughed. He was fine and got a great opportunity. “The Branch Leader just passed the Green Elephant Stepping on the Sky to me.”

The Green Elephant Stepping on the Sky?

Tuoba Renjie couldn’t help laughing. “Good, very good!”

Qingyun Pan’s meaning was obvious. It seemed that he had given up Tuoba Yingwu and planed to cultivate Ttuoba Haojie.


At the same time, Tunshi Palace.

Tianyou Gai looked at his sworn enemy Bufan Zhou, who was a once-in-a-million Tianjiao.

He was also a nightmare for countless disciples in Tunshi Palace. Numerous people were living in his shadow.

It was the best out of the worst to live in the same era with such a Tianjiao.

Some people even said that since Zhou was born, why would I should be born?

Today happened to be the competition of the younger generation of disciples in Tunshi Palace. Tianyou Gai couldn’t even think about standing in the same stage with Bufan Zhou in the past.

Even if they stood together, he would only be the one to be beaten.

But now, his Smelting Art had reached the seventh level.

Half-step Taoist Emperor, enhanced the strength by seventy times.

He consumed no more than a half of his strength all the way up.

It turned out to be a feeling of manoeuvring among various political groupings all the way.

Invincibility was so intoxicating.

“I’ll beat you within three strokes!”

Bufan Zhou said faintly, as if Tianyou Gai was just an ant in his eyes.

“Bufan Zhou, from today, I’ll break your unbeaten myth!”

Tianyou Gai laughed as if he was talking about a trivial matter.

“The previous one who said so had been disabled.

What Bufan Zhou was practicing was Tunshi Magic Book, and his Tunshi Magic Body had primarily completed, in possessing of superb power.

He stood there like a black hole, and this physique was dreadful. A primarily completed Tunshi Magic Body can absorb 30% of power and transform 10% of it for its own use.

A wholly completed one can absorb 50% and convert 20% of it.

Fulfilled period physique can absorb 80% and transform 30%, raking within 1,000 among all those physiques.

While Tianyou Gai’s divine body was much worse ranking only around 8,000.

“Let my power ride the whirlwind!”

Tianyou Gai moved, he shouldn’t be careless in the face of such a Tianjiao like Bufan Zhou.

Bufan Zhou did not move. He still looked at Tianyou Gai and laughing. In the face of Tianyou Gai’s attack, he gently held out a finger.

His fingertip bloomed with soft light. The disciples watching the battle looked numb, and only those female disciples looked at Bufan Zhou feverishly.

In their hearts, Bufan Zhou was as holy as God.

He can defeat Tianyou Gai by just moving one of his fingers.

However, what they didn’t expect was that the Tianyou Gai didn’t defeat Bufan Zhou while Bufan Zhou didn’t defeat Tianyou Gai neither!

“He is good enough, but if he want to …”

Before Bufan Zhou finished talking, a great force crushed him, the soft light of his fingertip was scattered and his finger was almost broken.

“You talked too much!”

Tianyou Gai actuated his divine body and tripled his fighting capacity. Coupled by 50 times of power at the fifth level and directly hit Bufan Zhou.

Bufan Zhou was too confident. He didn’t set up a shield, so Tianyou Gai took advantage of him.

The power of this punch made Bufan Zhou’s blood turbulent and he nearly spit out blood!

His chest slightly sunken. Apparently, his ribs were broken.

Bufan Zhou took three steps back in a row. He pressed down the taste of blood in his throat and there was a flash of astonishment in his eyes, but he soon pressed his anger down.


He was wounded by an ant.

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