Chuck Cannon stayed with Kristen for a day.

Leaving the next day, he went to find Zelda Maine, and Zelda Maine still did nothing, chatting all night!

The third day!

Chuck Cannon said to Betty Bernard that he could go.

Lucy Parker called over and reported the progress, and Chuck Cannon told her directly that it was enough to find Yolanda Lane.

Yolanda Lane’s ability, coupled with Lucy Parker’s ability, will surprise him when he comes back!

When he will come back, he will have the strength, then when he will build his own business empire, he wouldn’t have too many worries.

However, Betty Bernard said that she was held back by the incident and sent Chuck Cannon an address, asking Chuck Cannon to wait for Betty Bernard there first.

Chuck Cannon must be fine.

He is not a kid.

He can go by himself!!

Simply packing up his luggage, the place where Chuck Cannon went looking Betty Bernard’s address was also on the edge of China. It can be said that he was very close to going abroad.

Take a look at the place you arrive by plane.

There are still some foreigners outside, and Chuck Cannon didn’t come here to play. He just took a taxi when he came out. He had to wait for Betty Bernard to come here.

Chuck Cannon put his luggage and went out to find a place to eat. When he was doing nothing, he suddenly saw someone watching.

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to pass, but when he saw someone lying on the ground, Chuck Cannon knew that someone had an accident.

He took a closer look and found that an old man was lying on the ground. He had fallen, his head was bleeding, and he could not get up.

Many people watched, but no one dared to help.

Chuck Cannon had nothing to do with him, so he squeezed in. He was moved with compassion! Everyone will be old.

“Trouble, let me take this old man to the hospital.”

Chuck Cannon picked up the old man and squeezed out of the crowd.

The onlookers were surprised and shook their heads.

“Oh, young people nowadays are so courageous.”

“Isn’t it, what if I get corrupted? This young man has a good heart, but something might happen!”

Everyone could see that the old man had fallen into a coma, so he carried him to the hospital. What if he died halfway? This can’t afford to die?

They shook their heads and sighed!

Chuck Cannon was willing to stop when he sees that there are no taxis nearby, he can’t carry the old man to the hospital, right?

Chuck Cannon’s physical fitness was good, but this old man can’t bear the bumps caused by Chuck Cannon’s running, right?

He happened to see a BMW car, Chuck Cannon could only run over here with the old man, thinking that it was all men, Chinese people, would always help? The big deal is to pay.

“Hey, this old man fell down. Take me to the hospital. I’ll give…”

“Fool, get away!”

The BMW owner yelled, “You want to die but also wanna drag me? What if this old man dies in my car? Get away!”

“Thank you for sending it, I’ll give the money!” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“Rich? Haha! It’s not in the black bag in your hand?” The BMW owner smiled.

Chuck Cannon just ate something, but it was packed in a black bag and not finished.


“Please, you got into trouble. Solve it by yourself. Don’t pull us. The money I just said was deliberately said? Want to pull us into the water? Don’t be nosy if you don’t have the strength!” The BMW owner calmed down.

He saw it just now but didn’t dare to come over.

Looking at the old man in his arms, Chuck Cannon was full of pain and couldn’t wait any longer. He took out 10,000 in cash and shook a few times on the side of the road. Finally, some taxis stopped.

Chuck Cannon hugged the old man and sat in, “Go to the nearest hospital!”

The driver’s eldest brother glanced at Chuck Cannon and the unconscious old man, and said suspiciously, “Young man, this is?”

After all, they don’t look alike!

“I helped him with the roadside accident!” Chuck Cannon said.

The driver’s eldest brother was shocked. He gave Chuck Cannon a thumbs up, but at the same time expressed sympathy. He sighed, “Young man, be careful not to pay for it!”

Fortunately, the driver’s brother immediately sent Chuck Cannon to the nearest hospital.

Chuck Cannon yelled for a while, saying that he would open the most expensive ward and ask the best doctor for first aid. Some nurses pushed the sick car over, and then Chuck Cannon paid seventy to eighty thousand, not much, at least for this old man so that he can survive.

It can be considered a good thing.

He sat outside the rescue room and waited. Fortunately, the delivery was timely and the old man came out of the rescue room.

But still in a coma, the hospital has already contacted the elderly’s family members, and Chuck Cannon can’t wait any longer, thinking about going back to sleep.

After a while, a woman with a temperament in her early thirties ran over in high heels anxiously, and then looked at Chuck Cannon and said, “Okay, you got my father here! To express my gratitude, I give you this! Please accept this!”

When she said that, she let go, took out a card from the delicate bag, and handed it over with both hands.

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “No need, it’s a small matter!”

Chuck Cannon moved his compassion, not for money. Besides, this little money has no attraction to Chuck Cannon now.

Chuck Cannon will continue to wait for Betty Bernard to come over!

The woman frowned, he didn’t want her money, he denied it in her heart, she didn’t want money, what would she want?

“Hold on, can’t go!” A man came over indifferently.

The aura was not ordinary, and he is also a master of fighting. Chuck Cannon muttered in his heart that his mother had been here before, indicating that this place is of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

“Why?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“My grandfather hasn’t woken up yet, and things haven’t been cleared yet, so you can’t leave?!” The man’s tone was undoubtedly instructing Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon frowned, “What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing, wait for my grandfather to wake up, how can I change it? I should be thankful, there will be no less, and the person in charge can’t run away!” the man and the woman said something.

The woman looked at Chuck Cannon for a few moments and said nothing. When she went to the ward, everything was dominated by men.

Chuck Cannon was stared at by this man for fear that Chuck Cannon would run away.

Chuck Cannon was upset, he obviously did a good deed, but he was treated like this? Chuck Cannon regretted moving compassion.

Is it uncomfortable to go shopping and sleep by yourself?

“What’s your name?” the man asked coldly.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “What’s the matter? Get out!”

“Huh, you want to leave before things are clear?” The man sneered, his eyes cold.

“What if I want to leave?” Chuck Cannon’s eyes became cold, and Chuck Cannon regretted doing this for the first time.

“This is incredible! You have to stay if I want you to stay, if I let you go, then you can go!” The man approached step by step.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, his face remained unchanged, “Want to fight me?”

“No, I’m not qualified to fight you! Stay obediently! Don’t force me to do it!” The man scorned, Chuck Cannon was like a college student, he can hit a hundred one by one.

“Don’t force me to do it!” Chuck Cannon was angry!!

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