Chapter 803 – 804: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 803: Bixiao Left


Bufan Zhou agitated his qi and blood and the wound was healed in an instant.


Tianyou Gai hit Bufan again.

The aftermath of the clash of their attacks shattered the ring.

“My attacks are not that easy for you to absorb strength from.” Tianyou said.

Though Tunshi Magic Body is powerful, it has weaknesses.

If there is poison or magic art, Bufan daren’t devour it rashly.

Though Tunshi Magic Body has some resistance to poison and magic art, it is not omnipotent.

But there are just few who can break through Bufan’s defenses.

With high starting point and profound foundation, Bufan is a rare God’s favored one who is difficult to defeat.

But today Tianyou was determined to trample Bufan under his feet so as to build his prestige.

“Matchless Tianyou!”

“Heaven and Earth Devourment!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two hit each other wildly, which shocked all those present.

Bufan said before he would only use three moves, but he almost used at least three hundred moves.

“How is that possible? As Tianyou is just a God’s favored one met with once every ten thousand years, and Bufan is a God’s favored one met with once every a million years, how could that they are well-matched in strength?”

The audience was in an uproar.

The Elder Nanyang, master of Tianyou, was very shocked.

Elder Nanyang was surprised that Tianyou made it all the way to the final. Elder Nanyang knows Tianyou’s strength very well.

It’s terrific for a practicer in Half-stage Dao Emperor to defeat those who are in the early stage of Dao Emperor. Bufan, however, killed one who’s in the Middle period of Dao Emperor.

Although that time Bufan was also seriously injured, he showed the strength of God’s favored ones.

Elder Nanyang didn’t believe that Tianyou is evenly matched with Bufan and even tended to come out on top.

“I must have dim eyesight, or Bufan is just making fun of Tianyou by not using all his strength. But it looks like that Bufan is using all strength, because he looks very angry.” Elder Nanyang thought.

Except for Elder Nanyang, the most confused one is Elder Wuxin, Bufan’s master.

Elder Wuxin is in the second level in Immortal Stage and he knows Bufan’s strength very well.

Among all the God’s favored ones of all sects, Bufan is among the top three. Except for the other two among the top three, others are no match for Bufan.

The key is that one of those two who are evenly matched with Bufan is practicing, and the other is travelling. They didn’t join the match at all.

The others are no match for Bufan.

“I have known Tianyou before. He is just a God’s favored one met with once every ten thousand years. Tianyou is nothing like Bufan. Tianyou will be killed just by one or two moves.” Elder Wuxin thought.

“Just come to beat me. You said you would defeat me with 3 moves, but you haven’t defeated me with 500 moves.” Tianyou said.

The Divine Body’s strongest strength is mana storage. As Divine Body’s in seventh gear, its mana is a hundred times more than others.

Tianyou’s attacks were so brilliant and fierce that Bufan could only defend passively.

Bufan didn’t want to defend passively anymore. It was the first time someone had ever beaten him like that. He wanted to turn the tables, but he couldn’t.

After unleashing thousands of attacks, Tianyou’s mana pool was still strong. He only used one-third of his mana.

Bufan, on the contrary, was in a tight corner. His clothes were in tatters and his hair was untidy.

Except for the first two moves, Bufan just endured Tianyou’s attacks passively.

Tianyou lost interest in fighting with Bufan and said, “From this day forward, look up to me.”

“I’ve already given Bufan a good beating by using the seventh gear. If I use the tenth gear, he’s no match for me.” Tianyou thought.

Tianyou then used the seventh gear of Wanyou Fighting Skill and Bufan’s arms were smashed into a heap of mud.

Bufan flied backwards and then fell to the ground, unconscious.

At that moment, there was complete silence.

All of them could not believe what they were seeing.

Elder Nanyang stood up suddenly and fixed his eyes on Tianyou. Tianyou really gave him a big surprise.

Tianyou looked around, basking in the surprise and awe in others’ eyes. He knew that from this day forward, he would get the attention of high-rise people.


In Immortal Taoist Sect.

Poria Fairy broke out her own super strength in the examination again, and was positioned as once-in-a-century God’s favored one, who is infinitely close to a matchless God’s favored one.

As she has a very high status in Immortal Taoist Sect, she’s among the internal Rank.

With Poria Fairy acting as a go-between, the power of Spark soon went to Immortal Taoist Sect.

With Poria Fairy’s help, everything went smoothly.

Then Immortal Taoist Sect also had some connection with Tunshi Immortal Palace and Grand Elephant Sect.

The three men gathered again and began to hunt.

They caught hundreds of God’s favored ones met with once every ten thousand years and every hundred thousand years. Then they sent the God’s favored ones they caught to the ungoverned zones.

Demon Kris took the God’s favored ones’ soul source, signifying the beginning of Project God’s favored ones.

Kris didn’t know anything about the outside world.

At that point, the single universe in Kris’s body contains more than 32 trillion star fields. An infinite number of Supreme Universes are attached to the Main Universe.

One percent of Kris’s cells are in the Middle period of Dao King, and 10 percent Sun Souls Spirit are in the Middle period of Dao King.

Ten years have passed in the outside world in the blink of an eye.

Kris had been in Time Barrier for 20 million years.

His cultivation is in the Middle period of Dao King.

When Kris walked out the Practicing Room, Bixiao was still practicing. It seemed that Bixiao wouldn’t stop until she breaks into Dao Emperor Stage.

With the information from Demon Kris and others, Kris knew how the world had developed over the years.

The power of Spark has spread to half the sphere of the Eternity Domain. There are millions of God’s favored ones met with once every ten thousand year, fifty or sixty thousand God’s favored ones met with once one hundred thousand years, seven or eight God’s favored ones met with once a million years.

But all the God’s favored ones are the key training objects of all sects.

Demon Kris and the other two also broke into the Dao King stage and their strength has a qualitative leap.

In the ungoverned zones, except for the top ten sects, other sects basically don’t exist.

The huge amount of resources accumulated is amazing.

“How’s going in Lanting Immortal Palace?” Kris asked.

“All is well. Run Qian and others have a rakish life. I have some bad news. We’re being targeted. ”Demon Kris said.

“Is that bad news? A person of high position is liable to be attacked. No matter how we do it secretly, someone will notice us. Leave them alone. They won’t find anything.” Kris said.

“As half of the forces in the Eternity Domain has something to do with us, how can they find out anything? Will they offend all the forces?” Kris thought.

“Does the latest version of the projector be installed with Super Power chip?” Kris asked.

“Yes. Sales are good and the plan is ready to go.” Demon Kris said.

After hearing that, Kris nodded his head. The Super Power Chip’s noumenon is around Kris, and it has become a different kind of life. The core of Chao is his idea. Kris even wanted to make Chao a incarnation, a real incarnation of the Tao of Heaven.

Chao is better suited than Yuan Kris to deduct and control what goes on in Kris’s body.

It’s wasting Yuan Kris’s talents by putting him in Kris’s body.

“Wait for some more time to make the plan more mature.” Kris said.

Though power in the Middle period of Dao King is strong, it’s actually in the bottom level.

For example, Kris couldn’t destroy the top ten sects easily at that time.

If Kris wants to make the ungoverned zones his own place, he needs more strength.

“You three take turns to practice. The tendency is set. Our own strength is everything.” Kris said.

As Kris said, he walked into the Practicing Room again.

He wouldn’t stop practicing until he reaches the Fulfilled period of Dao Emperor.

By that time, he would be able to destroy the top ten sects.

With unlimited supply of resources and Zhongmiao Door, Kris’s power is growing by the second.

One year, two years, three years…… ten years…

Sixty years have passed and Kris was still practicing. Bixiao’s already stopped practicing.

Bixiao not only mastered Smelting Art, and her cultivation is in the Dao Emperor Stage.

How powerful the Smelting Art is? Now she can defeat 1000 past self.

She has 129,600 orifices, each of which can store a lot of mana.

She finally understood why Kris had said there are not enough resources.

Resources were being used up too quickly.

She alone has to consume thousands of times as many resources as others.

To master the whole Smelting Art, Bixiao needs the detailed skin, flesh, and bone marks.

But Kris did not give her the crucial cellular mark.

It’s not that Kris’s too mean to give it to her, but cellular mark is too shocking to people.

Besides, Bixiao is not the closet person to him. She’s unable to get all the resources she needs alone.

On the contrary, if Bixiao insists on getting all the resources, her practice will be delayed.

Looking at the closed door, Bixiao pouted and said, “Hasn’t Kris come out yet?”

They haven’t seen each other for seventy years.

Bixiao didn’t know when Kris would stop practicing. After thinking for a while, Bixiao decided to wait for Kris.

After using his Divine Spirit, Kris shook his head. As he was only a step away from the Fulfilled period of Dao King, he sent the message to Bixiao to ask her to go back to Lanting Immortal Palace first.

“As we came here together, we should go back together.” Bixiao said.

After hearing Bixiao’s peevish words, Kris smiled wryly. “Just go back. I still need a long time to practice. Don’t worry, I will go back before the wars of Rank start.” Kris said.

After Kris trying every possible way to persuade, Bixiao agreed to leave.

“Well, I will go back now.” Bixiao said.

Bixiao turned to look back at the Practicing Room repeatedly at every step. Finally she gritted her teeth and left.

Chapter 804: Chip Fusion

The biggest difference between the Taoist King and the Transcendence was the Principle.

Kris’s current Principle was roughly at level 6, and one level less could reach the threshold of the Advanced Principle. Breaking through the Fulfilled period should be able to reach level 7.

But what troubled Kris was that his principle base was too large.

More than tens of billions.

He was also a person who pursued perfection, so the promotion of super power chip was very urgent.

He made a decisive decision to increase the sale of the latest version of the projector and the phantom mirror.

Trillions of usage base could bring super amount of addition for super power chip.

Kris could feel that super power chip would be an extremely frightening existence in the future.

Coupled with the Tao of Heaven formed by the superstring array, the creatures in his body, from the detached to the ants, would be monitored strictly.

In seventy years, the power of Spark had basically completed the layout of the Eternity Domain.

There were more than 100 million Tianjiao(God’s favored ones) who were directly controlled and indirectly controlled, and each of them could be the only one in 10,000 years. And there were more than 10 million Tianjiao(God’s favored ones), each of whom could be the only one in 100,000 years. And there were hundreds of thousands of Tianjiao(God’s favored ones), each of whom could be the only one in 1,000,000 years.

This was the benefit of fission. By controlling the younger generation, the initiative of the Eternity Domain was in your hands.

The more stable Kris’s base would be.

With the help of these Tianjiao(God’s favored ones), the Spark had been going very steadily, and all kinds of rare treasures were constantly transmitted over.

Demon Kris, Buddha Kris and North Kris were one step ahead of Kris to reach the Fulfilled Period.

In the eightieth year of Kris’s Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), his sun soul, magic power, and physical body had all stepped into the Fulfilled period of the Taoist King.

The infinite power was shocking.

He was invincible in the Taoist King Stage, and he was also an invincible existence in the Tao Emperor Stage.

When he broke through the Tao Emperor Stage and built the root of Taoist King, he himself did not dare to think how strong his strength would be.

Spirit Scripture of Heaven and Earth, Qingdi Creation Technique, these two achievement methods of Immortality Level gave Kris stronger strength.

Spirit Scripture of Heaven and Earth focused on the sun soul, taking the sun soul as the testimony. The sun soul of the Taoist King Stage was much better than the breakthrough of Taoist King Stage purely.

Qingdi Creation Technique focused on the physical body, and it was not so beneficial to Kris’s physical body, but the vitality of Kris was countless times stronger than before.

He can directly evolved a Supreme Main Universe with only a drop of blood.

You could imagine how strong his vitality was.

Taking out the original body of the super power chip, a little figure similar to Kris was suspended in the air.

Countless information made up the body, and the benefits of trillions of users were indescribable.

“It’s time.”

Kris pointed with his finger, the little figure was divided into two, the original body was integrated into his Inner Universe, and the incarnation continued to control the outside world.

To be precise, if the information was not destroyed, he would not be destroyed.

The Tao of Heaven and the super power chip fused. At that moment, countless creatures raised their heads.

They felt the transformation of the Tao of Heaven, the heaven and the earth became more stable, and the Great Tao became more perfect.

Kris had unprecedented control over the Inner Universe, even if the star field contained in a single universe in his body had exceeded six quadrillion!

It was time to Open Door(stopping practising Taoist magic art alone).

Kris walked out of the Practising Room and called the three. He planned to turn the ungoverned zones into their territory completely.

What about the top ten Sects, Kris now was powerful enough to destroy them.

With one order, countless Tianjiao(God’s favored ones) gathered.

Kris first came to the Cloud Sea Palace. The Cloud Sea Palace belonged to the forces of Yansheng Sect, who had conflicts with Demon Kris at the earliest.

Tens of thousands of Tianjiao(God’s favored ones) launched a large formation to directly block the Cloud Sea Palace, and a group of people swarmed in. When they came out, most of the people in the Cloud Sea Palace became Spark people.

Those who were disobedient were killed long ago.

The most powerful Practitioner in the Cloud Sea Palace was just one step away from Epoch Realm, and he was subdued in a hundred moves by Kris.

It was quite rare for the sixth-level principle to kill the strong of the twelfth-level principle. If it weren’t for his countless principles, it would not be so easy.

It was even more difficult to kill the spirit of immortality.

Just like the primal spirit wanted to kill the accumulated spirit, if you couldn’t kill the immortal aura, you couldn’t kill it forever.

The spirit of immortality was many times stronger than the immortal aura.

Fortunately, Kris had Wuya Dao’s memory, so it was not difficult to deal with immortality.

“I am stronger than Zongdongtian Practitioner. Even the Epoch Realm Practitioner is not difficult to deal with. I can even fight against the Tuxingtian Practitioner.”

Kris had a general judgment of his own strength.

“Come with me and go to the Gold Orchid Valley!”

Kris looked at Elder Yunhai.

Elder Yunhai nodded quickly, “Yes, Lord!”

Afterwards, Kris took the Tianjiao(God’s favored ones) army to destroy these families one by one. During this period, some people fled, but it was harmless.

It took a day for Kris to control the ten major sects, and the accumulated resources were considerable.

Gathering the Ten Great Immortals, Kris said, “You should still do the same as you always do. You still need to hand over something to your master.”

There was no fool, they all understood what Kris meant.

“Yes, we’ll follow the Lord’s decree.”

Having been dormant for nearly a hundred years, Demon Kris and others had finally firmly controlled the ungoverned zones.

From here, Kris could seek more benefits.

Spark continued to be hidden, and Gengu No.1 Sect could be put on the surface.

Then it is urgent to control more power of the Lanting Immortal Palace, go to the Cave World to bring his wives and children to the Upper World.

“I’m going back first, it’s time to lay out other Taoist realms.”

Kris said something and left directly.

“I’m still the leader of Spark.”

Demon Kris said.

“I just want to develop my Buddhist followers.”

North Kris smiled helplessly: “OK, then let me be the Sovereign Lord of Gengu No.1 Sect.”

It was no exaggeration to say that the resources they had now were no less than those super large sects.

Kris also kept a lot of Book Spirits and Soldier Spirits from Shuhai Sect.

However, they were still very cautious about accepting disciples, and they only selected loyal and potential ones.

After Kris picked them up from the Cave World, other plans would be made. After all, his families were the people on his own side.


After returning from the Shuhai Sect site, Bingning Li had been in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone).

But the effect was very poor.

“Disciple, your heart is in a mess.”

Elder Bingxin said.

“Master, I…”

“Go to solve the root cause why your heart is in a mess.”

Elder Bingxin said something and closed his eyes again.

Bingning bit her lip, “Yes!”

Over the years, she recalled Kris from time to time, not because she liked him, but she hated him.

And this hatred had become more and more profound over time.

The appearance of Kris was also deeply imprinted in her heart.

She even remembered everything he said.

That bastard drew a little tortoise on her face, and made her in such a shameful posture.

He even took so many photos.

But the truth was, she didn’t even know who he was.

She didn’t know where he came from, and which sect he was from. In such a big world, how could she find him?

Forget it, it was time to go down the hill.

Maybe she could get something from walking in the human world.

Kris didn’t know that Bingning was looking for him all over the world.

Even if he knew it, he wasn’t afraid, maybe he would still hold her still with a smile, and draw a few little turtles on her face again.

There were still decades away from the Rank station, and Kris was not in a hurry to go back. He was also happy to travel all the way.

On this day, he came to a place in the Sky River Mansion.

Although this place was a small place, the scenery was beautiful, and Kris walked slowly on the street.

At this moment, Kris had an idea in his mind, and his eyes pierced thousands of miles.

Here, a group of people flew across the sky, and in front was a beautiful woman.

“Youyou Wan, you can’t escape.”

“You stole Elder Gu’s treasure and you even want to run away!”

The woman named Youyou didn’t speak, and moved forward, but there was a trace of blood oozing from the corner of her mouth, and her face was a little pale.

It was easy to see her chest bloody, and she was obviously injured.

“She was badly injured and couldn’t escape. When the time comes, we will catch her back. We must let her know how powerful we are.”

Several men laughed evilly.


Within a few breaths, a group of people leaped thousands of miles away.

Kris an interfering busybody. This kind of thing was happening almost all the time. He didn’t want to care about it, and he couldn’t care about it.

But it was beyond his expectation that Youyou shook for a while, fell directly from the sky, and fell in front of Kris.

Falling from a height of thousands of meters, she vomited blood.

“Save me…Save me…”

Youyou was a big beauty, but at this moment, her face was covered by blood, which was very ugly.

“Go away!”

A group of people came down and looked at Kris ferociously. The head of the group even pointed at Kris’s nose with his finger.

Youyou crawled towards Kris with difficulty, “Help me, please help me, I will pay back to you…”

Kris frowned. Youyou’s cultivation was not very good. She didn’t even reached the detachment stage. She seemed to be a native of the Eternity.

“Save you? He definitely wouldn’t dare!”

The man in the lead spat, “Boy, you’d better stay out of the business of the Villain’s Valley!”

As soon as the man’s words came out, the onlookers around him scattered.

The Villain’s Valley, these people were even from the Villain’s Valley!

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