Chuck Cannon always think of one thing that one does not offend him and he will not offend anyone!!

This time he moved a heart of compassion, and kindly saved a person, but he didn’t expect this kind of treatment!

Chuck Cannon was angry!!

“Hmph, kid, I advise you to be smart! Fight with me and I will kill you in a minute!” The man laughed.

He was full of aura, but a master of fighting!

The Chuck Cannon in front of him is really not qualified to let him do it!!

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were chilling!

The two were at war!

It’s about to happen!!

“Okay, Wang Kang! Grandpa is awake!” The woman who had just entered the ward came out.

“Was Grandpa hit by him?” the man asked with an unhappy expression.

“No, grandpa said he fell.” The woman shook her head and looked at Chuck Cannon again.

She had such a slight accident, Chuck Cannon actually saved her grandfather, and didn’t even give him money. Now there are very few such men, right?

The man snorted, “You can deal with him and just give him some money to send him away.”

After finishing speaking, he entered the ward and said nothing to explain the misunderstanding just now.

In his opinion, Chuck Cannon is not qualified to let him explain more, even a single word is not qualified.

“My brother misunderstood what happened just now. I’m sorry, my name is Liu Li. You should put this money away!” Liu Li still took out the card just now.

“Sorry? I saved people, but I was beaten up first.” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

He is angry today! Regret nosy!

“What do you want?” Liu Li frowned, her tone cooling down a bit.

“What do I want to do? I saved people and then this is your attitude?”

Liu Li’s pretty face cooled down, “Then I didn’t ask you, what do you want? Not enough?”

“Your so-called remuneration should be given to you, I don’t need it!” Chuck Cannon left and stayed longer, Chuck Cannon would slap her!

Liu Li’s face became ugly. In this place, no man has dared to speak to her like this, don’t forget it, something ignorant!

She entered the ward, and her grandfather had fallen asleep again.

“Where was that kid just now? How much did you give him?” the man asked.

“He didn’t want it.”

“Pretend! Didn’t he want it?” The man disdainfully smiled, “Forget it, such a person, don’t pay much attention to it, by the way, Wumen enrollment, how many people do you recommend?”

“No!!” Liu Li was worried.

“Didn’t the master ask us to recruit a few potential fighters?” The man was speechless. “Yes, young people nowadays are all pretending to be that kid just now. It is really difficult to find a few disciples. of,”

“Only done as much as possible,” Liu Li was helpless, what else could she do?

Now that young people have such poor physical fitness and struggle with anti-bag rice, how can they find seedlings for learning fighting? It’s impossible!

“Yeah, isn’t there a job fair tomorrow? Look at the number of people coming to the scene. If there are no people, you can only find a few rubbish from the scene to count.” The man was speechless!

What is the physical fitness of garbage now?

Liu Li agreed, and that’s the only way to do it.

Chuck Cannon went to eat fast food and went to sleep in the hotel. In the middle of the night, he received a call from Betty Bernard.

“Master, tomorrow you go to the Black Night Farm, there is a job fair for the selection of Wumen, you will go to Wumen, let me tell you, the fighters in Wumen are like clouds, you must keep a low profile and go first! “

“Sister Bernard, I know.” Chuck Cannon was trapped.

The higher the hands, the more low-key because there is a simple truth, why would you enter Wumen by yourself?

To learn a lot of fighting skills!

More opportunities for exercise are not to reveal their strength. Real masters are dismissive of revealing their strength.

“Master, in Wumen, there are a few powerful teachers. These are all traditional Chinese fighting teachers who perform murderous skills! Mater Lee suggests that you recognize Qiushui as a teacher. Mater Lee said that this teacher is very talented in fighting. Earlier, She has been specializing in this area, so it’s best to follow her for a few days! But, we will go to Wumen tomorrow.”

Betty Bernard said a lot in detail.

Chuck Cannon heard everything and went into Wumen to find Teacher Quishui.

“I know it all.”

“That’s good, master, go to bed early, good night,”

“Well, good night!” Chuck Cannon shrugged, hung up the phone and fell asleep.

Betty Bernard muttered to herself, “Good night…”

The next morning, Chuck Cannon drove to the dark night farm that Betty Bernard was talking about.

At the scene, there are still many luxury cars. This is obvious. Many rich second-generations need to be able to fight themselves, so they will be much safer.

This was actually an enrollment, but you need to be proficient in the assessment, and you will know how to assess it after you enter.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and went straight in.

There were a lot of people at the scene, there were many men and many women. In fact, women who could fight were of superb body. The women who came to the scene were all of the perfect body.

Chuck Cannon was waiting at the scene. Many people were bragging about how good they were. Chuck Cannon sneered in his heart. He had to talk to his mother with a low key. Only by keeping a low key, he can learn more.

“Hush, that beauty is in good shape,”

“Of course, fighting guys must exercise. Can you be in good shape?”

“Hey, I saw another hanging silk coming over. Just now I saw him while coming in a car. There was no car, and there was still a face here…”

Many people were discussing, Chuck Cannon was speechless, and he was actually being discussed.

“Quiet, quiet!”

There are people here, Liu Li from yesterday, and her brother Liu Ge.

The two of them were dissatisfied with the people who came now. It seemed that they were all rubbish with little strength.

“Oh, only choose a few better ones from these rubbish.” Liu Ge was helpless. “Everyone was standing, and then the Wumen assessment will be carried out!!”

Chuck Cannon frowned, it was them?

This has a narrow road!!

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