Chapter 805 – 806: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 805: Mrs. Sovereign Lord

Kris Chen shook his head and thought that people would run into trouble when walking if they were unlucky.

“Please, save me …”

Youyou Wan was almost dying at this point, and Kris Chen was like the last straw that could help her. So she had to seize this opportunity anyway.

“I have a big secret. It is a big secret. As long as you are willing to save me, I am ready to tell you about it!”

Seeing Kris Chen indifferent, Youyou gritted her teeth and said.


Kris Chen became interested in her words. He looked at several vicious people on the opposite side and said, “Let’s make a negotiation. This person belongs to me, and I will allow you to leave. What do you think?”

When he finished his words, everyone burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, boy, do you know which side we are from?”

“Have you heard of the Villains’ Valley?”


Kris Chen felt that they were noisy and directly slapped them to death.

They hadn’t even reached the level of Transcendence, just like ants.

The onlookers in the distance were stunned and said, “Is he crazy? Those are the people of the Villains’ Valley!”

“It’s a bad thing. Let’s run away quickly. The people of the Villains’ Valley have died here, and there will definitely be a massacre by then…”

This time they escaped completely, and they didn’t even dare to watch the scene of bustle.

Kris Chen had a keen sense of six senses. Hearing their discussions, he thought, was the Villains’ Valley so horrible?

“Thank you, my benefactor!”

Youyou hurriedly said thanks to him.

Kris Chen looked at her, flexed his fingers and pointed. Then he extracted the magic pneuma from the Zhongmiao Door and poured it into Youyou’s body.

You You’s lost energy was not only replenished, but even improved a little.

She didn’t know that she met a real master.

“Stand up.”

Kris Chen said, “From now on, you will follow me as a maid.”

When Youyou heard it, her eyebrows frowned and said, “My benefactor, I…”

“Are you unwilling?”

“My benefactor, I…”

Youyou didn’t speak, and there was reluctance on her face.

Kris Chen sneered and said, “Although I don’t know what power the Villains’ Valley is, it must be a bully, for these townspeople flee quickly after hearing the name. You want me to bear the karma by a so-called big secret. Do you think it is possible?”

Youyou stopped talking.

This Villains’ Valley was the largest sect within tens of thousands of miles around. Although it was not as strong as a super sect, it was still powerful. And the people in it were all evil people who killed others without blinking.

“I…I am willing!”

Youyou finally succumbed. This person’s cultivation reached the level of Tongtian. It was better to stay by his side than to be caught back by those in the Villains’ Valley, and then to live was really worse than to die.

Kris Chen nodded, and led her to leave directly. Would they wait for someone else to come here if they didn’t run away quickly after the fight? Of course not.

Not long after Kris Chen left, a hale man appeared where they stood before and said, “Youyou, you can’t escape.”

After speaking that, he disappeared.

Taking Youyou to a big city 100,000 miles away, Kris Chen opened a secluded wing-room and set a barrier around. Youyou was a little nervous.


“Sir, I won’t sit down.”

Kris Chen understood her thoughts. Youyou looked pretty, but compared with his wives, she was still a little inferior.

It was okay for her to be a maid instead of serving in bed.

“Go ahead. What’s that secret?”

Kris Chen picked up a cup of tea and blew it gently.

Youyou twisted her fingers, and she knew that Kris Chen would ask this. She said, “Sir, I… I’m a furnace tripod raised by the Prime Elder of the Exterior Group of the Villains’ Valley to assist his cultivation!”

“But don’t worry, sir, I…I’m still a virgin.”

Somehow, Youyou couldn’t help but explain.

“Well, you keep talking.”

“I was looted by the Villains’ Valley. The sect I was initially in was called Golden Sunglow Sect. Three months ago, the Golden Sunglow Sect was destroyed by the Villains’ Valley. All my masters and brothers were killed by the people of the Villains’ Valley, and my sisters were captured as furnace tripods to assist the cultivation of the people of the Villains’ Valley.”

Kris Chen knew that this was the real world of spiritual practice, or that this was the norm in the world of spiritual practice.

“Because I’m a bit pretty, so… I am picked by Mokong Gu, who is a practitioner of Zongdong Realm. But he was injured in the early years and his foundation was broken, so he needs feminine power of the virgin to repair its foundation…”

“So he has been nurturing you, intending to raise your cultivation to a higher level.”


Youyou nodded and said, “I know that if I don’t escape, there is nothing I can do except death, so I think of a way…”

Kris Chen waved his hand and said, “You can tell me directly what the secret is. I am not interested in the others.”

Youyou was a little shocked, and then she nodded. She turned around, took out a map from her bellyband, and said, “Sir, this is the big secret!”

Taking the map on which her body temperature and fragrance still remained, Kris Chen asked, “What map is this?”

“I don’t know. I only know that Mokong attaches great importance to this map.”

“Then how did you get this map?”

“I… I got it by chance.”

Kris Chen saw that Youyou was reluctant to elaborate, so he did not ask more. After all, everyone had some secrets!

After letting Chao record the map, Kris Chen directly burned the map.

“Sir, you…”

This was the map she found after going through a lot of trouble.

“You are not honest.”

Kris Chen said indifferently: “Since Elder Gu is a practitioner of Zongdong Realm, how did you escape?”

Bluntly speaking, a practitioner of Zongdong Realm could put her to death easily.

“I will give you one last chance. Who are you?”

“Sir, I didn’t lie to you.”

Kris Chen sneered and said, “Really?”

“It’s true!”

As she just finished her words, the house shook violently.

With a crash, the inn collapsed, and it was not clear that how many people were covered up.

Kris Chen flew into the sky with Youyou.

Youyou looked at the person standing in the sky, and her body couldn’t stop trembling, “You…you…”

“Mrs. Sovereign Lord, where are you going?”

Mokong looked at Youyou and said, “You ran without informing anyone. Have you ever thought about my feeling?”

Mrs. Sovereign Lord?

Kris Chen sneered again and again. Youyou even faked her identity.

“I…you are a villain. I have a backer now. If you dare to come over, you will definitely die.”

Youyou hid behind Kris Chen. Mokong squinted at Kris Chen and asked, “Was it you who killed my underlings?”

“Yes, because they offended me!”

The two didn’t fight each other, but their momentum collided invisibly, and the air wave spread everywhere. In this case, the people in the big city fled quickly.

This place was also under the control of the Villains’ Valley. As the Prime Elder of the Exterior Group of the Villains’ Valley, Mokong was notorious here.

Their momentum collided, but Mokong did not take any advantage.

Kris Chen was calm and relaxed, but the cultivation he shown was no more than the level of Taoist King, which was far inferior to him.

But he did not dare to despise it.

“This person must conceal his true strength!”

Mokong understood the power of immortality so much. The spirit of immortality could suppress the eternal, and it could crush the Taoist King and the Taoist Emperor with its momentum.

But the opponent’s relaxed look clearly showed that he was also a practitioner in the immortal period.

“Well done!”

Mokong said: “Since those villains offended you, they deserved to be killed by you!”

Hearing this, Kris Chen smiled and thought that this person was a bit interesting.

“Oh, aren’t you angry?”

“The dignity of the strong can’t be offended by the weak.”

Mokong said: “No discord, no concord. This woman has some kind of relationship with me, so please don’t interfere.”

Even if he couldn’t beat the opponent, it was still no problem to escape with one person.

He secretly sent a message to the sect, asking them to send someone over there to help him. Now he tried to hold Kris Chen off firstly and then capture them together.

“Dear Taoist fellow, since you have said so, I naturally should promise you this.”

As he said, Kris Chen made room for a position. Youyou behind his back was anxious, and she said, “Sir, you can’t believe what he said. This person’s words won’t count. He must have sent a message to the Villains’ Valley. What he said is just an attempt to stall for time.”

“You’re talking nonsense! This Taoist fellow is well-mannered, so how could he treat me like this?”

Kris Chen flicked his sleeves and his face became stern.

Youyou bit her lip, and she saw Kris Chen’s narrow eyes. What he did was clearly teasing her.

He did it on purpose.

“Sir, I was wrong.”

Youyou immediately gave in. Women’s strongest weapon was themselves. She said, “As long as you take me out, I will tell you everything.”

“Why don’t I believe your sweet words at all, Mrs. Sovereign Lord?”

Kris Chen smiled. If he guessed correctly, this woman was the wife of the Sovereign Lord of the Golden Sunglow Sect.

“Dear Taoist fellow, this woman is good at giving a Judas kiss. Don’t believe her words. I just fell for what she said and was almost tricked by her.”

“Sir, let me tell you the truth. That is a relic of a sect in ancient times marked on the map, and there is likely to be information about the Zhongmiao Door in it!”

Kris Chen heard the Zhongmiao Door!

He had already got two complete pieces of the Zhongmiao Door. If he could get another, it would be so great!

But the woman was adept in deception, and only 10% of her words were true.

“What is the Zhongmiao Door?”

Kris Chen asked knowingly and made a puzzled expression.

Youyou was anxious. The Zhongmiao Door was indeed very secretive to some people, and many people even had never heard of it.

What should she say?

There was it!

“Sir, there is the method of eternal life hidden in the Zhongmiao Door. As long as you get the Zhongmiao Door, you will be able to live forever!”

Chapter 806: Five Elements Sect

The method to be immortal?

Kris Chen sneered. He had got two pieces, but he didn’t find the method to be immortal.

There were achievement methods, but nobody knew whether achievement meant to be immortal or not.

She said these words to deceive me.

“Sir, what I said is real, I didn’t lie to you. The old man was afraid that I would leak the information. If I was captured by him, I would die…”

Kris Chen thought for a while and decided to put aside whether this map really had the information about the Zhongmiao Door or not for the time being.

If Youyou Wan went out to spread rumors, Villains’ Valley would not be able to stand it. Even the Heavenly Palace had been destroyed, not to mention Villains’ Valley.

He had some guesses.

“No one in the world dares to say immortality. You dare to say immortality with a magic weapon I haven’t heard of?”

“Sir, I didn’t lie to you. If you don’t trust me, you can investigate. Get the Zhongmiao Door, you can really be immortal!”

When they were talking, Mokong Gu launched an attack.

Mokong’s attack was deadly. This bitch told Kris Chen such an important secret. It would be terrible if Kris Chen ran away.

Those forces would turn over the Eternal Domain and find Mokong out.

“Sir, be careful!”

Youyou screamed.

At that time, Kris Chen met Mokong’s attack with his fist.


The great power made Mokong fly. Kris Chen was always on guard against Mokong!

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The next moment, Kris Chen’s fist fell on Mokong’s body like a heavy rain.


Mokong’s body was smashed by Kris Chen.

Kris Chen was about to arrest Mokong’s immortal breath and kill him thoroughly with Zhongmiao Door.

Mokong had been frightened. His sun soul, wrapped in immortal breath, left his body and ran away quickly.

Kris Chen didn’t go after Mokong. With his cultivation of the present,he couldn’t catch up with Mokong whose cultivation was immortal .

Youyou stood there, stunned.

Mokong was a Zongdongtian Practitioner. He was maimed by Kris Chen easily?

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

What’s more, she didn’t expect that the person she chose casually was also at immortal cultivation.

After clapping his hands, Kris Chen let out a long breath and said, “Lucky for him to escape so fast.”

“Let’s go, this place is not safe anymore.”

Kris Chen left with Youyou.

On the other side, Mokong’s sun soul returned to Villains’ Valley and he also called all the people in his Sect back.

How to fight with that man?

He was maimed by that man in a few moves, if he didn’t escape so fast, he must be dead.

That man might be a Tuxingtian Practitioner, or even a Muxingtian Practitioner!

Practitioners of this level had entered the middle period of immoral cultivation. Even if he belonged to a super big Sect, he would be a man with real power.

“He must be the Elder of one big Sect!”

Mokong was very angry. He didn’t get the map and was seriously injured.

Fortunately, immortal breath has countless magical functions. Even if you have only one cell left, as long as immortal breath is still there, you can regenerate infinitely.

“I won’t let you run away from this place safely!”

After thinking for a while, Mokong had a plan.

In a cave just dug out, Kris Chen took out a piece of meat from the World Swallowing Beast of the stage of Dao Emperor and began to roast it, “Tell me, what’s going on!”

“Sir, I…”

“If you lie to me again, you know what will happen.”

While roasting the meat, Kris Chen said: “Although I’m kind, I hate being cheated by others. Those who cheat me died a horrible death. “

Youyou knelt down on the ground in a hurry, “Sir, I didn’t mean to cheat you.”

Kris Chen ignored her, and Youyou made a decision, “I can tell you the secret, but for my safety, I hope you can swear.”

Kris Chen seemed to hear a funny joke: “You are not qualified to bargain with me. Even if you don’t say it now, I have many ways for you to make you say it. I don’t think you want to try those ways! “

Youyou’s countenance changed and she gave a wry smile. This man seemed to be gentle, but in fact he was very cold, he was more difficult to deal with than Mokong.

As the saying goes, “Only when people have no desire can they be upright.”

“Sir, you really don’t know Zhongmiao Door?”

Youyou decided to say the secret out, “In fact, you know Zhongmiao Door, right? Although you pretended well and it seems that you really don’t know Zhongmiao Door, but your behavior still has a questionable point. “

“What questionable point?”

“You are so indifferent. No matter who hears about immortality, their mood will change, but you don’t.”

“So I have two guesses. One is that you really don’t know Zhongmiao Door; the other is that you have known it for a long time, and even studied it.”

Kris Chen smiled. So that’s what happened.

It’s true that he was the most familiar person in the world with Zhongmiao Door.

“You’re smart. I like to talk to smart people. Don’t guess what I am thinking, only in this way can you alive.”

Youyou knew that her guess was correct, she was very happy, but she didn’t show her emotion out, “Yes!”

After listening to Youyou’s words, Kris Chen knew her real identity——the wife of Sovereign Lord of Golden Sunglow Sect.

So the statement that she was a virgin was a lie.

Kris Chen was not interested either. Why was her cultivation so low? The reason was very simple ——her cultivation was sealed by Mokong.

Youyou could escape because she had made some preparations before.

“So, your cultivation is Half-step Immortality?”


Kris Chen thought that it’s not bad to have a maid whose cultivation is Half-step Immortality!

Mana was circulating in Youyou’s body, and soon the seal was untied.

It only took 10 seconds to improve Youyou’s stage from Normalization Stage to Detachment Stage, to Taoist King Stage, to Tao Emperor Stage, and in the end, to Half-step Immortality Stage.

“Thank you, sir.”

Youyou continued: “The reason why Villains’ Valley destroyed Golden Sunglow Sect was that Golden Sunglow Sect had traitors. The traitor revealed the biggest secret of Golden Sunglow Sect.”

“That person must be close to your husband.”

Youyou nodded, “He is my husband’s brother. I have already killed him.”

“In fact, Golden Sunglow Sect is a branch of Five Elements Sect which was an ancient god sect. The Five Elements Energy practiced by Five Elements Sect is reputed to be invincible!”

“It’s a pity that many sects attacked Five Elements Sect together in those years…”

“The cause of this thing is Zhongmiao Door?”

Kris Chen smiled. The Five Elements Sect and Palace were so similar.

But the ancient time was too far away from now, and it was more than 100 billion years ago.


Youyou said: “I don’t know what happened in those years, and my husband also didn’t know. He just told me that Five Elements Sect was destroyed by other sects and only five branches run away. After so many years, we are dispersed and we don’t know whether other branches are alive or not.”

“So, your branch practices Golden Energy?”

“Yes, sir.”

Youyou nodded,” That piece of map is only a copy, the original map has disappeared. And Golden Sunglow Sect has only a fifth of the map!”

A fifth of the map?

No wonder Kris Chen felt that the map was strange when he looked at it just now.

Doesn’t this mean I have to find the other four branches?

That’s too much trouble.

But it’s lucky to get one piece of Zhongmiao Door.

And I am so lucky to get two pieces of Zhongmiao Door in a short time.

It’s okay that the piece of map is only a fifth of the whole map. At least I have some clues about the third piece of Zhongmiao Door.

The External Domain was a good place; there were three pieces of Zhongmiao Door. Kris Chen suspected that some great event happened here a long time ago.

“That’s all what I know.”

Youyou spoke the secret out and she felt comfortable!

“Give me your soul source.”

Kris Chen said.

“Sir, you…”

Kris Chen smiled: “You can choose to follow me or to be dead.”

Youyou clenched her fists, but soon she unclenched them.

She was smart and it’s obvious that Kris Chen was smarter than her. The key was that he was powerful.

He was more powerful than Mokong. And Kris Chen asked her to give him her soul source showed that she would not be killed.

Although Youyou was nervous, she gave her soul source to Kris Chen, “Master, please take good care of me!”

Youyou was beautiful. Hearing her words, men would be enthralled.

Kris Chen knew what she was thinking, “Don’t worry, as long as you do what you should do well, I will take good care of you.”

What I should do?

As a maid, one of the things I should do is having sex with him.

Youyou had no choice, so she accepted this situation; after all, it’s better to have sex with Kris Chen than with Mokong.

After smelting Youyou’s soul source, she was in Kris Chen’s control.

Kris Chen didn’t have to find other pieces of map; he can use big data for analysis!

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