No one was optimistic about Chuck Cannon!

The white wolf has a burly body, and Chuck Cannon looks much weaker. This difference in physical fitness can already determine the result of this punch!!

Absolute punches and vomiting blood are normal!

Faced with this punch, Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, and the power of this punch was still great!

Chuck Cannon does not deny it!!

As for Chuck Cannon’s current physical fitness, there is no problem at all.

But Chuck Cannon didn’t plan to do this!


The white wolf punched in an amazing punch!

When it was about to hit Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon dodged!!

The white wolf punched empty!!

After three seconds of silence, there was an uproar!

“This kid hides? I’m going, isn’t it a foul?”

“I said how dare this kid go, I didn’t even think about it.”

“Just his body, it’s not just looking for death!”

Bai Lang’s eyes narrowed!

Liu Ge, Liu Li was so surprised.

“This kid? Dodging the white wolf punch? Rarely,” Liu Ge said.

“It’s rare. Looking at his dodge speed just now, he has a bit of fighting skills, but he also took a surprise to escape the white wolf punch. Otherwise, it’s difficult!!” Liu Li shook her head, feeling that it would be no big deal to hide.

“I think so, his dodge is very poor, his steps are chaotic, and he feels a bit of a layman. Depending on his physical fitness, if he really takes a white wolf punch, and it hurts either! This kid is clever! That kid counted, Still not count?” Liu Ge asked.

“Go ahead, let him enter the martial arts, I will teach him personally, and see how long he can carry it!” Liu Li beautifully looked at others.

She doesn’t have any good feelings about Chuck Cannon.

Thought it would be great repay for saving your grandfather?


“Okay! You passed!” Liu Ge was indifferent!

Chuck Cannon stepped aside.

Bai Lang hesitated and didn’t say anything, but he stared at Chuck Cannon for a few seconds before becoming indifferent again.

“I c, this is all right? You don’t need to carry it hard, you can avoid it, then I will go!” A young guy stepped forward excitedly!

He is an athlete and still plays basketball. His reaction speed was super fast at that time, and he would definitely be able to dodge this punch!!

“Come!” the young man said excitedly.

Other people on the scene were also eager to try. You don’t need to resist hard, you can dodge. The difficulty is greatly reduced!

The Chuck Cannon just now did, they will definitely do too!

Bai Lang narrowed his eyes and smashed it out with a punch!

“Haha, I flashed!… Ah!”


When the young man was avoiding, the white wolf punched him!

He can’t avoid, can’t hide!

He hit him with a fist!

He flew up like garbage, vomiting blood in the air, and fainted when he fell to the ground.

Surprised the audience again!!

“My mother!”

“Can’t hide?”

“How did that kid hide?”

They are incredible!

Chuck Cannon can do it, why can’t they?

Chuck Cannon was expressionless, these people thought it was easy to hide?

Not easy!

The speed of a person’s attack is super fast, and hiding is actually more difficult than resisting!

Because hiding, it means that the speed must be faster than the white wolf!

How many people can do this?

“Come again!” The white wolf sounded.

Who would dare to come?

Finally, when Liu Ge spoke, someone dared to go up, but basically, all of them couldn’t resist, and only three escaped!

In this selection, only five people passed the test has ended!

Also includes Chuck Cannon.

“Okay, everyone else can leave. The five of you can go back and rest for one night, and tomorrow we will meet in Wumen!” Liu Ge said coldly.

Chuck Cannon shrugged!

The other people on the scene were disappointed and dispersed. Many people were dissatisfied with Chuck Cannon. They felt that he was lucky and dodged unexpectedly so that White Wolf didn’t pay attention!

By the time they use the same method, the White Wolf has learned from the past, and of course, they can’t get through it!!

The other four went back and three were injured.

“What’s your name?” Liu Li came over and asked.

“Chuck Cannon!!!”

“I tell you, playing cleverness is not long-term. Your dodge just now is very poor. If you are replaced by me, I can solve you with one move! Fighting requires basics, playing cleverness, and walking is not long!!” Liu Li said coldly.

“You are right in everything.” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to talk to her.

Now that he has entered the martial arts, Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to control the others, and he doesn’t want to have troubles?

The time plan in his mind is to stay in Wumen for up to twenty days for further study!

Because Chuck Cannon has no other time.

Chuck Cannon left.

Liu Li was angry, and she decided on the student. Correct him!


When the next day arrived, Chuck Cannon had already taken the car and came here again, with all his luggage, and the four people who passed by yesterday also arrived.

The four of them dismissed Chuck Cannon and still thought that Chuck Cannon was incapable. It is by surprise and by playing tricks he entered.

If they really want to fight, all four of them can hang Chuck Cannon, thinking so, they rolled their eyes at Chuck Cannon even more!

Chuck Cannon has no excuse.

“Well, the five of you get into the car with us. Remember, after entering Wumen, all contact will be severed!” Liu Li said coldly.

Chuck Cannon was prepared!

Everyone handed their mobile phones and took Liu Li’s car to enter Wumen.

Similar to what Chuck Cannon thought, it was in the mountains.

This is the real further study!

Chuck Cannon will inevitably get excited, and his strength will improve, but how long will he stay in it?

“Here, get off!”

Liu Li was indifferent, and Chuck Cannon got off the car and saw that this Wumen was like an ancient temple. It was an antique building. Obviously it had existed for many years. Like the hidden family, it must have been passed down for dozens of generations!

This is the birthplace of true Chinese fighting!


“I tell you, the five of you are all my students, and my requirement is to obey the order! Otherwise, get out of here right away!!” Liu Li stared at Chuck Cannon. She just wanted to target Chuck Cannon!


On the surface, Chuck Cannon agreed with the other four people. Liu Li felt comfortable in her heart. He was really a useless pen, just wait for me to fix you!

“Go in!” Liu Li shook her long legs and entered Wumen.

The five including Chuck Cannon followed in.

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