In Wumen, it was almost the same as Chuck Cannon imagined, with a sense of age, but the training method was very modern.

Among the martial arts, those who enter were all elites, so Chuck Cannon has already seen a lot of people when he came in, both men and women, men are strong, and women have a particularly good sense of line.

Because of exercise, a woman’s body is a perfect body comparable to Europe and the United States.

Very seductive.

Liu Li led Chuck Cannon into it. There were many houses in Wumen. Chuck Cannon suspects that this house may have been passed on for thousands of years. He doesn’t know how many generations of talents have been trained to go out!

Chuck Cannon was excited when he thinks about it. How can he go out after graduation when he comes here?

Betty Bernard did not say, nor did Liu Li now.

In Liu Li opinion, Chuck Cannon and a few others who came in together are not qualified to graduate!

“This is the place where you all new students will live! Take a break today, remember, don’t make trouble for me! Or get out!!” Liu Li was very strict!


“Chuck Cannon, why don’t you answer?” Liu Li stared at Chuck Cannon with a pair of beautiful eyes. The majesty came out, step by step, forcing Chuck Cannon to retreat!

Chuck Cannon has already entered Wumen, and of course, he is not afraid of others.

“Chuck Cannon, are you deaf?” Liu Li was extremely majestic.

The other four students looked at Chuck Cannon like a pen.

Is this fool sick?

Talkback to the teacher?

“I’m not deaf, I’m going to rest, coach you want to be together?” Chuck Cannon asked with a shrug.

“You want to die?” Liu Li was annoyed, this guy actually molested her?

“No! I see the coach, you want to see me? Then I don’t mind.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.


Several female students laughed, Chuck Cannon is so courageous!

Liu Li was irritated to the extreme, “Chuck Cannon, I will stare at you!”

“Whatever!” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to rest, he was going to see Teacher Qiushui that Betty Bernard said.

Betty Bernard said that with this teacher Qiushui, you can learn more.

Liu Li angrily left.

“Hey, Chuck Cannon, you are so courageous, do you dare to molest coaches?” a twenty-year-old beauty laughed.

“You don’t mind, I can tease you too.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Hmph, the toad wants to eat swan meat!” She dismissed it. How could she be the offspring of a big family be eaten by an unknown boy?

However, after she finished speaking, Chuck Cannon had already left.

“Ashley, don’t be familiar with him, he is just a villain of opportunism!” said the beauty’s companion.

“I know, I didn’t treat him as a good person, he was exhausted, he already slept!”

“However, the villain Chuck Cannon also lives in this room. Will he take advantage of us while we sleep in the middle of the night and do bad things to us?”

“He dares! If he dares, I will destroy him!!” Ashley Whitney said fiercely and made a choking motion.

“Haha! Then he dare not want to be a woman?”

A few girls laughed, very disdainful, Chuck Cannon is not their opponent either.

They actually fought the white wolf to come in with a punch, but what is Chuck Cannon?

Opportunistic, like the average timid woman, reluctantly entered by hiding.

This gap is obvious!!

If Chuck Cannon dared to do anything to them, they would definitely make Chuck Cannon cry and call his mother.

“Where is Teacher Qiushui?”

Just as Chuck Cannon entered the maze, he felt like he had entered a temple, Chuck Cannon was speechless too!

Asked other people, and they didn’t say anything, one by one was so grim.

Chuck Cannon walked for a long time, but there was really no way he could go back.

It was dark when he came back, and there were a few steamed buns in front of a simple bed, nothing else, which was rather shabby.

Chuck Cannon knows that this is for training and further study. Of course, it doesn’t matter if he eats.

“Don’t mess around, I warn you!” Ashley Whitney scolded vigilantly!

Chuck Cannon glanced at her and closed his eyes to sleep.

The next day, Liu Li came to let Chuck Cannon and the others run with a weight of 50 kilograms! ten kilometres!

Chuck Cannon already had dozens of catties on his body, and he didn’t mind heavier.

Carrying fifty kilograms of things, the first one ran away.

It’s fast.

Liu Li frowned, “This kid is not bad physically! Are you guys hurrying up?”

Ashley Whitney was speechless, they could only obey the order, carrying fifty kilograms and running.

When Chuck Cannon was running deep in the mountains, he saw a separate house on top of a mountain. It looked a bit interesting, like a place where women lived.

He just don’t know if it’s Teacher Qiushui.

Chuck Cannon intends to go around this evening. Time is waiting for no one. Chuck Cannon wants to learn as much as possible and then graduate successfully. You must know that his mother left after 15 days of coming in!

“You are all rubbish! Only ten kilometres away, so tired?” Liu Li was annoyed.

Ashley Whitney and the other girls were tired, Chuck Cannon was panting, but Chuck Cannon must have pretended to be.

To carry a weight of 50 kg and run ten kilometres, it is not too difficult for Chuck Cannon to be trained by the devil. Moreover, Chuck Cannon basically maintains three hours of training every day in the United States.

This test is endurance!

Liu Li stared at Chuck Cannon with contempt at first, ignoring directly, and then saw the few girls.

“You girls are too disappointing,” Liu Li said coldly.

“Coach, it’s not that we are not upset. It’s too heavy and too far. How can a girl stick to it?” Ashley Whitney was almost tortured and crying.

A few kilometres is fine, but ten kilometres is really not good!!

“Huh, it’s a lot. This is why you came here. You can’t even run ten kilometers. What are you doing here?” Liu Li was annoyed. “I told you that there are a few geniuses in Wumen. The first is the current coach of Wumen Qiushui. She after bearing a load of 100 kilograms the time she takes to return from ten kilometres is much faster than yours!”

“Ah, it’s scary!”

Chuck Cannon’s eyes moved, Teacher Qiushui is so powerful?

The reason came out why his mother asked him to learn from her, and it was also because of this.

“Are there any more women?” Ashley Whitney grumbled.

“Yes, this is one earlier than Coach Qiushui, faster than Coach Qiushui, and the load is 120 kilograms!” Liu Li inevitably praised!

“Wow, so amazing! Who is she?”

“You probably haven’t heard of it, her name is Karen Lee!” Liu Li said.

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