Chapter 807 – 808: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 807: Control Public Opinion

Now almost 100 billion people used projectors, who scattered in all corners of the Eternity. The practitioners’ daily posts were numerous. The pictures they took and so on were all clues.

Kris even wanted to use the superstring scared array to set the array in the Eternity.

It was a good way.

Two thirds of the Taoist Palace had spark members.

Kris could monitor even all these sects.

The superstring scared array attached to the air particles, opened up mustard space, so he could definitely complete it.

Just like thousands of universes in Kris, he used the Tao of Heaven to monitor them well.

After the combination of Chao and the Tao of Heaven, he could even accurately monitor a grain of sand.

Super power chip was a product of science and technology. It made sense that some people said the end of technology is metaphysics.

Because these two things shared the same ending. The Tao of science and technology belonged to Great Tao anyway.

Yuan Kris was now practicing in his body, and would be able to catch up with his cultivation in two years. At that time then he would be ready for the superstring scared array.

Chao could also grow up, who would then be given to Yuan Kris.

He was not interested in finding other four sects, since Others would did these simple and low-level things for him.


Kris continued to travel with Yoyo Wan. It was comfortable for Kris to take a woman who could take care of him.

On this day, Kris came to the jurisdiction of the Qianshan Taoist palace, where a huge city was covered fully by of human Taoist.

Billions of people living in a single city, so some of them must be talents.

“Let’s go in and have a look.”

He has spark book, which recorded the status of all spark members. As long as its member appeared within a hundred miles around Kris, the book would give a prompt.

Before entering the city, Kris felt the prompt of spark book.

The numerous names were highlighted, which meant at least 100000 spark members here.

The highest cultivation could reach half immortal.

Qianshan Taoist palace, ranking No. 2000, was ahead of Lanting Immortal Palace, and its comprehensive strength was stronger than Lanting Immortal Palace.

The specialty here was rockery.

Strange things were sealed in these rockeries, some of which were similar to gambling stones.

The most important thing was that some rockeries also had various unique functions, such as reassuring souls, soothing Qi, accelerating cultivation speed, and improving qualification.

The great city named Wanshan city was full of people showing incredible prosperity.

The more inward, the higher the cultivation of the practitioners.

“Mr. Kris, there is a divine hills trading market in front of us. Would you like to go and see it?”

In Qianshan Taoist Palace, they called rockeries divine hills to add value to themselves.


Kris nodded and was preparing to go there. At this time, he felt something wrong.


A sword light fell from heaven.

The sudden changes scared Yoyo.

Facing the sword light, Kris was not afraid at all. For him, since he could break everything attacking him only by one punch.


His fist collided with the sharp sword energy, but his fist wasn’t hurt, instead the sword energy was scattered.

Kris had a keen vision and saw a Taoist in the sky.

With a golden light earth escaping, Kris approached him, “Do you want to escape? Impossible!”

Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve, Forbiddance of the Great Tao!

The space around ten thousand meters was forbad by a single point of Kris who that held that Taoist in his hand.

“Please let me go!” The Taoist asked for mercy.

“Tell me, why do you attack me?”

“I… I attack the wrong person!”

“The wrong person?”

Kris sneered and pointed to numerous people who were chasing that Taoist. “Then they certainly didn’t come to me!”

The cultivation of this Taoist was not high, only reaching half immortal. Kris could even win Zhongdongtian practitioners, let alone a half immortal.

But it was strange.

No wonder when he came into the city gate, he always felt something wrong.

So the moment Kris stepped into the gate, he was already spied, right?

Yoyo flied up, “Mr. Kris, why does this man attack us?”

“Who knows?”

Kris thought for a while, “but it should be related to Mokong Gu.”

Cutting grass without root, its live would go on again. Escape was not Kris style.

But too many people lived in Wanshan City, and Kris didn’t want to add causality, so he took Yoyo leave this place.

In a blink, he had flown away for tens of thousands of miles.

These people kept up with him, Kris set out the array waiting for them quietly.

At least thousands people came to him.

Their leaders were the strongest among them, whose cultivations were even stronger than Mokong.

“Falling World!”

Before they launched attack, Kris took actions first.

He never left the second punch in a fight that could be solved by one blow.

Add 60 times the force in the sixth gear.


The fist as huge as the ancient god mountain fell on their heads.

Half of the people were killed, who were Tao kings and Tao emperors.


Even one immortal spitted out blood.

“Super invincible cosmic explosive punch!”

Combined with spirit, Qi and energy, this fist was the strongest punch that Kris could exert. His momentum was quite strong. The next second, his enemies yelled, “everyone, let’s go!”


However, Kris had already set superstring scared array all over, which was hidden in the air, and entangled with spiritual molecules. Ordinary people could not notice it at all.

When they found out, they were already locked in the large array.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

Dozens of punches were hit in succession, and all his rest enemies were crushed.

No matter Tao emperors or immortals had been beaten into a bloody rain.

It was true that Kris was invincible to practitioners of same stage as him, so it was still useless for a large numbers of these practitioners to attack him.

Otherwise, it would be meaningless for Kris to practice hard.


The immortals wanted to tear the array to escape, but Kris had been prepared for that. He restrained two immortals and directly suppressed them with Zhongmiao Door.

Other three immortals had been scared for a long time. “Don’t kill me. I surrender. I surrender…”

Kris didn’t want to talk with them too much, so he left the one who was afraid of death the most, and the other two were also hard to escape.

Four immortals, under the extinction of Zhongmiao Doors, were soon transformed into pure immortal gas.

Then, in the astonishing watching, Kris absorbed the immortal gas.

Finally, he released a lot of life energy and soul power.


Zhongmiao Door had such a function?

Moreover, Kris clearly felt that the quality of life energy and soul power had been greatly improved.

“Po po po!”

His cells began to break through the half-step Tao emperor. 10, 100, 1000… It stopped until a million cells finished!

Moreover, the divine spiritual power of sun soul was breaking through rapidly. 700000 of them had broken through the half-step Tao emperor within several minutes.

Kris was a little astonished, and then he came back to see sun soul surrounded by immortal gas, and showed a strong interest in his eyes.

The man clearly became sun soul, but he was still shocked, “Why did he look at me with this kind of expressions?”

“Tell me all you know, then I can let you go.”

The man thought about it and knew that he had no choice now. “I’m Guanzhongzi, practitioner of Epoch Realm, and the prime elder of Taie Sect, some time ago… “

After hearing Guanzhongzii’s story, Kris finally understood that as he expected it was really had something to do with villains’ valley.

Also, no one would be indifferent to such a secret of Zhongmiao Door.

That’s it, please don’t kill me.”

Guanzhongzi only had a flat qualification and had exhausted to reach his today’s cultivation. He really didn’t want to die.

“Give me your soul core and I’ll let you go.”

“Okay! Okay!”

Guanzhongzi had no willing of resistance, and ending of other four men were still in front of him.

If he refused, he knew he would die as well.

Refining his soul core, Kris said, “OK, you will follow me later!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

“Call me Mr. Kris.”

“Yes, Mr. Kris.”

Guanzhongzi adapted to his new role very quickly. As long as he could survive, he could do anything.

Kris nodded and thought about how to deal with this matter.

The Mokong had revealed his appearance, but he could not change his appearance in the rest of his life?

After thinking for a while, Kris had an idea.

He had mastered the projector, which meant he had controlled the public opinion.

The speed of information spread was very slow in the way of local diffusion, so he just needed to keep the information through the projectors firmly.

This was simple, and Chao could control it.

One way was to confuse the public.

As Kris gave an order, people with a message of “Zhongmiao Door” had emerged in every corner of the Eternity.

At first, people were crazy to find Zhongmiao Door, but as more and more messages were coming, they all understood that these people were clearly joking.

There were only nine pieces of Zhongmiao Door, but millions of people had the information about it.

Some of them even took the pieces of “Zhongmiao doors” directly and posted them to the circle of the practitioners.

Chapter 808: The List Of Tianjiao

Many people laughed, and there were millions of comments.

Practitioner Abin: What’s the price of Zhongmiao Door? I wanted them all.

Female practitioner Heijie: Give me Zhongmiao Door, and I would belong to you tonight!

The news of Zhongmiao Door directly became the hottest topic.

Before all the people were surprised, but it took less than a day that people became indifferent to the last.

As for the news that Kris had Zhongmiao Door, it was just one of the tens of millions of false information.

Mokong Gu was also a user of projector, whose favorite thing was to share his own stoves and tripods with his friends in the practitioner circle. He had gathered a group of friends in the practitioner circle and millions of followers.

Looking at the hot topics related to Zhongmiao Door, he felt quite angry.

How could this be possible?

Overnight, news of the Zhongmiao Door came up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

Just when he was surprised, there were a lot of voices from the outside.

“Bed news, Enemies are attacking!”

“Run away, that man has broken the shield of protecting the sect! Run quickly…”

Villains’ Valley was full of evil men up to the patriarch Lord, down to the disciples of the service.

So when these villains got great trouble, they only thought about how to escape and even some of them thought about how to make money at this emergency situation.

Yoyo Wan looked at the man like God, admiring.

The Sovereign Lord, elder Taishang, prime elder and patriarch of the villain valley had been restrained by him. The strongest one was the elder Taishang, the Epoch Realm of fulfilled period.

The weakest was the patriarch, who just stepped into the Zongdongtian.

Mokong, who was in the Zhongdongtian of middle period, was easily caught by Guanzhongzi, who was in the epoch realm of middle period.

“Mr. Kris, I got him.”

Seeing Kris in front of him, Mokong’s soul was almost flying out of the sky, so he immediately kneeled down on the ground, kowtowing. “Forgive me, please…”

Kris was not interested in talking to him so he suppressed him directly.

The five immortals became resources constantly feeding Kris with energy.

But Kris had been wondering whether he could separate the immortal spirit and sun soul, but Wuya Dao lacked related memories, so this was unknown.

“I ask you, can sun soul and immortal spirit be separated?”

Hearing so, Guanzhongzi was trembling, and he was a little frightened to look at Kris.

“Never mind, I’m just asking.” Kris Chen frowned.

Guanzhongzi felt relieved that as long as Kris did not kill him, everything was fine.

But he also had some doubts. Wasn’t Kris immortal? Why did Kris need to ask him such questions? Was there deeper meanings?

He thought for a while, after seeing Kris become more and more impatient, and said this time, “It can work, but after a practitioner being deprived of immortal spirit, he will never break through his current stage.”

“And he will lose his immortal character, with his stage declining a certain level.”

Kris nodded. It meant that immortal spirit was equivalent to Taoist base.

It was of course hard to break through without the foundation of Tao.

Kris decided that once he met immortals, he would deprive their immortal spirit and soul core. Wonderfully!

Anyway, immortal was better than Tao emperor.

Kris neither killed nor expelled disciples of Villains’ Valley them instead emptied their accumulations for many years.

“Go, let’s go to Taie Sect!” Kris asked Guanzhongzi to lead the way.

For those who dared to ambush him, Kris decided to fight back directly.

Taie Sect was stronger than Villains’ Valley, and elder Taishang was Tuxingtian practitioner, so it took Kris a lot of efforts to put down him.

His current strength should be in Tuxingtian, roughly on the level of genius appearing in ten thousand years.

If he met the genius appearing in one hundred thousand years or even one million years, he would surely be crushed.

Fortunately, Guangzhongzi ambushed behind the enemy’s back, otherwise Kris would be hurt in this war.

After he came down from Taie Sect, Kris gained a lot.

Six immortals, plus tens of millions of years of accumulation.

Another five immortals and a half-step immortal now followed him.

The half-step immortal was originally Zongdongtian practitioner, who retreated to half-step immortal after being taken from immortal spirit.

With 15 immortal spirits, Kris’s power was also rising rapidly.

Kris found a place to close door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) to digested his harvest this time.

One in ten of sun soul’s divine spiritual power broke through the half-step emperor, and one percent of his body cells broke through to the half-step emperor.

His strength was further enhanced.

If Kris had enough supply of immortal spirit, he would definitely break through the Tao emperor within a month.

He poured the accumulation of Villains’ Valley and Taie Sect into the inner universe at one time.


Yin-yang and five elements universe were refining rapidly, which provided nutrients for the heavens and universes.

At this speed, his magic power could break through Tao emperor before long.

The first class infinite universe would soon be promoted to the second class as well.

Kris had a strict universe hierarchy with a complete way to move forward.

The power provided was unimaginable.

This was the key that Kris could kill Tuxingtian practitioners, crossing Zongdongtian practitioners and Epoch Realm.

His solid Taoist base was perfect.

After finishing closing door, Kris decided to improve his cultivation to the half-step Tao emperor before the competition of sects. He should also upgrade the level to the Gaishi Tianjiao. When he broke through the Tao emperor, he would absolutely become a Wangu Tianjiao.

But so far, he had not met Gaishi Tianjiao yet, let alone Wangu Tianjiao.

Although there were many talents in the world, they always felt short of something.

On the way of travelling, Kris made a surprise decision to make a list of the Tianjiao.

With the projector as pusher, this topic became hot quickly.

With Kris’s agree, the Tianjiaos in the Taoist Palaces signed up for the competition.

Then the live broadcast was published in the practitioner circle.

This event instantly attracted all people in the Eternity.

Tianjiao had been highly praised, so the confrontation between them could draw more attention.

Even in the process of fighting, some popular Tiaojiao gained a lot of fans and followers.

The reputation and resources were even more incredible.

Dongyue Sect was one of the three thousand Taoist palaces, ranking more than 2700, including 1000 Tianjiao appearing 10000 years, 30 Tianjiao appearing 100000 years and 2 Tianjiao appearing a million years.

A young man named Zhenyue Dong, who was just a common exterior group disciple of Dongyue Sect, won 100 games continuously.

Tiaojiao appearing 10000 years and 100000 years were all beaten by him.

Zhenyue, therefore, attracted a lot of attention. In a challenge arena, he met a Tianjiao appearing million years, who also won 100 games in a row, but Zhenyue won him in the end.

Before Zhenyue was a nameless disciple, he now became a Tianjiao appearing million years through competitions.

In the list of Tianjiao of Tao King, he ranked 100.

The great rewards brought Zhenyue were not only fame and wealth, but also the attention of sects.

Nobody thought that Zhenyue was so powerful that he was directly listed as Rank.

The appearance of Tianjiao list brought more and more people hope.

Kris could also look for proper people according to Tianjiao list to help him.

In a while, Spark members had been surging.

They were all potential Tianjiao, the most solid foundation of the organization.

Kris, the tycoon, only needed to control them on his back.

As a year passed in a blink, Kris’s team of immortals had increased to 200. He didn’t need to do anything by himself now. With them, he just had to wait and enjoy his achievements.

Yoyo knelt beside Kris, gently massaging his leg, “Mr. Kris, are you comfortable?”


Kris nodded and understood the change of his power.

He had already broken through the half-step Tao emperor directly toward the Tao king.

Sun soul’s divine spiritual power had also broken through to the half-step Tao emperor, but only his body was improved slowly.

Because Kris condensed his whole body’s cells, which had also opened up sub-universe, it consumed more resources, but it brought many advantages to fight.

That invincible feeling in the world was intoxicating.

Yoyo looked up at this god-like man, unconsciously, carving his shadow firmly engraved in her heart.

She was grateful that Kris helped her to avenge. In addition, for more than a year, Kris was very good for her and daily gave her lots of cultivation resources.

What’s more, Kris respected her.

Sometimes she asked herself whether it was very cheap for her to turn from a wife of sovereign Lord directly to a maid.

But she didn’t feel sad, and even had strong desire of staying with Kris.

Although she was beautiful, she was not a virgin, which must be the reason that Kris never had sex with her even if they slept in the same bed.

Kris must have rejected her for this.

In fact, Kris just felt troublesome. He had too many women. According to his habit, once he had sex with a woman, he could not let her be a maid any more.

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