“Who is Karen Lee? I haven’t heard of it!!”

“That’s right, I have never heard of such a powerful person? Can she run fast with a load of 120 kilograms? Is this possible? Just kidding!!”

The cute girls shook their heads, their faces filled with doubts.

Ordinary people’s extremes can’t do this, right? Still a woman!

Chuck Cannon laughed. His mother went out in fifteen days. This speed is also record-breaking in Wumen!

As a junior, Liu Li must know her mother’s reputation!

Coupled with his mother’s low-key, it is a legendary existence.

Chuck Cannon felt proud in his heart.

“How could it be a joke? At that time, Karen Lee’s speed, except for the people who founded Wumen, reached it, dozens of generations have passed down, and no one else has reached it. How could I remember it wrong?”

Liu Li said coldly, and after a while, she sighed, “This Karen Lee is really a legendary person. She left Wumen in fifteen days. It can be said that she is the strongest student in Wumen history!”

“What? Went out in fifteen days, it’s amazing!”

“That’s right, it’s still our woman, too amazing, I want to learn from her!”

“Come on, such a person, a once-in-a-century fighting genius, it’s useless to learn, no one has that abnormal physical quality.”

“By the way, coach, how old is Karen Lee you said?” Ashley Whitney asked.

“I haven’t seen it. I heard rumours that she was in her twenties when she came. Now it’s almost 20 years. It should be in her early forties. She must be married, but I just don’t know if her child is a male or female… With her physique gene, the child born will definitely have the same abnormal physique as her!” Liu Li said.

“It must be a son, a powerful woman, usually has a son as a baby!” Ashley Whitney said.

“Yes, I don’t know about that, but if it’s a son, then according to the normal age, Karen Lee was married in his twenties and had children. Her son should be close to twenty years old, right? Generally speaking, physical fitness The aspect will definitely inherit Karen Lee’s abnormal physique, maybe still young and blue, but at this age of about 20, I don’t know where will he learn fighting but the talent will be undoubtedly good!” Liu Li sighed.

If ah, she can receive such students, it is enough to make her face in the martial arts.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know.

Chuck Cannon smiled, really, he must have inherited his mother’s abnormal physique, otherwise, how come you have been in combat for less than a year and have the strength of such a fighter?

However, Liu Li said that her physique might surpass that of her mother. This is hard to say. Chuck Cannon believes that it certainly does not.

It’s not bad to inherit one’s mother.

Chuck Cannon’s heart filled full of joy, and sure enough, reincarnation is a technical job.

Chuck Cannon is very lucky.

“What are you laughing at? It’s not you whom it’s been said about!!” Ashley Whitney despised Chuck Cannon.

“You see that he is still smiling like that, it’s really shameless! People don’t know that they are not talking about him!”

“That’s right, a senior like Karen Lee, a record-breaking senior, if he gives birth to a son like him, won’t Karen Lee be angry?”

“Of course, Feng Shenglong, where does he look a bit like a dragon?”

“Hahaha, a dragon? Haha!”

A few cute girls laughed more and more. Who made you Chuck Cannon laugh out of time?

What about Karen Lee’s son?

Affectionate smile, like crazy.

Liu Li didn’t look at Chuck Cannon at all. If Karen Lee’s son was as rubbish as Chuck Cannon, he was panting for ten kilometres and was too tired to stand up, it would be a waste of Karen Lee’s genes.

Therefore, Chuck Cannon can only be envious.

It is impossible to be Karen Lee’s son.

Besides, they also analyzed it randomly according to common sense. Where does Liu Li know about having boys and girls?

But she hates boys. If she has a baby, she must have a daughter.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, not familiar with these women.

If he says them that he is Karen Lee’s son, they won’t believe it, so why waste their time?

Liu Li is out. Before leaving, she put down the conversation to run every day for three days!

Chuck Cannon has no problems at all.

The cute girls screamed.

“How good would it be if Karen Lee were my mother? I inherited her perverted physique, let alone running ten kilometres, even twenty kilometres would be fine. No one would be able to beat me now!”

“I think too! It’s a pity that my mother doesn’t have the power to bind the chicken, so I just think about it, alas, I really envy Karen Lee’s child… By the way, Ashley, do all the great women have sons?”

“Most of it! Because of the powerful women, most of the children born are sons, about 20 years old. I don’t know if Karen Lee’s son is handsome or not, how much talent did he inherit from Karen Lee?” Ashley Whitney dreamed.

In her mind, she admires all-powerful women!

Because she is also inspiring to be a powerful woman.

“Hearing the name Karen Lee, I think she must have a good temperament, and the son he gave birth to must be handsome, haha, I have no chance to be Karen Lee’s child in this life, but I can be the wife of Karen Lee’s son. Isn’t that also called a mother? Amazing mom, don’t you walk sideways in the world? Haha,…Hey, Chuck Cannon, you’re endless, what are you laughing at? Are you laughing on what we are talking about?”

A girl was extremely angry because Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but smile silently.

“Yes, is it you? What are you laughing at? I really don’t understand you, you go out!!” Ashley Whitney was annoyed.

This is a whisper between girls.

“You guys talk slowly.” Chuck Cannon couldn’t hold back. Why are these girls so gossiping?

“Hmph, it’s annoying to see him smiling, so shameless! Laughing at this time implies that Karen Lee’s son is him?”

“How can there be such a coincidence? Besides, Karen Lee’s son is his virtue? I don’t believe it!”

Several girls said angrily. In their opinion, Chuck Cannon must have been born in an ordinary family. Would someone like Chuck Cannon be the son of Karen Lee, who broke the record?

God is blind.

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