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It was night and Chuck Cannon came out.

Chuck Cannon disapproved of Liu Li’s training method, and he had to look for Teacher Qiushui whom his mother said.

In terms of talent, Liu Li has already introduced it, after his mother.

It shows that Teacher Qiushui is great!!

When Chuck Cannon was running during the day, he saw the houses on the mountain, most of which belonged to Teacher Qiushui.

Chuck Cannon ran up.

“How about those rubbish ones?” Liu Ge asked.

Liu Li sighed and shook her head, “No, no, I will definitely be scolded by the master this time, alas, it is too difficult to find a talented student now!”

“Is that Chuck Cannon also rubbish?”

“Yes, he was tired only after ten kilometres, not as good as a few female students. Alas, I regret letting him in.” Liu Li was extremely upset.

It’s okay not to let Chuck Cannon come in, and she would not be so upset.

“Then tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, just find a reason to let him go. If he is ignorant, I will hit him!” Liu Ge said coldly.

“Well, brother, are you still asleep?” Liu Li returned to her room.

Liu Ge smiled.

Liu Li was speechless, “Brother, don’t think about it, that Qiushui is now too high in Wumen. She doesn’t like you at all, so why bother to humiliate yourself?”

“Sister, you don’t understand! Qiushui is so beautiful, and it has satisfied my fantasy of a woman. I must get her in my life!! I will go again tonight, or I can’t sleep.” Liu Ge excitedly looked forward.

“Oh! Qiushui’s vision is too high, you can’t even look down on her brother,” Liu Li looked at her brother and planned to fall to a tree to death. She had nothing to do!!

“I’m going!” Liu Ge ran out excitedly.

Liu Li was speechless. She looked up at the window, the house on the mountain.

“Qiushui, you can’t look so high, my brother is already very good, you don’t know how to praise!”


When Chuck Cannon was running, he suddenly heard movement behind him, and Chuck Cannon found a place to hide.

“It’s him?”

It was Liu Ge who ran over, and Chuck Cannon muttered to himself, “He also came to look for Coach Qiushui? It’s so late, this is unkind!”

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Chuck Cannon considered whether to go up and after sighing, he decided to go up.

Chuck Cannon ran up.

He deliberately slowed down a lot. The two of them went up the mountain one after the other. Liu Ge, who ran in front, didn’t find Chuck Cannon at all.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, it was normal, he was stronger than him!

The acuity is good, so it was discovered by Liu Ge, who is of average strength, it is really strange!

When he arrived at the door of the house, Chuck Cannon knew what this teacher Qiushui must be?

The kind of reclusive people who have no desires, or a woman who lives on a mountain, isn’t she close to a nun?

“Coach Qiushui, this is Liu Ge, can I get in when you open the door?” Liu Ge called at the door.

Chuck Cannon secretly laughed, this is the weasel giving New Year’s greetings to the rooster, he is uneasy and kind.

“No! You go down the mountain!”

Chuck Cannon was stunned, this voice was so nice.

Young, really a fighting genius!

Liu Ge was annoyed and acted on the surface, “Coach Qiushui, I’ve been here many times, you see me! I’ll leave as soon as I meet.”

“No! If you don’t say anything a third time, the face is for yourself!”

Liu Ge was so angry that he couldn’t beat Qiushui, otherwise, he would have rushed in long ago, and the overlord would force the bow.

Still, begging like this?


Liu Ge clenched his fists and could only go down the mountain. Suddenly, he came up with a long-standing plan!

He laughed grimly and thought, Qiushui, you are more extreme than me, even if you see me Liu Ge, I won’t do that!

Humph, you wait!!

Liu Ge went down the mountain.

“You too!” Inside the room, the voice went straight to Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was surprised, did she find him?

When he looked up, he was speechless, and there was a camera facing him.

Chuck Cannon was hiding pretty well just now, but he didn’t expect all his actions to be seen in the house long ago.

Chuck Cannon felt embarrassed.

“Coach Qiushui, I am a new student in Wumen, my mother asked me to come to find you!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Go!” Coach Qiushui had no room for negotiation!

“Hey, my mother is…”


The door was opened, and a beautiful woman with the highest quality came out!!

With a height of 1.7 meters, tight jeans, and a hot white T-shirt, the perfect and sexy reveal to the extreme!

This was Coach Qiushui?

Chuck Cannon looked dazed, too beautiful, on the same level as Logan and Yvette.

“Coach Qiushui, my mother is…”


Coach Qiushui has already gone down the mountain. What are you doing down the mountain at night?

What Chuck Cannon can do is follow down the mountain.

After a while, Chuck Cannon understood thoroughly. My mother asked herself to find her reason for learning.

Her speed is too fast, Chuck Cannon can’t catch up with her!

Follow along and lose it, but fortunately, it is down the mountain, just run down.

But, Chuck Cannon stopped, something happened!

“Qiushui, you finally came out to see me,” Liu Ge, who had not yet gone down the mountain, was excited.

Qiushui’s appearance was as if a man saw will fall for it, since Liu Ge first saw her.

He was the only one who lingers in the dream!!

He wants to get this perfect woman, no matter what way.

“I said, go down the mountain!” Coach Qiushui said coldly.

She was clear and clean, and Chuck Cannon was stunned to see from a distance. This kind of woman, when she is fine, must be specializing in various types of fighting and learn from her.

“Qiushui, what kind of man do you want?” Liu Ge was annoyed.

“Fighting geniuses can only come into my eyes, you are not!” Coach Qiushui shook her head, indifferent to the extreme.

Liu Ge was annoyed, “There is no fighting genius at all, and the current physical fitness cannot make a fighting genius!”

All he saw was rubbish, and none of those who became famous were fighting geniuses.

“This is what you think, it definitely already exists,” Qiushui said.

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