Chapter 809 – 810: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 809: Refusing Love Confession

“You can leave if you have nothing to say to me.” Kris Chen said.

Youyou Wan did not leave. She gritted her teeth and grabbed Kris’s hand, saying, “Sir, I like you.”

She is more daring than a girl because she has already married another man and is not a virgin.

She also firmly believes that happiness is self-earned.

“She is bold.” Kris thought.

Kris is not a mental cleanliness freak. He just thought it’s not good.

“I have a lot of beloved women.” Kris said.

“An excellent man like you is sure to have many beloved women.” Youyou said.

“I’m a playboy.” Kris said.

“You are wasting your time in teenager if you are not dissolute.” Youyou said.

After hearing that, Kris didn’t know what to say. It seems that being too good is also a mistake.

Kris then pulled his hand out of Youyou’s and Youyou was sad. “Sure enough, he still disgusts me for not being a virgin.” Youyou thought.

“Are you disgusting me for not being a virgin?” Youyou asked.

“No.” Kris said.

With a wry smile on his face, Kris said, “Well, that’s not what I really meant. Let me put it in this way. I don’t take a fancy to you. Although you are beautiful, I can’t force myself to take a fancy to you. It’s irresponsible for me to have sex with you without deep consideration.”

Though Kris is philanthropic, he doesn’t want to be a scumbag. At least he won’t have something to do with those women he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to mess with.

After hearing what Kris said, Youyou’s eyes became dim. She took a step back and said, “I see.”

Then she could not help crying and left.

Love is both simple and complex. Kris doesn’t want to be entangled in a relationship or to get into trouble.

So far, including the time in Time Barrier, Kris has been practicing for nearly 100 million years, so he knows what’s important and what’s not.

It’s better to take life as it comes.

Ever since Youyou understood Kris’s thought, she kept a certain distance with him deliberately, but the admiration in her eyes could not be hidden.

Six years after Kris walked out of the Practicing Room, he succeed in breaking into the Dao Emperor Stage from Half-stage Dao Emperor.

After spending another four years practicing the Foundation of Dao King, even Kris himself didn’t know how powerful he’s.

He thought he could defeat the Practitioner in Arabot by merely a punch.

Kris didn’t need to practice any kind of Principle, because with the Tao of Heaven, the Taoist Strength of practiced by all living creature, rules and Principle will be automatically categorized and then complete the promotion of the Great Tao.

In addition, Kris has his own ways of practicing, which is quite different from the cultivation in the Eternity Domain.

It took Kris 90 years, and another 100 to 200 million years if adds the time in the Time Barrier.

He seems to have done it very quickly. The others look slow in comparison with him.

He had no idea of how many resources he had used.

Every movement of him has Principle. He has now upgraded his Principle to Level 10, completely reaching the threshold of Advanced Principle.

The Level 12 Principle is followed by Supreme Principle, which is the Stage that people in Immortal Stage can reach.

Supreme Principle is simple indeed. It’s just to refine the Principle into Immortal Gas. The more the Immortal Gas, the stronger it becomes. That’s why it’s so hard for Kris to kill them before.

For ten years, thousands of sects had offended Kris. In case of causing troubles, Kris just destroyed them.

Under the theory of sustaining the war by means of war, people behind Kris’s increasing, with the number around ten thousand.

The strongest of them are the six Practitioner of Zebel. Kris kept them around him and asked them to do some unsystematic things.

As for the others, they were sent the Gengu No.1 Sect in the ungoverned zones.

Kris has several thousand men in Immortal Stage.

Gengu No.1 Sect became the largest sect in the ungoverned zones.

The list of the God’s favored ones was becoming more and more popular. Those who are on the list can even influence the decisions of sects.

It’s much more efficient for Spark to find the people it wanted according to the list of the God’s favored ones.

It’s time for Kris to go back to Lanting Immortal Palace.

Kris’s had enough time outside and his cultivation was promoted. He only needed to join in Rank Battle and take his wives and kids to Lanting Immortal Palace.

Then Kris went back to Lanting Immortal Palace with his men.

Run Qian and others also reached Dao Emperor Stage.

“My leader!”

Those who first become members of Spark all bowed to Kris.

Liu Ma has had a good time these years. His cultivation has promoted repeatedly.

He is now in the Half-stage Dao Emperor. He is also included into the Inner Gate of the Penalty Academy.

The cooking room develops very well. Half of the 108 yards are occupied.

The resources there are considerable.

“We haven’t seen each other in decades. Everyone’s doing fine.” Kris said.

“It’s all thanks to you.”

Run walked forward and said, “Leader, Spark has more than 100 billion members.”

Of course, 100 billion is only part of the total number. The exact number is 300 billion. Demon Kris and others are in charge of the God’s favored ones and people in Immortal Stage.

Run, the deputy leader, is now incapable of managing so many people.

Lanting Immortal Palace is wide enough to be administered by Run.

Just as the saying goes, don’t forget your friends when you become rich. Kris is not one who gets rid of his friends as soon as he gets what he wants.

“You did a good job, and you should work harder to improve your cultivation. As our team is expanding, we have more responsibilities. If we are not strong enough, we can’t guard our domain, not mention to expand it.” Kris said.

“Yes, leader.” The crowd nodded and said.

Though Kris did not show his face for decades, no one dared to disrespect him, because he has a firm grip on power. Run knew he only needs to do what Kris asks him to do.

As the assistant of Kris, Liu knew he is in the same boat with Kris.

With unlimited resources, it’s really shameful that Liu hasn’t reached the Dao Emperor Stage.

“Leader, we will try our best to practice.” Run said.

“OK. The Rank Battle is still ten years away. Just try your best to practice. After the Rank Battle, I will go to the Cave World. You can bring those who you are familiar with there back.” Kris said.

“Leader, can we really bring them back?”

Liu opened his eyes wide. He has ten wives and dozens of children in the Cave World. He thought he would never meet them again, but unexpectedly, Kris gave him such a surprise.

“Yes.” Kris nodded and said, smiling, “Well, each of you write down the names who you want to bring here. You can go there with me to take them back.”

“Long live leader!” The crowd cheered.

Not long after everyone left, Bixiao came.

“Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?” Bixiao said with a slightly red face.

“Senior, I haven’t seen you for decades, and you are getting more and more beautiful.” Kris said.

After hearing that, Bixiao compressed her lips. There was a gleam in her eyes, but it soon disappeared.

Seeing Bixiao don’t speak, Kris asked, “Senior, what’s wrong with you?”

“Did you walk out of the Practicing Room ten years ago?” Bixiao asked.

“Yes.” Kris said.

“Senior, how do you know that? Kris asked.

“How do I know that? Why there is a maid around you?” Bixiao said.

After hearing what Bixiao said, Kris laughed.

“Oh, so that’s it.” Kris thought.

Kris took Bixiao’s hand and said with a smile on his face, “Senior, are you jealous of her?”

“Hum, I am not jealous of her.” Bixiao said.

Bixiao struggled to pull her hand out of Kris’s, but she just used little strength to pretend to do that.

“You just look jealous.” Kris put his hand around Bixiao’s tiny waist and said, “Senior, have you missed me all these years?”

“Oh, let me go, let me go.” Bixiao said.

It’s not a big deal that they hold hands, but it’s humiliating for her to sit on Kris’s laps.

As they two haven’t confess their love to each other, she could not bear to be so close to Kris.

“What are you afraid of? There’s no one else here.” Kris said.

Kris won’t mess with those who he doesn’t like, but he will try every possible way to get those who he likes.

Kris looked up gently, and the fragrance of Bixiao crept into his nose cavity, which is a good taste.

“Senior, I miss you very much.” Kris said.

After hearing that, Bixiao’s defense crumbled. She felt the fervent heart of Kris.

“Really?” Bixiao said.

Bixiao turned her head. Her white neck seemed to be tinged with pink, and even her ears glowed red.

Her heart was beating fast.

“Yes.” Kris said.

“You are lying. If you really missed me, you would have come back. Why would you have kept me waiting so long alone?” Bixiao said.

Bixiao always keeps herself busy. She was apprenticed by her master but she spent 95 percent of her time wandering around. This time she spent 10 years wandering around and even her master felt that there was something wrong with her.

But she was worried that Kris might want to find her if she leaves.

After consideration, she endured her impatience and waited for Kris while practicing.

As early as 10 years ago, Bixiao broke into Dao Emperor Stage and mastered Smelting Art.

She’s hundreds of times stronger than ordinary people in flesh, magic art and sun soul.

All the credit goes to Kris.

“It’s my fault.” Kris said apologetically, “I’m close to a breakthrough, so I’ve been out looking for opportunities for 10 years. I broke into Dao Emperor Stage. As fir Youyou, I just met her accidentally…”

Kris told Bixiao how he met Youyou. Of course, he didn’t say anything about the Zhongmiao Door.

It doesn’t do Bixiao any good to know that.

Chapter 810: Before the Rank Battle

“So that’s it.” Bixiao nodded, and her displeasure completely dissipated.

“Are you still jealous?” Kris Chen said with a smile.

” No.” Bixiao still did not admit it.

“Well, maybe!”

Kris felt very pleasure to be with such a beauty, but he had a problem that had to do with Bixiao.

After Rank Battle, Kris must go to the Cave World to pick up his family, then what about Bixiao?

Youyou Wan had made her jealous, if she knew he had so many wives, she would have left decisively.

He didn’t want to be a irresponsible man. After thinking about it, he said seriously: “Sister, I need to talk to you.”

Bixiao was in a good mood at the moment, “What?”

“After Rank Battle, I’m going down to the Cave World to pick up all my family.”

Bixiao nodded, “It’s not a big deal, just tell Master.”

Many practitioners who had ascended from the Lower Realm would do it after success.

Of course, there were also those who cut off the past, and such people were precisely those whom Bixiao despised.

“I have got married in the Lower Realm and… I have several wives, dozens of sons, and hundreds of grandchildren …” Kris said stiffly.

As expected, after that, the smile on Bixiao’ s face disappeared and tears welled up in her eyes.

What? I’m sitting on your lap now, and you tell me that you have married, and you have a large number of wives and children, what does this mean? Do you want me to be your concubine?

Seeing that Bixiao was in tears, Kris panicked, “Sister, I … I should have told you in advance, if you can’t accept it, we’ll just be normal sister and brother!”

Hearing this, Bixiao pushed Kris away with tears rushing down her face, “Kris, I hate you.”

With that, Bixiao went back to her yard. Kris wanted to chase after her, but the restriction power bounced him off.

Bixiao never put up restrictions against him before, it seemed that he really hurt her.

Kris sighed, he could not abandon his wives and children for Bixiao, right?

When he told Bixiao that his real name was Kris, Bixiao had been unhappy, although the name was just a title for the Practitioner, but it is also a deception.


Kris shook his head, he’d find an opportunity to explain it later.

After back in her own courtyard, Bixiao cried into tears, “Damn Kris, why do you tell me this, do you want me to be a concubine, a cheap mother and cheap grandmother to your children and grandchildren?”

She was an unmarried girl who hadn’t liked anyone like this for years until she met Kris, but now, that’s what he gave her.

She couldn’t accept it.

After crying for a while, Bixiao looked up, “Bastard, you even don’t come to comfort me, I hate you, from today, I won’t care about you anymore!”

She was so angry and resentful that she wanted to ask Kris face to face that why he didn’t come to comfort her.

But she didn’t.

Kris didn’t set up restriction against her, so she used Divine Spiritual Power to scan it and found that Kris was once again in Closing Door.

“You don’t care about me!”

Bixiao laid in bed, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became, so she took her sword and left the Lanting Immortal Palace.


Ten years went by in a flash. During this decade, Kris was not in a hurry to cultivate, but was sorting out the universe inside his body.

Previously, Kris thought that the Yin-yang and Five-elements Universe was a large warehouse that provided nutrients to all the universes in the body.

There was only dense Yin-yang and Five Elements Energy in it.

Kris simply designated the seven universes as Infinite Supreme Universes, adding the Heart Trick Ancestral World, that was eight Infinite Supreme Universes.

Kris had sixty trillion cells in his body, and over the years he had also spawned sixty trillion Secondary Universe. It was really daunting huge volume, and he was thinking that whether to spawn stars or not, once spawning stars, there would definitely be life born.

Twelve hundred and ninety-six thousand infinite universes had already become a huge burden, and if another sixty trillion newborn universes were added, Kris felt that he would never be able to accomplish this feat in his lifetime.

However, he walked in the Wandao Sect of cosmic beings, from the the big infinite to the small superstring, all the Great Tao was embodied in him.

Because the power was too strong, he couldn’t fully control it now.

Sun soul, mana, physical body, before the opening of the physical world, Kris was able to fully play the strength, but not now.

The reason was that he couldn’t keep up with the Stage.

For ten years in the outer world and twenty million years in the Time Barrier, Kris had been absorbing the Great Tao and increasing his enlightenment in the direct Stage.

The effect was very good, the Principle improved from ten to eleven, and only two levels short of the Supreme Principle.

Finally Kris figured it out that no matter the Secondary Universe or the Main Universe, or even the Supreme Main Universe, Kris could take all of them.

Kris decided to open up the physical world to be controlled by the Superstring Tao of Heaven to provide himself with sustenance.

With a thought, he released the restrictions, endless thunderbolts exploded in the flesh universe as countless beings slowly began to be born.

Opening up the heavens and the earth to create species, whenever possible, brought great insight and experience.

Kris didn’t change the Stage, but his strength was quietly increased a lot.

Just then, Run Qian stood at the entrance of Kris’s courtyard with a group of people, “Leader, it’s time for the Rank Battle.”

Kris opened his eyes and came out of the Time Barrier.

He waited for the divine light in his eyes to fade before opening the door and walking out.

When he appeared, everyone’s mind was lost for a moment.

He seemed to have a great power flowing around, which made people feel amazed.

“How many people from the six great houses are participating this time?”

“More than two hundred, My Leader, almost all Personal Disciples will participate in this Rank Battle, and there are almost forty to fifty thousand Personal Disciples in Lanting.”

“Have you seen my Sister?” Kris asked.


Kris nodded and stood at the entrance of Bixiao’s courtyard, then knocked on the door, which was still restricted, “Senior sister, the game starts.”

He stopped for a moment and did not hear anything.

Kris laughed bitterly, “Forget it, let’s go.”

When they arrived at the Penalty Academy, everyone was there and Jianfei Zhan was reprimanding the Nine Treasures.

There was a person standing aside, and that was no other than Bixiao.

No wonder no one responded to him, she came out long ago.

“Sister!” Kris came forward to greet.

Bixiao looked indifferent, “I don’t want to talk with you.”

Kris touched his nose, it seemed that she was still angry with him and he could only find another opportunity to apologize to her properly.

He didn’t say anything more and walked up to Jianfei and bowed his hand, “Master!”

“Well, out of the Closing Door?”

Jianfei glanced at Kris, “You’ve reached Taoist Emperor? Wait!”

His eyes suddenly widened, “How did you make it?”

“It improves with practice.” Kris said.

Jianfei was shocked, he knew very well what realm Stage Kris used to be in, and there was a Taoist King from Transcendence to Taoist Emperor!

Did he directly cross a big Stage in these 100 years?

“Good, good, this Rank Battle will be fun.”

Jianfei smiled and patted Kris’s shoulder, “Work hard and beat those guys.”

“Yes, I will.”

“By the way, how about the Time Methods?”

“I’ve learned them all.”


Jianfei nodded with great satisfaction, then looked at Da Niu and the others, “Do you hear that? Your brother is the latest to join us, he is already Taoist Emperor, but you are still wandering in the half-step Taoist Emperor.”

Then he took out a whip to whip them.

“Master, we’re practicing battle techniques, it’s very time-consuming, although we haven’t broken through Taoist Emperor, our combat power is much stronger than before.”

Liu Niu cried out.

“Master, please don’t!”

After a while, Jianfei stopped, “Okay, come with me.”

The group arrived at the main peak of Lanting, which was already crowded with people.

Interestingly, Kris saw quite a few people with projectors on the live stream, “Hello everyone, this is Practitioner Abin, this is the live stream of the Battle of Rank of the Lanting Immortal Sect, welcome friends, and thank you for your gifts.”

“Thanks to this friend for the one hundred great swords(virtual gifts)!”

On the other side, a sweet female cultivator was also broadcasting live, “Hello everyone, I’m Jie Hei, welcome to my live stream!”

But the comments in her live space were, “Oh no, she’s so hot!”

“Since I have watched you live, I’m always horny.”

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