Chapter 81 – 82: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 81

As Zelda said, Manny and the others were dumbfounded, and the two young women had their mouths wide open, so they could put eggs in.

Shocked for more than ten seconds!

“Zelda, what you said is true? The boss of this square is your boyfriend?” The young woman in tight jeans was already full of consternation.

This is simply incredible!

“Yes, it’s his,” Zelda was serious.

“It should be impossible, right? Are you deceived by him? Such a big square is not a few hundred million, right?” The hot pants young woman was also shocked.

Although this square is rubbish, it is not tens of millions that can be handled. Is it his? Impossible, absolutely impossible!

“Yes, Zelda, were you cheated by him? He doesn’t have a car, how could he be the boss of this square?” The young woman in tight jeans also returned to normal, which is absolutely impossible.

Can he be a square owner, even if the square is bad, he can only have hundreds of millions of net worth. Would it be Chuck in front of him?

“No.” Zelda shook her head helplessly.

She said that as her eyes turned, she saw Chuck inside through the crowd, unknowingly, she thought of being in the car last night…

Zelda actually didn’t know why he did that last night when he was his younger brother? So help him?

Zelda sighed. What if he asks again today? Continue to help him?

Zelda struggled.

The two young women glanced at each other suspiciously.

They are all thinking

It must be Zelda talking nonsense, knowing that he looks down on him, so he deliberately said that the boss of this square is him, it must be so, they don’t believe this.

“Zelda, are you true?” Manny was serious. If this square really belongs to Chuck, wouldn’t it be richer than his own daughter?

Seeing that he was a little younger, but at least he didn’t have Gao Pan’s daughter. Thinking that way, Manny suddenly looked at Chuck and found it pleasing to the eye.

“Really, this square really belongs to him, and he has two cars.” Zelda is really helpless.

Why didn’t they believe the truth?

“Two cars, why don’t you drive, instead of sitting on you?” The young woman in hot pants shook her head.

Do you have a car but a girlfriend? She couldn’t understand that Zelda was deceived, not lightly. She was even more certain that Zelda had said this on purpose just now. The boss of this square is definitely not him! Zelda could not answer this question.

She sighed in her heart, her mind was messy because of what happened in the car last night… She looked at her right hand with her eyes turning, and last night…

“Forget it, don’t look, let’s go shopping elsewhere,” suggested the young woman in tight jeans.

Young women in hot pants have no objection.

Manny voted in the crowd and looked at Chuck again, feeling a little disappointed. What kind of boyfriend did his daughter look for?

The two young women turned and walked, Manny followed, Zelda sighed, and also turned and followed out…


“No, I don’t need this money,”

The eldest sister lying on the ground, got up, and gave up all the 50,000 in her hand. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she became, 600,000. This is really going to buy her life. She still has a husband and a lover. There are sons and grandsons, but they can’t die.

“Why not? Hey, the eldest sister, you are okay?” Yolanda was curious.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” The eldest sister shook her head hurriedly and prepared to run.

The onlookers were stunned, and many people blushed and cursed!

“It’s a grassy horse, running really fast, it turned out to be porcelain!”

“Fortunately, I sympathized with her just now. I thought she really fell. She’s really shameless, old stuff!”

“I blamed this square just now, what a slut! I will come here next time.”

“me too.”

The onlookers were agitated.

When the eldest sister was running, she was stopped by the security in the square. The eldest sister panicked immediately, and three women came over to ask Yolanda, “Girl, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, just let me go, I’ll never come again You are in the square…”

“Who is your girl?” Yolanda frowned, “Just one sentence you are wrong? How many customers have you lost in our square, one sentence you are wrong?”

When she spoke, she looked very cold.

“Girl, I really know I was wrong, I’m kneeling for you, I’m kneeling…” The eldest sister knelt down in fright.

Yolanda didn’t eat this set at all, and backed up a few steps, “It didn’t happen to kneel down, I have already called the police! If you dare to make trouble in our square, you will know the consequences!”

“Girl, you think I’m about the same age as your mother, please spare me this time.” The eldest sister was really scared and her face turned pale.

At this moment, Yolanda’s momentum was too strong, completely overwhelming her eldest sister.

“Don’t insult my mother!” Yolanda became even more angry!

Soon the police came, and after inquiring about the matter, the eldest sister was taken away. The eldest sister was so furious that she must retaliate. She also strayed for a long time, hugging the railing and refused to go. In the end, the police had to force the eldest sister into the car.

The onlookers on the scene gradually dispersed.

Chuck stared at the eldest sister who was taken away, took out his mobile phone and called Betty, and brie y explained the matter.

“Well, Master, I know how to do it. I will nd out everything about this woman soon. I will let all her family lose their jobs and let everyone she knows know what she is doing. Master, don’t worry.” Betty’s voice came out.

“Well, it’s troublesome,” Chuck hung up the phone with satisfaction. The eldest sister just said that she would retaliate? Chuck laughed, I make you cry!

Yolanda collected the money on the ground, Chuck was satisfied, and Yolanda’s ability to handle things was still very good.

“I’ll save the money,” Yolanda said; 600,000 cash is a lot, she can’t worry about holding it like this.

Chuck nodded and said to be with her.

The two went to save money, but Yolanda whispered, “I heard that Ye Canghai’s company was closed, and he left Haishi. Did you do it?”

She has not been harassed by Ye Weitian in the past few days. This really makes her feel relaxed. When she heard that the entire Ye family had left, she was surprised. Perhaps only Chuck has such strength. Come on, what background does my boss have!

Chuck was taken aback, his mother did this? It seems that you have to go back and ask.

The top floor of the night hotel.

“What’s wrong?” Karen Li asked curiously. She was looking at other acquisition materials.

Betty talked about what happened just now, and Karen Li frowned immediately, “Find someone to do the same for me!”

“However, the young master is quite satis ed with what I did just now.” Betty was helpless.

Karen Li was startled, the coldness on his face disappeared instantly, and a smile appeared, “If that’s the case, then do it as you said. Just now, don’t let Ce’er be so hostile.”

“Well, I will deal with it now,”

“Wait.” Karen Li hesitated, “That woman…let’s teach her a little bit more and break her hand.”

“Yes!” Betty immediately went out, Karen Li continued to read the information, but the phone rang, she immediately smiled, and the note was Logan…

Manny and the others were tired from shopping. Everyone was looking for a place to have a meal. Unfortunately, there was something to deal with at Zelda’s restaurant, and they said that they would go back and have dinner at night.

Of course, Manny had no objection. The three of them continued to go shopping, but after three o’clock in the afternoon, they were too tired. The two young women said that they would go back to their place to sleep and rest.

Manny nodded and drove the two of them back. She was indeed tired.

After reaching the mountain house, the three women got out of the car.

“Let’s stay one night today, and tomorrow we will nd a place to live by ourselves. It’s too bad here. There is nothing, just like a backward village,” said the young woman in tight jeans.

“I also think that apart from being clean and quiet, everything else is not worth mentioning.” The young woman in hot pants also catered to it.

The three women walked inside, carrying a lot of things. The young woman in skinny jeans fell to the ground inadvertently, and subconsciously pulled down a large vase at the entrance of the corridor.


The big vase fell to the ground and broke to the ground.

“It’s okay,” Manny and the young woman in hot pants hurriedly pulled up the young woman in tight jeans. She was annoyed, “Her mother scared me to death with a broken vase.”

“This bottle broke.”

“It’s okay, we are not unreasonable, we just lose money,”

“That’s right, this place is so rubbish, what good things can there be? You can pick 300 yuan in this rotten vase market, and count it 500 yuan to the sky,” the hot pants young woman said as they picked up the things on the ground.

At this moment.

“Three!” Hearing the sound at the front desk, he ran over immediately, his face changed, “The three of you don’t leave.”

“What? We ran into it accidentally.”

“Don’t go yet? Isn’t it just a broken vase? Are you afraid that I will run away? Let’s talk, how much, I will pay you!” The young woman in tight jeans took out a card from her bag with disdain, ve or six hundred yuan What is needed? I can pay you ten or eight.

The front desk didn’t say a word, didn’t pick up her card, but picked up the fragments on the oor and handed it over. The young woman in tight jeans frowned. Then, the bottom of the vase read the Ming and Xuande Years.

“This is a blue and white porcelain vase from the Ming Dynasty, worth seven million yuan.” The front desk said calmly.

Chapter: 82

“what did you say?”

The young woman in skinny jeans frowned upon hearing the words at the front desk, even annoyed! !

What’s her mother? From seven million? When I’m mad?

Manny was surprised. She stared at the fragments scattered on the ground, and then she realized that it seemed to be blue and white…

“Da Ming Xuande Year! This is the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty!” The front desk said calmly.

“What shit Daming Xuande year? What shit blue and white porcelain? When don’t we understand? Want to cheat us?” The hot pants young woman immediately cursed.

She felt that she was insulted, her mother’s kind of shabby place, a trashed hotel for one or two hundred nights, no, this fucking hotel? Where the farmhouse is not as good, can there be such expensive things? Why doesn’t your mother say 70 million?

“This lady, please don’t make a lot of noise. This will include noisy other distinguished guests to rest.” The front desk frowned.

“Guest? Your Nima guest! This kind of garbage place is still a guest? You guys are pretty good at acting!” The hot pants young woman slobbered at the front desk.

“Please respect this lady. All of our mountain houses are distinguished guests!

The three of you are included, too…”

The young woman in hot pants sneered, “Is it expensive? I have never seen any more pretending than you!”

The front desk frowned, “This blue and white porcelain of the Ming Xuande year was delivered by our boss three years ago, and it was photographed at seven million three years ago.”

“Who believes you seven million? Why don’t you say one hundred million? Do you want her to be a fool?” The young woman in tight jeans also yelled.

“Give you a thousand! Swipe the card! Hurry up!!” The young woman in tight jeans pushed the card into the front desk again, very impatient.

“Sorry, the blue and white porcelain you smashed starts at 7 million! If you don’t believe it, you can ask a professional to appraise it.” The front desk said.

“Professionals? Her mother was bought by you, right? You guys cheated money together, right? It’s a pity I’ve seen too much of this kind of routine. If you want to cheat on our money, it’s impossible. The police are here, let me see how you pretend.” The young woman in tight jeans disdain.

“Yes! You can choose to call the police!” said the front desk.

“Oh, pretending to be addicted, right? Okay, I’ll call the police now and tell you that it’s a black shop! Let the police close your shop and let you pretend to be tricky! Fuck!”

“Yes, call the police! Treat such rubbish places! Make them cry!”

The young woman in skinny jeans took out her phone, but Manny hurriedly shook her head, “Don’t, don’t call the police first.”

“If you don’t call the police for this kind of garbage place, let them continue to cheat others?” The young woman in tight jeans frowned.

“No, this seems to be really blue and white porcelain!” Manny said hurriedly.

She liked antiques when she was always fair, and especially liked collecting porcelain. She clearly remembered that her husband’s blue and white porcelain bowl, the kind of bowl for eating, would cost more than 800,000 to buy, and the blue pattern was completely absent. It’s so beautiful to break the bottle…

“Beautiful, what are you talking about?” The young woman in tight jeans frowned.

“Beautiful, did you read it wrong? This kind of garbage place, even if there is blue and white porcelain, is imitation, it’s two or three thousand to death, she actually said seven million? This is a fucking scam!” The hot pants young woman shook her head.

She still insisted that they were pitted. In this kind of ravine, what kind of house was built. I don’t know if it cost one million. How could it be possible that a decorative bottle would cost seven million?

What about fools?

“No, my husband likes porcelain. You also know that the blue pattern on his baby is not beautiful, and it looks much worse. You know, my husband bought it for ve years and eight hundred and seventy thousand…” Manny Shaking her head. She also panicked.

This kind of vase has a price but no market. It is very valuable for collection. It will only become more and more expensive. I bought 7 million three years ago and may now cost 10 million.

“No way?”

The face of the young woman in skinny jeans changed. She squatted down and looked at it, picked up a piece, and looked at it casually. It was very ordinary, just rubbish. How could it be worth seven million?

The young woman in hot pants wrinkled her brows. Manny was still more knowledgeable than the two of them. She knew that this thing was really blue and white porcelain?

Impossible? How could there be such an expensive thing here so rubbish?

“Beautiful, you call to ask your husband.” said the young woman in tight jeans.

“Yes, call and ask first.” The young woman in hot pants also said.

“it is good!”

Manny hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called her husband.

“Hey.” A man’s voice came from inside.

“Hey, husband, let me ask you something.”

“Well, you ask,”

“How much is a blue and white porcelain vase in the Xuande Year of the Ming Dynasty?”

“you saw it??”

The man’s voice was pleasantly surprised, “Where did you see it? Tell me quickly, and I will come and take a look.”

This voice is so excited… The young woman in tight jeans and the young woman in hot pants glanced at each other, feeling something wrong.

“I… I just asked, how much is it?” Manny was also panicked.

“This is priceless. Three or four years ago, an authentic porcelain bowl made in the Xuande year of the Ming Dynasty was hundreds of thousands. How big is this bottle you look at?”

“As old as a child…”

“Ah, that’s precious. According to the current collection market, it costs at least 10 million, and if you have money, you can’t buy them. They are all collected by some big bosses. If you look at this look, it is well preserved and has good color. , The value is higher…”

The young woman in skinny jeans was so scared that she almost sat on the ground, what, ten million?

Manny was so scared that her mobile phones fell to the ground.

“Hey, wife, what’s the matter with you? This kind of thing, pay attention when you look at it. If you break it, you can nish it… Let alone, my company has a meeting…”

The phone hangs up.

Manny is incredible!

The young woman in hot pants also slumped on the ground. How could this be possible?

The young woman in skinny jeans stood firmly, and immediately said stiffly, “Why do you say that yours is the real blue and white porcelain made in the Ming and Xuande years? Is there a million in total for your rubbish place? It is an imitation of thousands of pieces. Rubbish, what are you pretending to be genuine?”

The front desk frowned, even a little angry, “Please pay attention to your words! Our mountain house is one of the most upscale and comfortable hotels with a radius of a hundred miles! You said we don’t have a million here, you really misunderstood!! One million is not counted as a fraction of our hotel. Where you are standing now, the mahogany floor cost three thousand per square meter. Our entire hotel has three floors, a total of six thousand square meters, all paved This kind of floor, that is to say, the bare floor is worth 18 million. This is only the floor, then the bed in the room, the bathroom, the air puri cation, but…”

“Stop, don’t say it…” Manny slumped on the ground, her face pale.

“Beautiful, what’s wrong with you? She brags, the floor is worth more than ten million, who believes?” The young woman in tight jeans helped Manny up.

“Yes, beautiful, don’t listen to her nonsense, how could there be such an expensive place?” The young woman in hot pants also shook her head, she doesn’t believe it, the floor is golden?

“Look…” Manny showed the phone to the two of them. She just checked the house in the mountain and found that it is really a six-star hotel!!

The two of them took a look and sat down on the ground in shock.

“Ah, how is it possible? This broken place is a six-star hotel?” The young woman’s face in skinny jeans was scared, and she felt fear because she broke the bottle!!

The three women sat slumped on the ground, dumbfounded, dumbfounded.

So, is this bottle real? Is it really worth seven million? This is just getting started. Is it ten million now, or more?

“Our hotel is not rubbish, the room you live in, but the VIP room, sixty-six thousand a night, and…” said the front desk.

She said more and more.

The young woman in skinny jeans was completely scared and stupid, starting from seven million, how much money did she go to? Although her husband has a small company, it makes a pro t of more than 1 million a year. Where can I get the money from 7 million? If you take it out, the company will be sold, and the house will be sold.

Thinking like this, she suddenly started crying and started crying directly on the ground. She didn’t have so much money, no, what should I do?

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