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Chapter 81 – 82: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 81: Venus wants a divorce (1)

“Where are you going?”

Venus thought about it and said indifferently, “I’m going back to Ye’ s house.”

“You did such a thing and you still want to return to the house?!” Kerry looked full of sarcasm and said with an indifferent tone, “You can go wherever you want! But from now on, you can’t move in with the Ye family!”

Venus looked startled, slowly lowering her eyes and tried to hide her sadness and said, “Okay, I understand.”

“Kerry, if you don’t let her go back, where can she go?” Xinyou looked anxious, like she was grumbling.

“She made you so badly hurt, and it’s already the greatest mercy I’ve ever shown to her!” Kerry gave her a fierce stare.

Venus looked very calm and said indifferently, “Xinyou, have a good rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Venus turned around and left the room, gently closing the door. She didn’t notice that Xinyou looked at her, like a winner.

“Venus, you’re going to lose. I told you earlier that I’ll drive you out of Ye family!”

And this show, however, was directed by her from start to the end!

Walking on the street and looking at the busy streets, she felt everywhere was lively and peaceful, but she was dizzy and numb, so she came to sit down on a bench, feeling lost.

After this happened, she felt that she deserved it, for she had let Xinyou be seriously injured. Even if Kerry drove her out of Ye family, the guilt couldn’t lessen too much.

Since she owed to Xinyou, she had to pay for it.

Didn’t Xinyu want her to leave Kerry? She would make it clear tomorrow that she would divorce Kerry.

Time passed by slowly and soon the sun set. The noisy street became much quieter. The air brought some coldness, but she was only wearing a thin dress, plus nothing to eat for a day, making her cold all over.

She curled her body, with her face pressing on her thighs. Tears came out of her eyes.

Not knowing how long had past, just when her consciousness was getting weaker and weaker, there was suddenly a blinding light, followed by the sound of the car turning off the engine.

Stretching out her hand to cover the headlights, she saw the car door was quickly opened and a tall man quickly came to her. he could feel she was cold, so he took off his jacket to warm her, whose voice was full of anxiety, “Venus, how are you?”

Venus raised her head, looking at the handsome face in front of her filled with worry. She was so moved that she burst into tear, “Hao…”

Hao touched her hot forehead and picked her up to put her in the passenger seat, asking with care, “Venus, hold on. I’ll take you home right away.”

Venus nodded, but she just couldn’t stop the tears.

Thank you, Hao.

Looking at his perfect face, Venus felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and eventually she fell asleep. She seemed to hear him calling her before she fell unconscious.

Venus was so tired.

Looking at the unconscious Venus, he sped up and the car was like a flying arrow.

Reaching home, Hao gently put her on the bed. Looking at her pale face, he even took out his cell phone from his pocket and quickly dialed a number.


“Haoran Liu, come over right now. Hurry up.”

“Are you hurt?”

“It wasn’t me. it was…”

“Oh, I got it. It’s your girl. OK, give me 10 minutes!”


Hanging up the phone, Hao looked anxiously at her and shouted, “Heng Du, hurry up and bring hot water and towels!”

A moment later, from the doorway came a man in casual clothes, with a a white medical case. He was Hao’s personal doctor.

“Haoran, take a look at her. She seems to have a high fever!” Hao looked full of anxiety.

Haoran was somewhat appalled. Hao used to have so many women, but none of them had made him so anxious. Although he was confused, he didn’t hesitate for a moment and examine her.

“Hao, how did you abuse this beauty? She was hurt badly… “Haoran curled his lips, looking at Venus with sympathy.

“Not me! Tell me what happened to her?” Hao was full of anxiety.

“She has wounds on her right hand and head, which are just now scabbing over. She has mild symptoms of anemia and is severely dehydrated. Also, she’s still running a high fever… “Haoran’s face became gloomy as he said.

“SHIT!!!” Hao cursed and his anger was like burning fire.

Kerry, was this how you treat Venus? If you didn’t cherish her, don’t blame me for taking her back!

“Don’t worry.” Haoran saw that something was wrong with him and said, “I’ll give her some anti-inflammatory and nutritional fluids right away. She’s in a terrible state and needs rest.”

Hao nodded and said, “OK.”

After finishing it, Hao asked Heng Du to send Haoran back, while he stayed by Venus’s side.

“Venus, you have to wake up…”

Chapter 81: Venus wants a divorce (2)

After a long time, Venus Mu slowly opened her eyes, looking around and found that this place was somewhat familiar. Then she remembered Hao Nangong, so this was Hao’s villa.

She got out of the bed with some difficulty. At the same time, Hao’s handsome and warm face appeared. Seeing her wake up, he relieved a lot and said gently, “Why did you get up? Ask me to help you. the doctor said you can’t move right now, so lie down.”

Venus looked grateful and smiled, saying softly, “I’m fine.”

“No, you can’t move around right now.” Hao looked gentle, but he still insisted her going back to bed.

Venus could only nod her head and lie back on the bed, only to find a bowl of hot porridge in his hand. She felt warm.

“You are very weak right now and you can only eat some liquid food. The porridge has been boiled for more than an hour, so it tastes especially soft. You eat some while it’s still hot.”

After saying that, he took a spoon to stir it and send it to her mouth.

Venus blushed, saying with gratitude, “I can eat by myself.”

“Your hand is injured. Let me help you.”

Venus was moved by his two words and she tried to hold back her tears, allowing him to help her eat.

“Hao, thank you.” Looking at the handsome face, Venus said with gratitude.

He couldn’t help but tease her, “If you really want to thank me, just stay with me…”

Venus was startled, blushing and she didn’t know how to reply.

Hao smiled, gently rubbing her hair and said in a gentle tone, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t force you. I’ll keep waiting, waiting for you to truly accept me.”

Her tears instantly fell down and she lowered her head and said, “Hao, don’t be so good to me. It’s not worth it.”

“You worth it.” Hao held her left hand, full of care, “Maybe you don’t remember, but I remember all of it.”


“Nothing. Hurry up and finish the porridge or it’ll get cold later.”


After eating, Venus said that she wanted to go to the hospital. Hao was worried about her body was too weak to go, so Venus had to briefly tell him what had happened. The more she said, the more she blamed herself.

After hearing her words, Hao believed that she didn’t mean it, plus he knew that Xinyou was very calculating, so he felt that things weren’t that simple.

In the end, unable to persuade her, Hao had to compromise, “I’ll send you there.”

Venus shook her head. She still remembered the last time he had a fight with Kerry and she was worried that they would fight again, “No, thanks. I can go by myself.”

“But your body…”

Venus smiled with an ease and said softly, “Not a big deal.”

Hao finally nodded and said, “It’s not good to take a taxi here. I’ll send someone to drive you.”

Venus thought it made sense and then said, “Okay.”

Getting into Hao’s car, she came directly to the hospital. She first bought some fruit downstairs, and then she took the elevator to Xinyou’ s room. Through the window on the door, Xinyou was leisurely reading a book and Kerry was not in the room.

Gently pushing open the door, Venus came to her and put the fruit on the bedside table, and said in a gentle tone, “Xinyou, are you feeling better today?”

Xinyou looked up and said, “I’m good. Last night…where did you sleep?”

Venus looked startled, thinking for a moment and said, “A hotel nearby.”

Xinyou looked at her thoughtfully and she snorted, “What are your plans for the future? Still rely on Ye family?”

Venus changed her face and she could feel her anger. After all, she did wrong at first. She said softly, “I’ll find a way.”

“You still want to live in Ye’ s Mansion?!” Xinyou frowned and her tone was mean.

Venus was stunned. When she was about to explain, she was interrupted by Xinyou.

Xinyou stared at her, saying with cruelty and coldness, “It seemed that you don’t understand. Venus, do you feel you can win me? You can’t!”

Venus’s face was pale and her voice was shaky, “Xinyou, don’t be like this. I actually came this time to…”

“You will never win me!” Xinyou looked gloomy, reaching out her hand to sweep all the fruits onto the floor, her tone filled with disdain, “Venus, you should know very well how I fell down the stairs, right?”

“I know…” Venus said with guilty.

She knew it was her fault.

“Stop!” Xinyou said icily, “Kerry isn’t here, so there’s no need for you to be pretending to get sympathy!”

Venus bit her lips tightly, a cold tear flowing from her eye and said softly, “I don’t pretend. I do know that I was wrong.”

“Oh, do you think being pitiful, Kerry will let you go back to Ye’ s house again?! Never! Anyway, I’ve achieved my goal, so I might as well tell you the truth. It wasn’t you who pushed me down.” Xinyou were full of distain and her tone was very vicious.

Venus looked stunned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Chapter 81: Venus Wants a Divorce (3)

Xinyou Qiao crossed her arms, looking smug, and said in a slow and deep tone, “I actually fell down on purpose.”

Venus Mu froze, feeling a stinging cold rose up from her feet to her whole body. She looked at her stiffly, her tone mixed with a hint of weakness, “Why did you do that?”

Xinyou snorted and said, “Of course it’s to make Kerry angry at you, thus driving you out of Ye family!”

Venus trembled, saying with incredulous shock, “You even take your own life in order to kick me out! Xinyou, you’re insane!”

Xinyou snickered, looking unconcerned, “Of course I won’t be so stupid. I’ve prepared ahead!”

“Did you plan this whole thing in advance?”


Venus clenched her hands hard, as if trying to grasp the last illusory bubble. Her stomach ached and she seemed to lose all her strength.

Xinyou continued to say some vicious words, “Insane? Then it’s you drive me crazy! You wouldn’t follow my advice, so I had to do something like this.”

“How could you do that?! You’re so proud of yourself for making me feel like a fool, aren’t you? Even if you don’t see me as a friend, I’ve never hurt you. Did you think about how upset I would be when you played tricks on me?!”

Venus felt completely desperate inside, like a sharp blade splitting her heart so hard that blood sprayed out, leaving a desperate and cold body.

Xinyou was about to reply when Kerry suddenly appeared at the door.

She immediately turned into a pitiful look, her tone full of grievances and helplessness, “Venus, don’t be angry. It’s all my fault. You can hit me or scold me as you want, but don’t let Kerry hear it. He’ll be angry!”

Looking at her abruptly changing face, Venus felt very disgusted and said, “Don’t show that disgusting expression again, I-”

‘Pa!’ A slap.

Venus was startled, and Kerry’ s cold and gloomy face appeared in front of her, only to hear him roar, “Venus, the truly disgusting person is you!”

Caressing the left side of her face, she felt a miserable cold desperation and this was already the third time.

The first time was Xinyou and the last two times from Kerry. She felt that a slap made her lose her soul, not dignity.

This was good. These slaps completely woke her up and made her determined to shake off the mess.

“You really like slapping me, right?” A fearless smile appeared on Venus’s face and she reached out her hand to wipe away the blood from the corners of her mouth.

“I’m vicious, sinister and cruel. Is there any other more words to describe me, Mr. Ye?” Venus stared at him, still calm, “Yes, I’m still a slut, a shameless bitch.”

Kerry looked sullen and there was a hidden uneasiness inside, which he felt that there was something very important that instantly vanished with her words, but he didn’t understand what it was.

“Compared to Miss Qiao’ s angelic heart, I’m simply a demon!” Venus self-depreciated herself and said indifferently, “In that case, Mr. Ye should divorce this fucking demon as soon as possible.”

Chapter 82: The reason of divorce (1)


Kerry looked stunned and asked without thinking.

Venus shrugged and repeated, “Kerry, I want a divorce.”

Xinyou looked full of excitement. She was indeed the winner.

Kerry, however, didn’t know what to say. He stared at her, but she was very calm, without any other expression, making him a little annoyed.


Didn’t he yesterday desperately want her to disappear?

Since she’s so vicious, what’s there to hesitate about?

But for some reason, when he heard the word come out of her mouth, his anger rose up in his heart as if he was… unwilling.

Just unwillingness!

Why did this fucking woman she speak first?

What right did she have to ask for a divorce?

Shouldn’t he be the one to say first?

“What right do you have to ask me for a divorce? You’re nothing more than a doll I paid for, and I haven’t even spoken yet, so on what ground are you saying this?” The veins on Kerry’s face were bulging, and his tone was cold as if he was a Rakshasa in hell.

Venus still looked calm and spoke softly, “Perhaps I should say this, Mr. Ye, please abandon me!”

“No way!”

When Kerry said the two words, Venus and Xinyou were stunned.

Xinyou was anxious and she didn’t know what the problem was. Her provocation had successfully caused the two to hate each other. Venus asked for a divorce as expected, but Kerry refused. Why?

Did Kerry have other plans, or… he simply didn’t want to let her go?

Venus felt ironic. Since they got married, Kerry could be said to be disgusted with her, otherwise he wouldn’t insult her again and again. Was he not torturing her enough?

Maybe that’s true. He hadn’t found her brother yet, so how could he let her go so easy?

Xinyou’ s long nails, coated Lancôme, deeply pierced into the flesh, but she could not feel any pain, but feel that the heart was burning with fire.

Trying to restrain her emotions, she said softly, “Kerry, don’t always be so rude to her. Be nice.”

Kerry calmed down a little. Looking at Venus in front of him, he said in a cold tone, “Why are you still standing here? Do you want me to ‘invite’ you out?!”

Venus looked disapproving and said lightly, “Then I won’t disturb you two.”

After saying that, she walked towards the door. While opening the door, she thought of something and turned around to look at Xinyou on the bed, and gently said, “Miss Qiao, you will soon reach your goal.”

Xinyou instantly stiffened and said with an indifferent look, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Yesterday when you were in the operating room, Mr. Ye signed for you as your boyfriend and I believe you will soon become a family.”

Venus said and closed the door.

Xinyou, who was lost, suddenly cheered up.

At least, Kerry had some feelings for her!

Kerry frowned, for he didn’t understand why she mentioned that, just like he didn’t understand why she had just gone crazy.

Venus walked out of the hospital and was thinking about where she was going when she suddenly heard a car honk and it was Hao Nangong!

Why was he here?

And how long had he been waiting?

Coming to the passenger seat and sitting down, Venus finally relieved by looking at the handsome face in front of her, and asked softly, “When did you come?”

“I’ve been following you.”

Venus was surprised and asked incredulously, “You mean you were following behind when the driver dropped me off?”

Hao nodded.

Venus was a little moved, rubbing her exhausted forehead, and said, “I don’t deserve you.”

Hao stretched out his index finger to blocked her lips, smiling, “No one, can be more worthy than you.”

Venus sighed lightly and her head ached, so she didn’t continue this topic. The problem she had to solve right now was to find a place to live. She couldn’t keep relying on Hao.

Back to Hao’s villa, Venus returned to that room. Just now it was not obvious, now she was dizzy, making her nauseous.

Hao sensed her discomfort and immediately called Haoran Li.

“Haoran, Venus is feeling very dizzy right now. What happened to her?”

Chapter 82: The reason of divorce (2)

After receiving a phone call, Haoran Liu put down his work and answered with seriousness, “Hao, you have to calm her down and try not to irritate her. I’ll give her some sedatives right away. Send someone to get it.”

Hao took a deep breath and said seriously, “I know, I’ll do as you say in the future. I’ll send someone to get it right away.”

“Heng Du!”

The door was opened and he was appeared in front of him, walking steadily to Hao and asking respectfully, “Young Master, what can I do for you?”

“Go to Dr. Liu’s place right away and get me some sedatives.”


After Heng Du left, Hao turned around to look at the bed, finding Venus lying motionless, so he became anxious and quickly came to her.

When she found her steady breathing, he was relieved. Looking at her lovely face, he smiled warmly, and said, “Adorable sleeping angel.”

Venus suddenly rolled over, and Hao lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

Venus was lost in her sleep when suddenly her cell phone rang, causing her mad, so she eventually could only open her eyes.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Venus thought it was a prank call, so she hung up. But, in a minute, the phone rang again.

Sighing softly, Venus finally answered the phone.


“Why answer so late?”

A familiar male voice sounded, and Venus was startled. She then said indifferently, “Mr. Ye, what for?”

“Where are you now?!”

Venus snorted and said indifferently, “Why should I tell you? This has nothing to do with you.”

Hearing Venus’s brisk voice, Kerry was quite annoyed and he said coldly, “I’m just making sure you’re still alive!”

“Now that you know I’m alive, so I’m going to hang up.”


Venus frowned, depressed, her tone with some impatience, “Is there anything else?”

Looking out the window at the starry night, he felt lonely inwardly and said in a gloomy tone, “Go back to work tomorrow.”

Venus was lost, staring at the ceiling. She finally said, “Got it.”

After hanging up, she didn’t want to sleep at all. She then stood up and came to the window. Looking out at the gorgeous lights, she felt peaceful inside.

Venus, you had to be strong, so you couldn’t be hurt.

The room emitted an orange light, covering a layer of hazy veil for the dark room. Hao was a man sitting on the bed.

Putting aside the magazine, Hao was thinking about something, while his phone rang.

He immediately answered it after seeing it was from Xinyou.

“Miss Qiao, what can I do for you?”

She deliberately lowered her voice, but with some caution, “Hao, Venus is also there, right?”

The reason for using ‘also’ was because on that day, after Kerry kicked Venus out of the house, she was the one who called Hao to pick her up.

“Yes.” Hao admitted.

Xinyou stared at the ceiling and her mood somewhat low. Her tone mixed with some coldness, “You have to persuade Venus to divorce Kerry as soon as possible. I’m always worried about some changes.”

Hao raised his eyebrows, asking, “What’s going on?”

“According to our plan, Kerry kicked her out of the house for me, and I told her the truth, and she actually asked Kerry for a divorce today, but…”

“But what?”

Xinyou continued, “But Kerry didn’t agree to divorce, why on earth do you think Kerry said ‘no’? He’s not having feelings for Venus, is he?”

Hao pondered and said in a deep voice, “It shouldn’t be possible.”

“How are you so sure?”

“I was just about to ask you, Venus was injured so badly and you can’t have nothing to do with it, right?” Hao’s voice was husky not as gentle and elegant as usual.

Xinyou understood that this man, gentle outwards, was actually scheming. Even though they were allies, she didn’t dare to annoy him.

If he were to reveal that thing, she couldn’t face the consequences.

Chapter 82: The reason of divorce (3)

“Not me!” Xinyou Qiao tried to cover her guilty and said in a hard tone, “How can a woman like me hurt her so badly? Don’t you think it’s impossible?”

She did hurt her, but the mental hurt was much more.

Hao Nangong thought seriously, and finally said, “I hope you’ve told me the truth. You know the consequences.”

“Of course.” Xinyou relieved, but feeling jealous. She thought to herself, “Venus you slut, how lucky you were. You first married Kerry Ye and then made Hao so swoon over you!”

While Xinyou was complaining inwardly, Hao kept saying, “Kerry and Venus are not destined to have love for each other.”


Hao smiled, his voice low, “Because there’s a deep gap between them.”

Kerry held a huge grudge towards Venus’s brother, which made the love impossible.

Only hatred!

“So, what do we do next?”

“Next, you need to find out what happened to them and exploit it.”

Xinyou nodded, thinking this was really good. She smiled with some confidence and said, “I got it.”


The alarm on the bedside table rang in the early morning and Venus opened her eyes, habitually looking at her watch. Then she got out of the bed.

Entering the bathroom, she first washed her face with warm water, and when she returned to the bedroom, she found there was another man in the room.

“Hi, why get up so early today?” Hao asked gently, with a warm smile.

Venus remembered that phone call yesterday and said, “I’m going to work later.”

Hearing this, Hao began to feel nervous, and his voice seemed to be somewhat careless, “Venus, Dr. Liu said that you’ve lost too much blood, and if you don’t have a good rest, I’m afraid you’ll fall into sequelae.”

Haoran didn’t say so, but Venus’s condition was indeed poor, and he didn’t lie about that.

Venus looked startled, she raised a casual smile and said softly, “I know my condition, but I have to work.”

Hao looked a little nervous and said, “Want to go back to him? Even though he hurt you so badly, you don’t mind at all, do you?”

He couldn’t understand Venus, for Kerry had hurt her so badly that she still couldn’t wait to return to him? And he was so good to her and still couldn’t make her change her mind.

Was this fate?

Venus froze. She sensed that he was a bit angry, but she didn’t know how to comfort him. She just said, “I’m not going back to work for him, but for myself. I cherish my job.”

Hao raised his eyebrows, disapprovingly saying, “If it’s a job, I can help you find one with better salary. Why do you have to be at his company?”

Venus looked much more serious, “Hao, there are a lot of jobs, but not a lot of time and opportunities. I don’t care about the salary. The most important thing is that whether it suits me, OK? My dream is to become a good designer.”

Hearing her say this, Hao knew that he couldn’t push her too hard, otherwise he would never get her.

So he somewhat understood her and said frankly, “I got it. Well, I’ll send you to the company after breakfast.”

Venus took a deep breath and said gratefully, “Hao, thank you.”

Hao shook his head and gently fondled the tip of her nose and said with a distinctly spoiled tone, “Silly girl, don’t be so polite.”

Venus blushed by his actions, so she took some steps back in embarrassment and said, “Anyway, I’m sorry to trouble you these days. I’ll find a place to move out as soon as possible.”

The sincerity of Venus’s words actually hurt Hao.

He frowned, his look with depression and his voice carried some displeasure, “You’re going to move out?”

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