Chapter 81 – 85: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 81: Outrageous desire

Feeling still worried, Zhengde Qian summoned two security guards at the hospital. “Keep a close eye on him. Once he tries to escape, hurry to grab him at once,” ordered him.

Having a quick look at Kris Chen, he sneered to himself. As long as he confirms the Violet Gold Regal Card is a fake, he will immediately let the security workers control him and send him to prison.

After about three minutes, Zhengde became a little impatient.

Well. Will it cost so much time to verify the Card?

At this moment, the medical staff came over to us, with Kris’s Card in his hand.

Before Zhengde could call the medical staff to a stop, he had walked directly toward Kris and said very politely to him, “Dear Sir, here’s your bank card and the bills of payment.”


The bank card is a real one? That’s Amazing!


He swallowed spittle in astonishment.

He had never imagined 800,000 dollars could have been withdrawn from this Card.

All of a sudden, he looked at Kris in shock.

As the President of the hospital, he has devoted almost all his life to the medical field, but only to get a Colonel Card.

The Violet Gold Regal Card is the symbol of wealth and the symbol of power. He dares to assure that the Card is no more than 5 pieces throughout the whole Westriver City.

For this moment, he felt extremely regretted to have provoked such a big shot.

“Sir, I’m so sorry about that. Please forgive me,” said Zhengde, in a shivering voice.


Our President apologized to the young man just now?

What’s more, he lowered his head as much as he could to show his sincere regrets.

All the medical staff and the security workers around them were completely stunned by his humble gesture.

Was he still the President who was such a conqueror in the hospital?

“Oh my God, was he the President of the Fifth Hospital?”

“Yeah. Why did he apologize to a young man?”

Meanwhile, some people recognized Zhengde. They were stunned to see how he apologized to Kris.

Who was the young man on earth?

Why did President Qian behave so awkwardly humble in front of him? Was the young man the son of a senior official?

Hearing what others were talking about, Zhengde tried his best not to blow up in front of Kris even if he had been already furious.

“You needn’t have apologized to me as long as my father will be fine,” said Kris, coldly.

“You’re right. I promise to settle down your father properly and arrange the best ward for him,” said Zhengde, with a quick nod.

Two hours later, the operating room door was pushed open as the red light turned green. With all kinds of tubes placed on his body, Tianzong Chen was pushed out of the operating room.

Seeing this, Kris and Fang Gu ran over to the doctor. “Director Lan, how’s my father now?” implored Kris.

Fang walked into the ward with Tianyao Chen, without saying a word.

“Everything is fine with him. Don’t worry,” answered Xi Lan as she put off her mask. “Your father had suffered a sudden heart attack, but luckily he was sent to the hospital in time. Otherwise, he might have…”

She didn’t finish talking, for it was impossible to get his father back from death if they hadn’t sent him to the hospital on time.

“Thanks a lot, Director Lan,” said Kris, very seriously. “In order to repay your kindness, I will do anything as you require. If you need help, please let me know.”

Hearing this, Xi smiled without a word because saving lives is what her duty is.

“Go to take care of your father now,” said she.

Having stared at her thoughtfully for a short while, Kris nodded his head and then went to the ward where his father was.

When he entered the ward, he was asked by Fang, “My son, how are you related to Director Lan?”

“Mom, we’re just ordinary friends,” answered Kris. He knew what his mother was thinking about. “Don’t think of too much about us. We don’t have a special relationship,” added he.

“You should show your gratitude to Director Lan. It is her who has saved your dad’s life,” said Fang as she nodded her head.

“I see,” answered Kris while he was looking at his mom. “It’s rather late. Grab asleep on the bed next to father. I will stay up to take care of him.”

Fang has had high blood pressure, which was provoked to raise by anger. Hearing this, Fang nodded her head and then went to sleep, saying nothing.

After a complete silence during the night, Kris opened his eyes as the sun shone into the ward.

He was practicing the mental cultivation methods (the means to enhance Inner Energy) of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult to guarantee he felt refreshed the next day while he was taking care of his father during the night.

Seeing his father still sleeping tight, Kris got out of the ward and went downstairs to buy breakfast.

During the breakfast, Fang began to remind Kris again, and said, “My son, you’ve got to buy some gifts to show your gratitude to Director Lan. Without the help of her in time, your dad must have…”

“I know,” said Kris as he nodded his head.

After breakfast, he made a phone call to Xue Mi. “Hey, Xue. Please prepare a set of jewelry and make-up and then bring it to the Fifth Hospital. I’m here waiting for you.”

In the President’s office. Standing in front of the desk, Xi looked at President Qian. “Anything for me here, President?” asked she.

Leaning against the office chair with his eyes staring at her, he kept examining her from head to toe.

How beautiful she is! As the beauty in her prime time, she becomes even more attractive with the temperament of being a doctor.

No one can resist her charm!

Of course, Zhengde was not an exception.

“Xi, I have to ask you about something,” said he as he put his hands on the desk, with fingers crossed and tried to assume an air of being the President. “What was going on last night? Why did you begin to operate before they had pay for the operation costs? Is he your acquaintance? A relative?”

“Not relative, but an acquaintance,” answered she as she nodded her head. “His son is the eldest Young Master of Chen Family.”


Is he the Eldest Young Master of the Chen Family?

Chen Family is one of the most famed families in Westriver City. How lucky Zhengde was to apologize to the Young Master in time, otherwise, his goods days would have ended.

Thinking of this, he felt still frightened.

“But I heard he is a live-in son-in-law in Su Family,” said Xi.


A live-in son-in-law in Su Family?

Zhengde was stunned to mute. Who could imagine that he was a coward living in Su Family, doing nothing every day?

Damn it. His face soon became darkened at the thought of the truth that he had apologized to such a dastard.

And it was reasonable that he got the Violet Gold Regal Card because it must have belonged to his wife.

Once his wife knows that he has withdrawn 800,000 dollars from the Card, he is bound to kneel on the durian shell.

“There was no one visiting him last night.”

“Besides, as the adopted son-in-law in Su Family, he has completely humiliated Chen Family. All their family members are anxious to make a clear break with him, so how could they come to visit?” thought he to himself, with hands clutching to his chin.

Thinking of this, the sense of uneasiness suddenly disappeared, and he didn’t have to worry about provoking him anymore.

His mind began to be activated as he got relaxed.

A vicious idea then came out of his mind.


Zhengde cleared his throat and looked at Xi seriously. “Xi, you shouldn’t have broken the disciplines of the hospital even if you are old acquaintances. After all, it cost me a huge amount of money to have you here in our hospital. Although I appreciate your talents, it’s still hard for me to cover for you.”

Hearing this, Xi felt very awkward as her face turned to flush. “President, I didn’t mean to do that. All I wanted was to save his life. I didn’t think of too much. And… Kris has paid for the operation costs, hasn’t he?”

Zhengde stood up to walk towards Xi, and nodded his head, saying, “Anyway, you have violated the disciplines, because you started to operate before they had submitted the operation costs.”

She signed within herself and said helplessly, “Well. Give me the punishment. If it is still hard for you, I can apply to go back to the First Hospital.”

“I have spent every effort to take you here from First Hospital. How could I let you go? After all, you are a medical talent. We need you now,” said Zhengde.

“Well. How are you going to punish me for giving everyone an explanation?” asked Xi as she frowned intensely.

“Punishment? How could I mind punishing you?” said Zhengde who was ogling her. “Xi, to be honest, I fell in love with you at first sight. That’s why I tried every means to get you here. And if you’re willing to be my lover, I will promise you a bright future.”

“The position of Vice-President is still vacant. As long as you follow me, I can…”

Having not finished speaking, he suddenly reached out his hands to grab her hands and soon found her in his arms.

Chapter 82: Don’t leave if you are not a coward


Xi Lan screamed and shouted in a panic: “Director Qian, don’t do this to me, stop!”

She wanted to struggle, but her wrists were bound tightly by Zhengde Qian, and she couldn’t get rid at all.

With beauty in his arms, Zhengde Qian ripped off his previous disguise being sanctimonious!

The more intensely the beauty tried to struggle, the stronger his desire to conquer became.

Obscenely smiling repeatedly, he pushed Xi Lan down on the sofa, then held her body, making her unable to move.

“Sweetie, just obey me.”

Zhengde Qian lowered his head lustfully.


Just as he nearly kissed her, the office’s door was kicked open, and there came Kris Chen with a grim expression.

There were two gift bags in his hand.

He just came for a visit without thinking anything else. He went to Xi Lan’s office for her just now and was told that she was asked by the Director to be here for some matters.

He didn’t expect that he would hear the voice of Xi Lan calling for help when he just came to the door of the Director’s office.

“Shit, which son of bitch? Don’t know to knock at the door before coming?”

When the door was kicked open, Zhengde Qian was scared. As he saw the man coming in clearly, he paused for a moment, then shouted at Kris Chen angrily: “Who tells you to come here? Just get out quickly!”

He thought that Kris Chen was the son of a dignitary or a very wealthy person before but knew he is just the live-in son-in-law of the Su Family afterward. So how could he show respect to Kris?

“Do you want me to ask more people to watch what you have done?” Kris Chen said coldly.

Xi Lan quickly stood up from the sofa and made her messy clothes tidy with shame and annoyance when she saw Kris Chen.

He saved her from being sullied by Zhengde Qian.

“Head Lan, stay behind me quickly.” Kris Chen said.

Xi Lan blushed with shame and went behind Kris Chen. At that time, she thought Kris Chen’s back was incomparably big and tall, and the sentence “The hero saved a beauty” occurred to her somehow. But what she was curious about was how Kris Chen knew that she was there.

Before she thought about that, Zhengde Qian shouted angrily: “Who do you think you are? You should dare to break into the Director’s office. Do you believe that I will call the police to arrest you?”

“Fuck, aren’t you just the live-in son-in-law of the Su Family? Do you believe that I will kick your father out of the inpatient ward if you piss me off?”

“Hmm. How interesting!”

Kris Chen smiled coldly and turned around to give the present to Xi Lan and said: “This is for you, please take it.”

Then, leaving Xi Lan, who was little stunned, he walked up to Zhengde Qian and grabbed his collar, then lifted him up with ease.

“What do you want to do? Let go of me!” Zhengde Qian became panic as he never thought Kris Chen would be so strong that he could lift him up with just one hand, which scared him.

After regaining her presence and seeing what happened, Xi Lan was also shocked and suddenly stopped him: “Kris, don’t be impulsive!”

“Xi Lan, do you want to intercede for such a scum? If I don’t come for you, maybe you have been…”

Before Kris Chen finished his talking, Xi Lan’s face became pale. If Kris Chen didn’t appear in time just now, she might be sullied!

“Kris Chen, I warn you that if you dare to touch me, I will call the police to arrest you.” Zhengde Qian tried his best to keep calm and shouted at Kris.

“He is a just a dependent live-in son-in-law. If he dares to touch me, I can find ways to deal with him.” Zhengde Qian thought.


Kris Chen gave Zhengde Qian a bitter slap on his face.

Zhengde Qian’s face swelled up quickly, which was visible to naked eyes, and the print of his five fingers appeared clearly.

Zhengde Qian was stunned, being slapped suddenly and shouted in an extreme panic: “You… you should dare to hit me!”

“Hit you? So what?”

Then, Kris Chen slapped him on the other side of his face. Both the right side of Zhengde Qian’s face and the left side were swollen symmetrically.

Zhengde Qian felt so painful that he screamed like the pig being butchered.

Xi Lan bit her lips tightly, thinking that though others said Kris Chen was weak and incompetent, but it appeared that he was not weak but very manly…

Thinking of that, she blushed involuntarily.

At that moment, Zhengde Qian’s scream spread to the outside and attracted many onlookers.

“What are you doing at the door of the director’s office?” The head of the security team Dalong Zhao rushed there with people of his team soon afterward.

Seeing Dalong Zhao, Zhengde Qian smiled and became emboldened suddenly. Then, he shouted arrogantly at Kris Chen: “ are done!”

After speaking that, he said aloud to Dalong Zhao: “Hurry up, this guy broke into my office and hit me. Just arrest him and send him to the police station.”

However, Zhengde Qian annoyed that Dalong Zhao didn’t do as he said but walked up to Kris Chen with great care and asked: “Mr. Chen, what is going on?”

Kris shoots a glance at him and said: “Nothing, take your men out.”

“OK!” Dalong Zhao said hurriedly and went outside the door with his men.

Zhengde Qian was stunned and shouted: “Dalong Zhao, do you want to lose your job? I said that I was hit by him, do you hear me?”

Dalong Zhao was outside the door. He chuckled, thinking that Black Scale Security Group and the Fifth School were cooperative, not superior, and subordinate. What Zhengde Qian said had no deterrent force on him.

Zhengde Qian was really in a panic, and he was so scared looking at Kris Chen with a cold expression. He hurriedly covered his face with hands for fearing that Kris would slap him again.

Seeing Zhengde Qian was such a coward, Kris gave a snort of contempt and loosened his collar to throw him on the ground like throwing the trash.

At that moment, Kris Chen’s phone vibrated. He took it and saw that it was the man who wanted to buy the Obstacle Breaking Pill yesterday.

“Hello, Mr. Chen, are you free now?”

The man said politely after he answered the phone.

Kris Chen was in a bad mood then and said coldly: “I am in The Fifth People’s Hospital, you can come here if you want the pills.”

“OK, I will be right there.” The man said smilingly, then hung up.

Zhengde Qian sat on the ground, kneading his aching ass, and looked at Kris Chen resentfully saying: “Kris Chen, don’t leave if you are not a coward!”

Then he said to Xi Lan: “And you won’t be better either. Is this guy your shack job? I won’t make you feel better, and you are going to lose the position of the head!”

Then, Zhangde Qian took out his phone from his pocket and intended to make a call.

Kris Chen found that the son of bitch wanted to threaten him after failing to conduct obscenity.

That was interesting. Kris Chen just intended to give him a lesson originally. While he wouldn’t leave simply since he said like that.

Kris Chen got back to the sofa and looked at Zhengde Qian coldly: “Make the call quickly, I stay here to wait and see who you will ask to help you!”

Xi Lan, who stood aside, felt extremely nervous and walked up to Kris Chen and said: “Kris, just leave quickly. He is Zhengde Qian, the hospital director. He must know a lot of rich and powerful people, so you will be surely disadvantaged if you stay here.”

Xi Lan was so worried as Kris Chen indeed caused big trouble, and it was almost impossible for him to leave the hospital as nothing had happened.

And she would also face the reprisals of Zhengde Qian. Maybe she couldn’t work as a doctor, let alone coming back to the hospital.

“Take it easy, he can’t do anything to me.” Kris Chen said gently after thinking for a while.

“Can’t do anything to you?”

Xi Lan was doubtful about that but said nothing.

At the wedding party last time, Xi Lan had known that Kris Chen isn’t on good terms with the Chen Family, even on bad terms. Or how could Jie Liang dare to taunt Kris Chen repeatedly?

As for in the Su Family, there was no place for Kris Chen. Was there anyone in the Westriver City who didn’t know that his status was the same as that of the servant in the Su Family?

Just when Xi Lan was extremely anxious, there came the messy footsteps outside the office.

Then a middle-aged man walked in, following by two big-boned bodyguards. He said: “May I ask if Mr. Chen is here?”

Zhengde Qian hadn’t put through his call yet. He raised his head to look at the doorway and became stunned!

He suddenly showed ecstatic expression on his face and rose from the ground hurriedly, then walked up to the middle-aged man and said: President Quan, why are you here? I am about to call you. Please stand up for me!”

Chapter 83: You Knew Everything

The middle-aged man named Wei Quan. He used to be the commander of military subarea in Westriver City. He founded Shengwei Group after being discharged from the army.

Shengwei Group was the leading group in the environmental protection industry in Westriver City. And they founded a public benefit foundation to do charity.

Everyone applauded talking about the Shengwei Group. It owned an extremely great reputation.

Besides, Wei Quan used to be a soldier. Thus he enjoyed high prestige in Westriver City.

The backer of Youde Qian was exactly Wei Quan.

Xi Lan was in a panic, and she clenched her fists.

She was thinking that she’s done for such a big figure came. Not only would Kris Chen fell on evil days, but she also would lose her job.

However, unexpectedly, Wei Quan didn’t look at Zhengde but went to Kris directly and asked gently, “May I know if you are Kris?”

“Yes, I am he.” Kris nodded, sitting on the sofa, he had no intention to stand up.

Kris was neither hostile nor friendly, which made Zhengde furious. So he shouted at Kris, “Rubbish, do you know who is this in front of you?”

Xi was also anxious. She rushed to Kris and whispered, “Kris, you’d better stand up.”

Wei was happy to see Kris nodded and said to Kris respectfully, “Hello, Kris. I’m Wei Quan. Nice to meet you.”

“Me, too. ” Kris looked at him and asked, “Is that you who called me?”

“Yeah. ” Wei replied with a smile. “Kris, I am ready for the things you want. Did you take what I want?”

“It’s on me.” Kris said, then he pointed to Zhengde and said: “We’ll talk after you fixed him.”


Wei stared at Zhengde and asked, “Zhengde, what’s the matter? You made Kris mad?”

Zhengde remained speechless for a whole.

Fuck, what’s going on now?

How could this guy know Chairman Quan? And Chairman Quan was so pilot to him, why?

It’s not reasonable. Even Tianzong Chen, the patriarch of the Chen Family, had to flatter Wei.

Of course, Zhengde would never find out that it was the first meet of Kris and Wei.

As long as Wei could get Obstacle-Breaking Pill, he could promise one condition, ten conditions, even one hundred conditions.

He got stuck in this stage for too long time. His only dream was to break the current bottleneck and go to a higher stage.

Xi was stunned to see that. She was too surprised to say a word.

Zhengde was silent. Thus Kris sneered and said, “Zhengde is too embarrassed to tell them the truth? Then, Xi, please tell them since Zhengde wouldn’t say any useless word.”

Xi stopped for a second and told everyone present about the thing. She lowered her head because of shame in the end.

Wei’s face was as black as coal, and he said: “Zhengde, I appointed you as such an important position, and now you are rewarding me like this?”

Even as the sound of Wei’s voice died away, he kicked Zhengde’s belly heavily.



Zhengde’s body stroke on the table and then fell down on the floor heavily. He dared not to scream out. He bent his knees down and looked at Wei in panic and said: “Chairman Quan, I’m so sorry, please forgive me…”

“Shut up.”

Wei angrily rebuked him, “I promoted you because I believed in your potential. But now you disappointed me so much. I could promote you, then I could fire you.”

“Chairman Quan.”

Wei’s words were sentenced to Zhengde’s death. Zhengde sank down suddenly. He realized he failed, totally failed.

After that, Wei turned to Xi and said, “Doctors’ responsibilities are healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. You are right for doing so. From now on, you are the dean here.”


Was I the dean now?

Xi was frozen, and she felt she was soft.

She was ready to be dismissed. She never expected to be promoted.

Life changed so radically that she hardly reacted.

“OK, deal. I will arrange the notice later. Be prepared. ” Then Wei made a smile to Kris and said, “Kris, are you satisfied with it?”

Of course, he was.

Though they first met, Kris liked the way Wei handle things. So stood up from the sofa and said with a smile, “Chairman Quan, you did a great job.”

“Haha, it’s good you are happy with it.”

Wei smiled and said, “ Kris, it’s not convenient for us to talk about business. Please go to my house to have some tea. I just bought some tea, let’s have a try.”

“No problem.”

Kris followed Wei out of the office.

Kris’ father was still in the hospital, but he didn’t need to worry because his mother and Xi were there.

Xi admired Kris so much this time seeing his back. He was never a pile of rubbish, but a genius.

Kris was never visible, and he was just lazy to show off.

At the moment, Xi thought of the rumors she heard before. They were so ridiculous.

Worship began to grow in her heart without a sound.

There was a villa covering over a thousand square meters by the Nanshan Lake, in the southern suburb of Westriver City.

It’s a national 5A scenic spot. It’s enough to show Wei’s energy. He was absolutely exceptionally adept in tricky.

Wei politely gave a cup of tea in the villa hall and said: “Kris, please try the tea.”

Kris was sitting on the sofa and dip it and said, “Good, It’s Wuyi red tea. And it was picked from the seed tree. “

“You are an expert about it.” Wei acclaimed. He thought Kris was so capable that he could even tell where the tea comes from.

Kris didn’t say any useless words after the tea and took out an Obstacle-Breaking Pill in front of Wei.

Wei was excited and asked, “Is this the Obstacle-Breaking Pill?” “Yes, it is. Hu Li made a breakthrough because of it. ”

Wei controlled himself not to be too excited. He licked his lips and said, “Hu told me there was such a magic pill before, but I didn’t believe it. I fought with him for a few rounds to know that what he said was true. Kris, you are so young, and you could make such a powerful pill, you are a genius.”

“Alas, I was stuck in a fulfilled period of the acquired stage for six years. If I knew you six years ago, it would be great. I didn’t need to spend the time in vain.” Wei said.

Kris almost split his tea, and he thought in mind, “ Are you joking? I was still in college six years ago.”

After that, Wei asked his assistant to transfer to Kris.

During this, Kris couldn’t help looking around.

He frowned when he came to the pouring fishpond located under the stairs of the living room.

“Excuse me, do you practice in the villa?” Kris asked.

“That’s it. Maybe I know why you couldn’t make a breakthrough now,” Kris’ eyes flickered.

Wei stopped for a while and asked in a hurry,” Why?”

Kris pointed to the fishpond with smoke said: “The fishpond is the source.”



Wei asked in confusion, “Why I couldn’t make a breakthrough is because of the fishpond?”

“You invited some intellectual snob for advice, right?”

Wei nodded. Of course, almost all businessmen believed in Feng Shui more or less. So he asked, “Kris, you even know Feng Shui?”

“Just a little.” Kris smiled and said, “If my guess was right, you added the fishpond later, right?”

“It’s magic.” Wei looked at Kris with amazement and said: “You are a genius, how do you know that?”

Chapter 84: Crisis is coming

Five years ago, a friend of Wei Quan visited him and felt the hall on the first floor was too empty thus said to him: “Why not build a fishpond on the first floor?”

Then it could not only be used for watching but also make the hall vibrant.

After hearing that, Wei Quan ordered the maids to build the fishpond.

Kris Chen said smilingly: “It is just this fishpond that spoils the whole arrangement of the entire villa and the designed Feng Shui. The reiki will become thin naturally if the magnetic field in the hall is messy. Thus the practicing effect of President Quan will be greatly reduced accordingly.”

Kris Chen didn’t talk nonsense. During this period, he really studied The Eight Diagrams and Geomancy hard and firmly remembered the book’s arrangement.

“Then do you mean that it will work only if I remove the fishpond?” said President Quan. Now he views Kris Chen as the god who has the magical elixir enabling people to break through the bottleneck and practice Feng Shui. He is an absolute talent.

Kris Chen nodded and said: “Right, after removing it, you can try to use the energy and check if the effect is more better than before.”

“Anyone here? smash this fishpond right now.”

Hearing Kris Chen’s advice, Wei Quan ordered his maids to pour away the water and smash the fishpond at once.

After cleaning up the fishpond, Wei Quan quickly started to meditate by crossing his legs, then the inner energy inside him run automatically.

Just like what Kris Chen had said, he could run the inner energy more quickly, and the reiki became thicker, which made him very delighted.

“That’s amazing. I thought originally it was the problem of my aptitude. Unexpectedly, you just find the root cause at once. You are really my lucky star.”

What Wei Quan only thought at the moment was to make friends with Kris Chen. He must strike up a relationship with the people like him anyway.

He ran up to the study on the second floor and took out a secret book when he said that.

“Kris, you have done me a great favor. I couldn’t offer anything in return but this secret book to express my gratitude. It is a book about the secrets of swordsmanship, which I found a few years ago by accident.”

After the secret book of swordsmanship was given to Kris Chen, the money was transferred into his account.

When Kris Chen saw the payment notice, he didn’t refuse but smiled and took the secret book. Then he said to Wei Quan: “It’s worthwhile to be here for getting acquainted with you. But I am afraid I have to take my leave and can only visit you again when I am free next time.”

It was almost noon after Kris left Wei Quan’s villa.

Then he drove to the manor of the Chen Family directly.

After parking, Kris Chen strode in.

It was the Chen Family’s annual family dinner time that day, so the villa was full of people with noise.

The hall got quite strangely when Kris Chen came in. Everyone looked at the doorway. Kris Chen stood at the door expressionlessly. “You, such a disobedient son, should dare to come back. You are really unruly!”

People in the hall all started to shout at Kris Chen when seeing him.

Then, the hall became noisy quickly, as the hot oil burns being ignited by the spark.

“Get out, the scum of Chen Family!”

“Go, you are not welcome here!”

They spoke to Kris Chen one by one viciously.

At that point, Jie Liang, who wore the wheels put down her chopsticks and walked up to him, saying: “Kris, you should not do that to your own sister-in-law, and you are worse than a beast. Be off, you are not welcome in Chen Family!”

Kris Chen was still expressionless, but his eye expression became colder. He glanced at Jie Liang, then the others, and said coldly: “I just want to know how did my parents fell in a faint and who sent them to the hospital!”

“You such a beast should have the cheek to ask about that?” Jie Liang shouted with a pretending indignant look: “How could you do that if you are a good son? We are good to you since we had sent them to the hospital.”

Kris Chen was irritated instantly with his eyes being red: “How could you make my parents angry at that level and just left them in the hospital directly? It’s none of my parents’ business. You can just talk anything to me. I won’t say I am a man if I am scared.”

Jie Liang sneered and said: “What kind of man are you? You even sully your sister-in-law. How could you have the cheek to shout here? Xiaolei respects you so much and treats you as his full brother. Is it the way that you treat him?”

“Fine, since you think that I sullied Sisi Mu, just show your evidence!”


Jie Liang laughed coldly at once.

At that time, Quan Chen also stood out with a cold expression and walked up to Jie Liang, then shouted: “Kris Chen, stop concealing. We found the Eight-Diagram Mirror in the place where Sisi was sullied! Just admit it now.”

Just after Quan Chen said that the Chen Family members said wrathfully: “Stop concealing, you had said on the wedding of Lei Chen that it was the Eight-Diagram Mirror that caused Lin Li to have fainted.”

“Right, only you in the Chen Family know how to use the Eight-Diagram Mirror. Who can make Sisi fainted if it’s not you?”

“Kris Chen, your hypocritical look is really disgusting!”


Eight-Diagram Mirror? Kris Chen suddenly realized that someone wanted to slander him by the reason.

He smiled coldly then looked at seriously at Lei Chen, whose face was ghastly pale: “Lei, do you also think that it is me who did that?”

In the Chen Family, only Lei Chen gets along with Kris Chen like full brothers. Kris could care about no one but Lei Chen.

He believed that Lei Chen wouldn’t slander him due to the Eight-Diagram Mirror-like others.

However, Lei Chen’s reply just makes him disappointed thoroughly.

“Kris, I really want to convince myself that it’s none of your business, but I also want to know about the Eight-Diagram Mirror.” Lei Chen said. He looked ghastly pale and trembled slightly. He seemed to hold back his emotion but failed finally, then roared: “Why did you do this to me? Sisi and I have been in love for so many years before getting married. It was you who destroyed her dream…”

“Beast, go out quickly, go out!”

“Go out, scum!”

The Chen Family members threw the food on the table toward the door excitedly.

“Kris Chen, get out of Chen Family, you are not welcome here!”

“You and your parents are all trash, never get back to Chen Family, get out quickly!”

The rice, vegetable, and soup all spilled on Kris Chen, and a china bowl flew toward him and hit him right on the temple with blood flowing from it immediately.

Kris Chen felt that his heart was wrenched, and he was too painful to breathe.

“It’s good of you to say so, really good!” Kris Chen looked at them who were in threatening gesture and said with clenching his fists: “It was my fault to believe what you said before and funded you with five thousand million dollars to buy the Huanyu Group. From now on, I won’t be in any relationship with Chen Family.”

After saying that, Kris Chen left there without hesitation.

“Shit, this beast should draw a clear distinction with us.”

“That’s so funny. The scum like him should go die!”

“Listen carefully, if we discover you were practicing fraud outside with the identity of the member of the Chen Family, we will make you pay for that!”

“Hmm, the identity of the member of the Chen Family?”

Kris Chen laughed coldly, thinking that he didn’t care about that at all.

He was not sad for being expelled from the Chen Family again but couldn’t accept that Lei Chen, whom he treated as the full brother, should didn’t trust him.

The weather in June is like the children’s mood, which can change at any time.

Caught in the heavy rain, Kris Chen couldn’t help raising his head and looking at the sky, thinking whether the god was laughing at him.

Kris Chen left with a broken heart.

Not long after Kris Chen left, a black MPV stopped slowly at the Chen Family’s manor door.

Then, several young men in a black suit got out of the car. The man in the front looked sullen with a faintly sinister expression in his eye.

If Kris Chen was there, he would absolutely be shocked because the man was not anyone else but the Branch Leader of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, Changkong Yin!

Chapter 85: Going Shopping

The arrival of Changkong Yin made the atmosphere of the Chen family stop being lively and boisterous.

“Who are you?”

Someone in the crowd said.

Changkong glanced at the crowd and said: “Is Kris Chen here?”

Though he was very calm, judging from his expression, he felt more and more furious indeed.

Previously, he believed that Kris was the East Sword King of the Wuliangjian School, and he was so respectful to him that he even violated the rules of the Holy Cult by asking his brothers to drink wine.

However, at the moment of his fainting, he knew that he had been cheated.

Sure enough, when he woke up, Kris and Lan Yu had disappeared a long time ago, which made him bridle up and hate them to a greater degree.

He immediately began to arrange his subordinates to secretly investigate them, and finally, he learned that it was indeed Kris, the master of the Chen family in the Westriver City, who pretended to be the East Sword King with Lan.

Besides, he was also the son-in-law of the Su family. He rushed to the Chen family’s house directly after he went to the Su family house first, where he didn’t see Kris.

After Changkong said he came here to find Kris, all the Chen family people made sarcastic expressions, who had been quite confused about his arrival initially.

Did he come here to find Kris?

As a person who could even get along well with Kris, of course, he was a loser too.

After all, as a saying went, “Birds of the same feather flock together”, of which many people of the Chen family were thinking.

“Kris is not here.” At this time, Jie Liang put down her chopsticks, stood up, and said with displeasure.

Changkong frowned and said: “Isn’t here the house of the Chen family? Isn’t Kris the master of the Chen family?”

After hearing this, Jie got angry immediately: “Now that I have told you he’s not here, then he is indeed not here. Besides, that beast is not the master of the Chen family, don’t get it wrong! If you want to find him, then just go outside, since he’s just gone, you might catch him if you hurry up. Don’t you know how to behave well? Don’t you see we’re having dinner? How could you break in here so rudely? Believe me or not, I’ll call the police and have you arrested?”

Jie’s words were like sparks, which immediately ignited the anger of Changkong. After listening to this woman’s annoying condemnation, he became furious at once since he had been quite angry already.

He changed his expression and said coldly: “Let me ask you again. Where is Kris on earth?”
“Don’t you understand what I just said? I have told you that the beast is not here, who the hell knows where he is! I warn you, get out now, or else I will call the police at once.” Jie scolded him, pointing him at his nose.

Fuck, this shameless woman went too far!

Immediately, the murderous look showed in Changkong’s eyes!

This woman was so shameless. As the Branch Leader of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, how could he bear her now that he was abused by this woman while being pointed by her at the same time?

The subordinates of Changkong hurried to soothe him after noticing Changkong’s murderous look: “Branch Leader, calm down, don’t be the same as this bitch. The most important thing for us to do is to find Kris first. After all, we can still come back to teach the Chen family a lesson after we catch Kris.”


Changkong snorted with the fading murderous look in his eyes and tried hard to suppress his anger. He said it was quite right, it wasn’t the right time to argue with this bitch, and the pressing matter of the moment was still finding the “The Holy Bible of Sun-Moon Holy Cult”.

After he stole the “The Holy Bible of Sun-Moon Holy Cult” secretly, he thought he could have a copy of it, and then he would put the original edition back immediately. But who would have thought that the Bible was stolen by Kris before he even had a look at it!

If he could not take the Bible back, he would definitely be killed after the hierarch made an investigation about the book’s whereabouts.

“Let’s go!” Changkong waved his hand and turned away with his subordinates. Before he left, he glanced at Jie with his cold eyes.

Jie laughed at him and said with a scornful smile: “Such a loser. Look at their strange clothes. Apparently, they are not good people. Now that Kris could get along well with this kind of a loser, they are indeed like-minded.”

Changkong, who just got out of the hall, showed his murderous look immediately after hearing such words.

He became furious and thought: “When The Sun-Moon Holy Cult totally controls the power of the underworld in Westriver City, we will definitely teach you the Chen family a lesson first!”

On the way back, Kris was very upset.

He wanted to go back to the hospital, but his mother would certainly question him since he was so dirty all over his body. Then the scandal that he was driven out of the Chen family would be known.

Kris didn’t want his mother to worry too much about him since she was not in good health.

When he was thinking about changing his clothes, his phone vibrated.

Kris picked it up and found out that it was Mary Su, who called.

“Kris, where are you right now?”

Mary’s delightful voice came from the phone.

Since Mary became the shareholder with the Su family’s greatest power, she completely raised her head in front of her family, so she didn’t need to care about their thoughts and do what they told anymore, even including her grandmother.

Kris checked the clock and said: “I just got off work. What’s up?”

“How about…accompanying me to go shopping,” Mary said with her trembling voice after she hesitated for a moment.

Kris was stunned for a second because it was the first time that Mary asked him to accompany her to go shopping on her own initiative after their three-year-marriage.

She even felt quite ashamed to stand with him, not to mention going shopping with him.

“Okay, I will be there soon!” Kris nodded without hesitation.

He casually found a shop on the roadside to buy himself new clothes, then he wore them and went to find Mary delightfully.

Twenty minutes later, Kris saw Mary looking around at the pedestrian street. It was obvious that she was looking for him.

After seeing Kris in the crowd, Mary smiled at once, and she waved her hands to Kris, standing on her tiptoe.

The simple floral skirt she wore fully showed her graceful figure. Her rate of getting a second glance was definitely one hundred percent since she was also extremely beautiful.

If one could marry such a beautiful woman, he would probably be so complacent that he might even wake up laughing from his dreams.

Besides, another beauty also stood near Mary.

The beauty was Mina Li, and she wore a pair of hot pants to expose her slender and white legs, which were so tempting that makes people continue to swallow saliva.

Seeing Kris, Mina became nervous at once, and she couldn’t help hugging Mary tightly.

“Darling, I’m coming!”

Kris walked out of the crowd and shouted happily.

If Kris had dared to call her that several months earlier, Mary would definitely have been angry. But after hearing Kris call her darling this time, she neither refuted him nor was angry now, but smiled sweetly and handed him her bag: “Today your job is carrying my bag!”

“Yes, my love!” Then, Kris turned to Mina and said: “Let me carry your bag as well.”

Mina trembled a little, and she could not help thinking of the past time when she often asked Kris to do things for her. Now she dared not to do the same even if she was extremely bold.

She thought for a while and walked carefully to Kris, then handed her bag to him. As she handed her bag to him, she said in a very thin voice: “Thank…Thank you, dad!”

Kris smiled without saying anything.

Then, the three people walked together while chatting, and Mary suddenly stopped in front of a clothing store.

She looked at the long dress worn by the model in the store, then Kris took a look at its price, which was less than 30 thousand dollars.

“Do you like it? If you like it, just try it on!” Kris said with a smile.

“Will you buy it for me if I like it?” Mary laughed and quipped him: “Do you have enough money?”

After Mina, who stood beside them, heard what Mary said, she almost fell down. She wondered how could Mary still not know her husband’s real identity after all this time?

Your husband wouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy the whole store, not to mention just buying a dress for you.

Of course, she dared not to say such words.

“Come on, let’s go into the store and have a look.”

Kris went into the clothing store and said to the clerk: “Miss, please take this skirt and give it to my wife to try it on!”

The clerk, a woman in her thirties, came across the counter and looked Kris up and down. After she noticed the cheap clothes that Kris worn, she became very disappointed: “Sorry Sir, you can try on the clothes in our store only after you buy them.”

As she spoke, she looked at Mary, and she immediately understood that this man was definitely pretending to be rich to show off before his goddess. Even if his goddess really liked it, he would give her all sorts of excuses to refuse to buy it for her anyway.

In a word, he just could not afford the dress!

“Can’t try it on without buying it?” After listening to what she said, Kris laughed since it was his first time to hear such funny words. How could the customer buy clothes without trying them on first? Then what if the clothes didn’t fit? Could we return or change them afterward?

After hearing the words, Mary was also a little embarrassed. She knew that she was looked down upon by the clerk.

Although the dress was beautiful and she indeed wanted to buy it, she could not afford it since she had just become the Su family shareholder. Besides, the funds of the Su family were all invested in some projects.

She did not intend to buy it anyway, and she just wanted to have a look at it. Now that the clerk didn’t allow her to try it on, then they’d better just do as what she said.

“Kris, let’s go.” Mary leaned over and whispered by his ear.

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