Chapter 81: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 81 There’s only one Colin in the Marquis Group
Everyone in the conference room looked at Colin.

Alan’s expression was complicated, and he looked a lot more serious. Colin’s attitude was not as contemptuous as before.

Barr didn’t believe it, and said to John, “It’s impossible! Brother, is he mistaken? How is this possible?”

Upon seeing this, Colin kindly said, “There’s only one Colin in the Marquis Group.”

With that, Barr was dumbfounded.

John’s eyes widened and he looked at Colin incredulously. He remembered what Colin said before and even laughed at him at that time. If Colin was the chairman of the Marquis Group, the person should be laughed at was him.

At this moment, John was motionless like a stone statue.

There was no sound in the conference room, and even the sound of breathing could be heard.

After a long time of silence, someone spoke.

Alan had been in the business world for so many years, and his adaptability was okay, but unfortunately, his smile was still very stiff and unnatural.

“So… you are the chairman of the Marquis Group… I’m really sorry… That…… That was all a misunderstanding. We…”

Colin interrupted him, “Misunderstanding? Every time? Because I am the chairman of the Marquis Group, it is a misunderstanding! If I am not, will what I said become nonsense and slanders?”

“Well…” Alan broke out into cold sweat.

Colin snorted very scornfully.

This was always the case every time. Because of status, no matter what he did was wrong, and in their eyes, he should be humiliated and ridiculed by these so-called noble people with high status.

But if he was of high status and they weren’t, what they did would become a misunderstanding, and they would not take responsibility for their mistakes!

If he wasn’t the chairman of the Marquis Group, the thing that Doris was drugged and kidnaped would be a misunderstanding forever and never their fault. Instead, it would be his fault. Maybe he would be beaten up and couldn’t get out of here safely.

The others present were shocked.

They looked down on him a moment ago, but they were being looked down on at this time.

Alan wanted to say something to retrieve the situation, but Colin didn’t give him this chance.

Colin stared at Barr, “Barr, how many times have I warned you? I told you to stay away from my wife and not to harbor indecent thoughts about her!”

“But what have you done? You touched my bottom line again and again. My wife has clearly told you that she doesn’t like you, but you drugged her!”

“This time, you directly kidnapped her to the company!”

Barr instantly turned pale, and his hands couldn’t help shaking.

“If you were me, can you put up with this?” Colin’s voice grew louder.

The others were shocked.

Especially Alan, he couldn’t believe that his son actually did such a thing to the wife of the chairman of the Marquis Group!

Who didn’t want to fawn the chairman of the Marquis Group! However, his son offended him to such an extent!

Colin looked at Alan and said coldly, “Why? You don’t want to beat him?”

Alan was speechless, “Well…”

Colin snorted, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.”

Hearing this, Alan was a little relieved.

Colin continued, “I’ll call the police directly.”

They drugged and kidnapped Doris, which was already a criminal case.

Alan was anxious, “Mr. Ward, please don’t do that. We can talk this over…”

At this time, Barr finally came out of his trance and shouted, “No! I didn’t kidnap anyone. It wasn’t me!”

Hearing this, John was startled and immediately stopped Barr, “Be quiet, I’ll explain it!”

With that, John walked up to Colin, bowed slightly, and apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Ward. I apologize for what my brother did. We will do our best to compensate you. Please forgive my brother.”

“No, I didn’t…” Barr tried to explain.

John cast a stern glance at him, ” Just do yourself a favor and shut up!”

“Brother, I…” Barr was very anxious. He really didn’t kidnap anyone!

“Shut up!” Alan yelled angrily, and then slapped Barr in the face.

A ringing “slap” was heard.

Barr covered his face and looked at his father in horror. Alan looked furious at this time. He was unprecedentedly angry. Barr was terrified.

Alan had roughly known what happened. He saw Doris and Flora just now. Obviously, Barr was trying to hide the truth.

Wasn’t it like seeking death in front of the chairman of the Marquis Group?

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ward. My son shouldn’t have done that.” Alan forced out a smile, “I apologize to you for him.”

Colin glanced at Alan and said in a flat tone, “He should take responsibility for what he has done. Why are you apologizing for him?”

Alan and John were slightly stunned, and stopped talking.

Colin reminded impatiently, “You can’t stop until I tell you to.”

Alan hardened his heart, gritted his teeth, raised his palm, and slapped Barr.

Barr was slapped twice and felt like he was going to be knocked out. He really didn’t kidnap anyone, “Dad, I really didn’t…”


“No, I didn’t…”



The more Barr tried to make it clear, the harder Alan slapped him.

In his opinion, Barr didn’t want to admit his mistakes. If so, Colin would never leave the matter at that, and their Martin Group would suffer.

Alan didn’t how many times he had slapped Barr. He only felt his arm was numb.

“Okay, stop.” Colin finally told him to stop.

Alan failed to react. When he heard this, his raised palm still fell on Barr’s face.


The last slap was extremely loud.

Barr’s face was already swollen, and the corners of his mouth were black and blue. He looked terrible.

Colin didn’t want to waste his time on them, “Hand over my wife.”

“Mr. Ward, your wife has left safely,” John replied with a smile.

Alan nodded to echo, “Yes, Mrs. Ward has left, and this bastard didn’t hurt her. You can rest assured.”

Colin winked at Gerd.

Gerd took out his phone to check Doris’s location, and then nodded to Colin.

Seeing this, Colin breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go,” he said to Gerd.

Gerd nodded, and they turned to leave.

Seeing this, Alan said immediately, “Mr. Ward, please stay.”

“Anything else?” Colin asked, turning around.

Alan asked awkwardly, “Mr. Ward, now that the misunderstanding is cleared up, the Marquis Group…”

Before Alan finished speaking, Colin had already understood what he meant. Alan wanted him not to take action against the Martin Group. Colin didn’t intend to do that. However, what he wanted to destroy were Barr’s businesses.

“I see. I will withdraw my order of attacking Barr’s business after I go back…”

However, before Colin finished speaking, the door of the conference room was kicked open from the outside with a bang.

Immediately afterward, a large number of strong and muscular men poured in, each holding a stick in their hands.

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