Seeing her brother so excited, Liu Li couldn’t say much.

She also feels that her brother is right.

It’s impossible for a student to kill his brother with one punch!

Being able to kill his brother in a second means that she will also be killed by this person with a punch!

How scary is this?

When Liu Li stepped into the fighting business, she had never encountered a situation where she was killed by a spike.

Liu Li was afraid subconsciously. She scanned her beautiful eyes and was a little worried thinking suddenly someone rushed out and stunned her with a punch.

“Brother, let’s go back first!” Liu Li helped her brother back.

Liu Ge is more than angry, isn’t it, such a shameful thing, if other people in the martial arts know about it, then it’s worth it?

Liu Ge has a good face, this is definitely not good!!

Liu Li took her brother back, Chuck Cannon’s punch, it was swift!

Liu Li heated the eggs for a long time before the redness on her cheeks subsided.

“Brother, take a break first. I will train those students. The day after tomorrow, there will be a competition with new students!” Liu Li was helpless.

She was discouraged when she thought that the students she collected were so rubbish.

She will definitely be jokes of other coaches in Wumen. What is a joke?

Training must be stepped up! otherwise?

“You go!” Liu Ge lay down to sleep.

It is indeed necessary to train. Usually, this kind of competition is like a freshman meeting in school.

It’s just, ah, this punch made him blow his head now.

Liu Ge touched his head, dizzy and terribly uncomfortable!

“Brother, your head still hurts?”

“Well, that guy must have punched seven or eight hundred catties, can it not hurt?” Liu Ge was upset!!

“So heavy?”

“Well, alas, there is a master hidden in Wumen? This is something I, your brother didn’t expect, go! This time, we can’t be too embarrassed!”


Liu Li went to Chuck Cannon.

“Who are you? You make me faint with a punch, and you still want to run? I, Liu Ge, will definitely find you out!” Liu Ge was extremely angry!

“Did anyone go out last night?”

Liu Li asked coldly. Although the person who killed her brother with one punch could not be these rubbish, but what if these rubbish, know the clue?

“Without a coach, we all slept very early!”

“By the way, Chuck Cannon was out!” Ashley Whitney pointed at Chuck Cannon. How did this bastard come back last night?


Did you do anything to yourself and other people?

Liu Li narrowed her eyes, “Chuck Cannon, what did you go out for last night?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and said, “I was bored, I wasn’t able to sleep so I went for a run. Isn’t this OK?”

Liu Li looked disgusted, she wouldn’t have thought that the one who could kill her brother with a single punch was Chuck Cannon who had come in by opportunism!

Just went for a run?

“Running? What’s the use of running? You can’t even beat us!” Ashley Whitney hummed disdainfully?

“Okay, let me tell you that the day after tomorrow is a new student’s meeting for new Wumen students. If someone can win first place in the new student’s meeting, then he or she can make a wish!”

Liu Li knew that there was no chance for the trashes in front of her.

However, what should be said must be said.

“What can be the wishes?” Ashley Whitney and the others were pleasantly surprised.

“Whatever you want! There are leaders in Wumen. If you can win the first place, you can mention what you want, you can.” Liu Li became impatient.

What’s the use of asking such details!!

Can you win the first position?

The top 30 is choking!

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were bright, then you can use this requirement to let Coach Qiushui be your own coach!

Then the day after tomorrow this number one, Chuck Cannon is bound to win!

Coach Quishui is so repulsive, so he can only use this method.


Chuck Cannon’s eyes shone!

“Let’s not talk nonsense, even if one of you can enter 30, I will be thankful. For the day after tomorrow, today and tomorrow will be the devil training! Prepare! Come with me to another mountain!!” Liu Li said coldly.

Speedy promotion is only possible when in danger.

So Liu Li planned to take Chuck Cannon and a few of them to go deep in the mountains for two days and grow up in danger, which might be useful.

There is no other way.

Chuck Cannon, Ashley Whitney and others, they all prepared, simply packed some things, and went into the deep forests of another mountain with Liu Li.

This time they don’t have to carry any weight and have to run for about 30 kilometres in the deep forest.

Chuck Cannon had lived in the deep Amazon forest for a few days before, and he has great experience in this kind of wilderness survival.

“I warn you, there are a lot of beasts in this forest. Pay special attention to cooperation! Don’t act alone!” Liu Li said coldly.

“Instructor, we don’t want Chuck Cannon to come in!” Ashley Whitney said, raising her hand!

Liu Li hated to stare at Chuck Cannon, “How do you choose? Now you can go back or continue, but if you die in it, I am not responsible.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Alright, I’ll go in alone. Will I come out this time tomorrow?”

The day after tomorrow, of course, come out at this time tomorrow, go back and have a good rest, with energy to compete.

“Yes, but you have to think about it. With your strength, you have to live one night alone. The probability of surviving is too low!”

“How low? Amazon. I stayed in it for a week. Didn’t I survive?” Chuck Cannon went in alone after saying.

Even if you don’t team up with yourself, Chuck Cannon has no extravagant expectations.

One-handed training also works.

“Bringing bragging, still living in Amazon for a week? The environment there is bad, and he is not an experienced person, so he can’t get out!”

“I also heard that there are cannibals inside, but he can live for another week? I don’t believe it!!”

Ashley Whitney and others, they expressed their opinions contemptuously.

Liu Li sneered, still survived for a week? Do you still love bragging without strength? What rubbish!

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