Chapter 811 – 812: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 811: Another Bet

Both Abin and Heijie were practitioners in the lowest level of the cultivation circle.

If it were not for the popularity of the projector and live streaming, they might still be struggling for some low-level Principle Stone.

But now, there was no need for them to use devious means.

A Great Sword required a thousand medium Principle Stones, which meant 100 Great Swords needed 100,000 medium Principle Stones. Though the platform would take half, five thousand stones were left.

Not to mention the live-streaming hadn’t finished yet.

Perhaps they could receive millions of stones in the end.

In the past, he may need to struggle for thousands of years to get millions of medium Principle Stones, but now all he had to do was talking and live-streaming on the Internet.

Kris Chen also found it interesting. The External Domain was vast in territory; and now there were tens of billions of people broadcasting on the platform, facing the audience from the entire External Domain.

The daily turnover from the live-streaming was more than a trillion Superior Principle Stones.

This had also attracted the covetousness of many other powers. However, they had no idea that Kris was the one manipulating on the sly.

“Ding, you have received three trillion Medium Principle Stones.”

Hearing the notification, Kris smiled and put these Principle Stones into his Inner Universe.

These stones may be an unattainable fortune for others, but Kris was able to receive these every few days.

Jianfei Zhan led them to the Shaohua Palace.

Lanting Immortal Palace consists of one hundred and eight palaces. Among the 108 palaces, a higher rank indicates a higher status.

Shaohua Palace is too far from the ring to attract the audience to come over.

“You, stay away from me!”

Bixiao said coldly, poker-faced.

“Bixiao, haven’t you cooled down?” Kris asked.

“Cool down? Do I look like I’ve forgiven you?” Bixiao thought, then turned her head. She had already made up her mind to cut him dead.

“Bixiao, I’m sorry. You can hit me or scold me, do whatever you want. Just don’t brush me off.”

Kris decided to try to seek forgiveness one more time as he believed that his perseverance could move Bixiao. If she insists on breaking up with him, then he’d stop pestering her.

He didn’t want to be impertinent.

Kris kept moving forward, while Bixiao stepped back. Soon she was trapped in the corner.

“Stay away from me! There are so many people. What will they think of us?” Bixiao lowered her voice and chided.

“Bixiao!” Kris tried to hold Bixiao’s hand.

Bixiao directly put her hand behind her back, “If you do that again, I will go to the master and tell him that you are harassing me.”

Realizing he was rejected, Kris showed a wry smiled and stepped back to his former position.

Bixiao was delighted at Kris’s frustration; she wanted to laugh but couldn’t. She could only put on a poker face, “I’m warning you. If you dare to touch me, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“OK, I swear I will not touch you!” Saying this, Kris whispered in his heart, “But I can persuade you with my mouth, right?”

“Bixiao, actually I didn’t mean to lie to you. If I want to deceive you, why would I bother to explain?”

Kris continued, “I admit that I concealed my real name. At that time I ascended from the Nether World alone, I didn’t know anyone here. I had to use the assumed name Liangchen Ye to protect myself, don’t you think it is reasonable?”

Bixiao glared at Kris, snorted and remained silent.

Kris continued to explain, “If I really intended to deceive you, why would I tell you the truth? My love for you is sincere. I did not know I would meet you before I came here, if I had known, I would have used my real name and told you in advance that I was married, so that you would stay away from a scum like me.”

Kris finally said with a bitter smile, “You don’t trust me, right?”

Bixiao compressed her lips, “The battle is about to start. Let’s focus on the battle.”

The Sequence Battle was to pick five hundred Ranks from more than fifty thousand Personal Disciples.

One in a hundred.

The higher a person ranks, the more treasures he will get. However, the treasures are subordinate to the resources and the promotion in status.

“Mr. Luo, I heard that you have a disciple named Ziping Meng?” Zongtian Tan asked.

He is Beidou Luo’s old rival, the Taoist Master of the Sacred Palace.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“I heard that he is a Tianjiao who comes around once several hundred thousand years. I want to have a look!”

“That’s easy, you will be able to see him when he gets in the ring later.” Beidou gave him a sidelong glance, thinking, “This old bastard, he really thinks he is somebody. He was nothing if it were not for his two talented disciples. How dare he talk to me with sarcasm?”

One of the talented disciples is Zhongzhe Qu, and the other is Yu Shan, both are talented Tianjiao who defeated the early stage of Dao Emperor on the stage of Half-step Dao Emperor. Both of them are the popular contestants in the Sequence Battle.

“All the palaces have sent a lot of talents to attend the competition. I think your disciples couldn’t make it, he will definitely be eliminated.”

“Screw you! Your disciples are terrible!” Beidou glared at Zongtian angrily.

“If you don’t agree with me, let’s have a contest to see whose disciples are better!”

“Fine, if you really want to hold a competition, make it big!”

Beidou snorted, “You and I will send 200 disciples this time. Let’s see whose disciples successfully enter the Rank more!”

“I’m good with that, as you wish.” Zongtian nodded, “Since it’s a bet, then there must be a prize.”

“How about this? I’ll venture 100 million Principle Yuan Crystals, plus an Immortal Spirit Weapon on this!”

“Okay, I’ll gamble the same.”

Then they slapped their palms with each other. The bet immediately went into effect.

The disciples of the palaces stared at each other ferociously.

Jianfei called Kris over, “Can you defeat Dongtian Zong?”

Kris thought for a moment, and replied, “Yes!”

“Good, my good disciple!”

The secret that Kris was able to fight through different Stages was kept between them.

“This Semi-immortal Spirit Weapon is for you. Although you are not allowed to use it in the battle, it’s still powerful and may help you.”

Semi-immortal Spirit Weapon?

Kris took the long sword. To be honest, he now has too many magic weapons, the magic weapons left by Wuya Dao, and even some Semi-eternal magic weapons. He did not bother to use them.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Not a big deal!”

“Shame on you.” At this time, Sandao Bu said angrily, “You bastard! I refined this weapon, it belongs to me. I gave it to you.”

“Oh, come on! The truth is you lost a bet to me. You have to admit your defeat and pay a price.”

Sandao’s face twisted in anger. He made a great effort in refining this weapon, but in the end, this masterpiece had nothing to do with him. How could he calm down?

“Mr. Bu ……”

“Call me Master. Bu!”

“How dare you! I am his master! I’m your senior brother.”

“I’m the older one, you’re talking nonsense.”

Kris found it both funny and annoying watching them bickering. He took the weapon and left without informing them.

The first round of the battle began. Hundreds of rings were settled on the main peak of Lanting Immortal Palace.

The rules were quite simple: no magic weapons, no deadly force, but everything else was allowed.

Magic weapons were forbidden because they wanted to see the real strength of those practitioners. Magic weapons’ effects on the practitioners were too strong. If one took out a Senior Immortal Spirit Weapon, it would be impossible for others to fight against him!

Personal Disciples are treasures of the various palaces and academies. If they are killed by disciples from other palaces, there will definitely be a grudge between two palaces.

The palaces had spent much effort and resource to cultivate their disciples, and did not want them to die.

Kris looked at the big screen on the side and was secretly pleased.

“It seems that technology has been widely used in this world!” He thought.

That’s right, this was produced by Kris.

In Kris’s Inner Universe, this kind of low-level technology could be found anywhere.

“No. 1,080 wins a victory. No. 2,300 wins a victory. No. ……”

The mechanical voice was heard on the spot. The mood of the audience was resolutely up.

Abing and Heijing had attracted many anchors to gather round.

“Everybody, look! She is Heijie! The female practitioner who has billions of fans on the live-streaming platform.”

“Abing is so handsome! I want to see his big treasure sword.”

Kris was very satisfied to see people were fascinated by Abing and Heijie. The more popular they became, the Principle Stones he would receive in a few days.

He felt that he was an energy-consuming machine.

Ziping walked over to Kris, “Mr. Ye!”

“Mr. Meng!”

Kris cupped one hand in the other submissively. He hadn’t seen Ziping for a hundred years, his surrounding aura was softer, but his eyes were bright like shining stars.

“You have made a breakthrough to Tao Emperor?”

“Thanks to the help offered by Mr. Ye!”

Kris smiled, the dividends given to Ziping over the past hundred years had exceeded ten billion. That was such a huge fortune which enabled him to buy heavenly treasures all over the world.

Of course, the dividend was only from the area of Lanting Immortal Palace. It was just a piece of cake for Kris.

Ziping was also delightful. He got acquainted with Kris Chen on the Lanting Boat that year. Originally he intended to use Kris to obtain benefits, but now he felt like they were two peas in one odd pod, appreciating each other.

However, in Kris’s opinion, their good relationship was mostly due to the pecuniary benefit.

The so-called appreciation would disappear in a second if he didn’t give money to Zipeng.

“Mr. Meng, you should give yourself all the credit. You deserve your success!”

Ziping smiled, he now treated Kris as a big shot. He was an ambitious man with inestimable power.

“No. 4600! Please get ready!”

“Mr. Ye, it’s my turn to get on the stage.”

Ziping Meng made a bow with hands folded and strode towards the ring.

His father, Ru Meng, the previous Tianjiao who won the sequence battle, was also watching from the side.

He had great confidence in his son.

Kris used the super power chip to record the battles into the data center. The super power chip could evolve faster with the increasing number of battles, which naturally enhanced its auxiliary ability.

This functional improvement could bring great benefits to Kris.

“No. 5300! Please get ready!”

“Big brother, go for it!”

“Big brother, you’re the best! Win the battle!”

As Da Niu stepped into the ring, the other eight disciples cheered and shouted for him in the audience.

Not surprisingly, Da defeated his opponent.

Then Er Niu, San Niu and others also eliminated the personal disciples from other palaces without exception.

The quality of these battles was quite high.

Today both the disciples of Miscellaneous Affairs and the disciples of Exterior Group were allowed to watch the sequence battle here.

The sequence battle of Lanting Immortal Palace created a huge buzz and became the newest trending topic of the practitioner circle with the live broadcast of the anchors.

“Lanting Immortal Palace? Isn’t this a Taoist Palace with really low ranking? Why is it a trending topic?”

“Oh my god! It’s the battle of personal disciples! Interesting!”

More and more people were watching the live broadcast of Lanting Immortal Palace on the live-streaming platform.

Bingning Li had been struggling to find Kris since she came down from the mountain, but never made it. Years of experience and toughening had made her Taoist Strength more mature.

She had also developed the habit of checking social media. That bastard took so many pictures of her; she was afraid that one day she would see her embarrassing photos on social media. That was so humiliating for her.

She checked the trending topics for a while, and saw the sequence battle of Lanting Immortal Palace was at the top of the most researched hashtag.

She was curious, then clicked into the hashtag.

“Huh? It’s the battle of Personal Disciples.”

Almost every Taoist Palace had their own internal competition which aimed at selecting the Tianjiao from the disciples and then focus on cultivating them.

But it was the first time to see this kind of battle on the hot search since the invention of project.

Apparently, Lanting Immortal Palace was going to be famous. Many people would want to join them in the coming years.

Anyway, she was tired of doing nothing, so she opened the live-streaming platform, and she’d like to see how strong these Tianjiaos were.

At the same time, Kris got into the ring.

His opponent was a personal disciple of Dongyang Palace. Kris fought with him for a while for fun, and then suddenly knocked him out of the ring.

After the first round, 30 personal disciples of Shaohua Palace were eliminated. Most of them were from the Weapons Academy and the Magical Pills Academy.

After all, the disciples of these two academies were not known for their combat effectiveness.

“Mr. Luo, your disciples are too weak. Only 15 of my disciples are eliminated during the first round. It seems like you are going to lose!” Zongtian Tan smiled complacently.

“It’s too early to tell. We’ll see who’s the final winner!” Beidou Luo snorted.

“Huh, we’ll see then!”

They were so used to having competition with each other since they had been arguing for millions of years.

The first round of battle lasted a long time in Lanting Immortal Palace, but only an hour had passed in the outside world.

This was the power of the most precious treasure of Lanting Immortal Palace, which could open up a sub-universe. One minute in the sub-universe equaled to 10,000 minutes outside!

To Kris, this was nothing special. Time in his time barrier to the reality was one to two million. It could be one to five million but for the restriction of Upper World!

However, Kris’s time barrier could not be duplicated. Kris’s Tao was unique. If an ordinary people entered his time barrier, not to mention improvement, he would have died on the way to collect resources.

Kris alone bear the burden of countless living beings; he also needed to practice his own cultivation. It was apparent that he needed to collect a lot of resources.

But the sub-universe of Lanting Immortal Palace was also impressive.

Half of the participants were eliminated in the first round.

Now there are only twenty-five thousand people left.

The second round of competition begun.

The second round also went smoothly as Kris expected.

Ziping Meng, Tingfang Hong, and the Nine Stooges all entered the next round successfully.

Bixiao also finished the battle with only one punch. Her opponent was a powerful practitioner in the early stage of Dao Emperor.

She defeated a strong practitioner of her same stage with one punch.

“You’re amazing!” Kris leaned in to praise her.

Bixiao gave him a glance, did not say anything, directly walked to the side.

Bixiao knew that Kris should be the one who took the credit for her improvement. Though his flattery was too obvious, she was still pleased by it.

No, she couldn’t be moved so easily!

“Bixiao, are you tired? Are you thirsty? Are you hungry?” Saying this, Kris took out a table with all kinds of delicacies and drinks on it.

“Come on! Take a break and prepare for the next battle.”

Bixiao didn’t move. However, Da Niu and his eight brothers were attracted by the meal.

“My dear brother, you’re too nice. How do you know I am hungry?”

“Well, so delicious! Bixiao, come and eat with us!” The Nine Stooges sat down by themselves and gobbled all the food.

“Hic——” Da gave a loud hiccup and patted Kris’s shoulder, “Bro, not bad, you deserve my affection!”

Kris was dumbfounded by their speed. How could they eat so fast?

Seeing Kris’s reaction, Bixiao couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Hearing her laughter, Kris came back to his senses, “Bixiao, you’re laughing! Finally, you show a smile!”

Bixiao pretended to be displeased, “So what? Can’t I laugh?”

“Yes, of course you can!”

Kris smiled and conjured up another new dish, which was even more precious and smelled better than those before.

It was a thick hunk of World Swallowing Beast meat. Kris was grilling it on the spot with his magic weapon.

A tantalizing aroma of meat filled the air. Jianfei Zhan followed the smell and found Kris was grilling, “My good disciple, what’s that you’re holding?”

“Oh, you mean this? It’s World Swallowing Beast!”

“Give me a piece of it!”

“Wait a moment, it will be ready soon!”

There were several thousand pounds. Kris felt there was no need to stint on the food. He grilled the meat until both sides were golden brown, then sprinkled his secret dressing. The dish smelled so good that people could barely contain their hunger.

He cut a few dozen pounds, “Here you are, Master!”

The smell made Jianfei’s mouth water. He had eaten barbecue before, but none of those could compare with Kris’s grills!

He took a bite, the wonderful taste immediately hit his taste buds as if a group of elves dancing on his tongue.


Jianfei widened his eyes, then continued gobbling down.

The Nine Stooges next to him were also slobbering, “Bro, it looks so yummy! Let us have a taste!”

Kris laughed and cut a few dozen pounds for each of them.

“Wow, amazing! It’s so tasty!”

“This is the World Swallowing Beast of Dao Emperor level, right?”

“That’s right, and it’s of Fulfilled period, which is beneficial to your practices.” Kris answered with a smile.

He gave the most tender and juicy part to Bixiao, “Bixiao, this is the most tasty and delicious part, have a try!”

Bixiao didn’t respond, but cut a small piece with a knife. It did taste good.

“Well, not bad. But don’t eat too much, you must be careful of gluttony.”

Kris laughed. Bixiao enjoyed the cuisine so much that her eyes narrowed out of happiness. Even so, she didn’t forget to preach at him.

“I’m so glad you like it!”

At this time, Ziping also smelled the fragrance, “Mr. Ye!”

“Oh, Mr. Meng.” Kris greeted, “Would you like some grills? Grill and wine, perfect time. “

Ziping didn’t refuse, enjoying the pleasure brought by the sublime.

“Delicious!” He raved.

Later, Run Qian, Liu Ma and disciples from other palaces also came over.

Kris took out more food, of course of lower level since it was for people of other palaces.

The battles were in full swing. Everyone was anxious about the game, but people of Shaohua Palace were exceptions. They were enjoying barbecue and wine, and chatting warmly.

Beidou was holding a grill of Semi-immortal beast in his right hand, and Drunken Immortal Wine in another. Looking at Zongtian, he said, “Good wine, good grill. It feels like heaven!”

“Oh? Is it really that tasty? You’re not lying?”

Zongtian secretly swallowed his saliva, the fragrance was so seductive that his disciples behind him couldn’t wait to join the party, stretching out their necks.

“Yes, I’m lying. Really, it’s not tasty. It stinks. I’m so sorry, I lied to you.” Saying this, Beidou took a big bite of the grill.

Instead of believing his words, Zongtian’s appetite was provoked by Beidou.

“Mr. Luo, why don’t you ask your disciple to cut a piece of meat for me as well? And a bowl of Drunken Immortal Wine by the way, please?”

“No way! Do you know how much such a piece of meat costs? Also, this Drunken Immortal Wine is the present from my disciple. It is said to have been brewed for hundreds of millions of years!”

Drunken Immortal Wine was brewed by Spirit in the Ancestral World, so it was not hundreds of millions of years, but tens of billions of years!

Taking a small sip, Beidou felt like he was already drunk.

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